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  1. Approaching that season we had Walshy, Joachim, Speedie and Iwan Roberts who would all be ahead of him however Walshy only played 5 games (and possibly back at CB), Joachim 13+subs, Speedie none, eventually retiring - his last "action" as a "professional" was twatting / being twatted by Eric Nixon the Tranmere keeper in the play off semi's! Lowe stepped up and did well, Roberts was decent and later on Robins was brought in, it was just strange how it panned out, I seem to remember Phil Gee scoring a couple of times and we even gave Ormondroyd some games for a laugh. Had high hopes of it being all about Joachim (up front at least) that season but it was all fits (or unfits) and starts, coming away from the Spurs win where P***pot, Blakey, Franz Carr and Neil Lewis looked like world beaters only to realise later it was only because Ossie Ardiles had fielded a formation like a seven year old playing Footbal Manager.
  2. Season Ticket cost?

    The best value season ticket I've seen is the Norwich City family ticket, for £1400 you can take your Aunt, sister, mother in-law, girlfriend, sister in law, cousin, step daughter and neice as you get three seats.
  3. FA Cup 2017-18

    Oh if only Man City had a budget to build a deep enough squad to deal with all these pesky games of football they're expected to play.
  4. FA Cup 2017-18

    Steve Davis popping up to equalise right on cue
  5. FA Cup 2017-18

    Hey hey get in there up yours bottleham!
  6. FA Cup 2017-18

    Just for a while there was clear daylight..... We beat a travel weary (from Europe) Chelsea in the quarters then meet the winners of Swansea / Rochdale in the semi's, I'd even started planning my Cup Final day attire. Was dreaming of a reprisal of the celebrity bar with Rusty Lee, Willie Thorne and Kasabian and the realisation that the rest of the country are watching the Royal Wedding instead.
  7. FA cup quater final draw 7.45pm UK time

    Home! To....oh shit! Go for it boys!
  8. Police became suspicious that it wasn't being driven by a Spanish cab driver as the taxi took the most logical direct route to the Hotel
  9. LCFC 1-0 Sheff Utd Post Match

    Yay, just one win away from Wembley and just two wins away from...Wembley, I wish they wouldn't do that.
  10. Iborra could face a six year ban from football

    He has denied any involvement in match fixing and hopes that any ban or suspension won't see him miss next weekends 2-2 draw.
  11. Pyeongchang 2018 - Winter Olympics

    I thought that the ski-ing started off well but then went down hill very quickly.
  12. Forum Valentines...

    To all the top totty of Nottingham, Derby and Coventry - Roses are red Violets are blue We're premier league Where the f*** are you? To Silvas mrs - Roses are red Daffodils are yella give him the push and let me be your fella
  13. Ndidi top tackler in the league

    I notice that he's popping up in the box more since Puel arrived, getting shots and headers in (not just from set piece situations). Last season by the time he and Drinky reached the half way line the attack was over such was the direct approach of our play. Incredibly impressive, we keep forgetting his age and how quickly he's adjusted to this league. Replacing Kante like for like was impossible, we may never know what a fit and aclimatised Mendy could do for us but finding Ndidi has been as good a resolution as we could ever have hoped for.
  14. I don't sense mediocrity. Last seasons end was flat, playing Bournemouth for a top half place and a few million quid extra prize money is not something to look forward to year in year out. Our current battle for 7th has brought a focus to the season, we look out for Burnley, Everton and Bournemouth's results and hope the cups are won by the top four clubs (or us) and the F.A. Cup has been kind with the draws so far. Europa league next year, Cup Final this year perhaps, an eye on replacing Everton as traditional best of the rest for the long term, hardly mediocre. it's just the problem that the players of the required standard to achieve those things will become targets of the higher clubs requiring a combination of a firm stance (the owner regarding Mahrez) and a reliable source of new blood (N'Didi, Silva, Diabate and Maguire). After winning the league it's always going to be hard to reach such levels of excitement, Champions League run was one way, an even longer run in Europa or an F.A. Cup would write memorable new chapters.
  15. Why are people clapping Mahrez?

    I have a cunning plan - Maybe next weeks mascot can stick a new seven year contract for half of current wage into his hands! Or is that how we got him to sign the current one! Seriously though that can't have been nice. I'd waited for years for a chance to meet Kevin Rowland of Dexys, when the opportunity arose the person before me in the queue had really wound him up and I bore the brunt of it - "Hi Kevin, I really enjoyed the show, it's great to see you touring again" - "What do you want?" (I thought Er it's an album signing hazard a guess). "Haven't I signed yours already?" (Er no, hense lack of signature on it) then just chatted to band mate with his back to me before ramming it back in my general direction.