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  1. Captions please

    Capable of accelerating from nought to eighty in 2 seconds hence its name. There is a Musa version which goes round in circles at impressive speed before running off the road as the wheels fall off. Also a Mendy version that's always in the garage under repair and a Silva version which is waiting for the registration papers to come through.
  2. Josh Knight not in squad.

    It was mind games of the highest order. Klopp foolishly built his entire game plan around exploiting the inexperienced Knight. Ha, fooled you Klopster, 1-0 to Shaky, look out for Musa playing up front on his own on Saturday, wink wink, nudge nudge, know what I mean etc.
  3. EFL Cup 4th Round Draw: Wednesday Night

    Hope for Chelsea v Man City, Arsenal or Spurs v Man Utd and I then see a path for us to the semi's at least.
  4. The F.A. Will be receiving reports of his head injury and a recommendation that he doesn't be allowed return any time soon. So far they've received around 30,000 such reports.
  5. I actually believe it was the invisible spirits of the Thai monks who blessed our ground who twatted Ulloa into a concussive state that turned it around for us. Either that or the scousers took their foot off the pedal.
  6. We've just knocked Liverpool out of a cup, chin up, smile, happy days etc. Pint for the scorers and for the centre halves who kept out Liverpool in the first half.
  7. So, next round, stick with this bunch of non gelling, first half nightmare , stress inducing oddballs or bring on the first team?
  8. Can see now why we have a buttoned collared shirt, that's the only was Choudry can get it over his head
  9. Shakey all about, do the half time talky and it'll turn around, that's what it's all about
  10. After three everyone - "Brazil, it's just like watching Brazil, just like watching Brazil..."
  11. That sound was my jaw hitting the floor. Wowzer.
  12. "Hello, Wembley Hilton, I know I've only just cancelled but I'd like to cancel my cancellation for next February..."
  13. Get in there Shinji! A well deserved lead methinks
  14. Agree, what's Spanish for Rusty? El Rusty-o ?
  15. Okazaki there, he was like Gazza on noodles