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  1. Is that a Faceswap of Frank Arnesen?
  2. I mean, that is super super tight. I don't think you can truly say which way it should go based on that picture. The angle and resolution really isn't beneficial and I don't think you can categorically say Vardy was on or off - in which case the goal should stand if the ref didn't initially blow.
  3. Yeah I was probably overreacting a bit. Sorry about that. I interpret your 'things go with you when you're on top' (and the opposite) as decisions going for/against depending on league standing, which I think is a lazy cliché.
  4. Oh come on, it's funny how some of you are so eager to knock people of their pedestals. There have been several times when Liverpool haven't been given penalties or goals due to VAR as well, but they are promptly overlooked - likely through the bias of the decisions in the games against us. Could it be that sides like the current Liverpool one and our title winning squad simply provoked these fouls in the box because they were better than the defenders they faced? Both sides benefitted massively from deadly counterattacks and high pressing, which leads to 1) more desperate lunges or rushed tackles 2) which are often further up the pitch, i.e. their own penalty box. Liverpool won the league at a canter because they have been the best team by quite some distance. Their weaknesses aren't as glaring as ours or those of Man City and it would be a disservice to that team and their achivements to place any meaningful emphasis on VAR. LCFC 2-1 Burnley: Wood equaliser ruled out for tripping Evans who was attempting to (and would've never gotten there) stop the ball going in. LCFC 2-1 Spurs: Equaliser chalked off for offside with probably the tightest decision by VAR yet. The technology has limitations and this one should probably have received the benefit of the doubt if we're honest. LCFC 3-1 Bournemouth: Tielemans avoiding a red card. Had the ref given a red, VAR would not have overturned it for sure even if it wasn't intentional by Tielemans. LCFC 2-1 Everton: The famous Kelechi last second goal, as tight as the Son decision that went against Spurs. LCFC 2-0 Fleetwood: The Kelechi goal that was initially chalked off and then given by VAR. It's pretty selective memory to think we've only had the decisions against Wolves go in our favour...
  5. Watching the Tunnel Cam videos, you see how switched on and vocal Kasper is before every game. He's the type of person who leads by example and by taking responsibility. He never seems in doubt that we can win a game. Imagine that confidence radiating to players who are doubting our chances. I might be wrong, but I think Rodgers' influence is noticeable here too. It feels like there is much more tactical chat between players before and during games - especially by the experienced players. It's clear that Rodgers appreciates the massive experience of Schmeichel, Evans, Morgan, Vardy et al and what that brings to the team.
  6. People don't mention it that much, because we've gone on and lost or drawn our games since the restart. Truth is, he has kept us in those games with some great stops. He's also been very good with his distribution and reading of the game. If we're lucky, we can keep him in his prime for a couple more years along with Vardy.
  7. Big props to Fuchs as well. So dependable and I always feel he's a safe option. Obviously involved in the last goal as well.
  8. And Kelechi firing over from 6 yards? ...
  9. Ndidi really seems quite unlucky a lot of the time, doesn't he? He often gets booked for offenses where others just get a foul blown. Ironically, Richarlison scissored him in the first-half from behind getting nowhere near the ball with Ndidi getting caught. Result: free kick. Ndidi scrapes Richarlison a fraction late. Result: yellow card. Even with the penalty before and in other games, Ndidi just seems to be on the wrong side of these 50-50 decisions more often than he should.
  10. As bad as Barnes' touches have been, he's so important to our press and his energy and pace is a threat. Tielemans looks very rusty, but at least there is endeavor there, so he'll come good sooner rather than later (hopefully)
  11. Is it still possible to upload replays of goals/highlights in this version? Wouldn't mind seeing the carnage you describe 😅
  12. Come To Daddy has to be one of the most disturbed videos out there. It still gives me the chills Other videos that come to mind once I think about it more: I know this isn't really fair since it heavily features clips from Johnny Got His Gun, but it's just so powerful together with the song. Loved this one as a kid. It's badly dated yes, but I still enjoy it today And this one as Rammstein are always good for a p*sstake
  13. Let's wait and see regarding those players. On paper it looks good, but history has shown how Chelsea have failed to get the best out of promising/good players, most notably of course Salah, de Bruyne and Lukaku in recent years.
  14. Some Leicester fans I'm sure are saying the same thing about Chilwell to Chelsea. Vestergaard is not terrible by any means - he had success at both Bremen and BMG - but I don't think he'd be more than a squad player for us. Obviously we would need strengthening with Morgan getting closer to retirement and Amartey likely being sold, while Benkovic is still up in the air.
  15. DKK 225m is around £ 27m
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