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  1. English Mbappe = non English Mcob = oui, me canard
  2. That'll be your subconcious telling you it's time to wake you up (inside)
  3. Scott McTominay must run him close. Those pair typically get through 5-6 yellow card worthy offences per half, minimum.
  4. I wouldn't give up on Wind Waker and Twilight Princess HD coming to Switch yet - they've ported over everything else of note from Wii U. They haven't actually made any mention of the 35th anniversary of Zelda either (it's tomorrow, apparently), so there could be more announcements to come, plus a couple of journos who were tweeting Mario All Stars rumours yonks before announcement seem convinced they're happening. Perhaps Nintendo announced Skyword Sword first, as, in their mind, it's a "bigger deal" than porting over WW and TP again, given that this is the first time SS is in HD, whereas the
  5. Do a find and replace, and swap every instance of "Football" for "Association Football". Lob in a "very" before every adjective and you'll be laughing.
  6. Lister is cricket team without Cango. #freemehrez
  7. This time last week you thought Bamford had done nowt Col. Hope your luck is better this weekend, for all our sakes ha!
  8. Rio Ferdinand: "They've come with a gameplan, they've come to be stiff. They've come to make it hard for Spurs" Oo err.
  9. Oh shit, its the ref from the Newcastle game. How many times do we think he's going to get in the way tonight?
  10. Man United spent their January transfer funds into the PGMOL Christmas party fund again this season then.
  11. I have tried this. It doesn't really work. Man City still win, its just Pep refuses to pick the ones you have so they get zero. So you swap them for different ones and then he starts playing the ones you dropped. Been stung several times by Foden this season, and Mahrez got a hat trick, lost 0.2 million of value, then started again and scored the moment I ditched him. Bastards.
  12. A Leeds fan looking at their goals will see three well worked goals, and want to focus on how good their play was. A Leiceter fan looking at those goals will see them as exactly the same kind of goals we've conceeded against Fulham, West Ham, and countless other teams, especially in the back end of last season. Which is why most of the chat will be about how annoyed we are at our players - because this isn't anything new, its the resurfacing of old ****s up we've made previously, and clearly haven't learnt not to keep doing. Again.
  13. Teams we've lost to: West Ham - number of Hammers fans in post game thread 0 Fulham - number of Fulham fans in post game thread 0 Liverpool - number of Liverpool fans in post game thread 0 Villa - number of Villa fans in post game thread 0 Leeds - loads of them. What is this about? Why do Leeds fans insist on coming onto other forums post game? We weren't all signing up to Chelsea forums the other day. What is this obsession with talking (lets be honest - gloating. Most of the pre match Leeds visitors were conspicuous by their post game absence after the away game) to
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