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  1. fazzyfox

    Wagner leaves Huddersfield

    I feel he was let down by his club in terms of the board and the scouts, I don't know the ins and outs of their budget but he was not given a premier league squad and they haven't plucked many gems from obscurity, there isn't much more he could do with that set of players. Perhaps the logic of a fresh face and fresh ideas may spark them into a bit of life. There are players here and at other clubs not making the bench that would improve that side but wages are a sticking point. At least the club have been sensible by not over stretching though and won't suffer too much if and when they go down.
  2. fazzyfox

    Wagner leaves Huddersfield

    He's a confident chap, I asked him if we took him on whether he'd be able to get us six or seven or even maximum points from our next three games and he replied "Nine".
  3. fazzyfox

    Is there a cycle going on here?

    I see the original point and would debate whether this is an identical cycle to the previous changes where it is perceived that senior players turned against the manager. In the current situation we've seen the Vardy situation where both sides views have been aired publicly, Albrighton may feel he plays well one week but is dropped to the bench the next and he seems a quiet pro that will just keep his head down and carry on working and Slimani, Silva, Benny will all have grievances of their own but the younger players and new signings may be buying into the idea that it's for their long term benefit (the system and style) so I wonder if it will be just a partial mutiny with not enough of a majority to have an impact although enough to cause a destabilising (and I was trying to avoid cycle puns) atmosphere. There are rumours that the training, tactics and Claude's personality rubs them up the wrong way but on the issue of being frustrated at the system and style they're being asked to play I would have sympathy with the players, I believe our problem v Southampton was not the inevitable barricade vs shut out in the 2nd half but our lack of attacking impact in the first half caused by a team sheet with three defensive midfielders on it, fine for suppressing Man City and Chelsea but Vs Southampton at home? Mendy's brain freezes on Saturday are hard to explain but it feels one game too many where things have capitulated too easily which leads to looking for an underlying cause, not an unreasonable thing to do. I appreciate the argument that you can't let the senior players pick and choose the manager and dictate his destiny and when it's happened three times maybe it's them and not the manager etc but Puel baffles and frustrates me so heaven knows what he's like to work with on a daily basis. It may be a continuation of the cycle or it may be that he's the cause of the current atmosphere, it's a worthy debate nonetheless.
  4. fazzyfox

    Is there a cycle going on here?

    Once Puel gets on his bike we'll find a new gear, he wheely needs a brake, it's been an uphill struggle to find consistency and we look close to the point where the wheels come off completely. Then we can chain a run of home wins together and the cogs will start turning again, the players are easy to handle bar Gray who's a bit sulky, once we get our foot back on the pedal we'll be in the frame for 7th place, less red cards (unless you punch-yer opponent) too.
  5. fazzyfox

    That Vardy dive

    Valery warranted 5 yellows in his 40 minutes or so. There was a bad challenge on Chilwell early on, the dive, the second foul on Chilwell, the handbags and then the foul for the second booking. At least the to**er is stuck with a girls name all his life.
  6. fazzyfox

    Free speech

    Banner? That's a little harsh, maybe just a warning would be enough.
  7. Just a thought but if the club have accepted we're a work in progress developing for the future then could they issue double loyalty points in this period for those that go along to brave it, enabling those same people to benefit when it all clicks, I know they can't reduce their income by slashing ticket prices but £45 to watch what is essentially a training session is becoming ridiculous. At Derby it's free!
  8. fazzyfox

    Southampton Home post match, 1-2 loss.

    Agree about the lack of expressing themselves. When you've put ten crosses in and they've all been headed out by their big number 4 then why cross it an 11th time. I was screaming "run at them, take them on", you're not going to beat the man every time but I don't mind that, one in two or three occasions you will and then you're in or you'll draw a foul. Overload an area with 2v1 or 3v2, draw people out of position instead of resorting to shots from outside the box and crosses to static marked players. We were trying to thread it through the eye of a needle but were too desperate and panicky to do that with enough accuracy. I hope Barnes is given encouragement to take people on as this seems to be a big part of his game.
  9. Claude speaks about our unrealistic expectations. My expectation for yesterday was that you don't line up with three defensive midfielders at home against a bottom three club. Sorry for being so outlandishly unreasonable in my expectations.
  10. fazzyfox

    Championship 2018-2019

    It's his brother Drew who I feel sorry for. Everyone presumes he's just called Farrell and has one.
  11. fazzyfox

    Championship 2018-2019

    Apparantly the spy was only discovered because his all too realistic sheep disguise was spotted by a passing ram (actual ram or player I'm not sure). He's now in the police station interview room being questioned, opting to stand up.
  12. fazzyfox

    “Nothing to play for now”

    There is the opportunity to strive to be not just 7th placed "best of the rest" and qualify for Europe but to also start an era where this is achieved again and again. Achieving it whilst in Europe can be hard due to the early start to the season and extra games but this season to win our mini league with Wolves, Everton, Bournemouth and Watford will be a tough but realistic start. This should then help when it comes to retaining and recruiting players as will the extra millions in prize money. We currently have the 7th spot and can make progress this weekend as Everton play Bournemouth meaning one or both drop points however I feel Wolves have often looked better than us and will be very tough rivals for the European place. In Europe with stadium expansion, new training ground, more prize money than our nearest rivals, Chilwell and Maguire sticking around all sounds like a strong position to go into the summer with.
  13. fazzyfox

    Championship 2018-2019

    I hope our new training ground is more secure than Derby's. We should replace the golf club fence panels as there's bound to be a hole in one.
  14. fazzyfox

    Championship 2018-2019

    New dish in the canteen at the Derby training ground - Yorkshires pie. Looking forward to a hearty rendition tonight of:- Who sent a F****** spy Who sent a F****** spy you cheating B******s you cheating B******s You sent a F****** spy
  15. fazzyfox

    BT sport 2 Now The Big Match

    Love the section of the Big Match where the count off of Sesame Street shows still black & white photo's of the goals from games they hadn't covered whilst describing them but that was what it was like, three or four main games covered the rest just mentioned. Love his all encompassing round up covering all divisions, testimonials, injury and transfer news etc. Also recall the occasional telephone interview with managers. Great to see that promotion run again, it was about my 3rd or 4th season, usually sat in the East Stand at that time, and I remember all those stories such as Rob Jones coming in v Oldham away, the importance of Fulham away and that last day v Burnley where we couldn't score but still made it. Be honest, if you were a Fulham fan you'd feel a bit skanked, ironic that the Derby fans did us a favour there!