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  1. shen

    The OH Leuven Thread

    Pretty honest assessment really. Tough season for you guys. Hope the play-offs will give you a bit more to cheer about even if you've started with two narrow defeats.
  2. shen

    Brands Brands Brands

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 105 seconds  
  3. shen

    Steve Walsh

    And what's the source of this? I ask because I doubt the club would sanction a transfer that was more than twice the amount the club's leading recruitment staff said he was worth. It's much more believable that Ranieri wanted Slimani and left the rest up to Walsh & Co.
  4. shen

    Claudio to Fulham

    This is going nowhere and just circling back to points already made. I feel you are comparing apples and pear. The circumstances behind Chelsea 2004/5 or Atletico 2013/14 are so wildly different from Leicester 2015/16 that it's pointless to compare. No-one could realistically expect us to consistently challenge season after season, let alone come close to achieving what we did. Everyone, including our own fans, are trying to explain the unexplainable and of course there are mitigating factors in our title win, but most important was what happened at our club during and leading up to that season. It's not what happened or didn't happen in Manchester, London or Liverpool... Ranieri contributed substantially here and elsewhere and you would do well to recognise this. I'm not comparing him to the likes of Mourinho, SAF, Ancelotti etc, I just used them as examples to show that even they have failed and sometimes quite spectacularly. I do think it's OK to compare him to unproven coaches or proven mediocre managers. That's all I wanted to say.
  5. shen

    Claudio to Fulham

    1. Severance pay is hardly an issue for clubs like PSG, Real Madrid, Dortmund etc. so I'll dismiss that argument. I don't know how you can claim that managers like Zidane, Solari, Gattuso "had promise". They were young coaches and they had playing successful playing careers, but football is littered with ex-players failing as managers/coaches. Ranieri is a solid choice, at the very least in the short term, for most top clubs. 2. I don't feel a need to go into the nitty gritty, but some of those players bought under Mourinho were long-time targets during Ranieri's reign already. Funnily enough you don't skip over that fact when addressing his Leicester tenure... But you cannot compare Chelsea and Leicester fairly - Chelsea were top spenders in the league at the time. Even after our title win, Leicesters net spend was below £40m - far below the biggest spenders. Point taken about the subpar transfers made under Ranieri at Leicester, but you can't just pick and choose who to praise when things go well and who to blame when they don't. Fact of the matter is that you just don't know who's responsible for what. For all you know, it could be Walsh who bombed with the signings of Slimani and Musa. You are also choosing to gloss over the fact that Ndidi and Mendy, both signed under Ranieri, are now the preferred midfield pairing under Puel... You are still making excuses for our title win (all top clubs underperformed; our tactics were not sussed out; our tactics failed the following season; extraordinary lack of injuries etc) and I'm not having that. In short, you are removing Leicester's contribution by saying we were "lucky" and only won "because others failed". I find that, frankly, insulting. 3. No, I don't overrate him because of one season. I rate him because of his career achievements of which his title season with us is the crown jewel, his magnum opus. I don't care for singular mistakes, even recurring ones. Everyone makes them. Mourinho, one the most successful managers in modern football, is a bloody car wreck these days. He's making the same mistakes he made at Chelsea. Ferguson made countless mistakes as did Wenger. Does that make them any less great? Ranieri, known unfairly as "The Tinkerman" (which modern top manager these days doesn't swear by squad rotation?), defied his reputation and made just minor adjustments to achieve the unimaginable. That's brilliantly skillful and superb management and not dumb luck.
  6. shen

    Claudio to Fulham

    Few managers have won a league at top level. And even by that account, Ranieri's recent success here should count for something. What pedigree did S. Scolari, Tuchel, Zidane, Henry, Sarri, Gattuso etc. have when they were hired? I'm not even arguing he should land a big job, but midtable/top 10 clubs are surely reasonable? Of course his Chelsea tenure wasn't perfect, but he built a solid base that Mourinho managed brilliantly with some ridiculously expensive investments at the time. It's silly how you point out one mistake in one game involving 22 players and blame the defeat on the coach. Then in the very next paragraph you play down his obvious tactical and pressure management in one of the most glorious of achievements of English football, instead attributing our success to his predecessor and surrounding environment. Don't you think most if not all managerial successes depend on having good staff, infrastructure, owner support and skillful players? Ranieri is obviously NOT overrated or he wouldn't be jumping in to take charge of the bottom PL side.
  7. I don't understand why you'd think it's gone down. We've bought more than we've sold, so what Mahrez earned is now totalled by 2-3 of the new players. Factor in yearly wage increases and new deals and we will likely be at least at the same wage level.
  8. shen

    Claudio to Fulham

    Oh, it's surely that and the gradual decline he had before he joined us. It's just strange how he has otherwise been highly regarded throughout his career (which his CV is testament to) and yet, despite having achieved more than he ever did before with a much less fancied team, it doesn't get rated that highly. This contrasts starkly with the continuous employment of Allardyce, Eriksson and Redknapp throughout the years. His record with big teams is by no means terrible. Many would say he was unfairly booted at Chelsea, but hindsight will only show that it was a good decision considering The Special One's success. Much like Pearson's role in our title win, Ranieri could claim he had a fairly large share in the success Chelsea had under Mourinho during his first season. You don't need to explain or downplay our title win. Regardless of circumstances, it was still nothing short of unbelievable what our team achieved and Ranieri made perfect adjustments and piloted the team and media brilliantly. Many far less qualified managers are getting picked ahead of him, which I find odd given how many clubs are easily swayed by an impressive CV.
  9. Schmeichel signed a new deal too and Slimani is still under contract here. Did Morgan get a contract extension? I remember Puel talking about it earlier this year, but can't remember if Morgan signed. Also, 15th highest wage bill is quite eye-opening. Above the likes of West Ham, Everton, AC Milan, Schalke, Valencia, Sevilla, Roma and Lazio...
  10. shen

    Claudio to Fulham

    Umm, Real Madrid just employed an inexperienced manager after a historically poor start. Bayern stuttered heavily, Monaco, as you say, have been terrible and he had a very successful spell there too. Instead they go for the sexy name rather than experience. You could even say Udinese and Genoa in Italy look like candidates. It's interesting that those 9 months would be blamed on him and not the post-miracle hangover. He did still manage a very impressive European campaign. I too would be wary of hiring Claudio, but the way clubs hire willy-nilly and take huge risks, it's odd that he gets overlooked despite his solid achievements.
  11. shen

    Claudio to Fulham

    It's odd how a PL winning manager, at the helm of a footballing miracle and with such pedigree, isn't wanted by clubs with higher reputations. Nantes and Fulham? I mean no disrespect, as we were in the same bracket when he joined us, but it feels like clubs don't really rate what he achieved here.
  12. shen

    The OH Leuven Thread

    A lot of posters in this thread are being unnecessarily harsh or judgemental. for no reason other than Pearson being criticised. Strange, as I think a lot of the criticism has been warranted and not over the top. I suppose that's difficult for some of our fans to acknowledge.
  13. I'm pleasantly surprised at the progress Chilwell has made since last season to the point where 'eating my hat' would be in order. I had serious doubts (the concerns are still there albeit far less pronounced) about his defensive ability and his final delivery, but his considerable strengths are outweighing these cons comfortably this season. So much happens down our left and that is exclusively down to Chilwell who is a real menace. Keep it up Ben!
  14. I believe homegrown U21 players don't need to be registered...?
  15. It's not just you. I do feel that it's like a public viewing excercise, i.e. "if they're doing it, we have to do it too or people will think we don't care". The huge media attention with regards to the grieving certainly doesn't feel right. Is it necessary to see every man and his dog 'pay respects' or even a full blown picture of a grieving mother in Thailand? Would there have been a similar reaction if i.e. Man City's or Newcastle's owner was killed in a car accident or of a heart attack? It's not a big deal (the commissioned t-shirt and hundreds of commiserating club statements) for me, but Vichai has gone from a mostly unknown outside of Leicester and Thailand to an icon in the space of days, mainly I suspect, because of the traumatic way he passed away.