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  1. Kanté was excellent. Think your bias is showing a bit. It was his cross Chilwell almost scored from as well. He was easily their best player in the night, if not as effective as against Real Madrid. But this thread is about Fofana who was magnificent throughout.
  2. Nope, still really like Kanté. I don't see how anyone can dislike him.
  3. Torres playing like he wants to start a CL final
  4. Pretty sure Denmark is to the Northeast *tongue in cheek* But yeah, he has always come across passionately about the club. I feel he 'gets it' and he's obviously needed to feel wanted and part of a community. I could absolutely see him in an ambassadorial role too, but I don't think I've heard him say much about his plans beyond football. Quite surprising given his advanced footballing age.
  5. Aymeric Laporte switching from France to Spain Imagine not giving a £57m defender playing in top European club a single cap by the age of 26. It's got to be one of the most extraordinary snubs when it comes to national team selections.
  6. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/cristiano-ronaldo-enjoys-kickabout-young-21180711
  7. I would be cry-laughing as I don't play with wingers in FM21
  8. He's got the perfect role model in Albrighton then. We do like a head down, hard working type of player, who doesn't sulk, don't we?
  9. I criticised him first half, more out of frustration that we were so dependant on Youri doing all the creative work. Ndidi would push up alright, but lacked the urgency or vision to do anything with the ball. Should we expect that of him? Probably not, but if he can work on that side of his game as well, we can have more moments like his assist for Kel against Burnley.
  10. I don't think people are forgetting this at all. Objectively, there's no question who's the better player of the two. He's been holding us back since his return though, just like Ricardo doesn't justify a starting position currently. We need to get the team right for the final and most likely Maddison will start - but I think it's a valid question whether he should start.
  11. I think that's doing Greenwood a disservice. From that angle, the finish was super precise. He has an extremely small window to hit, especially with the instep of his right foot. Not sure I would place any blame on Kasper. You're being taught to shoot low and hard for the far corner in those situations exactly because if it's precise enough, the goalie shouldn't save it as he has to cover the near post and middle of the goal.
  12. There are a lot of factors here. The current owners are without doubt the biggest factor - it's the prerequisite on which all the success has been built. You can point to the MON legacy, the Walkers Stadium, the consortium takeover when we were under administration etc. as being pivotal, which they were, but by and large the leadership, financial capital and planning that the Srivaddhanaprabhas brought with them is at the base of our revival. I'm heading off to bed now, so I'll leave others that wish to elaborate on other factors.
  13. And this right there is where I feel we've really improved as a team under Rodgers. Tactically, we are so much more flexible and we have a team that absorbs the coaching so well. It's actually staggering to think that bar Thomas and Perez, this was the same team that was all at sea against Newcastle a few days ago. Huge credit to the players, especially Cags and Fofana, and the coaching staff for bouncing back at the most unlikeliest of grounds for us.
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