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  1. IveFirst time I've been round to my dads today in a year! And I get to celebrate an fa cup win with him! Weve gone absolutely mental! Can't believe it! Its massive! Love our club!!!! 🦊🦊🦊
  2. I didnt even know who amad was before today! 37 million? When was this?
  3. You could see it coming tbh why the **** would they talk about a team that had just played and won against man utd 🙄
  4. Great win but are you sure leicester have played? All I can hear about is man city 🤔🤔😒😒 ffs knew it would happen. Great result for us though! Buzzing!
  5. Why oh why go defensive for the last part of the game Are you trying to give me a heart attack!!!
  6. I hate this trying to defend for 10 mins situation 😢
  7. I no mate... same here cant wait! Lol let's try and get this over the line first!!!
  8. For sure!! Not sure we will get it though! Going to be nervy!!
  9. Don't let that bellend Fernandes score please!
  10. Deffo need a 3rd here!! Just can't see 2-1 being enough!
  11. Stop it!!! At least wait till full time!!!
  12. Still shocked it was from a corner aswell!!!!
  13. Lets get a madders screamer and be done with it!!
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