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  1. VAR CONTROVERSY AS COMPLETELY NON-SUBJECTIVE DECISION GOES AGAINST WOLVES. There was more VAR controversy last night, as VAR correctly disallowed a Wolves goal that was a foot offside. Wolves captain Connor Coady emitted a high pitched whining sound, as he revealed he actually hadn't bothered to read how the offside rule actually works, as it has nothing to do with passing the ball backwards. Wolves manager Super Nintendo Santo was outraged, and said in an interview with BT Sports "This is a bad decision. What is this offside? He is only a bit offside. How are we supposed to score? They say we can't punch the ball into the net. They take my goals away when we goal hang. What do we have to do? Kick the ball into the net from an onside position? That's not football any more, if Wily can't punch the ball into the net while a referee completely misses it happening 2 foot in front of his face, then the game really isn't fair any more"
  2. Youtube recommendations did a good job with this banger: DEM SYNTHS
  3. MOTD have shown every chance Chelsea had, didn't bother with any of our first half chances bar the Vardy one, no Chilwell volley, no Barnes shot, just an extended look at Tammy Abraham, who had a pretty quiet game, glossed over the handball. London Broadcasting Corporation doing it's bit again.
  4. It's his right, you can tell from the reaction of instantly putting in front of himself - he knows what he's done and he's trying to hide it.
  5. We shouldn't get rid of refs altogether, but I could put together a list of a few to put in the bin which might improve things somewhat ...
  6. That's a penalty for me, if it just hit his arm then it's not, but the way he's moved his arm towards it, and it just so happens to cut out the cross, looks like it might be deliberate. The completely lack of any proper check though, when they spent all that time looking at the Soyuncu tackle in the first half, says it all. The problem isn't VAR - the problem is that VAR is being operated by clueless muppets like Lee Mason, Chris Kavanagh and Craig Pawson. The quality of match officials in the Prem is ****ing awful, and until they purge the shite and get some good ones, we're going to keep seeing cock up after cock up, regardless of how much technology they have, because the problem is the refs, not the technology.
  7. Don't know why Man United fans are upset. They are complaining about a "lack of investment" when they have a team that cost 830 million pounds. The real problem is that they are a load of glory hunting babies, who want two things from "their" club. 1. Win everything, all the time, so they can use their association with Man U to infer some kind of superiority in their otherwise meaningless lives. 2. History of winning everything, so they can be smug about their glorious past. Since they initially chose Man Utd as their club because they fit these 2 reasons when they were a young child in the 90s from Torquay/London/Coventry/Wales/whereever, then the answer is simple. Just go and support Liverpool. Offers them everything they want from their club, and they can put their dummies back in and resume their life of being pathetic little spoilt children who are an embarrassment to football as a whole. Plus they will be reunited with all the people of a similar mindset, who happened to grow up in the 80s instead of the 90s.
  8. For christ's sake BBC. Ooh, if Leicester hadn't scored early, if Brentford had converted one of these chance, if, if, if ... Give it up Beeb. You wanted your giant killing, you didn't get it. Wrap Jenas up in his children's size Spurs coat and scarf and take him home, it's over, you lost.
  9. Kavanagh trying his usual fixing antics. No idea why he thinks that's a corner.
  10. Jonathan Pearce Jermaine Jenas Referee: Chris Kavanagh
  11. Those Everton kid drawings have made my evening. Brilliant stuff.Big fan of Morgan Spoonderlin
  12. BT (Bumming Tottenham) Sport wanting VAR used to book Watford players now. Could at least pretend to not be completely biased, dickheads. Surprised Jenas hasn't come in his Spurs kit and scarf, and that they haven't put up a few Spurs flags to decorate their studio.
  13. "Dangerous tackle" says Hoddle. There was no contact at all, blatant diving by Spurs, as usual.
  14. Interesting points Col. If it is a confidence matter, then perhaps the problem is that this kind of thing needs to be fixed with extended time working on it at training - earlier in the season we were so good because you could see how well drilled the players were, everyone knew their job, our shape on and off the ball was excellent. Now however, we've been going through the winter period where games are happening every 3-4 days, so with days off after a game for recuperation, they aren't really getting an extended run of 3-4 days training to drill them out of bad habits that have been cropping up. The main thing that struck me about yesterday's performance was that it was so like a Puel game - and the big complaint about Puel from the players was that the training wasn't intense enough, and they were too flat starting matches as a result. So perhaps without being able to go through a proper week's training, they've started slipping back to the default Puel-type performances. Anyway, we have a week until the Burnley game, so hopefully they'll get it sorted and be back to normal by next Saturday, fingers crossed!
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