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  1. Well that's a gd work hour of my wages wasted... 🤣
  2. rodgers told him to sabotage this game... not that it needed sabotaging... never mind...
  3. I think this might be the worst £10 I've ever spent 🤣
  4. might aswell shove barnes and tielemans on for the last few mins!
  5. I've been thinking the same, obviously isn't bothered about this competition... shame because a cup is a cup! I want us to give it a go in them all
  6. Great Willian is coming on... more pace! Gd luck wes and fuchs
  7. My man hand glide by with my fried rice rriigghhhttt.. J..U..S...T EAT... did somebody say just eat!
  8. Gd movement by gray but wtf was that shot? Taken someone's head off if there were fans in the ground jesus!
  9. A few will be paying £10 for the stream though (me)
  10. I agree they are taking the piss but I had a bit of a scan round for stream possibilities and decided I couldn't be arsed, so just paid it 🙄 lets hope for a decent game.
  11. I paid the £10 im a sucker 🙄 haha
  12. Who's paying the £10 for the carabao Cup stream?
  13. We were great today tbf barnes was superb hope he can keep it up!! 🦊⚽️🦊⚽️
  14. Welcome to leicester castagne, glad I put him in my dream team now...
  15. Need to bring Thomas on tbf can't be any worse....
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