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  1. orangecity23

    Female football fans represented in media

    It's been not too bad during this tournament (because the BBC aren't directing) - it's more during FA Cup matches that you see it, our matches against Spuds and Aston Villa in the last 2 seasons were absolutely awful. So much of the actual game was missed, and it was all because they were so focused on showing Kane or Tim Sherwood's ugly mugs.
  2. orangecity23

    Female football fans represented in media

    It's not really Google's fault - their algorithm is just picking up the most common images of female football fans from the web. If this Carabao campaign involves loads more images being uploaded and viewed of a more wide range of female fans, then the results returned by the Google search will naturally change. If it's anyone's fault, it's probably the broadcasters who keep doing the "cut to attractive female fan" during any break in play during a game. Seems to be a common thing that TV directors can't bear to show the pitch continuously and will look for any excuse to cut away. BBC is terrible for this during live matches - it makes sense on Match of the Day highlights because cutting to something else covers up the time skips. When it's live though, it's like they don't know what to do if "THE NARRATIVE" isn't already decided, so they have a guess at what they think the narrative is (for example - Harry Kane on the bench for Spuds during a cup game - OMG Kane will come on and score a winner) so the viewer then gets treated to a live game with 800000 close ups of Harry Kane sitting on a bench whilst you can't see WHAT THE BLOODY BALL IS DOING.
  3. orangecity23

    Belgium v Tunisia - Match Thread

    Yeesss, Benny Time.
  4. orangecity23

    Let's have a TV shows thread.

    Bob Mortimer is also a University of Leicester graduate too, so he has a connection to our city as well. Bloody hilarious, he was fantastic when he was on Taskmaster.
  5. orangecity23

    UK Cities quiz

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  6. orangecity23


    The thing about that trenches line is it doesn't even make much sense - if anything it proves that anyone could suffer from mental health issues, especially when life exposes them to stressful situations, especially multiple times over short periods of time. The Armed forces took a load of mentally healthy young people, stuck them in a trench where they were subject to enormous amounts of stress, and then loads of them came back with horrifically bad mental illnesses (shell shock for example).
  7. orangecity23

    Nintendo Switch

    Looks like they have split their Army in two to try to flank us .... it seems like they are the left side, the left side, the left side over there, whilst the right side, the right side, the right side, is over here.
  8. orangecity23

    Nintendo Switch

    E3 Direct was alright, new Mario Party is good to have, Fortnite for all the kids who are into that game, really liked the cool robot game they started with, had some nice Zone of the Enders vibes going on. Loads of Smash Bros info, took up half the direct on it's own Think the game I'm most looking forward to is Fire Emblem though, really enjoyed the 3DS games, and this looks like a cool evolution on them, really like the graphical style and the whole battling armies thing they have going on. Looks like a cool Game of Thrones in an Anime world kind of plot, what with the 3 houses, which from the map look like they'll be ... hold on what's that name in the top right hand corner? WE ARE MASSIVE
  9. orangecity23

    Let's have a TV shows thread.

    Yeah, this was a great documentary. Started watching the first episode, and ended up watching the entire thing in one go. Everything was so compelling and weird that you just needed to find out what happened next. Absolutely fascinating stuff.
  10. orangecity23

    Abdülkadir Ömür (Twitter)

    October 2017 article. If Arsenal and Bayern were leading the chase, they obviously didn't chase too hard, given he's still in Turkey 8 months later. Anyway, player does look impressive in the Youtube clips. Looks to have a very good first touch, and looks very quick too - although I'm never sure with these skill videos, is it incredible pace, or are the clips sped up or slowed down in the edit to show off the fancy touches as necessary? Would be interested to see what he looks like in real time match footage.
  11. orangecity23

    Ricardo Pereira Signs For Leicester

    Carry On Sending Documents 14 Seconds After The Deadline
  12. orangecity23

    Alan Partridge Finish the Quote Quiz

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  13. What makes it doubly unfair is the Financial Fair Play rules. If a non-parachute payment team needs to splash out on players to compete, by borrowing money or their owners investing to try to improve their business, they get a big slap on the wrist, as the Football League goes HURR DURR DURR, NO MONEYS FOR YOU (special punishment for spending too much money - cash fine. Because that will stop clubs getting into dangerous amounts of debt and not make the situation worse!) while Sunderland or whoever go and splash out 10 million quid on some shite striker. Then you have to listen to morons who support shit teams (Spurs, Derby, Forest, Spurs, Sunderland, Forest, Spurs and Forest) complaining about FFP rules and Leicester City until the end of time, as you listen to the dumbest cretins who ever hauled their carcass onto an Internet message board or comment on an article on the BBC or Guardian football websites tell you "DERE PREM TITLE SHULDNT COUNT COS THEY CHEATED IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP, IT SHOULD HAVE GONE TO SPURS, THERE WAS A CONSPIRACY A CONSPIRACY, LOOK AT ALL THE PENALTIES THEY GOT IT WAS FIXED" (note - no mention of Spurs penalty for handball awarded for ball striking back of Raheem Sterling being remembered by any Spurs fan on the internet exists, anywhere). Or, my personal favourite "THEY SHOUDL EB FINED AND RELEGATED TO CHAMPOIONSHIP, CLUBS LIKE FOREST NEVER BROKE THE FFP RULKES ES NOT FAIR" https://www.theguardian.com/football/2014/dec/15/leeds-blackburn-nottingham-forest-financial-fair-play-transfer-embargo
  14. orangecity23

    Puel - what about now

    *Reads thread title* THE FUNK SOUL BROTHER
  15. orangecity23

    Beliall's Revenge

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