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  1. Everton (A) Match Thread

    Can someone PM me a stable stream? Ta.
  2. Parking charge notice

    The key is not to admit you’re driving the car, the contract is not with the registered keeper but the person who parked. Chekout pepipoo forums, they’re really good at this stuff.
  3. Chelsea's Submit Application For New Stadium

    I agree, but I imagine it'd be very different if it were all you could see when you open your curtains.
  4. Chelsea's Submit Application For New Stadium

    If they've lived there for 50 years there's a good chance they moved in before the East Stand was built. Plus, who back then could have ever imagined this would have been a problem? Ooo, let's not move in here that football ground might become a 60,000 brutalist structure that will block out all our sunlight.
  5. "Rooney" Rule

    Part of the problem is the lack of black coaches, if you don't see people like you in a job role you won't aspire to it, which in turn sparks a constant recycling of the same few names. There doesn't need to be a rule to ensure people get interviews, you need to encourage more black people to go into coaching.
  6. Huddersfield (H) Match Thread

    If anybody has a stable stream drop me a pm please
  7. Kasper

    Imagine if we had Mignolet
  8. Leaving before full-time last night.

    Can anyone tell me what happened at the end of The Last Jedi? Left early to beat the rush, but ya know I paid for my ticket so can do whatever I want with it
  9. Are we gonna finish top four?

  10. Newcastle (A) Match Thread

    It is within your right to buy it and face the consequences
  11. Mrs Vardy and Dennis Wise going to the jungle!

    Some pathetic overreaction because Vards doesn’t dump his nut in him.
  12. Vardy in the jungle

    I’m getting the impression most of you are jealous that she gets to take Vards dick.
  13. Invasive pop ups on mobile

    Getting redirected to “Open in a App Store” ads constantly.