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  1. I'm honestly not worried quite yet I think we are more up for it than last season even with the injuries we've got, potentially got maddison back soon plus a couple of others, hopefully have barnes back before the run in, also a game once a week instead of 2 a week after this weekend which will help, im hopeful. Let's do it and get that top 4 place, plus maybe an fa cup 😁 coyb! 🦊
  2. I'd have taken a point before the game tbh, just a bit disappointed tielemans didn't get a rest, I'd say schmeichel was motm for us, says it all really... also glad fofana got a run out, need to be better in the next game. Foxes never quit!!
  3. Tbh id take a draw now, not ideal as we should be beating Burnley but under the circumstances a draw would be ideal, should we take tielemans off for a rest during the second half no matter how the half is going? Or go for it?
  4. Its not really that simple, to attract the top players and keep progressing u need top training facilities, so I'm glad they invested in the training ground, its just unfortunate at the moment with results/injuries but we will be back! Foxes never quit!
  5. Agree, didn't look on it again today, hope its just a blip, deffinately need to sign a striker in the summer.
  6. Cant put it all on rodgers tbh, players again didn't look up for it. (After our goal anyway) and once barnes got injured I think the players heads had gone a bit tbh and that was game over. Just a bad day all round tbh need to move on
  7. Agree! Im not really that arsed about the result atm tbh just want barnes to be OK, but didn't look great 😬, could do with liverpool and Chelsea losing later just to help us out a little. Really hope barnes's injury isn't as bad as it looked. I imagine rodgers won't say too much about it, he will say they will have to keep an eye on it over the next couple of days. 🤞🤞 the team just need to try and forget about today and move on, really need a gd performance/result against Burnley!
  8. Ref might aswell just end the game now don't **** about with this extra time.
  9. Shouldn't have sold gray could do with him now just to make up the numbers 🤣😭
  10. Pretty much sums it up tbh just a bad day all round just want the game to finish now tbh
  11. Think they just want the game over with tbh to assess the injuries and go again... just hope the injuries aren't as bad as we think
  12. Saving them for the next game as will probably start with our injury list piling up 🤣😭
  13. Everyone has been shit since we scored tbh, obviously doesn't help with the injuries either, I said to my wife this morning I'd hate to lose barnes to an injury as he's been our best player other than Justin, probably my fault for jinxing him 😭
  14. Well we no this games over but need to put in a performance in our next few games, Burnley, Brighton and Sheffield utd. Let's hope there is no hangover and we can pull off some gd results!
  15. Well lets just hope its sooner rather than later 🤞🤞
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