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  1. orangecity23

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    Phil Neville is a numpty. "More than lucky" eh Phil? Weren't saying that about Man Utd last week, too busy tossing off Pogba's "dominant" performance where he scored a penalty after a jammy deflected handball, spent the entire first half crying to the ref while N'didi and Silva ran rings round him while his chum Fred was kicking people off the ball (MOTD 'definite red' when Kennedy does it, clip lost in the edit when its a Man U player).
  2. orangecity23

    England at KP Tickets

    I've not received mine either. I would be a little worried, but then, I've ordered tickets for concerts and similar events in the past, and they always seem to leave it uncomfortably late before they post them out. Seems to be the done thing in the ticketing industry.
  3. orangecity23

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    After 10pm at night, you probably want the curtains shut and the door locked regardless of your opinions on anything. Safety first everybody
  4. orangecity23

    Time for a Puel in thread.

    Think he made a good tactical call to change the shape to 3-4-3/3-5-2 when he brought Amartey on. Plenty of fans round me were whinging about Amartey, but the change of shape helped us keep the clean sheet. Traore had been finding plenty of space in behind Albrighton and Ricardo, but putting Amartey in there cut off some of the space, and Traore soon switched wings and didn't have so much influence in the end.
  5. orangecity23

    Lets have a (Non Sport) Podcast thread

    Another vote here for Dan Carlin's Hardcore History, it really is top drawer. Plus, it does nicely fill up the lions share of a boring work day when you get a new one to listen to . First series of Slow Burn, about the Watergate scandal and the downfall of Nixon is fantastic, and a second series has just started up about the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Similarly, the RFK Tapes, about the assassination of Robert F Kennedy is also a good listen. Used to listen to a number of Videogames podcasts, but now the only one I follow is Bitsocket. Doesn't bother with the usual "bang on about the latest games" stuff that other pods do, instead its a celebration of games history, with lots of daft quizes and features, and the two hosts play off each other fantastically, so its generally very very funny.
  6. The worrying thing about refs is that somebody at PGMOL looked at Bobby Madley and Jon Moss, when they were reffing in the championship and thought they were actually good enough to promote. I'm scared that Darren Deadman or Gavin Ward will get brought up.
  7. Must be related to Ryan Fraser at Bournemouth. Not as much of a journeyman player as John O'Shea's brother Rick, I swear I've heard his name called out on commentary for just about every team in the Football League.
  8. orangecity23

    Manchester United Away Match Thread

    He must have meant because of all the scything fouls they've been doing
  9. orangecity23

    Manchester United Away Match Thread

    Fred "Beckhams" Gray, no red card ...
  10. orangecity23

    Manchester United Away Match Thread

    Nacho's shirt being pulled there, no peno....
  11. orangecity23

    Manchester United Away Match Thread

    Ball clearly hits Man U defender on arm on the floor - nothing given. Typical
  12. orangecity23

    BT Sport or Sky Sports (live football etc)?

    Absolutely bang on. I'm subscribed to BT Sport, just picked up a Now TV Sky Sports Season ticket (£175 for 10 months Sky Sports), and I have a LCFC season ticket. What do I, as a viewer, want? To watch every Leicester City game, home games in the ground. Away games on the TV. My options for Southampton vs LCFC? 1: Watch illegal stream 2: Don't watch it. I've literally subscribed to every legal option to watch the Premier League, and the only legal means to watch the game is to get an away ticket and schlepp to the South coast. If you do watch a dodgy stream, the Premier League starts crying and putting up (basically paid for) articles in the press about how piracy is costing them revenue. I have money you greedy bastards, but you won't even come and bloody get it! If it was up to me, the Premier League would be completely prevented from blocking illegal streams to games they aren't televising in the UK. They argue it costs them revenue, but there is clearly no way to give them money for those games, therefore, it clearly isn't costing them anything in those instances. Furthermore, when people did try to actually pay for these games, say by using VPN to pay for NBC sports in the USA, which did provide all the games at a much, much lower price, the Premier League cracks down on that too! Its an absolute ****ing swindle, and the way that they can actively prevent competition from foreign broadcasters is an anti-consumer bullshit situation. Nothing will be done by Parliament to look out for consumers, because their all in Murdoch's grubby little pockets, and/or posh Eton boys who've never seen a game of football in their life. Multiple broadcasters having different "packages" of games isn't competition, it's just forcing customers to shell out for even more subscriptions. Why do they even need the broadcasters anyway, the Premier League could stream the entire thing themselves, and get its money directly from the fans? Might do them good to start thinking of football fans as their customers, instead of the current situation where they only care about their customers at TV networks, and fans are an annoyance to be divided up and shared out to the highest bidders.
  13. orangecity23


    Flashback to 2016: https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/manchester-united-news-fixtures-mourinho-11906624 Man Utd interested in signing Danny Drinkwater from Leicester. Date of story: 21/09/2016. Man Utd vs Leicester fixture date? 24/09/2016. Oh what a ****ing coincidence. If they want to do this kind of shady stuff, maybe we should report them for illegally tapping up our players, as Southampton did to Liverpool during the Van Dijk saga.
  14. orangecity23

    Europa League 18/19

    Hope that Aberdeen win, then Burnley's forums are forever filled with Aberdeen fans who spend all their time banging on about how much more money Burnley have, so that they can finally get some idea of how tedious it is listening to them and Dyche moaning about cash all the time.