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  1. If he doesn’t walk in that ****ing dressing room and throw some shit about he should ask me to do it for him
  2. ****ing hell we’re going to get turned over by Chelsea
  3. +1 coming from Swindon, hope it’s better than our last Wembley trip
  4. Was it a Greyhound? My brother was on one in Atlanta that stopped outside a prison and was joined by a former inmate, and a friend of mine had a weird old man stroking his leg. Everyone who's been on a greyhound has a story.
  5. Is it likes or a combination of rep points?!
  6. "Grandad, where were you when we won the FA Cup?" Right here in my chair, didn't believe in that COVID bollocks because I live in a free state and couldn't be asked to get tested and sit on a coach.
  7. Make sure all the names are right for your party, you need to change them on both ticket and travel
  8. Lots of people will be on multiple devices so you’ll find it drops quickly when they check out on one.
  9. How? Aren’t these not on sale until 1300?
  10. Have they drawn the first priority for this at 6,500 people do we think?
  11. This thread is pathetic. Like a bunch of cucks letting your Mrs do whatever she wants because you think she’s far too good for you anyway.
  12. If he bangs in the winner at Wembley I’m naming all of my children Kelechi
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