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  1. Any news on his knee? Noticed they iced it as soon as he was subbed. Hope we are not risking him too soon and finish up with a half fit Wilf for the rest of the season!
  2. If Ndidi and Vardy are fully fit I expect a decent win. Although I do worry about our panic mode in the last 5 mnutes on Wednesday!
  3. Just a guess,was it Holby City?
  4. It's a real shame you lads weren't so motivated ten years ago!
  5. Let's not forget Geoff,he might be an irritating music snob but his commentary on talk sport is excellent.I'm surprised he's not been picked up by one of the tv companies.
  6. I only read the really interesting posters!
  7. Sorry mate I can't help being thick, I thought context was a prison letter.
  8. Average age of a premier league player is just short of 27 so he's young!
  9. What's more embarrassing is that there are people more interested in banal stats than watching the game!
  10. Oh dear! we're you at the game? Chilwell was poor, he was the reason the diamond didn't work, no threat because his default move is back to Soyuncu. His inability to use his right foot is becoming a liability!
  11. Tiny earl

    Keith Vaz

    It just illustrates how rancid our political system is.
  12. He's nine goals away from 100 goals,all being well he will do it this season. Iknow he'll eventually have a statue but can anyone think of a fitting tribute we can celebrate with him,inside he ground.
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