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  1. Depends if you are willing to pay for a reliable stream it's happy to just hope the free ones are decent
  2. Never a penalty in my opinion. If the one against villa isn't ( but we all know was) then this one is never a penalty. Having said that if it happens at Anfield and it's given then it wouldn't be overturned. That the problem with VAR
  3. How many signing will we make. I say zero
  4. For those of you guys travelling back tonight the M6 South is going to be closed from 9pm between J4 and J2 according to the motorway signs. Not sure why but that's what is on the info boards.
  5. Maddison is extremely gifted but when the going gets tough he disappears
  6. It's like the fuching house of commons in here
  7. Bad news. Tarkowski rumours to start in 3...2....1...go
  8. That's what he brings to the table. Like its some kind of soup starter
  9. Got tore a new one. Happy birthday
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