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  1. Still think it's a bit harsh tbh not as if he impeded the goal...
  2. I no but I'm hoping its just a wobble and we get back on it soon. It's just great that we still have this 11 point gap. Win a couple and everyone will forget this slump. Just need a bit of luck we are a good team!
  3. Come on liverpool dont think I'd say that often...
  4. Literally since the Norwich game we've been a bit iffy! Need ndidi back asap tbh
  5. Didnt rodgers quote somewhere he might be available for wednesday or was that chilwell?
  6. It's a good job everyone else is shit at the moment aswell tbh still 11 points about 5th if utd lose so still not in a bad position. Need to play better tho!
  7. Was really hoping we would shut the haters up with this game but we've just made it worse 😭
  8. Rodgers needs to give them a kick up the arse. We are miles better than Burnley. And we've been awful lately. Somethings wrong atm and he needs to figure out what it is...
  9. Ffs I give up. We are ****ing this top 4 chance up we will lose this and manu will win. I'm p***ed off!!!!!!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬
  10. Knew he'd miss that just had a feeling 😭
  11. Need to make a sub here soon either ihneacho up top with vardy or tielemans on for someone... I'm not the manager I dont no but something needs changing...
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