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  1. After some googling I can reveal it's a toilet cleaner guaranteed to reach those germs that other toilet cleaners don't reach
  2. I can see things boiling over as our boys really urn their wages before Villa "leave" with 3 points (just an opinion, I'm not stirring or milking it) I can just picture Grays sulk face when he sees that team sheet and realises he STILL can't get a look in!
  3. Do we know about the fitness of Fuchs and Benkovic? If not available then could we resort to putting Justin at CB (but in a 4 not a 3 or 5) and playing Thomas at LB so it would be Castagne, Morgan, Justin, Thomas in a back four. S**t, we're getting hammered aren't we!
  4. I'm a bit rusty but I'll give it a go, I've got the full kit, always thought it might come in handy. I'm a bit of a Maguire type CB (in that I bring the ball out and join in the attacks not let my country down, make cynical foul after foul to compensate for my lack of pace and ask policemen if they know who I am). Me, Morgan and Filbert it is then.
  5. Because he was a former sweeper with an unconvincing English accent?
  6. I still think the post Mahrez sale "How can we replace our Algerian right winger" discussion took place in the Dog & Duck not a Premier League Clubs boardroom. Or Baldrick was present.
  7. I've been able to retrieve the following report from my PC regarding time spent on FT and a detailed breakdown of specific content:-
  8. Imagine behind the scenes at United late tomorrow when they realise the only available "star name" left on the market if Wilf Zaha, would they take their humble pie and pay again?
  9. Red Card for Illegal use of Martial arts
  10. The Zorya Dog & Duck surely. Now come on, what's their real stadium like?
  11. Some of the spelling mistakes on the papers are hilarious, nothing like Moscow!
  12. I'm sensing a warm balls situation. Need to turn the central heating down methinks.
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