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  1. I think he was trying to be clever, setting a high bar and trying to show he expected high standards. Unfortunately, he forgot his team has confidence levels about as solid as a house built out of crepe paper and sparrow bones, and the confidence slid away down the drain again, for about the 50th time its happened to this set of players.
  2. If the baby does come out early, don't worry, Cags will be playing it onside.
  3. No need to panic everyone, we've suffered from leaks of our lineups, but a Chelsea inside source has just sent me leaked details of Tuchels highly sophisticated tactical plan for the final, maybe this ground breaking news will help us to come up with a clever tactical plan that out smarts this incredibly complex Chelsea plan which must have taken months of effort to concoct in a bid to beat our fearsome backline.
  4. At which point he made a change which actually made our shape and formation worse and we promptly shipped 2 more pathetic goals. If he was so set on keeping that appalling defense together, then why not just bring on Perez for Maddison, instead of taking off Ndidi and leaving the centre of the pitch wide open for Newcastle to get at our shaky disorganised back 3? Rodgers decisions tonight beggared belief, I can't understand what the hell he was thinking of.
  5. You're giving it undue credit there, it's not really even a line, more of a squiggle, or a random brownian distribution of inert particles.
  6. Well I am at least glad we aren't playing a team which like to keep things solid with 2 or 3 dms and constantly do nothing but counter attack with pacy forwards next. That would be a big problem, especially if it was a billion pound counter attack team. ****. Glazers out! Get that ****ing thing called off, its our only chance of 3 points.
  7. Shape: Non existant Effort: None Bravery: Zero Tactics: Nah Offside trap: Diagonal Hope: Gone Attacking threat: Feck all Every player and Rodgers have embarassed themselves tonight.
  8. Ndidi might have been useful for stopping that easy Newcastle counter straight through the middle of our team
  9. How can an entire team get the yips simultaneously? Every single one of them looks riddled with self doubt every time they do anything, constantly hesitating, making bad decisions, mis playing easy passes, failing to control the ball. Show a bit of bloody belief in yoursleves for ****s sake and stop overthinking every single thing you do.
  10. I think fatigue is a factor when it comes to breaking them down after we've given them a cheap lead. The biggest problem is normally completely arsing up an offside trap when the defensive "line" (a wiggly bloody line) is suicidally high up the pitch. We've done this in both West Ham games, and against Fulham, we push up and vacate most of our own half to leave a pacy forward in a 1 on 1 with Kasper.
  11. 3 minutes an absolute pisstake. Mccarthy has taken 40 seconds on every goal kick ffs
  12. That was Perez in a nutshell. Really good workrate and did well to win the ball and set off the move, then almost immediately undoes all his hard work with a woeful finish.
  13. That was a pen. Bloody fix, super league bellends get them given without fail.
  14. Palace game plan of kicking us to bits working well so far. Milivojevic has put in 4 or 5 yellow worthy fouls already and not even been booked.
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