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  1. Slimani

    Looked quality when he came on for Newcastle today. Should we sell / will he ever want to play for us again ?
  2. Schmeichel - 5 - would have been a 7, but for ...... Simpson - 6 - tried hard, but his contribution is hit and miss now (especially with those crosses !) Morgan - 7 - he IS past it, but he always puts in a shift Maguire - 8 - justified his place as an England first choice centre back - even if he does have rushes of blood to the head ! Chilwell - 5 - not only did he look out of his depth in defence (which he always does), he looked out of his depth as an attacking wing back yesterday Mahrez - 7 - CLASS, if only his work rate matched his ability, but you (WE !) can't have everything. He did at least look far more interested than Hazard ! Ndidi - 7 - everywhere in midfield and in front of the defence, but (as usual) his attacking skills are only shown when he has a hoof at goal and he does need to learn how to tackle cleanly. I'm sure Klopp will improve the former ability - though not the latter ! Iborra - 7 - like Ndidi, but at a slower pace ! Albrighton - 8 (MotM) - I would have given him a 9, if he played the whole game like he did in the second half Iheanacho - 4 - I thought he deserved a chance after his performance as a sub against West Brom. He didn't justify my (or more importantly, Puel's) faith. It confirms the view that he WAS a waste of money. Vardy - 6 - quiet for Jamie; he even pulled out a few challenges with defenders and races with Caballero. Still our only threat though. Okazaki - 6 - worked hard in trying to get the ball (but generally, unsuccessfully) and a very subdued Shinji overall. Is he properly fit ? Silva - 7 - showed a few flashes of what we saw when we bought him. Good passing and some desire to battle. If he could sustain it in a full game, he could still justify his price Diabate - 7 - he COULD be a new Mahrez (or even a better one !). He genuinely showed ability, pace, and (unlike Riyad) some passion. I doubt he can sustain it for 90 minutes though - yet ! Puel - 6 - generally good selections. He had to try Nacho - but it didn't work. I think Fuchs still offers more than Chilwell. The Subs should have been sooner - though he did make the right choices. Chelsea - 6 - very average. They were there for the taking yesterday, but we didn't try hard enough, especially in the first half.
  3. Benalouane - in Tunisian squad

    It's a really ropey looking squad - hardly anyone playing at a Premier League level. Obviously an English Premier Reserve is pretty much top notch for them ! It's only a squad for World Cup warm ups, but I doubt they've got anyone better for the Tournament itself.
  4. Benny has been called up by Tunisia. There's a turn up ! We might get a bit more money for him now !
  5. Agree with all those scores. I would say though, that I have seen Albrighton play wing back well - though not recently !
  6. 2017/18 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    Maginificent performance. I think every player had a good game. Barnes, Diabate, Gordon and Thomas (and Eppiah when he came on) look a class above up front. Knight, Hughes, Wood and Johnson (and Pascanu when he came on) make up a wonderful defence. You just think will any get a proper 1st Team chance ?
  7. Puel - 4 (5 for trying a 3-5-2, which, mainly, worked in the first half, even though we don't have the players to operate it - and 3 for changing it at HT) Schmeichel - 3 (probably the worst performance I've seen him give for us - an absolute shambles, particularly with his kicking) Dragovic - 6 (the one defender who seemed to know what he was supposed to do) Maguire - 5 (6 for his passion, commitment and forward runs - 4 for the quality of his defending) Fuchs - 4 (he tries, but he simply hasn't 'got it' any more - certainly at Premiership level) Albrighton - 4 (worked as hard as ever, and OK going forward - certainly when played on the left - but he is no right wing back) Ndidi - 7 (MotM - passion, skill and determination - if only he could tackle more cleanly !) James - 3 (as for Fuchs - but he didn't try. I completely forgot he was playing for much of the match yesterday - he should have been subbed, not Silva. And like Fuchs, he hasn't 'got it' at Premiership level any more - the new Andy King !) Silva - 6 (he showed his class, with some great passes - he doesn't work as hard as Ndidi, but he should never been taken off) Chilwell - 3 (he's no left back, he's no left wing back, he can't defend for his life. He MIGHT be a good left midfielder / winger, but will we ever know ?) Diabate - 5 (shows real quality SOMETIMES, but still can't do it for 45 minutes, let alone a full game. It will probably come though) Vardy - 7 (the one player we have who never lets us down - if only he can get the ball more !) Simpson - 3 (he's had his day I'm afraid - he simply has been 'found out' by the opposition. We desperately need a new right back and a new left back) Mahrez - 5 (he obviously still is the best quality we have, he probably would have made a difference if he started. Whether we'll see the quality again, is a big question) Iheanacho - 4 (flashes of skill - one great pass for Vardy - but never really had chance to show anything yesterday)
  8. Almamy TourÄ›

    http://www.getfootballnewsfrance.com/2018/leicester-city-have-put-almamy-toure-on-their-shortlist/ A Right Back from AS Monaco
  9. Slimani to Watford or Besiktas?

    Chelski are close to signing Dzeko - I don't know if that means they won't want Slim. Mind you, they are very different types of striker (well, one's good for a start off !).
  10. Fousseni Diabate

    In other words, a Musa replacement !!
  11. Andy King

    Very good - and spot on !
  12. New Right Back???

    Well my mates Riva was VERY reliable - 6 years trouble-free motoring ! I'm now looking forward to Sylo giving us good info for many years to come !
  13. I'd agree with much of that, but I would give Albrighton an 8 (and MotM), Vardy & Okazaki a 7 and Amartey a 4 (mainly for his sheer stupidity).
  14. Albrighton

    He'll be playing as Right Wing Back against Watford (with Simmo and Amartey being out). Chilwell will be Left Wing Back, with Morgan, Maguire and Fuchs in the Centre.