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  1. I didn't get the boos for Gomez, I don't read the tabloids but no doubt they've been applying layers of hype and putting different contexts on the original incident. You might expect club loyalty from the fans i.e. Stirlings clubs fans booing perhaps ironically towards Gomez. But they are Man City fans. As we know, Man City fans don't make any noise. So who was booing? The "club England" brigade who perhaps in terms of recent impact see Stirling as the more crucial of the two players but that's not how you sort out these situations. "Who squared up to who?". "Okay, but which is our more important player at the moment". That wouldn't happen. if they're frustrated that when they bought their ticket they hoped to see Stirling play and haven't been able to then express your anger at Southgates decision or, here's an idea, Stirling himself. Or grow up.
  2. It's a very good point. When discussing it in the summer I'd say I'd love an F.A.Cup final / win but had the presumption it would be alongside a 7th-8th placed finish. The scenario has changed a little now, if we can stay up there beyond the Christmas / New Year fixtures it could be an issue as you could end up with re-arranged league games in midweek and League cup semi's.
  3. It started at Anfield but finished at the KP
  4. Come on, you can't use that phrase anymore, it's "German man and the early season league leaders"
  5. When does that proposed tin pot third tier tournament start? I'm sure we can find them a game against some fishing village in Finland while we go to the Nou Camp!
  6. To be fair it was in an unnatural position
  7. Man Citys defence is shocking, they'll be on the phone to us in January for our players to improve it. But sorry, you can't have them, Wes and Fuchs are staying put we might need them.
  8. lively, high tempo game. Wonder if Mourinho will criticise Man City for being gung ho, his strategy would be to stink the place out and make sure there's very little action in the first 30 mins.
  9. The VAR sweepstake result is the fifth minute, the fifth minute ladies and gentlemen.
  10. Regarding where on the pitch Liverpool v Man City could be won / lost I'd look at Lovren and Stones, two bombscare CB's, at a level where mistakes will likely be punished. Give them decisions to make and at some point they'll screw up.
  11. We've put a request in to the PL for our May games to be played in January
  12. Here they are! oh, "underpass" ? Sorry!
  13. I don't want to be accused of being regionalist but whenever I hear Chris Sutton on the radio all I can picture is a rosy cheeked farmer leaning over a gate giving his amateur observations about the days football issues.
  14. It gets better, Liverpool and Man City can't both get three points this weekend.
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