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  1. His first corner was garbage, but shouldn't we acknowledge the decent delivery for the Evans and Fofana chances? Or was that Albrighton taking those? Also, he's one of the highest scoring players in the PL from direct free kicks, isn't he?
  2. To be fair, he looked much much better after Vardy and Maddison came on. As mentioned above, he really wasn't very good until the last 25 mins. Superb cross and I'm always delighted when he does well. Every Leicester fan will feel affinity to Sharky He made two crucial saves first half and did he get a hand to the header that went close second half? Couldn't see it on the replay.
  3. Barnes, Thomas and Vardy scoring with Maddison and Albrighton assisting. FORZA ENGLAND!
  4. Ever since the formation switch and Vardy/Maddison coming on, Albrighton has been transformed
  5. As am I And two decent corners too. Encouraging end to the game here.
  6. No chance, Fofana runs into his arm if anything
  7. Super play! Maddison was always going to cut it there, poor defending. Delighted for young Thomas!!
  8. Incredible how so many supposed set piece specialists struggle with this.
  9. Admittedly it's been quality opposition in Liverpool (he did make a goalline clearance lest we forget) and Braga, but he hasn't offered much more than hard work and some running. He's just half a second too slow tackling, passing, getting into position. Would rather have him on the left and further up the pitch again.
  10. It's disappointing we lost Castagne so quickly. Thought he was ready to play again after the internationals
  11. RIP but honestly, his whole farcical persona after his playing days is not something I will miss. Brilliant talent, but not sure he deserves the celebration and veneration that he has gotten.
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