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  1. He did nothing. Again. Could you see Ulloa scoring the goal Slimani did? Of course you couldn't. Silly to bring up an irrelevant stat when it's been painfully obvious for over a season that he's not up to standard any longer.
  2. And behind King too. People seem to still not realise that our right back generally tucks in. Whenever Simpson breaks out and closes down, we are in genuine trouble. See e.g. the Man U game. Tucking in is usually not a problem if we are well organised, but we were frankly all over the place. I really tried to spy what Iborra brought to the team other than big physique. Maybe he reads the game OK, but he was slower than Morgan, misplaced countless passes, hardly went forward in support and made a handful of mistimed challenges which luckily didn't get punished. So he made a professional foul near the end... Any unsporting sod can do that. I'll put his performance down to lack of match fitness, his first competitive game in this team and getting to grips with English football (whatever that means). But yesterday, he was frankly calamitous.
  3. It looked like we set up as 5-3-2 when defending with Amartey and Gray taking up wingback positions, Chilwell tucking in next to Dragovic and Albrighton helping out in the middle. Very odd formation.
  4. I'll give Gray the credit for being the ONLY outlet for 60 minutes of this match. That's where I'll stop though, because despite his blistering pace and obvious ability on the ball, he has his head down and tries to do everything himself. Slimani actually made some good runs or opened up space nicely for Gray, but my word does he stuggle when he reaches the final third of the pitch. Dude, Slimani was atrocious with the ball. I counted about a dozen times when he would receive the ball to feet, at chest height or even at head height and he would lose it every single time. Granted, he didn't get much support, but the whole point of a big man up front is so he can use his physique to hold up the ball and lay it off once his teammates have come up the pitch. It's a recurring thing with Slimani. Despite his big frame, he's deceivingly average as a classic target man.
  5. Unfortunately none of them arrived before the FA's deadline
  6. What a strange game that was. First half was eye-gougingly bad. Ulloa and Slimani held on to a grand total of 0 balls. Iborra, Albrighton and Ndidi seemed like they had a competition about passing to red jerseys. Gray being his usual self with great runs and woeful end product/decision making. The defense was hilariously out of tune with Amartey giving Robertson the freedom of Leicester and Chilwell nearly gifiting a great chance. One would've thought that the second half would bring changes, but truth is we only really started to compete because Coutinho went off and Ulloa had a laugh about how bad he could play and still be on the pitch until he took matters into his own hands. But even then (!) we were still bloody dreadful. Gray got more into the game, but he really produced nothing of note until we were 2-0 up come to think of it. Slimani, I swear, did NOTHING good with the ball bar his goal and the layoff leading up to it. Iborra I'd argue was even worse than first half and somehow he gets an assist to his name. Shinji is really the only player who impressed tonight and how fitting it was that he scuffs in a deflected shot.
  7. He's been a liability tonight. I see what you mean
  8. What a ridiculous match this has been. We've been as bad as I've seen under Shakespeare and we're leading 2-0. Slimani has had ONE good layoff out of ten or so and that leads to a stonking strike. He's been dreadful up to that point and since the goal. Iborra has looked a couple of yards off the pace, given the ball away around half the time and has had at the very least three lunging tackles that on any other given day would've been bookable offences. I'm flabbergasted.
  9. Atmosphere sounds extremely flat and subdued. Not much to get excited about admittedly, but you'd think only a couple of thousand are there based on noise from the tele
  10. Vardy's miss

    Or Torres against Man Utd... what a howler that was.
  11. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    If you've been to a gay pride march, as a participant or spectator, you'd realise it's a very inclusive, friendly and vibrant atmosphere. It could be called Shit Pride day, Knitting Pride day, Straight Pride day or whatever for all I care. When that is the reaction it gets, I say encourage it and join in
  12. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Can't really get worked up about the strike allegations. Essentially the same thing happened with Drinkwater. It served all parties best. And be fair, obviously Sigurdsson being interested is infinitely more likely than Neymar. After all, Sigurdsson went from Spurs to Swansea. I hope you're right regarding Silva. I've not seen enough of him to judge him. Sigurdsson is proven over several seasons now, so the comparison doesn't make much sense yet.
  13. Vardy's miss

    Some are reading too much into this. He played most of last season and produced precious few assists/chances for Vardy. We fans need to realise that the things that made us so successful for 1½ seasons have proven to be too difficult to consistently replicate. We have created very, very chances in general in the PL since the start of last season. Our 'style' is no longer particularly effective.
  14. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Based on ability and player type, I think he would've fit perfectly in our side. Whether he wanted to come here or not and at that price is irrelevant. He's of a calibre that we can realistically, if unlikely, attract. Obviously with the whole Silva/Drinky situation and our own poor-ish start, someone of his kind would've been welcome in our midfield right now.
  15. Formula 1 2017

    Find it astonishing that you could absolve Verstappen of any blame. It's not like he had to go full throttle at all costs. Had he let up a bit Räikkönen would've passed him and probably Vettel too. Interestingly, Danish commentators (Le Mans winner John Nielsen) were discussing which of Räikkönen and Verstappen were to blame. Didn't once during the race ask questions of Vettel.