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  1. no the point is against a team like united get it to 0-0 till a decent time then throw ur attackers on and try get the goal but it just didn't happen!
  2. Well that was terrible! Europa league it is which is still gd in hindsight but terrible when u think about how far ahead we were! Let's win the europa league lads!
  3. Well this has been a shit end to the season... i no weve had a lot of injuries but we've been poor! Had a few decent chances but no end product. Don't no why ihneacho was taken off...
  4. Europa league it is lads, deffo can't see is scoring 1 never mind 2
  5. Everyone else been really nervous all day? I woke up really early this morning aswell 😂 let's do it! Quite worried with the defence I suppose that's why we have 2 dm, do we think we might play a bit more counter attacking football?
  6. **** sake that was terrible europa league it is.
  7. I'm not really surprised tbh with that back line. Let's just hope its not 5 or 6 in the second half and we can make some kind of comeback even of it ends up 3-2... i hope we play well at least and don't just give up! Foxes never quit!!!
  8. is it bad that I'm sort of over champions league now and will accept europa. Is shit but its still Europe. We are missing 4 key players... but still don't think we should be 3-0 down...
  9. 3-3 comeback incoming... 🤔🤔
  10. If we have to, sign him and stick him in the reserves...
  11. Wow weve played well in spells and we are 3-0 down this is shocking...
  12. gray seems to be becoming our perfect impact sub! Can't complain
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