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  1. "Top 6" teams (nb top 6 referring to what Sky Sports think of as top 6, not actually determined by where they actually finish in the league) can vote through what they like. So that'll be guaranteed European places for them, no Europe for anyone else regardless of where they finish. Oh, and more TV money too, becuase they've voted for it. And Man United guaranteed the title every year, as success is to be determined by which team has the largest number of commercial partners and Twitter followers, instead of that archaic method based on wins, losses and goals. The "Big 6" are a pox
  2. Wolves played this formation against West Ham and got thrashed, and that's their normal formation, so they are more suited to it than us. We badly need to switch up, West Ham seem set up to completely nullify a more attacking opponents 352 and do them on the counter with Antonio.
  3. Does Madley know how advantage is supposed to work? Twice we've been fouled, he's played advantage, we've immediately lost the ball on the next pass and he's played on. Norris.
  4. Fofana is only 19 years old - so wouldn't actually have to be registered in the Premier League 25 man squad, so that gives us one extra slot to play with in the league.
  5. You've got to be impressed by the positive attitude of Mendy, he's been through long injury layoffs, being farmed out on loan, dropped well down the pecking order at times, but he's overcome it all and forced his way back in. Great to see him in such great form, he's really shown why he deserved his new contract. Additionally, as well as the great bit of play in the build up to the first goal, I really liked the nice little scoop pass he played to get the ball to Maddison in the build up to the 4th. Good bit of vision that.
  6. Good job I checked the score a second time before putting the Sunday roast in the oven, reminded me I needed to prepare the stuffing.
  7. If you want some actual simulation, see Rodri's 3 rolls and a scream after a relatively benign Cags challenge.
  8. No worries, thanks to the eternal lockdown no one in the city can leave. Ever.
  9. Harvey Baaaarnes Every now and then he sees Vardy run behind and then he picks him out with a pass Harvey Baaaarnes Every now and then he sees Vardy run behind and then he picks him out with a pass Harvey Barnes, Vardy's goalside.... And every now and then he plays the pass... Harvey Barnes, Vardy's goalside.... And every now and then he plays the pass... AND WE'RE SCORING 5 TONIGHT, THE FIRST TEAM AGAINST PEP EVER, AND WE'RE HOLDING ON ALRIGHT, WITH AMARTEY AS A DEFENDER WITH TIMMY CASTAGNE RUNNING DOWN THE RIGHT, TOGETHER WE GET BEHIND T
  10. So I assume that all the ex Man Utd pundits who were disgusted by the handball pen they conceded last week because it was at such a short distance will have no problem with that pen, dispite it being from a closer distance. Still, time for them to slurp all over Ole, when Brighton should have buried about 5 or 6 goals past them.
  11. I see this is getting a big check - yet when Dunk did the same thing against us last season, they didn't even bother checking.
  12. Can anyone let me know what "the Manchester United" way is? Because as far as I can tell from the last several years, it seems to be spending a billion pounds creating the world's most expensive Crystal Palace tribute act - a few fast lads up front, score a counter attack goal or dive for a pen, then throw on 18 centre backs and defensive midfielders to time waste your way to a one goal victory. Brighton have absolutely played them off the pitch today.
  13. Everything is going to go to pot when we get to the winter months, refs won't be able to tell where an arm starts anymore
  14. Saved by the "T-Shirt line" wasn't he, as it hit him on the sleeve?
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