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  1. The French commentators are the icing on the cake! Embarrassing, shambolic, classless.
  2. Seriously. Dock France three points and hand them to Iceland. Give Griezmann a 10-match ban and see how often dives will still happen. That was obnoxious!! Henry handball levels of obnoxious.
  3. Ronaldo Vieira maybe? He's a young homegrown player we might genuinely have been interested in who ended up going 'abroad' to Sampdoria. Hasn't been a storming success there either.
  4. Is anyone following the developments of the Blitzchung-ban? Seems it's really stoked the fires and gotten people worldwide in uproar. https://www.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/comments/devia0/blizzard_ruling_on_hk_interview_blitzchung/
  5. Oh Albrighton... undoing all your hard work getting back in the first place. So typical of him What a waste...
  6. Not really. Liverpool look supremely confident and have been the more dangerous side. They've basically nullified our attack.
  7. I've noticed that we've regressed a bit from throw ins. We seem to lose the quick/short throw quite often and just surrender possession without testing them. Have we totally stopped the long throw?
  8. Maguire can turn out to be a good buy, sure. But I doubt £80m will ever become a 'bargain' for a centerback, even with crazy inflation.
  9. Er... So arguably the best managers in the league, who have built the best current sides in the league, should not qualify because you find it unfair? It's fine to weigh performances against expectations, but not so long ago Liverpool were far away from being title contenders. A perfect start is obviously no mean feat in the PL, regardless of opposition. After all, they're the only ones on maximum points.
  10. Would still be mildly surprised if ROI finish higher than third. Denmark typically start out meh and become stronger as the quali campaign progresses and ROI very much needed a win against the Swiss to distance them.
  11. Iversen on the bench in that game as well.
  12. Daniel Iversen has actually also been called up to the senior Denmark squad as third goalkeeper after Rønnow had to withdraw with back problems! 👊
  13. Tool's "Fear Inoculum" released today. Surprised it's not been mentioned.
  14. Leave Maddison on, take Tielemans off
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