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  1. I bought my ticket yesterday aswell 🙃 ffs knew it was going to get cancelled still got my ticket tho! Nah they will elongate the season when its able to be resumed and it will just finish later than usual that's what I hope they do anyway. Surely there will be a statement from the club I.e tickets at some point...
  2. Agree on justin getting a run in the team. But I thought albrighton was quite predictable tbh. Dnt get me wrong he played well but so many times he could have turned the opposition player but decided to try his usual hit it into the box routine. I was shouting at the tv for him to turn the player before crossing. Great player for us but just too predictable. Not sure he's due a run in the team but that just depends on who we are playing.
  3. Sven doesn't have a clue what's happening. How was he England manager and Leicester manager...
  4. That's when we play at our best tho.... tbh.....
  5. All I can say is yyyyeeeeeeessssssssssssss!!!!!! Looked like ourselves again!!!
  6. Justin can keep his place if he keeps playing like today class.
  7. Vardy's back! So glad he's scored today and from open play. Just as i write this barnes score yyyyaaasssssss! Totally deserve this today!
  8. I'm hoping he's trying to make a joke. Either way its embarrassing 🙃🙃🙃
  9. When will the game be played?
  10. Agree but cant complain too much when it's free...
  11. Like how it goes from being all Leicester for pretty much all the second half till when we scored... and then it turns to Birmingham attacking more just keep doing what we were doing!
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