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  1. No, no, no....you don't understand......it's a kind of virtual reality portal from which 95% of FT transfer hype is based upon, "Well that guy scored seven when I played against my four year old cousin so 40 million sounds a fair price" etc! Rudkin, Whelan and Top are on it day and night making notes apparently. I'm more of a PES man myself, editing retro squads into it. If there's an edit or create player mode in FIFA just give Wes a 99 for pace and watch him zip around like Benny Hill on steroids if it's that annoying. On a serious note the game(s) does help to inform people of all ages about squad depth, formations, European leagues etc (in the way Subbuteo occupied my time) but people need to take it with a pinch of salt, it's not reality. I know they use a massive database but what would it take to get one representative (a fan) of each club to cast their eye over the stats first and say, no that's clearly not right. To be fair though, from the players perspective I can imagine in a close group of work colleagues seeing these interpratations of yourselves released must generate a good degree of "bants", I bet some of the graphical representations (particularly when it wasn't quite as detailed as it is now) caused some serious p*** taking and laughs. Speaking of which, looking forward to seing Soyuncu in digital form!
  2. Re England and Southgate saying "Neither of us close the door", the "door" is wedged shut when in tournament games Harry Kane is kept on / in, lumbering around, when clearly not fit and sharp while Jamie is made to sit and watch with the rest of us - more with the previous manager to be fair but not utilised properly or treated fairly. Right now Kane is certainly doing the business and it's all clicking but by April / May there's no guarantee he will be as sharp, if it was a level playing field I'd say get involved again but I could see the same happening.
  3. Great effort from us but 2-2 with a Solskjy-time penalty equaliser.
  4. James is looking lively for them and one or two of their youngsters who contributed to the Paris win may see this as an opportunity to step up again, but really, the way we'e looking and the fact that their side could well be a combination that's never played together before, they are there for the taking. Great effort from us but 2-2 with a Soljsky-time penalty equaliser. Tielemans and co should be looking to play Vardy in through an inside right channel, I hear their left sided centre half goes AWOL at times and lacks a bit of pace
  5. Fazzyfox enterprises clearance sale, a van load of Malaga "Okazaki" shirts, form an orderly queue please....
  6. How about that little LCFC Merch / kit shop in town by the market near the doughnut seller. Mmmm doughnuts. Medium sizes might be in stock in such territory!
  7. The fuse in the Chelsea changing room!
  8. In a game like this those ten minutes after the first goal are so important. We may have been very poor in that first half but every last scrap of work to prevent a second was key, it wasn't pretty but they were working bl***y hard and that allowed us to stay in it. Chelsea's plan seemed to rely on them getting enough goals in that opening third to win the game, they couldn't keep up that tempo, if anyones system or approach failed it was Lampards, his team fighting to stay in it the last half hour, nothing left in the tank.
  9. Wilf, we forgive you, bless him, smile man, come on !
  10. Ref's probably thinking "message to self, next time you're down for just 4th official duties, substitutions, piece of p***, don't stop off at Wetherspoons for a double fry up and 6 pints......just in case."
  11. Sorry Sky for bursting your Lampard w***fest balloons. Worried about losing Maddison now on the back of that!
  12. How much of this will be put down to their extra time in Super Cup game & travel etc? PersonallyI think it's more down to the Wes / pliers / fuse box incident at half time, cunning plan Wes, cunning plan.
  13. Noticed a couple of disagreements between Ricardo and Perez, hopefully just need time
  14. The "Prat" pronounciation could be fun. Carragher "Aiiiiir, leshta this, leshta that, opinionated twaddle, aiiir" Commentator "Praet"
  15. "Hello is that winnit and winnit solicitors, I have about 300 potential jobs for you"
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