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  1. Now that Liverpools cogs are turning and pistons firing they'll go on a good enough run to secure top 4 then Chelsea are likely to get more points than us from the remaining games but enough, I'm not sure? So tight, what a wasted chance yesterday was.
  2. I'm just getting a hot potato out of the oven. Or is it a football? I can't tell the difference. Sorry, I've turned into Amartey there.
  3. The killer was conceding that 3rd so early in the 2nd half. By the end they (West Ham) were scared of the ball being on the pitch and were doing everything to prevent it, how those ****s got 6 points from us this season I don't know. Started to step it up too late, another 5 mins and they would have cracked. Commentary missed the point, it would be better for us to win today then lose to WBA as today we could have a say on West Hams point tally. At least Wilf didn't get a 2nd yellow. Really don't know about the semi now, regarding the naughty boys, should any of the 11 who finished this
  4. It's getting better we've pulled one back, just 0-3 now
  5. Just gifting it to them, they're not even having to play well for the points, just gift wrapped. It's not a Moyes masterclass to just benefit from the oppositions f*** up's.
  6. We had a decent spell of knocking on the door but let down by the final ball, I can see us scoring but our back line who can't master an offside trap terrifies me. Have faith, 3-3.
  7. All we need now is to discover that the ref is to be inconsistent pin-headed knit-picker extraordinaire Mike Dean.....
  8. Come on, time to focus now, this is all about the boys who are out there, proud of you, bring home those points!
  9. Yes the question needed asking from a journalistic point of view but rightly Rodgers focus should be 100% on the players available to him today. Perez is as relevant to this match as me or Filbert Fox are.
  10. Two angles regarding the missing players, first what we'll miss from them, secondly how much disruption it will have caused to the others focus. The remaining players are professional enough to maintain their focus, I don't know how late the decision was made and what shape / line up they trained with this week, whether they can just block it out and deal with it as if they have more injured colleagues but there must be a degree of "FFS" about it. I had expected Vardy / Nacho to start and have Madison come on 2nd half, he's a class act and would have helped, Hamza in this game in particular wi
  11. Great timing lads! Last time I felt like this before a big game was when Mahrez went AWOL before the Everton match at Goodison. We've cleared so many hurdles this season we don't need the players to start putting out their own ones too. Strong XI that I have faith in and Albrighton can have a role at some point but really restricted our options otherwise. Suddenly become a lot more difficult.
  12. Re the England RB situation I thought the argument for club pairings ie Walker RB and Stones RCB, Shaw LB and Maguire LCB with so little prep time for tournament, ensuring an understanding, made a lot of sense. On the other hand an inform Alexander-Arnold puts chances on a plate for Kane to attack so . In reality it's too late in the day for much new or different to be tried, depending who's available it will look like what we've seen before from Southgate sides, I just hope a fit Grealish is there and given license to play instinctively.
  13. Always rated the lad Silva, his number one fan, always singing his praises
  14. Crikey if he's scoring goals now anything could happen, bring it on!
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