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  1. I'm only happy to contribute with what I can and I think the same goes for the other 'translators'. But nevertheless thank you for your kind words!
  2. Haven't seen it posted anywhere, but on Monday Daniel Iversen was called up to the Denmark U-21 Euro team. He'll likely be third choice keeper behind Jeppe Højbjerg and Thomas Hagelskjær, but it was a bit of a surprise he got selected at all. If you're interested, I've freely translated a couple of interviews with him, so you won't have to decypher the Google Translate nonsense. Daniel said the following when he got news of it: "I am speechless at being selected so apologies for being lost for words. But I am really happy and it will be a great experience. I found out that I was in the running (for selection) but I was still surprised at the call up to the European Championships. It's huge. I look forward to being with the squad and experience what it's like to be at a championship finals. "I haven't been with the U21 national team before and I know I'm not first in the pecking order. Jeppe Højbjerg will play and I am well aware of that. My role is to learn from Jeppe and the others who have played many games, both in the Superliga and for the national team. I have to learn on the field and how to deal with a European championship as well as support Jeppe and Thomas Hagelskjær so they are ready for the matches, just like we do at Leicester. Hopefully it'll be me that will play at some point" "I've been doing really well this season and it feels great to be rewarded with this selection. It shows that the hard work you put in every day pays off. Hopefully I can bring some of the things I've learnt over here to the table." (source: In an interview today he also spoke a bit about his plans for next season: "The plan is for me to hopefully get loaned out this summer so I can get some first team football and some experience as well as allowing the club to see me at the highest level. That's the next step that I expect. We're looking (for a loan club) in England, but which league it'll be I still don't know. Time will tell when we come closer to an agreement." "All goalkeepers can't play so it's very normal with loans. There is only the first team and the U23s and all the others have to sit on the bench the whole time. So some play and some get loaned out. The next step for me I hope will be a loan so I can play first team football. "It's going surprisingly well, I think. I had a really good pre-season, my first ever over here. There was a slight dip around December where I could feel my body was starting to feel the strain because I usually have a break (winterbreak) in Denmark. But I feel good again and I've played some really good games for the U23s since then." "The level is insanely high over here. There are probably a few who underestimate it a bit. There are many players who are in and around their respective first teams. They are players who have made subs appearances and some even play regularly. I was facing Danny Welbeck on home turf, which was strange because he's an extremely good player, but it's that kind of players you face when you play for the U23s." (source:
  3. The change at half-time was as attacking as we could go without compromising the entire squad formation. Even then, as we also saw against Atletico, we were wide open with the 3-5-2 system. Subbing Benalouane proved suicidal as that meant Amartey going back and Ndidi bafflingly playing on his own in midfield. I think Mahrez was supposed to be in the middle or something, but what a mess it was. You could say Shakespeare had little to lose in this game, but I really don't see what he gained from this exercise other than not to play five attackers with two offensive fullbacks ever again (duh!!)
  4. Yeah, that was a nice moment. But it was just that, a moment. Unlikely to cherish it much given his contribution at the back...
  5. Reminds me of the Porto away game.... My word another one for Kane. This is taking the piss now. Kasper has to save that one.
  6. What a dreadful way to end our home campaign. Everyone has switched off, Shakespeare has not helped it with his changes. One to forget.
  7. No he won't. His positional play is League One standard I'm afraid. I really like his endeavour, but he runs around chasing the ball holder as if he's closing down defenders in the opponent's half. He needlessly chased at full pelt leading up to their third goal which ultimately cost us. His mistake for the fourth was comical. Much better impact at the other end of the field.
  8. We made a fist of it for about 15 minutes, up until our goal. We've looked shambolic at the back. This game leaves me convinced that Chilwell is NOT a left back, at least not one for the PL. He might become a decent wide midfielder a la Albrighton, but the lad is not a defender.
  9. Chilwell again... wtf are you doing? You just run away from Wanyama?!
  10. Dear God Shakes... Amartey/Fuchs as a makeshift centerback pairing? Gray, Slimani, Vardy, Albrighton and Mahrez all on the pitch too? I think we're going for total hoofball now, we must do... we have no central midfield!
  11. Hmmm... we look shot to bits already. Chilwell, thanks for the goal, but you have major weaknesses in your defensive game.
  12. What a cool and composed finish Chilwell. Almost messed it up, but we're back in it now!
  13. My response would be the same as my reply to Babs' post.
  14. THAT goal against Liverpool. You just felt then that everything he touched turned to gold. If any one player has typified this glorious chapter in the club's history, it is certainly him.
  15. I agree that he needs more support from skillful players to get him out of sticky situations. But it's worth remembering where he's come from to where he is now. He has had a meteoric rise to stardom and in such a short space of time, it's difficult to adapt to constantly changing situations on the pitch. He's now a marked man, something he hasn't dealt with before to this extent and he can only develop his style by being in that situation. Maybe he cannot adapt and he will be better served playing in a team where he focuses only on attacking. The flipside is that it limits his choice of destination as few teams are as strong as that and there are players out there that can attack just as well or better than him.