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  1. Poor performance all round. Created nothing and looked shaky at the back once fofana went off. Although that was mainly down to the bizarre substitution. Need to hang on to youri and ndidi losing anyone else we can handle
  2. Does anyone know if Jonny Evans will be fit for this?
  3. Cup final weekend is May 15th, we are due to play Chelsea in the PL. Could it be an omen?
  4. just awful. stopped doing what's got us into this position
  5. all day long but Bennett seems to be ahead of him from the bench
  6. Im certainly not convinced we will finish 5th anyway but at least it gives us something to fight for. If the ban is quashed then the last 3 games really could be frightening
  7. Not sure sacking the manager is the answer, but there are definitely issues within this squad again.
  8. I heard 09:30 but not sure if thats GMT or BST I cant see us getting another point, especially if Bennett has to play centre half, he looks woeful putting politely.
  9. Well guys, there's only one hour to go until we find out we will certainly be stuck in the Europa league next season. Although being honest even if they uphold the ban we will be lucky to scrape 5th after yesterdays dismal showing.
  10. Depends if you are willing to pay for a reliable stream it's happy to just hope the free ones are decent
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