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  1. We might not deserve to win the game, but Man U definitely didn't deserve too. Atkinson was an absolute disgrace of the highest order. Books Chillwell when McScumbag goes down and holds onto the ball to prevent the throw in? Dafuq? HOW? We've been too defensive, but **** it. Atkinson has won them the game. The peno was a farce, but his influence in general play, allowing them to get away with so many fouls, refusal to book United players despite some of them racking up 10+ chances to do so, completely stopped us from taking control of the game. They've kicked the shit out of Maddison today, and he's aided and abetted them at every turn. He's basically fixed that match, Man U deserve **** all out of it. Sky Sport's favourite Billion Pound Neil Warnock team gently shuffling Ashley Young down the line to try and waste 30 seconds + per throw in all afternoon after a dodgy set piece goal, while Media pricks lap it up.
  2. Atkinson needs investigating. How the **** is Maddison the first booking of the game when Mctominay has made 20+ fouls?
  3. That diving screaming cheating by Young. Shameful.
  4. How on earth isn't Young booked there?
  5. Oh look, Man U with their weekly penalty. ****ing fix.
  6. Watford will be in trouble when Benson and Hedges and Eddie Jordan find out they've ripped off all their old F1 car designs.
  7. Ross Barkley has never been good. Plenty of technical ability, but his entire career he's been let down by appalling decision making on the ball. Why we are continuing to pick him I don't know, there is a genuinely exciting crop of young midfield talent starting to come through, but Southgate seems intent on ignoring it to shoehorn in a man who doesn't even get in Chelsea's first 11.
  8. Disgusting. He's going to leave Maddison on the bench for both games isn't he? While 4 prem appearances is all it takes for Mount to get a full cap.
  9. Don't like the sound of that Rob Dorsett tweet. Sounds like Southgate switching back to the FA default of maximising the number of shit Spurs players in the lineup. He's probably pondered whether he'd get away with a quick emergency call up of Eric Dier and Oliver Handball Skipp. Still, massive club, won the league twice over 50 years ago don't you know. The mark of the spud on your CV is enough to turn Ex Newcastle United and Forest permacrock Jermaine Jenas into the BBC's go to pundit for all things football, due to his knowledge of winning **** all and barely playing, or transform Jake Livermore into a first choice England midfielder, or transform Garth Crooks into an interviewer and BBC column writer, despite being an absolute weirdo and also lacking the ability to form a coherent sentence.
  10. It'll end up being Dier, Alli and Winks probably Got to shoehorn as many shit Spurs players in as possible.
  11. I assume Jenas and friends will be all in favour of the new handball rues this week, now that Spurs are the ones benefiting ...
  12. Quick Nuno guide to spirit of the game: Not in the spirit of the game: Fans celebrating goals not being given against their team, officials referring the match to the rules of the game. In the spirit of the game: Wily Boly deliberately punching the ball into the net, Nuno running onto the pitch to celebrate like a massive bellend on the pitch after winning goals.
  13. The way the two teams were set up tactically completely cancelled each other out. Narrow 4-3-3 versus 3-5-2 meant 6 central midfielders marking each other, 3 Wolves centre backs to pick up all our forwards, and our centre backs and full backs dealing with Wolves two strikers and wing backs. No overloads anywhere, no space in the crowded middle of the park. The game only started to open up at all in the second half, when we started to push our defensive line higher and brought Barnes and Albrighton on to provide some more width up front. Guess neither manager wanted to overcommit to try and make the breakthrough, in case they got caught out at the back.
  14. Someone will need to explain the new handball rule to Wolves fans, they seem completely oblivious, some sad norris was trying to desperately explain how hard done by they'd been to Leicester fans, as it wasn't a "clear and obvious error". Still, they're used to Wily Boly being allowed to punch the ball into the net to score goals, so for them, Handball Hotspur and Burnley fans, it's going to be a difficult transition to the fact you're not allowed to base all your set piece routines around chucking the ball into the box while waving your arms round like a wacky inflatable tube man.
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