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  1. oh dear terry the terrier! its all going wrong for u! we want 5!
  2. was a great tackle by soyuncu no way a penalty if Huddersfield get anything from this i will be pissed!
  3. referee is a willy puller no way a penalty!
  4. ffs gray! he needs to sort himself out! should have at least one!
  5. i need a stream please! pm if anyone has a decent one!
  6. not exactly a bad thing a gd young squad that could grow together is always a plus...
  7. glad farquad starts if he can't do it against Huddersfield then he has no hope...
  8. lmao i have a speaker next to it and another bottle the other side!
  9. is it not already confirmed that fuchs is leaving at the end of the season?
  10. mmoorrrggaaaannnn mmmmoorrrgggaaannn! hes the best defender in the world.... untill next game when he scores 2 own goals and gets sent off....
  11. if arsenal or chelsea win the europa league and an english team win the champions league would 7th still be a european place?
  12. if chelsea or arsenal win the europa league tho i dont think 7th place will get europe...
  13. we deserved a bit of luck and a scrappy win after some of the results weve had!
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