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  1. Judging by their headgear, the 2 on the sides are actually lower ranked members of the Trade Federation from Star Wars Phantom Menace.
  2. Not the first time Wilson has tried to get one of our players sent off, tried it on Huth years ago with the "Oh no, he kicked the ball at me, I am so hurt shtick". Bournemouth are a snide team, aggressive and prone to kicking you about, but the first to hit the floor and roll around if they think they can get someone in trouble. Hopefully Cags has learnt a lesson about not falling for the tactics of wind up merchants looking to get a reaction.
  3. When we have good defenders the first thing that happens is a million and one articles linking them to Man City, and then Pep sidling up to them in his creepy uncle Cardigan after a game to whisper sweet nothings into their ears. So this just cuts out the middleman really.
  4. Deeney says the rumours are all bollocks https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53479186
  5. That rap's going to need some serious editing You've got to hold and give But do it at the right time You can be slow or fast But you must get to the line (Nobody tall to cross to anyway) They'll always hit you and hurt you Defend and attack There's only one way to beat them Get round the back (Can't, slow) Catch me if you can (Easier than it looks) 'Cause I'm the Leicester, Fiorentina, Whoever will loan me man And what you're looking at Is the master plan With Puel in Charge I'm about to come on Foxes on my chest The Fans are booing me on We're playing for Leicester (Lei-cester) We're playing the song We're singing for Leicester (Lei-cester) Boooooooooooooooooooo (GERRRIMOFFANDSIGNAPROPEHWINGUH)
  6. Everyone's assuming Pearson has done something or had a barney, but this sacking is entirely in character for the Watford owners. They have two tricky games left, they aren't safe yet, so they've done the usual thing they do when they have a bad run of form, which is sack the manager, no matter how stupid a decision it is. They view managers as completely expendable, so at the first hint of trouble they bin them off.
  7. Given the state of his haircut the other night, I'd have assumed he was looking for a transfer into Hanson.
  8. Maps from the mercury, and data is 2 weeks old - from the councils own report. This is their "proof" the lockdown wasn't needed. It's the pre lockdown map. So if anything, the dots outside the city border and around Glenfield justify the original lockdown boundary. Full report https://www.leicester.gov.uk/media/186767/measuring-covid-19-in-leicester-15-july-2020.pdf Don't know about other cities, but if this is Soulsby's "smoking gun" to prove the lockdown wasn't needed its not terribly persuasive. Seems to show a smattering of hospital admissions all over the city, and a long "tail" on the distribution of death and pillar one test positives. The conclusion the report seems to be drawing is that cases aren't spiralling upwards - but the counter to that is they've shown their not really falling away yet either. If this is all politically motivated - then why Leicester? There's Labour strongholds all over the country in inner cities, so why is Leicester the only one chosen? The Tories big plan is to embarass Labour in a city where the chances of Labour losing an MP or even a single council seat is about zero? Just to spite Jon Ashworth?
  9. I don't the government much at all, but I'd sooner trust bodies like the ONS over Leicester City Council. And after all the bloody fuss he made, his own map showed orange or peach spots (indicating 10% plus positive cases) dotted about the entire lockdown area. Yes most it is fine, but each bit of the zone had a dot that could lead to a wider outbreak in those areas. If Nadine Dorries is telling the truth (could be a big if) and Soulsby and Rushton drew the boundary, and he's spent 2 weeks complaining about a line he drew himself, then he really is a massive clown.
  10. ****ing hell Wood, how's he missed that. We are cursed
  11. Because it neatly illustrates the general level of competence we are dealing with. Thinking that idea would work is indicative that soulsby shouldn't be trusted to run a bath, let alone a city. His handling of the lockdown has been reckless, and his sole focus seems to be getting his face on television as much as possible, and trying to get some positive pr for himself, as opposed to trying to get the message out that people need to follow the rules, or we will all be stuck in lockdown longer and more people will get ill.
  12. I can't think of anyone I'd trust less to do a full analysis of a set of numbers than Peter Soulsby. The sharp analytical mind that thought placing concrete blocks 10 ft apart on New Walk would deter cyclists, who pedal a vehicle approximately 1 foot wide. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/leicester-news/leicester-mayor-peter-soulsby-explains-2948619 He's claims that better stats would enable him to target prevention efforts better, but has he actually made any efforts to prevent the virus spreading? He seems to be devoting all his energy to setting up pop up cycle lanes, completing the worlds slowest window repair job at his girlfriend's house and doing an endless barage of public interviews claiming we don't have a problem in Leicester, lockdown's all politically motivated, and spreading the message that we shouldn't follow any of the rules, because **** it, the stats are rubbish and the rules are too confusing anyway, so why not just do whatever you feel like hey?
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