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  1. And with the name of a Bond girl. You can imagine, Bond Girl - "I'm Slutsky" Bond - "Well that's two things I know about you, why don't we save the Skiing for tomorrow and focus on the other (whilst arching eyebrow)
  2. Episodes will need to be extended by twenty minutes though as she struggles to park the Tardis.
  3. Seen him play, he's a shade too slow to be a winger.
  4. That's a coincidence, i usually have intolerable levels of hay-fever around that date, just need to perfect the phoning in sick voice (and I'll be able to follow doctors orders and take on-board plenty of fluids). Having said that, it could be a 'mare, if I do have hay-fever whilst watching West Brom frustrate us and Pulis, well, being Pulis.
  5. And in unrelated breaking news the price of membership has just gone up to £1000.
  6. He's grown by another two inches.
  7. Naughty challenge on Abraham there. Germany under 21's - coached by Kuntz and play like them too
  8. For those who feel his valuation should be based on last seasons performance, if we applied that logic to Eden Hazard who other than a certain little favour he did for us vs Bottleham he was pretty pants in the 2015-16 season so would have been worth 25 million or so last summer. He's now had a very good season again, whatever Chelsea's overall problem was in 15-16 it has has gone and he'd be back in the silly money category of 70-90 million now. Mahrez along with Hazard has been the most effective dribbling player in the league in recent times and you just know he will be back to his best if he moves on. Hold up Stirling as Exhibit A in any valuation negotiation, Mahrez has to be 65-75 million still. Or Walcott, Ox and 10 Million perhaps
  9. Oh please for irony's sake let us see at least one of those players depart in the summer, that slogan would come close to Mark McGee's declaration that "The future's marked out" (when instead the future f**ked off)!
  10. If Kane hadn't had the Golden Boot in his thoughts Spurs could settled for 4-1 against us. Pottechino out!
  11. A team could theoretically play (and beat) Spurs away in the F.A.Cup quarter Final then return there for the semi's and Final and play there in the league in that period or with the luck of the draw Spurs could win the cup having played every game at Wembley. As someone who doesn't even like the semi's being there, to quote Graham Taylor, "Do I not like that"!
  12. Instead of the scoreboard we'd have Rachel Riley parading around the track with a whiteboard. We nearly needed her against Spurs!
  13. Dele Alli has worn out their rewind button. To be fair there's very little delay.
  14. No one has slid so far and so quickly since Forest in the 90's.