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  1. Kasper fronting up and making sense.
  2. "Mr Taylor if you could just sign there please"
  3. Forget fourth our one target now is to make sure Wolves don't get four more points than us or/ and Sheff Utd don't get five more. Very tough with our fixtures and form. Only option now is Fifth and hope no brown envelopes let Man City stay in!
  4. After 95 1/2 minutes tweedle dum and tweedle dummer are finally discussing the half time substitution. Really got your fingers on the pulse there guys after spending 50 minutes chatting random s**t!
  5. I can't even blame Stuart (tw)attwell, for once. What a strange strange day it is. We just had to see it out, get three or so points from the next three and finish top 5. Would Man Utd, Chelsea or Wolves get this result at this stage?
  6. Taking the p*** now. Solanke looking like a professional footballer, we are the gift that keeps on giving.
  7. The importance of making hay while the sun shines. Really needed to score more than one in that first half against the most inept, sorry, the second most inept performance by a premier league side. How many games will Soyuncu miss?
  8. If this was Italy I'd be looking at a match fixing investigation. We were in total control then farse after farse.
  9. We really need some clarity on the Nacho sub. Injured or not? Otherwise it's kangaroo court time on here. OK Rodgers could still have put on Gray and kept three attacking players up there but we don't know if there was an injury or not.
  10. He's not drinking beer, wine or spirits, he's 'avin a cocoa!
  11. Looks like the Premier League will be losing its cherry
  12. Gerrin there, scruffy but they all count, taxi for number 26 though 😄
  13. Come on, they're drinking in the last chance saloon today, we need to storm in and spill their pints not offer a government subsidised discount on meals, an early goal and their heads could go
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