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  1. Have you not seen the length of time all those VAR decisions take, I think ending next season by 2220 is pretty optimistic!
  2. RC - "News is breaking that Norwich City have announced a new family season ticket offer. For £2400 you can bring along your father, father-in-law, uncle, cousin, nephew, brother, son, son-in law, brother-in-law, mother, mother-in-law, sister, daughter, daughter-in-law, niece, aunt, stepbrother, step-sister and great Aunt and uncle." RB - "You get four seats"
  3. His trademark of dropping his shoulder and cutting in between the full back and CB, charging at the defence looking for contact and already on the fall whether it comes or not is going to suffer with the introduction of VAR, had it been in place throughout his career he would have had so many retrospective suspensions he would have missed a hell of a lot of games. And yes I know Vardy has been a master of those arts at times too. But just imagine being the opposition waiting to face Robben, Vardy, Barnes, Maddison, Chilwell and Ricardo running at you with Tielemans threading the ball through. Forget the East stand expansion, we'll need to extend the loo's in the away dressing room first! Gerrimin!
  4. Maybe they're going to recycle the bricks, steel and door frames etc when they vacate and demolish Belvoir Drive. Makes sense to me, that's what I'd do anyway (can you guess that I'm not in the building trade).
  5. I'm not all that keen on the choice of bridesmaids though
  6. "Our midfielder got married yesterday" "Ndidi?" "Yeah I'm sure he would have after the reception!",
  7. I did love it when the Sheiks arrived and the club bloodied Chelsea's nose be signing Robinho after Chelsea had been buying trophies but now..... I'd say it's a case of be careful what you wish for rather than better the devil you know, I Accept you need a big squad to compete on all fronts so go on, do it in Europe then, don't falter vs Spurs (you can tell I was rooting for them that night as I thought they were "our" (English clubs) best chance.
  8. They need to win a Champions League but then again a few teams win the occasional champions league, to be truly special and out on a new level win it and then retain it, so at least two more years. Until then aside from the Liverpool challenge on the league they are domestically flat track bullies. I really wanted to see them in a big Champions League game vs a Barcelona or Madrid and find out what Pep truly believes is his strongest side for such a match (even taking in consideration the horses for courses logic).
  9. As if they even brought any yellow ribbons
  10. Exclusive, Man City getting rid of coach ! Oh, hang on, sorry, coat, getting rid of a coat.
  11. Can we enter them in to the Eurovision tonight, they'll probably win that too
  12. I thought they'd reach double figures this season at home to bottom three clubs but it didn't happen, they had that desire to go for more today after three nil no thought of stepping off the gas.
  13. Think of the little kiddies with their foil cups with yellow ribbons (and the fat hairy drunkards with F.A.Cup 2019 tattooed onto their forehead)
  14. How the **** were this lot so flat away to Spurs in the Champions league? Tactical masterclass by Poccettino, not really buying that, it's alright being flat track bullies today, how did they screw up in Europe?
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