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  1. Tyler thinks he’s such a funny guy. Twat has the worst jokes
  2. Neville is such a joke, worst pundit
  3. Wank pundit trying to persuade himself that he got the ball there
  4. The commentating is condescending as ****. “Well they should be please with Europe” **** off
  5. Son looked well offside, not even a mention of it.
  6. Well, my confidence in them is shot. So why shouldn’t there’s be too?
  7. Never quit on my team before full time until today because they quit at half time.
  8. Thank **** for that. Please don’t bother coming back
  9. @MC Prussian you wish you’ve got rid of me! I’ve just been lurking in the corner ready for transfer window!
  10. Anybody get and screenshots? Pissed I missed this
  11. Are footballers really on PAYE though? Go search half our team on companies house and they’ve all got limited companies.
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