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  1. @UpTheLeagueFoxsuggested something big was in the midst, that may leave us gobsmacked. Also Dave rennie has apparently been sacked to which @StriderHiryu made a pretty ill judged comment as to why. and here why are.
  2. Not keen. Was hoping for maroon.
  3. Few new training bits on the online shop. 1/4 zip training top, some t shirts and shorts etc
  4. Have to agree. Since wolves come up they’ve been impressive and this run in the Europa is great, but win it? **** that, they’ll go into the CL and that instantly puts us below them in terms of potential targets in the transfer market. Don’t want either English team to win it. **** United
  5. You’re comparing a bloke with over 100 PL goals, a premier league winners medal, best player in the clubs history, someone who didn’t even play league football until he was 25, yet still achieved what he has, to, whilst being a very talented player, made no senior appearances for PSG, considering your claim that he was a better prospect than Mbappe, and has since played for Toulouse and Celtic, to even say he’s better than the best version of Vardy is quite frankly, insulting.
  6. Hi Mr. Sutton Better than the best version of Vardy? Give me ****ing strength.
  7. The bloke defo wears Crosshatch and Henleys.
  8. It’s almost as if it’s completely absurd that we could think about...I dunno...doing both? I’m not saying it’s going to be easy but why can’t some accept that it’s totally possible to secure CL footy and win the cup. The players have had a 3 months break for **** sake, they should be raring to go.
  9. Not sure where to start with this one Sane plays for Man City...Mané plays for Liverpool mate.
  10. I’ll try and clear this up best I can as I’ve spoken to them on the phone, regarding what everyone’s asked. So my season ticket refund at 4/19ths was £110 and the match by match refund I was told I will receive comes to £388 which includes 7 Watford tickets, 1 arsenal ticket, 2 for Everton away and 2 for Chelsea in the cup, which also includes the booking fees I assume. im the main booker for the group I go with so I will receive the total amount. So yeah the “1” in refund, covers all match tickets bought on your history.
  11. Even Better than Van Dijk PL Upgrade Again
  12. Only went and packed Big Virgil last night in the PL Upgrade Pack
  13. HEGGSY

    Corona Virus

    Telegraph reporting an announcement of all “non essential” shops to be closed, likely tonight.
  14. Had this done by James Graham and Real Art Syston in 2018. Will definitely be going back for my next one
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