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  1. Because wolves are ran by the agent that probably starts all these transfer rumours.
  2. The “lighter on your feet” thing is no lie right?! The big difference for my was getting the motivation to be back in the gym. on a roll and am not going to stop
  3. Bon Iver at All Points East on Sunday, second time seeing them since they announced they’d never tour again
  4. Not posted in here before. About to go go buy a new belt because my old one is too big. 30lbs down 30 to go!
  5. Awaiting my charge for when I told some kid I ****ed his whole family on COD4.
  6. I only want to sell him so I can stop seeing McGuire everywhere.
  7. Bet they all voted leave.
  8. Can we get one of Tielemans downing a Duvel?
  9. “I pay for my ticket so can do what I like”
  10. Glasgow is blue Glasgow is blueeeee Just like Leicester, Glasgow is blue.
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