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  1. fazzyfox

    Spain v England Nations Cup

    Getting in down the left again. I thought Jonny was supposed to offer protection?
  2. fazzyfox

    Spain v England Nations Cup

    I thought keepers only did that in FIFA?
  3. fazzyfox

    Spain v England Nations Cup

    Resorting to rough house tactics as they can't compete with our superior technique. Wow, never thought I'd be saying that.
  4. fazzyfox

    Spain v England Nations Cup

    Was about to head for a Spanish forum for a laugh but then remembered....it might be in Spanish! I might be alright if it's something like "Los defencios shitios, disastero, outclassioed, non comprende situation??"
  5. fazzyfox

    Spain v England Nations Cup

    Easy, easy, easy!
  6. fazzyfox

    Spain v England Nations Cup

    Wow, a Rashford goal, lovely work by horse face too, Spain can play tippy tappy all they like while they're behind, good to see us add a more direct cutting edge tonight
  7. I hope the red top journalists realise that most of Maguires dodgy moments came from dealing with being dropped in it by Diers Dire back passes. Dier has this hot potato attitude to the ball and the opposition know this and press him early. His appearances in the world cup looked like those moments when a businessman gets ten minutes in a testimonial alongside pro players in return for a donation, everyone else has a certain touch and tempo, it comes to him and it's bombscare time, anything could happen...and usually does. There were a few complainees on the pitch and hopefully it continues to the dressing room and gets sorted, some of his balls are borderline hospital balls, unnecessarily delayed and poorly weighted, at some point someone has to say to him,"Dier, if you don't want the ball why don't you **** off and take up another sport". it was a little tougher in a two for Maguire, you have to be careful when you come out wide as cover is further away, there's one less obvious passing option and when your partner Stones is another who likes to carry the ball out you're at risk of completely vacating that CB area, so to come away with a clean sheet is admirable. He will lose it now and again but what do we do, return to hoof ball, hit and hope stuff?
  8. I think it's over although the tempo hasn't altered much
  9. Don't worry, they'll soon coach those bad habits out of him
  10. Broken goal nets being tied up during the game, blokes gathering on a hill to watch, game played in silence, is this International Football or Dog & Duck vs Stag's Head?
  11. Rashford has had more misses on a friday night than Frank Worthington.
  12. As the famous saying goes, "Cometh the hour, cometh the Maddison", free kick, top corner, national hero, happy days.
  13. I accuse Barkley of becoming less instinctive and then he goes on a dribble whilst seated on his arse. Welcome back you entertainer.
  14. I used to like watching the raw Ross Barkley even though he was like a dog in the park with a tennis ball running round in circles but now....although it's been said that he's matured and is more thoughtful now I see him as blander and less instinctive.
  15. Those fans on the hill - Imagine travelling all the way to a stadium but only being able to see one of the goals. Must be like being at Goodison Park.