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  1. Strip search to check for Jogger's nipple
  2. Could add some "Schools Out" by Alice Cooper or Lost in the Supermarket by The Clash
  3. OH MY COD Top character, top voice acting. Loved how when he came back in Revelations 2, they made nods to "Jill sandwich" as if it's an in universe shit dad joke that Barry tells everyone.
  4. What a troll move. Unbelievable that they can't even make the effort for major sporting events, it would be guaranteed to be full, just turning down free money. Wait a minute - are all the people in here worried about expanding the ground because of cup match attendances, actually in charge of train sizes at Cross Country? Would make a lot of sense. Shall we have an extra carriage? Nah, could have an empty seat on a bank holiday, better leave it as 2.
  5. Always gets me how they can have a train between 2 major cities like Leicester and Brum and its just 2 locomotive carriages coupled together. If you are defining a "train" as a number of carriages coupled together, then its literally the smallest combination they could use before you couldn't honestly even say it's a train anymore
  6. Disgusting. A few years back, Man City scored a goal against us, with Sterling swinging his boot to try to score from a massively offside position, and it was allowed because he "wasn't interfering". And now Sigurdsson has "blocked" De Gea's view whilst sitting on the floor not moving? Bullshit. Refs protecting Man Utd, as per usual.
  7. This is the list of Prem refs from the Premier League website. Try and pick out an actually good referee from that list. You'll be left with Michael Oliver, and not at lot else. Jon Moss is actually one of the better ones on that list, and he's ****ing dreadful. That's how poor the standard is. Chris Kavanagh is basically a crook. Craig Pawson hasn't had a decent game in his entire career. To top it off, we've actually got the prospect of a Bobby Madley comeback to look forward to in coming seasons. God help us all. The problem's not the tech, the problem is you need to bin off almost every single ref on that list, as they are useless at best, vindictive match ruiners at worst.
  8. Their online bank account balance as Man City's oil money transfers in, probably.
  9. Man City have surpassed their weird Ranieri chant with their new one about how they're going to "see UEFA in court". Ooh, we've got more lawyers than you, DU DU DU, LITIGATION. How long until they are all singing the Ally Mcbeal theme tune, bunch of weirdos.
  10. So VAR shows the ball hits Billing's shoulder - replay shows them pulling his shirt prior to that. Didn't bother considering a pen to Bournemouth though.
  11. Did they even bother to review either of the first half claims? Nothing was shown on the big screen, they couldn't even be bothered to humour us by pretending they'd consider it. Bunch of fooking crooks.
  12. It's gone far beyond incompetence now, these can't all just be "human error". Looking more and more like match fixing. Some refs have been at it for years, but this season is on a whole new level.
  13. Came into this thread specifically to mention Chris Kavanagh. Other refs will do us over with some awful decisions, but break it up with an occasional competent game. Kavanagh has a record of giving awful decisions against us nearly every game, going back across several seasons now. Seems to have a real dislike for us for some reason.
  14. VAR CONTROVERSY AS COMPLETELY NON-SUBJECTIVE DECISION GOES AGAINST WOLVES. There was more VAR controversy last night, as VAR correctly disallowed a Wolves goal that was a foot offside. Wolves captain Connor Coady emitted a high pitched whining sound, as he revealed he actually hadn't bothered to read how the offside rule actually works, as it has nothing to do with passing the ball backwards. Wolves manager Super Nintendo Santo was outraged, and said in an interview with BT Sports "This is a bad decision. What is this offside? He is only a bit offside. How are we supposed to score? They say we can't punch the ball into the net. They take my goals away when we goal hang. What do we have to do? Kick the ball into the net from an onside position? That's not football any more, if Wily can't punch the ball into the net while a referee completely misses it happening 2 foot in front of his face, then the game really isn't fair any more"
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