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  1. Is there a Fred thread!
  2. Reminds me of the old days, donkeys at the seaside, just waiting for the punch and Jose show, with ridiculous nonsensical unintelligable angry sounds coming from a twisted screwed up face (and if he gets beaten up by coppers for stealing sausages, even better!)
  3. In an age where even Cardiff and Huddersfield are trying to play good passing stuff, Utd are resorting to bringing on a big bloke and punting it up to him!
  4. Where did that performance v Man City last season come from? They showed what they were capable of but only because they had a unique attitude and determination that day. Where is it now?
  5. Zee grass is too long! Zee ball eez not right shape! Zay have Brighton AND Hove, zat eez two team, two team not fair, we have only zee one team. Referee! Eez zee fault of Leeeverpool
  6. As a tribute to Madeley we should have a one minute boo in the 32nd minute
  7. My reaction on hearing the Madeley news - ....then I realised it could mean more games for Stuart Attwell! Just wonder what made him relocate........death threats (better delete hard drive just in case), being unpopular in every town and city in the land or those assessors ratings finally reflecting his inability? It's all well and good having a slapstick figure of fun but him and Attwell put my blood pressure at risk and he wasn't just bad and incompetent but arrogant in his communications with players.
  8. fazzyfox

    Söyüncü Signs

    It's a shame he won't get to mark Rooney in a game, that would have looked a bit surreal!
  9. Being of a certain age I'll be nick-naming Emery "Dick" (who was a kind of 1970's Harry Enfield).......so no change from his predecessor then!
  10. I wonder if the visibility of incidents from the home bench is any better for the new guy, they never did resolve that for Arsene.
  11. Because he's facing some Jokers today
  12. fazzyfox

    Mirror madness?

    I feel it could be one of two things - bearing in mind how close he must have been to going after Newcastle and West Ham at home last season you'd think the owners or somebody at the club would be tasked with looking around at potential future managers with a particular eye on the post world cup situation in order to be prepared for our next change as and when it's deemed to be required Or alternatively it could be a reverse story ie somebody has heard that the duo are keen to go to club management and the source of the story has gone through the possible clubs ruling out the top six and the lower clubs which may not appeal and noted last seasons poor closing run which finds us prime candidates in their eyes. I can't see it's a genuine reaction to Fridays match, it's a farsical measurement anyway as both us and our opponents were clearly not ready to be at their best with the squads being affected by returning internationals and late signings.
  13. Macmanaman's biography should be called "From winger to whinger". At least he's not shy of dishing out stick and saying what he sees but it does start to grate after a while.
  14. What if Vinagre became a Sultan?
  15. fazzyfox

    2018/19 final Premier League table prediction

    Some unknowns - Arsenal post Wenger, Fulham potentially comfortable, potentially strugglers, have made Chelsea 6th as despite some top quality in Hazard and Kante still not sure about the centre forward and having David Luiz as a CB in a back four is bomb scare time week in week out. I see our mini league being with Everton and probably West Ham after all that spending but you never know with them if it will all click as it should, for our sakes hopefully not. I've said it before but just avoid silly results, beat the teams you should be beating and 7th to 9th is there for the taking. Could be a south coast scrap for avoiding the final relegation place which would be interesting.