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  1. Nearly knocked out Serie A champions Napoli away in the following round with almost a carbon copy game, scoring in the 87th minute. Hearts were broken when Van Ginkel equalised from a corner in the 93rd minute. Ran out of steam in ET but what an effort!
  2. It's so disappointing that we can never muster anything from corners. We really don't fancy set pieces.
  3. This selection is so weird that I actually fancy we'll win this
  4. My Legnago team of loanees (not kidding, only 2 of the first XI and 5 of the match day squad are contracted to the club) is absolutely tearing it in Serie B with easily the lowest wage budget. Projected to finish second to last, I'm sitting in first place at the turn of the year 9 points ahead of second and I frankly don't understand how, especially because I cannot seem to beat the struggling teams who sit back. Just had my biggest win yet with a smash and grab in the first knockout round of the cup away to Roma - I experimented on the opposition instructions and somehow restricte
  5. I wonder if he has random potential - he looks pretty great for that level!
  6. He likes like a dozen-for-a-dime decent youth striker in my game, i.e. 12-14 in poacher-like stats. Not bad, but as mentioned, there are tons of those with limited potential. Can you post how he looks in your game? Also, a tip related to 'agreed playing time' for loanees - unlike your own players, it's actually pretty easy to lower the agreed playing time! Really comes in handy when they're threatening to become unhappy and their managers are spamming you constantly.
  7. What about a Billy Kee/Billy McKay frontline?
  8. Sounds like smoke created by an agent. I think we need to treat everything that involves Sporting with a high degree of suspicion. Has anything involving them and us ever worked out in our favour?
  9. Genuine question - with the rise of clubs having wealthy owners, how relevant is it to hold achievements up against stadium/fan base/city size? Money is king - and it used to be that clubs with big turnover/gate receipts had big advantages over others, but these days this advantage isn't as defined by geography (or even history) as clubs like RB Leipzig, FC Midtjylland/Brentford and dare I say ourselves/OHL.
  10. BBC Commentary: "Not Leicester's Day" - Talk about understatement of the f***ing decade...
  11. I've turned it off now...my heart cannot take this watching us sink without a trace..
  12. It is insane. All we lack is a broken elbow or some shit to Schmeichel...
  13. Add JJ and Fofana to that list. **** Liverpool, our injuries have been atrocious.
  14. Wow... I can't believe how easy that was. Arsenal already reminding me of us in mid-week!!
  15. I have no idea of the success rates of short throws that lead to goals, but yeah getting that many from long throws (and the goals look stupid) is broken. I've also noticed that most free kick goals I concede are the short variant type where the taker does a one two with one player who is ALWAYS free and doesn't get closed down. Easily accounts for at least 4-5 goals conceded per season.
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