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  1. Kim Jong Un did during his quickfire 807 not out in the last session of the day
  2. Its taken from the 70s with two blokes watching a crap game of women’s football. One bloke asks the other why they’re watching it, until the end when they swap shirts it becomes apparent as to the reason why 🤣 It tickled me anyway
  3. If only I could share this video I was sent last night. The files too large though 😞
  4. UEFA still had tickets for our game v Switzerland on sale Saturday night for €10 Having said all the above- there will be no end of dickheads about in Prague 😂 You can normally get tickets out there yeh but don’t expect them to be in the england end
  5. I’d heard 2 arrests, you’ve heard 4, others say 12 Regardless of the number really, it’s less than the number of arrests made in Ashby on a Saturday night out England away is so so good.
  6. Yes It’s probably harder to win than the Euro’s really
  7. Just got back today. What a trip. Obviously we did Porto in the CL but enjoyed this far far more Personally saw no trouble whatsoever (though we were round the corner from what happened on Wednesday night) The locals were friendly, English having a party on absolutely every street corner you turned The Nations League ideas a fantastic idea, long may it continue 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
  8. Any other leicester fans heading out for this? We’re out on the 5th and back home on 10th Keep an eye out for the Vichai Had A Dream flag
  9. Yeah I went to Ashby Grammar and the split was pretty much 50/50 back then too
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