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  1. sing in time you meat-headed cretins, is it the stadium acoustics or the 17 pints you've had, I don't know, but don't race ahead. And as for pitch and key
  2. I'd prefer to play Shaw and just brief him not to go gung-ho than someone who didn't play left back for his club all season. There will be a logic somewhere, maybe he and Walker will switch at some point or he plans to go to a 5 at some point, tuck in Walker, Trippier to RB and bring a LB on. But Shaw could tuck in at LCB so, no, no logic there..... He's experienced! That's it, that's the one, that's the old chestnut
  3. Croatia will always have great technical ability and the craft of Modric but the ability of Grealish to go past players (and / or earn 27 set pieces around the box per game) and Kane's finishing would have been enough, now not so sure, having said that Stirling earns his fair share of dubious pens
  4. I blame the ones who shout "Shoot", have they not been to a game before, or maybe it's the away fans doing it. Having said that it's happened during closed doors games too...
  5. Wonder if he still does that thing where he jinks past two men then curls his shot 2 ft over the bar. I heard Tigers were interested in signing him such was his precision in that particular manouvre.
  6. Southgate is the type of personality to turn up at a kids party, burst all the balloons, replace the cake with a salad, cancels pass the parcel and hands out trigonometry worksheets. I do slightly sympathize that had we played Scotland or Switzerland first it would be a different line up but keeping Grealish back is So forget getting any enjoyment throughout, hopefully the history books will show a win and the points for England and we move on and become expansive in other games.
  7. Weren't you at City vs Shrewsbury that day, it could be needed you know (once, for some team, somewhere, every 40 years or so)
  8. Sky are doing my head in, saying Stirling over Grealish is due to "caution". On form Stirling isn't hurting any opposition, isn't beating his man, his tricks aren't coming off, he's running down blind alleys, I do like Stirling but he's just not on form right now. But he's played 50+ times so knows what it's like? Oh rubber stamp his name on the team sheet then, like when Kane goes lame and we stretcher him onto the pitch rather than play Vardy (in previous tournaments). I predicted he'd go cautious for this one, I see Trippier at LB as a defensive decision rather than the more att
  9. Enough building materials puns, it's-cement-to be a transfer thread about Tielemans
  10. www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvPeuuLaMzc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvPeuuLaMzc 3 Million each? Reminds me of this (from 19 seconds) (Can anyone remind me how to embed video clip properly?)
  11. Liverpool and Utd have been in control of their own penalty allocations for a couple of years now
  12. Oh Ricci, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind
  13. Not sure what kind of player he is, can someone provide a "summary"
  14. Which Chelsea player did that weird cart-wheely thing on the ground after a challenge? If a 4 year old did that you'd tell them to stop being silly ffs.
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