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  1. What’s Kevin piertersen got to do with it?
  2. They’ll be in for JJ for £70m next summer, you watch
  3. Where would all the drama in that be?
  4. Typical FT overreaction isn’t it ??
  5. Of course a deadline exists. We’d need time to sort a replacement out. My guess at BR’s deadline is actually today.
  6. Maybe Rudkin isn’t the devil in disguise afterall...
  7. For Euro 2016 v Russia we were stopping about 40mins drive out of Marseille on the coast. We got a train in on the Friday morning but there were no trains running Friday night. Absolutely steaming, been running from the Russians attacking us all evening and we just wanted to get back to our campsite. Could we find a taxi either around Marseille to flag down? Could we fcuk We ended up in these backstreets and inside this dingiest looking boozer you’ll ever see, full of Algerian’s who were looking at the 5 of us like we’d walked into a Wild West bar. The landlord didn’t want to know, when I was asking if he could call us a taxi (using google translate- my French is shite ?) It seemed like the ‘locals’ were becoming more and more hostile, especially after the landlord started making ‘shooing’ motions wanting us to leave. All of a sudden one local who’s sat down at a table and isn’t one of these starting to surround us spots my leicester tattoo on my leg ’LEICESTER LEICESTER! MAHREZ!’ Well the whole atmosphere changes instantly. All these locals shaking our hands, taking pictures of my leg ?, and it really went off when I bought my leicester flag out the bag ? Ended up having a big photograph with about 20 Algerians holding my flag ??. Then one of them decides he’ll call his mate who then drove the 5 of us the 40mins back to our campsite ?
  8. Just chucked a few ££ on him staying at 12/5 Hes going nowhere
  9. Fanny around for too long and ‘slipping through their grasp’ is precisely what will happen
  10. That’s the most incredible sporting drama I’ve ever seen ?? Real shame it wasn’t against the Aussies, really feeling for NZ tonight though Roll on The Ashes
  11. Yes. Opening game was Cov (a) Won 1-0 with a Lee Peltier header, and 8000 Leicester fans singing ‘We’re Leicester City, we’re buying the league’ ??
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