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  1. If Ricardo isnt player of the season then there Is something wrong. Pretty much been the best player in most games even when we've been rubbish. A draw was about fair today!
  2. Sorry but I no a Newcastle fan that was gutted to see him leave! He's not overly consistent tbf but he's not the worst player we've had. Didnt have his best game today by far but neither did anyone else so what's ur beef? Give him a chance!
  3. Cant really complain at a draw! We weren't great and went down to 10 men! Take the point and onto the next game!
  4. Tbf knowbody really did anything. Would have to say wolves were the better team. But a draw was about fair.
  5. This game is f***ing boring. Leicester need to liven up. Ihneacho to come on and score 😉
  6. I've seen some dodgy decisions with var but I'm unsure on this one. In glad it wasnt given. But it could have gone either way. Anyway we need to do ALOT better in the second half!
  7. Yaaaaas couple this news with a win and we are down for a gd weekend! :-D
  8. Coommmeeee ooonnnnn! Well up for this! Shame about wilf but I have faith In Hamza! Barnes and vardy to score 2-1 win :-D
  9. Wrong. I'd call it a penalty. I'd be pissed off if it was the other way round but I'd still call it a hand ball! And a penalty
  10. If the ball hits ur hand blatantly in the box to stop a cross or a shot whether ur arms are in an unnatural position or not it should be a penalty end of! Good game and a good point but I'm pissed off!
  11. Agree! Happy with the point as thought it was a decent game! But how is that not a penalty? Refs/var have done us out of 2 pens now!
  12. People saying it's not a pen? How? He sticks his hand out to hit the ball. 2 pens in 2 games we should have had!
  13. Gutted for barnes! Should have scored that :-(
  14. Yes please! He needs a goal!
  15. Yeah got to blame the defenders for that. Cant blame kasper for them all!
  16. Oh ffs just when we were on top!
  17. Did he just say Chelsea have had enough chances to win 2 games?
  18. He still had to take the shot whether it was deflected or not. Great goal. Cheer up!
  19. Schmeichel is all over the place wtf was that pass...
  20. Great start to the half... come onnnnn!!!!!
  21. Not really sure how gd he is tbh. Hopefully a steady signing to get us through the rest of the season and if he plays/ plays well. £5mil is a decent price. Win-win really.
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