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  1. shen

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    Most top attackers will do this, because it pays. Hardly any need to point that out with Son. We have Vardy, Maddison and Okazaki that will fall to the ground like a sack of potatoes, so stones and glass houses 'n all that...
  2. An issue that was probably on most people's minds when they heard the news, even though few dared express it. This could get prickly very fast and will unfairly push the tragic event in the background. Hopefully it will be kept out of the public spotlight and be dealt with confidentially between the two clubs - but looks like the press are already all over it.
  3. shen

    Man Utd Home Post Match 0-1

    I only watched the highlights as I was out today, but Mendy's reaction to the slightly overhit pass from Ricardo leading up to their goal is very disappointing. Not only did he not seem ready at all to receive the ball, but he should be sprinting to recover the ball. Instead he was just jogging giving Pogba all the time in the world to play in Rashford. I've given him the benefit of the doubt a lot this season, but he has been well below par since New Year. Would like to see Tielemans and/or Choudhury get the not.
  4. shen

    Andy King to Derby on loan

    Not so long ago we were getting Oakley and Howard, both past their prime, from Derby a league above. Now we're sending our longest serving player and most successful (?) midfielder to them in the league below.
  5. shen

    Liverpool 1-1 Leicester - Post Match Thread

    Don't get overly excited because he tends to make well-timed sliding tackles. Well played, but we've had a few hard-tackling players and even youngsters that would quickly show their limitations. I've not seen enough of Choudhury yet to judge whether or not he has the technical skills and footballing brain to make it as a PL midfielder.
  6. shen

    The OH Leuven Thread

    I thought it was obvious to see the relief on his face compared to his last interview. And I find him far less awkward than i.e. Mourinho. He's usually able to make honest assessments and even if he didn't say anything ground-breaking, it shows that he cares.
  7. shen

    The OH Leuven Thread

    Starting out with the side turned to the interviewer is quite aggressive and disrespectful. Thought the interviewer's questions were open and fair without any stabs.
  8. shen

    Wolves A Post Match Thread 4 - 3

    I really feel like flipping the finger at those overreacting after this game. Blaming Morgan, Puel, Simpson, Ndidi, Mendy and what not. This was a good game and Wolves probably shaded it. Well fought, but we came up short. Everyone showed fight which I really liked.
  9. shen

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Nobody to follow up on the clearance from Simpsons cross meant Neves had an eternity to pick that pass. Mendy, Ndidi where were you?
  10. Puel doesn't seem best pleased with how we play when breaking down defensive sides. At no point has he expressed that this is his vision of football. He has quite clearly been frustrated with our poor performances and reiterated that we need a lot of work on our attacking play. How I understand his philosophy is that he wants to bring in young talent and create a side that is balanced and capable of taking initiative and also defend well, i.e. a well-rounded team.
  11. You are twisting my words. I'm saying there's more to it than the manager. You're not complaining when we set ourselves up to stifle and counter Man City, Chelsea and Everton and it yields results I take it? Really, our main concern is our home form where we are enticed to take the initiative. Puel has attempted to implement a possession-based style for those games instead of the tried and failed ultra direct-style of Ranieri and Shakespeare. So far it's very inconsistent and not much better than his predecessors, but is it down to Puel or down to the coaching and ability of our players? We all know they can press and counter well enough, but we have yet to see consistent evidence that they can pull off possession football and it might require change in playing personnel, which takes time...
  12. shen

    Southampton Home post match, 1-2 loss.

    It's quite good when we counter, but our games against Cardiff, Newport and Southampton serve as perfect examples as to where we fail. You are right about quick passing and movement and partly, this is down to personnel. The stray passes to Albrighton against Soton and our general inability to complete even simple passes in that first half shows that we are poor at passing/first touches and creating openings or space for others. It was symptomatic of our predicament when Choudhury carried the ball 40 yards straight down the middle with Soton happy to stand off, only to play a woeful pass out of play with Vardy begging for it. I too was hoping for some intricate passing moves high up the pitch, which leads me to wonder why Silva hasn't been given more chances as he's clearly trained in this sort of play style at both Sporting and with Portugal. But with players like Gray (who dallies constantly), Albrighton (who's abilities are specialised and rather limited) and Ghezzal (who frequently misplaces passes too), not to mention our average passers in the middle, you wonder how we can pull off moves like in that clip more frequently.
  13. Why bring it up? Because we were even worse for a whole year before Puel. His 'version' of football has stabilised what was a rapidly sinking ship. He's struggling with the same things Ranieri and Shakespeare were prior to him and they're not rubbish managers the lot of them. So what I'm saying is maybe the reason for our uninspiring football, when we're not on the counter, is down to more things than just the manager.