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  1. Was the only Titans fan in a room of 50-70 Browns fans. Such sweet silence in the third quarter.
  2. “You’ve spent £3,560 at Wetherspoons this month, you have a drinking problem”
  3. condolences to OP and family. Whilst I think there should be a way to celebrate the life of those city faithful who have died over the year, I don’t think a minutes applause is the way to do it. There’s one every week these days and not only does it dilute the minutes applause we have for former foxes who’ve had an impact on all of our lives but it dilutes every minutes applause for fans too. They’ll end up meaningless. For those who who share this opinion, or want to know where my opinion stems from this post is worth a read: https://www.vice.com/amp/en_uk/article/yp8n5m/has-football-developed-an-unhealthy-obsession-with-grief
  4. Vardy got this guy all hot and bothered
  5. Am I the only comic book collector here?
  6. This would only work if they stopped selling at certain times of the game. I really don’t fancy being barged out of the way every ten minutes because someone needs to go get there 8th or 9th beer of the half.
  7. People are just pissed because they’re getting pink caps rather than a free scarf
  8. Just a shame the ashes will be back on Sky.
  9. The “lighter on your feet” thing is no lie right?! The big difference for my was getting the motivation to be back in the gym. on a roll and am not going to stop
  10. Bon Iver at All Points East on Sunday, second time seeing them since they announced they’d never tour again
  11. Not posted in here before. About to go go buy a new belt because my old one is too big. 30lbs down 30 to go!
  12. Awaiting my charge for when I told some kid I ****ed his whole family on COD4.
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