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  1. No, it's because we've just woken up, and this happens sometimes.
  2. Madders dad should copyright claim any Sky Sports video with James in it, saying they have infringed his copyright by showing 50% of his DNA without permission.
  3. Depeche Mode are staying at a hotel in France. They go down to the restaurant for breakfast, and the waiter comes around to take their order. After looking at the menu, everyone orders the omelette. The waiter goes away, then comes back with a bowl of cereal for everyone, and a few rounds of toast. The band are furious, and call the hotel manager over to complain. The manager apologises profusely, but says he can't serve the omelette, due to supplier problems. One of the band asks what he means. The manager replies ...... "I just can't get un oeuf."
  4. BotW mixes up the formula that they've been sticking too since Link to the Past on the SNES. Since LttP, it's basically been a run through 8(ish) dungeons in order on the overworld, with a new key item in each dungeon that gets used extensively in that dungeon to solve puzzles as well as beat the boss, before a big showdown with Gannon(dorf). In BotW, they give you all your key items up front, and the order you tackle things in is completely open. There are still 4 decent dungeons, where you can get some very useful (but non essential) power up moves that make the final boss a lot easier. The map is covered with lots of tiny hidden shrines, with each one containing a puzzle room (or combat room), which is a lot like a single room you might find in a traditional dungeon with some kind of goodies inside (piece of heart etc). If you are a madman, you can try and storm Ganon's castle right at the beginning. You'll almost certainly die, but the option is open. I'm a big fan of traditional Zelda, but still loved Breath of the Wild. There was still more than enough of the traditional Zelda roots there for me, in the combat and the shrine puzzles. The physics engine in the game is excellent, so combat is a joy, and you can take on enemy encounters in any way you choose. The overworld is pretty stunning, and it's nice to just adventure round it exploring nooks and crannies just for the hell of it. Looking forward to the sequel, I enjoyed the storyline dynamic between Link and Zelda last time, so hopefully we get a lot more of that this time. Would be great to have some unique dungeons back with some cool bosses, would be cracking to take on some big Dodongos or a dragon or something like that. Also, thinking about the potential to add things like the hookshot into this physics engine would be incredible.
  5. Ooh, "too expensive" for Man City again, just like Mahrez. Since the price is so high, and there are so many equally good centre backs they could buy for less money, perhaps they could just **** off and buy them instead? This isn't Pep Guardiola's B&M bargain signing bin, pump some more oil out the well and pay the going rate or piss off, we don't want to sell. We ought to report the creepy cardigan willy puller for tapping up, that's what scared Liverpool into paying a proper price for Van Dijk.
  6. Default England Manager recipe for failure: MoRe SpUrS PlAyErS nEeDeD. ThEy KnOw HoW tO wIn TrOpHiEs Awful, awful lineup. Dier, Alli and Rose have no business playing, and Kane was clearly unfit in the last two games he played.
  7. This thread has morphed into the long awaited sequel to "Face of Kinder".
  8. 3 Rondons gets you Tony Pulis knocking on your door, to tell you about the "good news", and if you come with him to the Church of Defensive football, you can hear the Lords message, that centre backs are plentiful, and when you have heard the message, you will look upon them, and see that they can also be wingers, and full backs, and central midfielders, and up front as well, before leaving you a copy of his CV and promising to come back next weekend.
  9. Now its even the people on the bench being booked
  10. Nah, I'm just mocking the bit we used to get every time after beating them when a load of Leeds fans turn up on the forum to bang on about how they won the singing, like there was extra points on offer for it.
  11. Yeah, but they are winning the singing though.
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