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  1. Kasper will have the emotional attachment and nostalgia kicking in if United came knocking though, unlike say Chelsea.
  2. You mean the time-travelling theory about Bran? Nah, that's not gonna work. But the similarities between him and previous characters are nods made on purpose I'd say.
  3. That was a succesful formation in the AFCoN for the Democratic Republic of Conga in the 80s!
  4. Quite enjoyed that. The production is very good these days even if some of the acting/dialogue is found wanting at times. Some dodgy scenes, notably the Ed Sheeran one. Euron was less cringe-worthy than last season, which is a shame as I quite like Pilou Asbæk, but he feels badly casted here. The Hound is a great supporting character, hope he and Arya cross paths again.
  5. I don't feel that the players he brings/brought in are useless. They all have good pedigree/track records or good potential. We didn't give Kramaric much of a chance but he scored goals before joining and after leaving. It looks to me more like we've not identified the players that would fit our particular style and team personality.
  6. Not really news as such, but seen a few flashes of Wasilewski clapping vehemently at the Radwanska - McHale match at Wimbledon. Wonder how a career he would've had on a tennis court. He could basically beat any opponent just by staring them down. Who'd dare to serve against him?
  7. I thought Varys and Littlefinger would have become more central characters in the story by now, judging by how they manipulated things in the beginning. I don't see their respective plans unravelling at all, they'll just adapt to the changing landscape as they have thus far. On Littlefinger's side, it's building up to a heritage vs culture showdown regarding Jon's legitimacy and blood line. Which stance do the Starks and the North take? And Dany? On Varys' side I guess they're not going to run the story from the books, so I guess there's no ulterior motive than to get Dany on the throne.
  8. There are only three Starks left, none of which would make sense to kill off at this point from a story-telling point of view. And the Starks somehow surviving this far is one of the pillars of this show surely? If they were all just killed off by season 3-4, then you'd lose a vital aspect to the story. Also disagree about Cersei's character development. She was/is a mean bitch which seems to be a Lannister trait, but even she has redeeming parts in her character. She's not all that dissimilar to Catelyn who was a loving mother first and foremost, but everything she did, which was well-meaning, essentially ended up in disaster for her family and the kingdom. Cersei has nothing to lose now, not even the loss of Jaime would make things worse.
  9. And yet, this game has not given me a shred of proof that Chilwell is actually a competent defender at PL level. I like him going forward, even though his effect is still not that great most of the time. But Toljan was toying with him all game. Germany should've put that game to be much, much earlier and the chance they fashioned at the end of ET left Chilwell with egg on his face. Granted, he must've been absolutely shattered by then, but Toljan looked sharp despite having two days less rest and playing the same amount of time as Chilwell did. He doesn't look assertive in the tackle, he doesn't read his opponents well and he looks weak in the air. Weaknesses I consider to be serious in a full back position. I do think he's had a decent tournament going forward and maybe he'll develop more into a wide midfielder Albrighton-type than an actual fullback or wingback.
  10. I admire your instinctive faith in Chilwell. I think his performances like the one against Atletico have been encouraging but also highlighted what we'll be missing when he plays/Fuchs doesn't play. I think that Fuchs is still superior to Chilwell in all aspects bar pace/energy and possibly close control. Chilwell would suit a team like Tottenham well, i.e. a style based on aggressive pressing, quick counters but with the ability to hold onto the ball as well. But with our distinct inability to hold on to the ball and struggling against pressing ourselves, Chilwell lacks the physical presence and tactical nous and discipline to stay tight and hold opposition at bay. At best (from Chilwell's perspective), the manamagement should split game time 50-50 between them should Chilwell show he's capable of keeping it tight or should Fuchs' form decline noticeably.
  11. He's about Kasper's age That aside, I agree that Schmeichel and Vardy are the toughest to replace like for like. Those two along with Mahrez are the players we are unlikely to improve on quality-wise. Don't think Fuchs will be easily replaced. Chilwell is not at his level yet, especially not defensively, and Fuchs is one of those infectuous personalities that contributes significantly to a team becoming more than the sum of its parts.
  12. His hair might be well dodgy, but I bet few if any on here are as athletic looking as he is.
  13. Well obviously it would've been easier to get the best out of Gray in the Championship!
  14. How's the view from the top of that fence, Ric?
  15. Equally, you can rightly expect him to make an impression at U21 level. When a lad from Reading gets in ahead of him, it's only natural that people question his ability. Obviously I'm guessing most of our fans haven't seen enough of his direct rival to know how good he is, but Gray has been here for 1½ years now and he hasn't progressed significantly despite a good number of appearances. With Mahrez likely leaving this summer, now is the time for Gray to step up and make his mark. This tournament should provide the perfect platform to kick on.