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  1. Bound to happen at some point during the season. We're still comfortably in a CL place. I'm not happy about our form or performances, but I'm not panicking or eager to go full hyperbole like the short attention generation.
  2. Yes. And? Were they never going to score ever again? Can you legislate for our disallowed goal or Lewis' strike? They have had luck, we haven't. We were alright against Man City last time out, but a width of a post denied us a point. Hardly catastrophic.
  3. Moaners. You are really boring an unoriginal. Before you slit your wrists, take a deep breath and relax your trigger fingers. Yes, our results are disappointing and our performances are not at the same level as before Christmas, but every other side in the league bar the two above us have had worse slumps than us. It's all very much still in our own hands and we are nowhere near as poor as you would make out.
  4. We're really not getting any lucky breaks recently. We've been very ordinary, but Norwich haven't deserved to lead either. Disallowed goal has swung momentum as it often does.
  5. Of course, but £15m for a bottom La Liga club is a huge amount. I'm sure they're grinning through their teeth here. From a Boro reject to a £15m sell having been moderately successful is something they likely never expected - proven by their relatively low release clause by Spanish standards. Yeah, the timing isn't great for them, but on the flipside, Barcelona would never ever have bought him in the first place if it wasn't for these weird rules and their desperation. He was still very much a raw prospect back in those days. It doesn't take a world beater to make an impression in the Superliga and the move to Toulouse was seen as a big step up. The pace was there, but the killer touch never was. He became a regular for them, but he never set the league alight or anything. For the Danish national team he's also been in and out and had his controversial moments. He's headstrong and doesn't mind going against the grain - something which is frowned upon here - but this is arguably the mindset that has brought him his success.
  6. They've cashed in massively here. It's a large sum for a player who has never been prolific anywhere. Pacey and a work horse, sure, but for £15m they probably have a cushion should they get relegated.
  7. Right. Nothing to do with the fact the style of football dictates how Kasper should play. If anything, the shift should highlight exactly how he has followed coaching instructions throughout the years. By your logic this makes Ederson and Alisson terrible at kicking long, because they rarely ever do. Ironically, when Kasper limped it long yesterday, it actually improved our position and attacks. We didn't win the initial headers obviously, but he kicked it right and Ricardo picked up the second ball on several occasions second half, which managed to bypass Villa's press entirely. So if anything, Kasper did switch it up when we didn't make progress from the back - and with arguable success. We've seen how many incidents over the past 1-2 seasons that keeper's have lost the ball and conceded goals due to this new trend? Quite a few. But our defense have become very good at keeping calm when there is pressure and make very few clangers. You can see how confident the players are in eachother, including Kasper. He has adapted, which is commendable after years of throwing it out quickly or booting it long. Ah yes, Henderson, the flavour of the month. Remind me again who had the best defense at the half season stage?
  8. Big fan of Ultimate Soccer Manager (USM 2 and 98). They got me into FM, which I found very difficult to get into and understand as a youngster. But there cannot be any doubt - no football management sim game comes close to FM.
  9. He's a winner. His mentality and attitude if anything is his strongest asset. That people don't find him sympathetic is fine, winners rarely are likeable characters. He's not actually in poor form though. If you're expecting a flawless keeper, you're never going to get that. With Kasper, I feel the best argument is that he knows the club and is fiercely driven. The staff and other players know him very well as a player and person. The calmness we have seen from the players building up play from the back has been really good this season and he must take his fair share of credit from that too.
  10. We actually played well over both legs. I thought we dominated and created the better chances and restricted Villa to few good spells. However, Villa (Grealish in particular) showed quality when and where it mattered. They worked hard and closed us down reasonably well, but the Leicester changing room must be gutted and full of regret right now.
  11. Well over two legs Villa have had absolutely everything go their way. VAR failed to see a peno this tie and ridiculous saves by Nyland kept them in it. They've virtually scored all three shots on target over the tie. Gutting.
  12. Apart from his forward play, he was also very impressive when tracking back (as were most yesterday). He was the one who put the vital block in on Snodgrass first half, just when it looked like we'd suffer another sucker punch.
  13. Pretty sure he's happier living in London likely earning more cash than we were ever willing to offer
  14. Last four Leicester goals: Perez scored 1 assisted 3. Who needs Vardy?
  15. This is surprising. After the run we've had, I expected us to give Man City and Liverpool a goodrun for their money, but we haven't laid a glove on them. I'm a bit disappointed, which I feel is unfair after the great first half of the season we've had. Worried the wheels are coming off a bit with four games and no wins.
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