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  1. I've been saying to people all week that the Fulham game had a whole different atmosphere, people left with a smile on their faces not just at the win but optimism for the future but then I counter that with "But it was at home to Fulham". Yesterday generated another hugely positive feeling but a different one, immense pride. 10 v 11 for all but 3 minutes, away from home, horrible conditions (or Burnley as it's otherwise known), up against it but kept their heads and composure and didn't just come out unscathed but won it. And proud of the 12th man too (I don't mean Morgan but then again he stepped up when required). The "Never quit" attitude from everyone and the going against the inevitable (that the 11 men who are desperate for points get them) is where you become special and not ordinary, to a man, Fuchsy, the fans, everyone, achieved something that dwarfs the Fulham win and showed a whole other side. And when we got to play our stuff there was plenty of quality to go with the digging in. Two ticks in two different boxes, so far so good.
  2. Oh no, not another mistake from officials in the F.A.R.C.E Cup.
  3. Maybe it's a joint venture with Crimewatch
  4. Millwall fans hoping it doesn't go to penalties. All of that counting up to five lark will be way beyond most of them.
  5. Brighton look better when they're calm and composed, Millwall have made them enter into a frantic adrenalin fueled scrap which isn't their thing, stay calm and hope the quality shows through.
  6. "It's rumoured that Watfords Gomes is to retire and become a Pastor" "What's the source?" "Bolognese probably!"
  7. They are the two things I'd like to see too and they're not too radical to affect the current momentum. I'm not a big fan of Mendy but have found him useful coming off the bench to see things out in the last couple of games. However I'd rather see Choudhury get those minutes between now and the end of the season. After that, it may seem a little greedy but I'd like to see one more untried youngster, preferably a CF just to gage how close they are to being ready for consideration. Rodgers sees them all in training and in their matches but he could make it an extra incentive by showing a place is available if they impress.
  8. If the whole site crashes as it attempts to go over that new threshold then frankly I'm blaming Wellens.
  9. I prefer to imagine them in the final 2-0 up against ten men, ten minutes left.....and then bottling it!
  10. Yes and UEFA are warming the balls already
  11. Looks like it should be hanging in a net alongside a bucket and spade and frisby in a sea front shop
  12. Neur not so much Super Sweeper Keeper as broom with broken handle
  13. There seemed to be one word or phrase that accelerated Pochettino's anger, I presumed it was a "Oh F*** off" or something. I don't think "Go Away. Go Away. Go Away...." would have done that to be honest.
  14. I thought Barkley looked very good up until around Christmas, he looked stronger than before and was going past opponents again but since he returned from an injury he just plays lukewarm, huffs and puffs, moves the ball on but doesn't seem to have that spark or flair and looks uncomfortable and ineffective in the big games. Probably been coaching the spontaneous moments of skill out of him! Well done to our boys, no surprise though, they deserve it.
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