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  1. fazzyfox

    Former Player Remembers: Jari Rantanen

    I remember that reserve game well, more memorable than most first team stuff of that time. We had an otherwise fairly young side whereas United being bastions (or something similar) of fair play fielded most of their first team. Had they been relegated it may have effected the progress of the forthcoming "Golden Generation" but as it happened they survived anyway. The crowd were really up for it because it was Utd and also because of this bending of the unwritten rules. Having said that you used to prefer it when you knew the names on the opposition team sheet and you got to see some stars for your £1 entry (just didn't expect the England Captain and co). Jari was top drawer that night and took responsibility as one of the senior pro's - unlucky that Fergie didn't sign him on the back of that performance! I remember bumping in to Jari at St Margarets bus station, he met who was presumably his partner and child off a coach and then I bumped into him minutes later on church gate taking them into Alpha Discounts (the first thing they see of our city, that emporium of luxury retail that was Alpha Discounts). I was going to ask for an autograph but even as a teenager thought "no...it's his family time, don't hassle him." Having said that they may have liked to have witnessed that he was popular and recognized (6 foot something, mass of Blonde Hair, built like the Hulk - hard to miss really).
  2. Great work again, very interesting, just noticed an edit required - Stuart Attwell at home vs Newcastle was 1-2 not 1-0. There are nine worse refs than Bobby Madley, that makes me shudder! The Crystal Palace stats stand out, in the end there were only a few points between us in the table but you don't expect to come out with 0 points and a 0-8 GD over the two games, not sure if it's quite a bogey team (Bournemouth seem to be year in year out for us) but we struggled against Palace much more than we should have. Look forward to part 2.
  3. fazzyfox

    How City may line up next season ...

    It does seem a litttle early for a journalist to be doing this, at least wait until there's two or three new faces. What he is doing though is speculating on a formation change. Is this based on one or more of the following questions- Does Puel favour this system? Is the approach to replacing Mahrez simply that he isn't replaceable, if we no longer have a world class winger then there's no obligation to set up with wingers? Is the new right back better suited to being a wing back - did Porto play wing backs? I have a feeling Silva, Iborra and perhaps Mendy would be more effective in a midfield three (two of them with Ndidi) than they are in a two. Is this a factor in the proposed formation. All well and good wanting three CB's, you'd also need two capable stand ins. Signing Mawson or Evans plus Dragovic would give me some confidence in this but until then we're struggling to field two CB's that we have faith in.
  4. fazzyfox

    Ricardo Pereira Signs For Leicester

    A very good start to the window, in nice and early, Silva may have been a factor and can spend the world cup explaining the finer details of our bonkers club to him as well as the merits of proper crusty cobs, the Haymarket and missing inflatable dinosaurs. It's too late son, you've signed now! Also, without wishing to sound greedy it will help attract other signings by showing our ambitions to attract this kind of signing.
  5. fazzyfox

    FA Cup 2017-18

    Hey Jose, let's have a look at what you could have won!
  6. fazzyfox

    FA Cup 2017-18

    That first half at Filbert Street it was like a man against boys, went through us like a slalom skier, O'Niell then put Grayson on him for the second half, a precursor of the Kamaark role in the final(s).
  7. fazzyfox

    FA Cup 2017-18

    Need to send Keown a recording of Pontus Kaamark vs Juninho, a masterclass in man marking.
  8. fazzyfox

    FA Cup 2017-18

    I used to think of Phil Jones as a good all round footballer. Now he's just all round.
  9. fazzyfox

    FA Cup 2017-18

    Great first touch by Hazard in the lead up to the foul, glad that flair is winning out to containment. Will Sanchez turn up today for Utd?
  10. fazzyfox

    FA Cup 2017-18

    Not a red but Albrighton on Zaha is?????
  11. fazzyfox

    FA Cup 2017-18

    Would just about prefer Chelsea to Mourinho winning but forecast 2-1 to Utd earlier this week, now I've seen line ups maybe a less exciting snoozefest of a 1-0 either way. To be fair Utd have a front 3 and their fullbacks are former wingers but no Willian for Chelsea limits their goalscoring options to just Giroud, Hazard and I suppose Alonso.
  12. fazzyfox

    Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Puddles of urine on the floor with the baggies fans denying responsibility for it.
  13. fazzyfox

    Three Lions @ The King Power.

    Yay, it would be an all too rare chance to roll out the old "how do you make a swiss roll? Foul the b*****d when he's in full flight" joke.
  14. fazzyfox

    The Royal Wedding 2018 (Harry and Meghan)

    The queen has been seeking help with choosing what to wear for the occasion, she asked her butler for advice on head-wear:- "Which event do you require advice for" he asked. "A Wedding in Windsor" said the queen. Butler - "A wedding in Windsor Maaam...... Wear the fox hat" "It's a town in Berkshire" replied the Queen.
  15. fazzyfox

    Adrien Silva

    Maybe he was supposed to be in but his paperwork didn't arrive with FIFA in time....