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  1. There are many angles and factors but one small suggestion, postpone the F.A. Cup games to late summer (last two weeks of pre season) use the quarters and semi's to replace those big friendlies / mini tournaments that clubs would play usually anyway and have the F.A.Cup final as the season curtain raiser either instead of the Community Shield or, if different clubs are involved, as a double header over the same weekend. If no Community Shield, find a way of funding the charity element from the F.A. Cup games. That (F.A. Cup move) frees up the calendar a little albeit for just 8 of the clubs to focus on completing nine PL games 3,5,7 or however many weeks late. The season could start 3-5 weeks late if the League Cup is dropped for a season. The Euro's, particularly with the format of travelling all over should be put back 12 months. Whether Copa America etc will happen or will need our PL players before we're finished is another angle.
  2. Latest government Corona update - this afternoon lots and lots of people will be meeting in the same place to discuss whether it's safe for lots and lots of people to meet in the same place
  3. We had a Norwegian Kjetil Osvold on loan from Notts Florists, a LM / Left winger
  4. fazzyfox

    Corona Virus

    Record Store day postponed from mid April to June 20th due to Corona. Makes the overnight queuing more bearable I suppose. Basically it's shopping. Busy shopping but shopping and queing. Is it Italy where only food shops are allowed to open ? Anyone think this Corona virus was created by Amazon.com?
  5. No one will get it for ages then you and two of your colleagues will at the exact same time!
  6. Oh well, I'll sit at home and watch The Masters Golf and Australian Grand Prix instead. Doh! Bring back "World Of Sport", there must be some Badminton from Bognor Regis Leisure Centre or something on?
  7. I'm sure the club are working on a statement, I wouldn't say "You have a ticket for something that isn't going to take place" yet but they may say "wait and see", it would be valid for a re-scheduled game if and when it happens I presume. If that game is on a different week day and rules you out of going would it be the same as the TV games i.e. tough luck no refund? If rescheduled by months I would think refunds would be offered. If re-scheduled but behind closed doors I'm sure refunds would be available. For season ticket holders it's different unless they could calculate and refund a proportion of the up front cost or offer it as a discount for next season.
  8. re the point about players contracts ending / transfers possible potentially before end of an extended season, I guess they'd say you can't (delay transfer window opening / registration of unattached players) or perhaps you can sign a player but as they're not on your 25 man list for this current half of season they can't play. If you have a want-away player though and his contract is up can you force him to stay and complete the season .
  9. There were two home Saturday 3 O'Clock kick off's coming up fairly soon (Palace & Sheff Utd), knew it was too good to be true!
  10. Lots and lots of questions, particularly if it's extended, without gate money, hospitality, food and merchandise profits etc how will a lot of the smaller clubs tick over? I know they do over the summer but they plan for that in their budget?
  11. If you thought international breaks on here were bad, heaven knows what random potpourri of barrel scraping is to come. "All time LCFC Ginger players XI", "If our squad were animals which would they be"......I suggest we go into isolation!
  12. On the bright side Madison won't miss any / so many games now . Relax, eventually, at some point, we will finish top four / five in this 2019/20/21 season!
  13. At this rate it will be down to Matty James, Leshbela and a sweepstake for 9 fans to play, I'll give it a go, I have the full kit and everything.
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