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  1. bald reynard

    The OH Leuven Thread

    Was is still playing for Krakow. He's played 10 matches already this season, after having a one year contract extension at the end of 2017/18. He actually played 17 games last season. So, at 38, he's obviously not aiming to hang up his boots yet. I saw an article in the Polish press, Google translated, so it's not totally understandable, but I think it did say that he is doing his UEFA Coaching badges and wants to go into management. I guess if Rudkin, the Thai's and OHL did come calling, he might decide that a return to Belgium now is a good idea, perhaps Player / Coach?! He certainly would have an impact. If he is still a player, as usual, it would be in more ways than one!
  2. bald reynard

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    So, pretty much where Maddison is playing - though Maddison is the centre of a 3, rather than on his own behind 2 strikers. If we stuck with our current 4-2-3-1 system and played one (specific) wide player, we could accommodate HB (with him and/or Maddison going out wide when needed) - but only at the expense of Gray (he's never going to be the single winger). On current form, I think Barnes would be ahead of Gray - even though he is only in the Championship, he clearly is top of his game.
  3. bald reynard

    James injury injured

    Obviously the Club have to support him through injury, but the craziest thing was to name him in the current 25 man squad. This squad will only run up to January, even with his original injury, there was no way he'd return to First Team football before then. The injury reports said he wouldn't be (medically) fit until the end of September and then he'd have a phased return to training. He probably wouldn't even start playing with the Development squad until November / December - there's no chance of him making a First Team squad appearance until January (and then there'd be a new squad). It was ridiculous he took up one of the current 25 - especially at the expense of Andy King.
  4. With Maguire, Chilwell & Gray being in the England squad (and possibly all playing), am I right in thinking that the last time we had 3 England Internationals at the same time, was the '3 W's' ?
  5. bald reynard

    Thanks Wes.

    That's why we've signed Soyuncu and Benkovic. Evans' days were always numbered - always were - that's why we got him on a free. Only a matter of time before Soyuncu comes in as Maguire's Centre Back partner - with Benkovic waiting in the wings !
  6. bald reynard

    Eduardo Macia to West Ham?

    https://www.football.london/west-ham-united-fc/transfer-news/west-ham-line-up-move-15034963 Another report today on Macia to West Ham.
  7. bald reynard

    Squad numbers

    Yes, on loan to any EFL clubs - Davie G has just confirmed that to me as well. Deadline at the end of August.
  8. bald reynard

    Squad numbers

    It's unlikely we'll see the likes of Slimani, Ulloa and Benalouane play for us again, as there's no way Puel will name anyone in the 25 man squad who could be leaving before the International transfer deadline at end of August. Unless they get shipped out to an English club today, all 3 are likely to be going abroad then.
  9. bald reynard

    Notts County - 21st July - Match Thread

    Jakupovic - 6 (generally solid, but I guess he'll be on his way soon) Johnson - 7 (promising, particularly at Right back - less so in the Centre) Morgan - 6 (would have been 5, if not for his well taken goal - still the same OLD Wes !) Evans - 6 (hardly noticed him) Fuchs - 6 (still too slow defending, but OK going forward) Choudhury - 7 (a decent prospect, took his goal well) Mendy - 4 (absolute waste of space - get rid) Elder - 6 (as for Jakupovic) Maddison - 7 (really fired up for it - on todays's performance, he'll get loads of cards this season - but showed some good abilities) Diabate - 6 (lots of running, but mostly to no effect) Gray - 8 (MotM - skill, pace and obviously still has a desire to do well) Chilwell - 5 (still really dodgy - defending and crossing) King - 7 (started really slowly, but came into the game later and showed some good touches - and forward passes !) Iborra - 7 (as King, started slowly, but dominated in the defensive midfield role) Knight - 6 (as Evans) Amartey - 7 (as Iborra, started slowly but became dominant at Right back and kept the County winger really quiet) Kapustka - 7 (as Maddison, really fired up for it and showed good touches on the ball and passing - if only he wasn't trying so hard and shot every time he could. Worth a longer chance to show what he can do for us.) Ndukwu - 7 (very promisng forward player) Ulloa - 6 (as Morgan, worked as hard as ever, but SO slow) Slimani - 6 (would have been 5, if not for that goal)
  10. bald reynard

    Notts County - 21st July - Match Thread

    Disagree with you about Jakupovic - I thought he was pretty good. Also, while I agree that Kapustka couldn't finish, I think he showed some quality and was clearly really fired up for the game. His running with the ball and his passing was good. I put the missed chances simply down to the fact that he was so desperate to impress. He might not get many more opportunities to show Puel what he is capable of and this game could have been his one chance of staking a claim to stay. On that performance, I would give him longer to show what he can do.
  11. bald reynard

    Akhisarspor & Udinese

    Playing a Turkish and an Italian Club in full scale Friendlies, while on the pre-season training camp in Austria. Akhisarspor are Turkish Superleague (and won Turkish Cup last year - so in Europa League this season) and Udinese are Serie A (with Molla Wague in their defence !) - so a couple of good tests.
  12. bald reynard

    Kramaric - Sell on bonus ?

    I wonder if Rudders negotiated a sell on bonus when we sold Kramaric to Hoffenheim ? There's talk of selling him (to Newcastle and Bayern) for 50m Euros. Any sell on clause could net a bit for us. http://www.goal.com/en/news/hoffenheim-open-to-50-million-approach-for-bayern-newcastle/tft46jyglddw1jhlc9k505sof
  13. That is a fascinating post - our best team consists of a goalkeeper and a central defender who might not be with us next season ! I really hope someone in management sees it and realises that we have to keep Jakupovic and Dragovic (perhaps they have a dislike of 'vic's' !). I also hope Amartey gets a fair break next season (does anyone know what his injury was - and if he has recovered, or is likely to recover soon ?). Obviously Riyad is on his way, but I wonder if Shinji might also be going (after the World Cup) ?
  14. bald reynard


    Exactly ! I really hope our Owners read this.
  15. bald reynard


    That was my thinking when the, "helicopter has landed" post came through. The Owners could well have flown in yesterday for discussions with Rudders & Co; have made a decision to get rid, but will delay the announcement until after the Awards evening.