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  1. What's your point? He's playing in one of the top leagues in the world, played at the world cup and has plenty of caps for a decent national team. I am just suggesting he would be a relatively cheap option on the wing (if not a starter). Definitely better than our current Algerian winger.
  2. Sisto has had an unsatisfactory season at Celta Vigo. which would probably make him a relatively cheap punt. He's been inconsistent ever since leaving Midtjylland, but he has something special in his locker. I think personality-wise and playstyle-wise he'd be a decent fit with Leicester under Rodgers.
  3. Such a bittersweet experience watching that. The last two 'seasons' (let's not kid ourselves, it's 1,5 seasons at best) have been a tough watch. It was already going downhill after season 4, but I could still go along with it. It's just a shame that arguably the best TV show fell apart like that, for reasons that were most likely avoidable. At least it's done now.
  4. Speed of thought is far more important in his position. Ironically, while he might not be the paciest player, he's got very quick feet. He's good at rolling off tackles and keep momentum in the right direction.
  5. Let's have four so he can clinch the golden boot
  6. Interesting theory about the 3ER. Would love him to be the BBEG and make it out that everyone is a pawn in his big game of drones.
  7. Yes and no. Of course Weiss & Benioff are not Martin, but surely they could spend some of their huge budget on decent scripwriters and not spunk it all on CGI and special effects. It's just so Hollywood...
  8. Yeah, it's gotten worse over time, to the point where I actually lost all interest after last season's nonsensical debacles. I only watch season 8 as I'm 'pot committed' and my friends and family are excited. Some heroics is obviously needed to make the main characters stand out (a la Tyrion showing bravery in the face of Joffrey's cowardice), but the clichéd timings has now gone way over the top. It's no fun when you expect them, which I wasn't at the Battle of Blackwater for example.
  9. *Warning! Link contains spoilers* Match ratings for the last episode https://www.joe.co.uk/entertainment/player-ratings-for-game-of-thrones-battle-of-winterfell-229662?fbclid=IwAR3Ql6egXBy6YqgBlfMbAWabv-Wwiy-d1fzldA4dHZlGVZ2tlP3NdpahhCU
  10. As well as Viserion (again) and Rhaegal(?)
  11. Ditto, but a day before. Maybe it was always meant to be!
  12. His kicking is probably the most marmite of any keeper we have had. He can hit some absolute peaches which create chances and other times he makes a complete hash of it. But objectively speaking, "very poor" seems overly harsh.
  13. He had a few iffy moments first half with some poor kicks and coming way out of his goal when he didn't need to. But apart from those instances, he was rock solid and was always very willing to show for the ball when it came back to Morgan or Söyüncü. Very alert and looks confident.
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