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  1. Can we get one of Tielemans downing a Duvel?
  2. “I pay for my ticket so can do what I like”
  3. Glasgow is blue Glasgow is blueeeee Just like Leicester, Glasgow is blue.
  4. Break your transfer record twice? Lol
  5. Settle down, you’ve all but shifted yours for less than what I’m asking.
  6. Where’s that guy who said it’s gonna be Appleton then Rafa
  7. I’d Open my wrists if we got Rafa in, you all thought Puel ball is boring, wait until we set up with 10 at the back.
  8. Thats fair enough, plenty around me left booing and whining
  9. If you walked out after that goal I hope you don’t come back
  10. Itsthejoeker


    Wembley is worth a look providing there’s no events on there.
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