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  1. Yes, because it was funny.
  2. orangecity23

    BHA 1 - 1 Leicester City Post Match Thread

    Agreed. Knowing he was on a booking, he needed to be certain he would get the decision before deciding to go to ground, he was too rash. A smart player will weigh up what the risk is then make his decision, whereas Maddison just went for it without thinking at all. There's definitely an art to knowing what you can get away with and when to do it. For example, Iborra is quite the master of the obvious midfield foul without getting punished.
  3. orangecity23

    BHA 1 - 1 Leicester City Post Match Thread

    Great comeback with 10 men. Need to sort out set piece defending again, gave Brighton a cheap goal. Not got a problem with Maddison diving, everybody does it (see good old honest Glen Murray lobbing himself to the ground claiming to have been shoved over by the enormous figure of err Ricardo Peirera). Maddison's problem was he was way too quick to go down. Saw the defender stick his leg out and immediately went down, but the defender was able to withdraw his leg in time. Needed to be more cunning, and wait a split second until there was definitely contact before going down and he might have got the decision. Just too naive and too eager to try to get us back into the game, and nearly ended up costing us. Hopefully he will learn a lesson from it, one of these things that young players need to learn to turn into seasoned professionals with the right "game management" skills.
  4. orangecity23

    Brighton Match Thread

    Looked like he was upset to have to do it. Almost apologising to Duffy.
  5. orangecity23

    Brighton Match Thread

    Following his brilliant tackle to win the ball for Brighton to set up Maddison's first booking, I'm looking forward to seeing the ref send off all of our remaining 10 players, put his Brighton shirt on then slam the ball into an empty net before doing a full lap of honour so the Brighton fans can show their appreciation.
  6. orangecity23

    Brighton Match Thread

    And quoted the OG versus Arsenal. Do OGs not count as open play goals then? Utter bollocks. Same commentator thinks the Okazaki decision was correct, regardless of how many times it gets replayed and shows a clear trip.
  7. orangecity23

    Brighton Match Thread

    Oh look, clear dissent by Murray. No booking.
  8. orangecity23

    Brighton Match Thread

    Okazaki penalty was clear, didn't give it. Arsenal handball was clear, didn't give it. Arsenal got away with 4 or 5 blatent yellows, didn't give any. Brighton clearly kicked the ball away, didn't give it. Might be a "clear" dive, but this ref seems to miss a hell of a lot of clear decisions that should go our way. Didn't have a problem with the clear dive Brighton did last season against us, gave them a penalty. Then sent off Wilf after another obvious dive by a Brighton player.
  9. orangecity23

    Brighton Match Thread

    This willy puller wouldn't book Arsenal players against us, lets Brighton boot the ball away off the ball and not get booked, but can't wait to get his cards out for our players. Should never ref a Leicester game again.
  10. orangecity23

    Brighton Match Thread

    Ref wins the ball for Brighton then books Maddison immediately after. He's ****ing tackling for them the ****.
  11. orangecity23

    Brighton Match Thread

    Ref's an absolute disgrace. Again. This guy clearly has a massive problem with us, dicked us over at Brighton away last season, dicked us over at ARsenal, and he's doing it again today. Clear penalty on Shinji, and that Knockaert free kick was pathetic, clearly backing in then diving.
  12. orangecity23

    Brighton Match Thread

    That's a lineup that looks like we are prioritising the cup tie on Tuesday to me.
  13. And people say Chillwell can't cross properly. Lovely free kick.
  14. orangecity23

    What grinds my gears...

    It's escaped! People have been killed, obliterated, eradicated, wiped out, massacred, annihilated, eviscerated, torn asunder .....
  15. orangecity23

    Places in the UK you'd erase off the map

    Yes. I would add Heathrow Airport. And Gatwick. And Schipol. And O'Hare. In fact, as I have to travel a bit for work, I've grown to absolutely despise airports in general. Bin the lot of them off, so I never have to waste any more of my life standing in a pissing queue to have someone x-ray my shoes, or look at my passport, or **** about for 40 minutes waiting for somebody to actually open the door to let you out of a bloody aeroplane. But Heathrow is going first, and it's going to be replaced with an airport that's in the midlands, so all the pricks in London can waste their time sitting a ****ing traffic jam for 4 hours to get to it instead.