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  1. Easier said than done but need to minimise the amount of set pieces conceded, I'll be "don't foul, don't foul., don't foul, doh..." all game. Other than that I'm very confident, Chelsea will fancy their chances and come out and play rather than sit and stifle so it could be nice and open.
  2. Don't rip the p*** out of Shane Long, we all know what's happened when we've done that before. No doubt the hapless Lord of the fluke will come on, jog around looking harmless and out of his depth then bounce one in off himself if we do. Whoops.
  3. Inferior player to the Longstiff brothers at Newcastle
  4. January, Saturday, home to Southampton...as the saying goes "Lightning Won't strike thrice". They'll be tough, they'll be confident, could see a 1-1 but no, this is the new ultra professional City who get the job done, 2-0, Barnes and a Vardy Penalty.
  5. Exhibition stuff now, we're like the Harlem Globetrotters on Acid!
  6. I'm on my feet clapping at that...woh, great contribution from Perez with the pace on his ball, making things happen, what a goal
  7. With these conditions let's put plenty of through balls half way between their back 4 and keeper and tempt him out and risk misjudging the pace of it and let's hope Brighton don't put plenty of through balls half way between our back 4 or 5 and keeper and tempt him out and risk misjudging the pace of it.
  8. Dear Amazon I'd like to return this fixture. It looked appealing to me when I signed up and ordered it but now that it's here and I've had a chance of a closer inspection I've completely changed my mind about it.
  9. That Filbert costume doesn't walk itself around the pitch and with James away on loan and Kingy gone we need someone else to do it
  10. Or maybe not! Don't tear up those tickets yet folks, there's plenty of time yet for one to be given
  11. And this weeks result of the United penalty sweepstake is.....47 minutes
  12. I'd go for a repeat of a "meal" I had in a French village, I believe the format is fairly typical there, you turn up at around 6, they bring a basket of bread of all shapes and sizes, later a bowl of soup, there's wine, you stroll around the garden to try to ease your digestion then return for a main course, then after more wine the waiter says "Would you like a crepe" to which I reply "No I went earlier but I will need to in the morning" but he brings these savory cheese and ham filled rolled pancakes as a kind of pre dessert dessert, then a small sweet actual dessert dessert, more wine, then
  13. Did get a funny feeling last weekend when Sheff Utd lost again and the post match interviews were so flat that they can't get any worse, that they'll have a sort out amongst themselves, they're professionals and have their pride and whoever they play next will get a very different kind of game . Then realised it's us . But if we do the things we're good at we surely have too much for them to handle, particularly at the (their) back, it could be they'll base everything on stopping Vardy so it could be time for a wildcard like a goal from Under or even two up top, or who knows, shove on Perez an
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