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  1. orangecity23

    What's that thing called quiz.

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 87 seconds  
  2. orangecity23

    Lovely English referees

    No idea how it took him so long to book a Huddersfield player. That shirt pull in the first half was absolutely embarrassing, looked like he was making up the rules as he went along.
  3. orangecity23

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    Tottenham based circlejerk with Hoddle. Bit awkward for Owen Hargreaves to be stuck sitting between two Spuds pervs masturbating in public though.
  4. orangecity23

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    You've just got to feel sorry for Spurs in that situation .... Oh wait, no you don't have to. BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  5. orangecity23

    Lovely English referees

    Ask yourselves this - have you ever seen Craig Pawson have a good game, even when reffing a game that doesn't have Leicester in? I haven't. He's appalling. Nowhere close to the level of refs like Michael Oliver, or Clattenberg before he left. He's not even on the same level as Mike Jones, or Roger East. Just look at some of the fouls that Bournemouth got away with without bookings today, compared to what Morgan got sent off for. Brooks scythed through Chillwell and got none of the ball, not booked. The left back smashed Maddison after a cross went in and he gave nothing. Any 50-50 was given to Bournemouth, they were given a lot more scope to be physical than our players were, standard Pawson shite reffing. Then his decisions of course lead to him losing control, giving Maguire a booking too early when he shouldn't have, making a rod for his own back later when of course Wilson and co started lobbing themselves to ground and appealing for everything, he doesn't send Maguire off when he could of, home crowd all over his back, and he's lost control after about 20 minutes. Just doesn't happen to a competent ref. So he tries to "fix" his mistake, by sending off Morgan when it's not even a foul (first booking was highly dubious as well, push by King, shirt grab by Morgan, King pulls back Morgan - result, Morgan booked, even though initial foul was by King, and at worst its just 6 of one, half a dozen of the other, no need to book anyone).
  6. orangecity23

    Seanfox’s Pop Culture Polava

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 70/100 My Time 144 seconds  
  7. orangecity23


    Maybe the player would prefer Celtic to the Championship also - a season at Celtic basically guarantees you a Scottish league winners medal, which might be something he fancies having.
  8. The true mark of an attacking player is how entertaining they are to watch, so I won't have a single bad word said against Junior Hoilett, as barely anything I've ever seen in football has entertained me more than the time he fell into a hole What he really makes it is the way he's watching his own cross as he slides in
  9. orangecity23

    Leicester 1- Liverpool 2 post match thread.

    Shame this ref didn't book time wasting the same ludicrously harsh and quick way Mike Dean did against Evans and Maguire in the Wolves game - he'd have been booked on both the corners before their second goal and been sent off
  10. orangecity23

    Southampton post match 1-2 Win

    What, keeping us out for four minutes after they scored?
  11. The keeper Boly would have been disappointed not to get a hand on that shot
  12. orangecity23

    £1.1m go-karting track to open in Leicester

  13. orangecity23

    Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo did a "Direct" video on their Youtube channel to announce new Indie games coming. Here it is: They announce nearly everything these days on Youtube, they don't tend to bother doing big press conferences like Sony or Microsoft.
  14. orangecity23

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    Phil Neville is a numpty. "More than lucky" eh Phil? Weren't saying that about Man Utd last week, too busy tossing off Pogba's "dominant" performance where he scored a penalty after a jammy deflected handball, spent the entire first half crying to the ref while N'didi and Silva ran rings round him while his chum Fred was kicking people off the ball (MOTD 'definite red' when Kennedy does it, clip lost in the edit when its a Man U player).