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  1. Are footballers really on PAYE though? Go search half our team on companies house and they’ve all got limited companies.
  2. Off to Memphis in April, we’ll see about that then...
  3. I guess if we don’t finish in the top four then the players won’t feel obliged to stick around
  4. I’m in the situation many find themselves in. I used to be P2 but work commitments, money and travel prevented from keeping going to away games then before you know it you’ve slipped down the ladder and can’t get tickets for love nor money.
  5. Who do you think you are giving this lad game time before coming to a conclusion on him?! get out!
  6. Bet you chalked every one on the wall of you 10 foot cell.
  7. Not interested in new ones?
  8. 200 IQ move when he continues to be shite, assists us in falling out of the top four buying himself an excuse to leave, whilst simultaneously dropping his value because we think he’s turned garbage.
  9. Rodgers set him up completely wrong today by his own admission. Slagging off 22 year olds who have the potential to develop into fantastic players isn’t going to help anything.
  10. Decent performance, hope his injury isn’t too serious.
  11. We’ve just had Christmas, perfectly reasonable to assume an extra home game isn’t on the top of people’s financial commitments
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