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  1. Doo dodo doooooooo don't mind me just passing by.....
  2. When was the last 200 pages thread? Have we had one?
  3. He was poor at burton. Seen him a few times... I'd give him another loan and if he's s**t get rid unfortunately
  4. Be confirmed by Tuesday! Which Tuesday I can not say!
  5. Not necesarily. My working week is from Saturday to Friday so Saturday is my start ;-)
  6. Well I can't seem to log in or request a new password. Anyone else having these issues?
  7. Its on the sport bible now. I really want is to pull this off.
  8. Ggooaaaalllll! Gd old Gray!
  9. Ah right! Thanks. If they aren't alot cheaper I might not bother then I'll see when i get there!
  10. Hi, I'm off to thailand in november. Was just wondering what the lcfc shop was like in Bangkok airport? Are the prices cheap? Thanks!
  11. If we get a decent replacement for him then do it. Although I appreciate the effort he put into the end of last season not sure hes quite gd enough tho unfortunately.
  13. I would deffinately welcome this signing!
  14. And? Easy money for our owners. And very cheap for an england international
  15. Luckily for me I have a good membership from last season. But I can't say exactly how many prem games I went too I think I'll b on around 20 - 25 points is that going to b enough tho :-/