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  1. Tbqh it would have been impressive had he known back in May that Perez was going to be part of the squad ?
  2. What then is the 'true' value of the player if it isn't the market value? And what is the relevance of this 'true' value?
  3. shen

    Papy Mendy

    I think it's clear Rodgers wants Ndidi to anchor the midfield and Tielemans to provide the link to our attackers. I don't see BR using Mendy in a Britton-style role here.
  4. Disappointed with Eriksen. He has a tendency to have little effect in big games. You'd think that with his work rate, he'd be more involved.
  5. Don't know, was just answering Ric. Skov will be sought after this summer. No doubt lower and mid table PL teams will be eyeing him.
  6. To be honest, I don't much follow the Superliga. I watch highlights regularly, but that's about it. Skov is definitely a talent, but his most remarkable strength is his skill at set pieces. He has scored a ridiculous amount of free kicks (as well as penalties why no doubt embellishes his record this season). He's not that quick, but he has decent feet, decent strength and is quite tall too. I'm most impressed with his compsure, but I doubt he will come cheaply. He is the highest scoring player in the Superliga, beating Ebbe Sand's record of 28 goals set back in 1998, and is still quite young. Here are his goals from the first half of the season. Here are all his goals for this season:
  7. An update on Daniel Iversen (Google-translated, with minor adjustments, from a Danish article): Daniel Iversen has been loaned from Leicester to Oldham this season, and the young goalkeeper is hoping for another loan after the summer break. 21-year-old Daniel Iversen hopes that in the coming season he will be loaned out again from the Premier League club Leicester. This season Iversen has been loaned to Oldham in League Two, which resulted in 49 entire matches, and that success is to be repeated in the coming season, he says to bold.dk. - I gained a lot of experience from many different matches, both in the FA Cup and in the league. I'll take that back to Leicester, and so I hope to use it when I have to be loaned back this summer, says Daniel Iversen. However, he does not yet know with 100 percent certainty whether Leicester has the same plans for him. - It's my own plan, and I hope it's the club's plan. Now I'm in dialogue with them about what they think. - We have a small dialogue going on, but it's not something that's decided yet. Daniel Iversen does not think it will be a reunion with Oldham after the summer break. - I think I'm done there. I would like to try to take a step up if I can, says the goalkeeper who wants to be loaned out to an English club. - That's what I'm banking on. That's what I'd prefer, but you can never rule out anything in football. The goalkeeper will play the U21-Euros for Denmark in June, and he'd like that his future is settled before then. It's not a catastrophe, if it does not happen. - I do not stress much over it. If it doesn't happen before, then we have to do it after. It's not something I have to go think about during the tournament. I will just have to put it to one side and deal with it when I get back, says Daniel Iversen. - Of course, I want it to fall into place now, but if that can't be done then I have to wait. Daniel Iversen started at Esbjerg's youth department, before moving to Leicester in January 2016.
  8. What's your point? He's playing in one of the top leagues in the world, played at the world cup and has plenty of caps for a decent national team. I am just suggesting he would be a relatively cheap option on the wing (if not a starter). Definitely better than our current Algerian winger.
  9. Sisto has had an unsatisfactory season at Celta Vigo. which would probably make him a relatively cheap punt. He's been inconsistent ever since leaving Midtjylland, but he has something special in his locker. I think personality-wise and playstyle-wise he'd be a decent fit with Leicester under Rodgers.
  10. Such a bittersweet experience watching that. The last two 'seasons' (let's not kid ourselves, it's 1,5 seasons at best) have been a tough watch. It was already going downhill after season 4, but I could still go along with it. It's just a shame that arguably the best TV show fell apart like that, for reasons that were most likely avoidable. At least it's done now.
  11. Speed of thought is far more important in his position. Ironically, while he might not be the paciest player, he's got very quick feet. He's good at rolling off tackles and keep momentum in the right direction.
  12. Let's have four so he can clinch the golden boot
  13. Interesting theory about the 3ER. Would love him to be the BBEG and make it out that everyone is a pawn in his big game of drones.
  14. Yes and no. Of course Weiss & Benioff are not Martin, but surely they could spend some of their huge budget on decent scripwriters and not spunk it all on CGI and special effects. It's just so Hollywood...
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