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  1. As Ric said, Gray (who hasn't shown consistency with his final ball) would not necessarily have been the right choice anyhow given how we were pumping balls into the box. Amartey was not going to disrupt the formation further and was going to maintain our threat at set pieces. Besides, his now famous run from his days in Sweden to win a penalty in added time is decent credential 😉
  2. I know you have a slight obsession with Mahrez, but I do agree with you here. If, as the player of the year, winning the richest (and arguably best) league with a rank outsider doesn't warrant a world class tag, then what does it take?
  3. P.u.n.c.t.u.a.t.i.o.n next time please!
  4. We're as good as Dortmund, Bayern and Barcelona this year. No shame in that at all!!
  5. We needed 'help' from the ref (or at least a flawless performance) and the fine margins to fall in our favour to be able to compete in this tie and we didn't get it. Atletico were a level or two above us over both legs. They were just that bit more solid and organised than what we've faced in Europe and matched our work rate. Then they had quality on the ball which befitted their status as one of the favourites for the title. All we could ask for is that the team tried. If we were playing with the same verve and quality as last season, this would have been even closer. Frustrating that our relentlessness and endeavour during the last 45 mins didn't yield more goals, but it's tough to be critical of the performance. It was lots of fun and hopefully the players will have found some momentum and motivation from this CL campaign that will carry them beyond this season.
  6. Well at least it went in the favour of the English team that time....
  7. So Slimani being strong enough to push his opponent off balance as he's launching himself in the air (i.e. his center of gravity has shifted) is the defender's fault? Should he not have jumped and tried to reach the ball before the attacker? It's no different from the classic stepping on the feet of an opponent at a set piece or tugging a shirt at the right time to gain an unfair advantage. It doesn't really matter how strong you are, anyone player ccould push another player off balance in the Slimani/Koné situation. Look at the replay and look how Slimani and the defender are occupying the space where the ball is going to land. Both are about to jump, seemingly in good balance, but the defender lands clumsily like a yard away which clearly indicates he was put off balance by the push, because Slimani was 'cute'/clever and did it at the crucial moment.
  8. Shoulder-to-shoulders 'barges', unless utterly excessive are allowed as it tests the players' athleticism in a correct manner. Two players jumping fairly for the ball and getting in contact should be tolerated. One player trying to gain an unfair advantage over the other should not, surely? What Slimani did is what pundits call being 'clever' or 'bending the rules' (the commentator actually called it "good play" or something to that effect. I couldn't figure out if it was tongue in cheek), but really it's just cheating. Some challenges are weirdly accepted while others are not, and it seems wholly dependant on subjective opinion.
  9. Again, not acknowledging it doesn't happen, but why is even a little push ok and a slightly bigger push not ok? Either push is unfair by the letter of the law. Laws are pretty useless if they cannot be enforced consistently even in a simple game of sport. Apologies for being particularly argumentative today.
  10. Looks like it, yes. I've never said different. What's your point?
  11. Looked a pretty clear foul to me. Since when is a push ok, especially when readying to jump or in mid air? How was the defender going to reach the ball when his momentum was perturbed? It's not like Slimani leaped up like a salmon. But hey ho, he scored and football is a contact sport full of grey areas and tinted spectacles yadda yadda.
  12. You're taking some cheap shots at Sunderland there. Were we similarly 'fortunate' to win last season? I don't think comparisons to us are way off the mark. After all, at the start of 14/15 and 15/16, we were favourites at the bookies and with the media to prop up the table, i.e. our players were deemed of worse quality than Sunderland's. Our rotten form this season was proving pundits right that last season was a freak of the highest order, right until our change of fortunes. Either way, it's all relative. Sunderland have 'bad' players if you look at it in the context of the top 6 of the PL, but they've shown they were better than players of at least three other teams for the past few seasons. Saying we were shit for an hour through our own failings is doing a disservice to Sunderland who worked hard all over the pitch to constrict our play. It was just as much their performance for that hour that made us look poor.
  13. Yet Sunderland have escaped every time. I'm just reacting to your assessment that their players are not PL standard when they've been there for a while. Yeah, the difference in quality has been marginal, but isn't it nearly always the case between teams at the bottom half of the PL/top half of the Championship? You could argue that it isn't just chance that Sunderland have escaped four times in a row. That said, you are most likely right that they won't escape this year. Based on their performance against us, I do not believe they will roll over and give up without a fight. Other teams will do well to take them seriously.
  14. But they do, seeing as they stayed up on merit last season. From an individual player perspective it's debatable whether Swansea, Hull, Burnley, Middlesbrough, Watford or Bournemouth have significantly superior quality, yet three of them are almost certain to be in this league next season. Had we kept Ranieri we would likely be in or close to the relegation zone and the quality of our players would be questioned. How do you feel about "League One standard" Vardy and the useless back four, as many on here called them in January, now? I know seeing things in black in white appeals to humans. It's simple, it's uncomplicated, but it's not reality.
  15. It's a tricky one. Shakespeare has had a taste and now has full responsibility until the end of the season. Should he step back into an assistant role, it could jeopardize a new manager's influence on the team. I feel we need a manager that cuts his cloth according to our club, and not the other way around. That means having a more hands off approach and being a coordinator and having a good outwardly image. At the same time he would need a vision for the future that is shared by the staff as players are nearing the end of their Premier League careers.