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  1. Hopefully if things stay as they are we will have European football next season and an increased domestic cup pedigree which could lead to a 52-55 or so game season. Like Spurs and others in that situation having 2 players per position will be essential and there will be enough games each to develop and keep feeling included and relevant.
  2. Rhymes with "line" and he's a winger, it won't take Tim Rice or Bernie Taupin to construct something from that.....
  3. Is it pronounced Berg-wine, Ber-win , Ber-jin, Ber-Jine ? Can't write a song for him til I know.
  4. Can see him going as a makeweight in a summer deal and as such we may never hear what his valuation was (insert your £1 joke here). Fans of other clubs tend to rate him but youtube clips and MOTD highlights are one thing, reality is another, £70 million plus Gray for Zaha perhaps, even though Hodgson won't be able to ask for him in person. Thought today Rodgers could have switched Perez and Gray for a while to try to do something different and give Brentford something different to think about, it might have helped them both and the whole side in that long spell where they were nullifying us. Think Rodgers was more interested in seeing Perez in the central role for a sustained period and he had started well.
  5. What? So this could be their last ever F.A.Cup game at this ground?
  6. Chillax, we won't remember this performance on the day of the bus parade in May...
  7. Dewsbiry-Hall, undoubtably the finest number 49 in the clubs history
  8. Crikey, on the ropes there lads, wake it up a bit
  9. Yeah that's why I thought it was odd, maybe it's just a coincidence that it looks like it.
  10. Come on Rodgers, this ditty is waiting for its debut:- He sounds like a stately home, he's tidy on the ball (or he cost the club f*** all) what's his name, what's his name, Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall
  11. Is that a Lancaster Boys tie that Garys wearing? A gift or a tribute perhaps?
  12. I was at a village v village match and it became clear that a woman with her young child stood next to me was the wife of left winger, "look daddies got the ball" etc...just call me Sherlock. Opposition right back kicks him where it hurts and as physio runs on with village football token injury solution of bucket and sponge a drunken fan shouts out "His Mrs won't be getting any tonight!". It was Ricky Gervais-esque skin crawling and funny at the same time.
  13. Llobocks, I part suspected Villa would be chosen but Brighton as well is one too many, that has really s**t on my plans. Maybe having a Wembley Final to go to would compensate in part but ffs it's too much now. The only positive spin I can offer is that it was announced before the Villa tickets go on sale unlike other occasions where it comes on the day or after. Really disappointed with this latest batch, maybe if we'd lost to West Ham we'd have had less appeal and one or two less games chosen, why did we have to go and f*** it up by winning and playing good stuff again!
  14. fazzyfox


    Do it! If we say no they'll come for Filbert instead and we don't want to lose our Filbert!
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