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  1. He dislikes it because he knows Tottenham get enormous amounts of dodgy decisions in their favour that might dry up. Against us just this season they've scored an offside goal and a clear handball. For all their whinging about decisions, deep down they know they are the referees darlings. No other team could gouge someones eyes or punch someone in the balls during a game like the Spuds and get away with it.
  2. Uni of Leicester trying to map bits of Leicester that are vanishing, meanwhile, on the other side of the city DMU are busy working out what to knock down next. Like trying to do the washing up while your roommate is lobbing more dirty pots into the sink
  3. Didn't even point out how appalling that Huddersfield penalty decision was, and left until last as well. Same old crappy MOTD.
  4. Fraser looks like a broken Subbuteo player who's snapped at the ankles and been glued back on to the base.
  5. He's done now. He did well to avoid the sack after the terrible run at the end of last season, but he won't get through this. I don't think it's going to be a magic fix like everyone is thinking though. "Just play it forward quicker" - no Drinkwater or Mahrez or Kante to do that, and Vardy won't be getting behind a defence that has no need to play a high line because they are already a goal up from their first shot of the game. We don't have a squad that fully suits any kind of football at the moment, instead we have a weird hybrid squad with all sorts of weaknesses in certain areas. On top of that, on every occasion we have sacked a manager in recent years, there hasn't been a coherent recruitment plan for the new boss, or anyone lined up to come in quickly. Rudkin will have put all his eggs in the Brendan Rodgers in the summer basket, so there's no hope of him coming in now. I wouldn't be surprised if we ended up with Stowell and Beaglehole until the summer, and that really doesn't give me much hope either. Either that or we'll end up with some out of work duffer like Pardew. We might actually have to resort to someone like Allardyce, and who knows what kind of long term damage that could cause if he starts binning off all the younger players. Or we'll get Wagner, which will please people who are convinced that he must be just like Klopp because they used to work together (and because they haven't noticed how awful his Huddersfield team were), in the same way that Steve Mclaren is just as good as Alex Ferguson because he was once his assistant. TLDR while everyone is getting themselves into a frenzy about getting Puel out, the question of who's next could expose us to a much worse situation. I won't be relieved until I see a new manager who isn't going to take us to hell in a handcart.
  6. Delighted to see Link's Awakening coming, looks like a quality 2D Zelda, if it's anything like Link Between Worlds it will be ace. Best bit of the Direct was laughing at the Fire Emblem trailer though: Play as the Leicester Alliance. They've actually pronounced Leicester properly too. And to top it all off, the name of the leader of the Alliance. It's got to be deliberate surely, must be a Fox on the inside at Nintendo Don't see any Tottenhams or Derby or Man United showing up in Nintendo games. US = MASSIVE.
  7. That is an absolutely heartbreaking result. Our general approach play was superb, we've created an absolute raft of excellent opportunities and squandered the lot. If we had any kind of finishing ability or luck about us we'd have thrashed them into next week. Really like the look of Tielemans, his vision is going to help us create a lot more, and he is already linking up nicely with Maddison, Barnes, Chillwell, Ricardo, Gray and Wilf. Hopefully he will be able to thread some balls through to Vardy too, then we could really see us start to turn the corner. We need to cut out some of these individual errors though, every week when we lose games it ultimately boils down to us handing the opposition a free goal down to an absolute clanger. Doesn't help that Spurs are the spawniest team around as well, if that second goal had been scored by us you can guarantee it would have been disallowed for Skipp's handball. **** me we need a bit of luck. Feels like every goal we score needs a herculean amount of effort, whilst the opposition seem to just get one shot off and their 1 up and free to shithouse their way to victory through timewasting. A jammy opener from us in a game could be massive if we get one soon, in terms of confidence.
  8. ****ing Harlem Globetrotter handball cheats
  9. They have scored 10 between them. Maddison 5, Gray 3, N'didi has 2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/teams/leicester-city/top-scorers
  10. BBC Live Commentry on the cat on Final Score was quite something "Great turn of pace by the cat, he's heading for the Everton Goal, heading across the line .... just wide"
  11. BT's bias is disgusting - "ooh should that have been a pen to Liverpool?" NO. REF SAID NO, YOUR OWN REFEREEING EXPERT SAID NO. Here's an alternative angle - Liverpool lucky to escape with draw after Maddison misses point blank header and Allison pulls off lucky save to prevent own goal. Won't get that on BT Sport though - the official channel for all things Liverpool and Tottenham, plus some other Premier League teams maybe. With their balanced set off pundits, like Mcmanaman, Owen, Jenas, Hoddle, The Liver Bird mascot, Steven Gerrard, Steven Gerrard's Mum, and a selection of never ending close ups of Liverpools fans COS IT COULD BE OUR YEAR, CALM DOWN CALM DOWN.
  12. Keita's last 5 minutes: 3 bookable fouls and a blatant dive. Should he be still on the pitch Steve Mcmanaman? Oh wait, we only analyse these things in one direction.
  13. Obviously there is some stereotypical "masculine" behaviour that can be described as toxic, but I don't like the phrase itself. The only time we ever hear the word "masculinity" these days is almost always preceded by "Toxic", and once it's repeated enough, then there will be a natural word association - as soon as anyone says "Masculine", the first thought people will have is "Toxic". You wouldn't catch the media using the phrase "Muslim Terrorists" every time they reported on Al-Quaida or ISIS - they would make sure to refer to the groups by name, to avoid the kind of negative stereotyping that would follow, possibly inciting racism and prejudice against Muslims. I can't see why such behaviour can't just be referred to as "Sexist Behaviour". Which comes back to the ad - it's patronising. "Some" men are doing the right thing - the implication that the majority aren't. The implication that men would happily stand by and lets kids kick the shit out of each other, like they have no clue how to do any parenting at all. A cynic would say that it is remarkable that Gillette have discovered their deep lying commitment to fighting sexism when they've recently received lots of bad publicity from feminists for over pricing Lady Razors, by charging loads extra for pink Venus razors that are almost identical to the male products.
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