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  1. Cracking view in the second half surely burton sold more tickets than they should crap pics but we were forced to watch it from behind a fence near the corner flag
  2. It’s really worrying when you hear some people argue him not being world class (at what he does)
  3. Hi. I’ve got 2 seated tickets for burton tomorrow and would much prefer terraced ones. if anyone’s wanting to swap, I’m working in burton about 100 yards from the stadium all day tomorrow until about 6pm Stu 07834487610
  4. Apparently Man City WERE called disrespectful after their 8-0 v Watford Couldn’t give a toss really. You beat the teams in front of you, and you beat them hard if possible
  5. They’re clearly reclaimed, but I didn’t think any buildings were damaged in the crash
  6. They are, but I could have got them from work if they’d asked 😂
  7. Think we beat a team 18-1 once The only reason the other side scored was when our keeper rolled the ball out to our RM who controlled the ball and then chipped our own keeper Now THAT is disrespectful
  8. Anyone been down? It’s really nice, thoughtfully put together and will be a serene place to go at quieter times. One question I have, does anyone know why some of the bricks in the wall in the picture below are obviously old bricks? Any significance? It’s been so well put together I can’t for the life of me think that they’ve tried cost cutting
  9. Total non event isn’t it I wish people would stop trying to pretend otherwise too
  10. If we’d have beaten Liverpool we’d be top now Points dropped v Wolves, Chelsea and in particular Man Utd Are we at the moment in a title race? Yes. But only just. Man City aren’t what they were last season. Liverpool usually bottle it and have midweek football in the CL next year. I’m not ruling us out of anything right now you know. Vardy has to stay fit though. And we need a Plan B in January- Slim to come back? Would love us to get Delofeau as well
  11. The years absolutely flown. We’d only left Symphony Rooms in a taxi about 10 mins before the crash, getting a taxi back to Highcross where we then heard the news. We’d had a class day on the lash with all the lads, and like everyone couldn’t believe it was happening. Everyone in the pub was talking about it. It was very sobering Waking up that Sunday was awful. Hoping against hope that it was some horrible dream, and then hoping for some positive news. Was down at the ground by 10am that morning with some flowers- I think we all knew didn’t we really
  12. We’ll really be taking the piss if Ian Nacho and Gray come on
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