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  1. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11814/11827419/claude-puel-st-etienne-appoint-former-southampton-and-leicester-boss-as-manager
  2. Thanks, Moore. I hadn't seen that. Well, as you say, only a 22 man squad now. Room for James, Kapustka or some of the 'Over 21's' from the Development squad.
  3. Just spotted that, after I posted in the 25 man squad thread !
  4. Is he, hasn't the window closed everywhere now ?
  5. I guess James will be in the 25, not sure about Kapustka, I would have thought one of the Development squad would be preferred. I'm pleased that Amartey and Diabate are still there. Amartey gives us options in defence and midfield and Diabate is still young enough to fulfill the potential he showed when he first came, especially under a better 'man manager' than Puel. Update: Diabate may be on his way to Amiens, with a late registration to be confimed by the French FA.
  6. Yep, the Summer deadline has passed for Championship clubs, so if a deal is agreed, it will have to be for January. It is possible, as I don't think DA is fully match fit yet. 3 months in full training and turn outs for the U23's could get him ready for a January move to Fulham. Otherwise, abroad - but I think it would be a gamble for any club now, with his match fitness still in doubt.
  7. I agree with you about Ghezzal, Silva and Diabate, but I do think Amartey gives us something. His ability to play in different positions (right back, centre back and defensive midfield) is a very useful option. Although he was linked with a move to the Blades, I wonder whether BR might be having second thoughts about shifting him this window and keep him in the 25 man squad (especially now Slim and Kingy have gone and the other 3 might be on their way).
  8. Schmeichel - 7 (couldn't really fault him for anything) Pereira - 6 (5 for first half, 7 for second) Evans - 7 (as solid as ever, just got caught out by pace a couple of times) Soyuncu - 8 (overall MotM, Harry who ?) Fuchs - 7 (6 for his first half, 8 for his second) Ndidi - 6 (5 for first half, 7 for second) Perez - 6 (5 for his performance as a right winger, 7 for those moments when he played where he should, in the middle) Tielemans - 6 (not yet the player of last season) Choudhury - 7 (8 for his first half, when he was our most effective midfielder - especially going forward, 6 for his second) Maddison - 7 (5 for first half, 9 for second) Vardy - 6 (if only he had some support - and people passed to him when they should have done) Praet - 7 (looked very good when he came on, far more robust than Tielemans) Albrighton - 6 (he always makes a difference, but wasn't on long enough)
  9. Stand out player for me is a toss up between Caglar and Harv. I suppose CS shades it, because he performed over the 90 minutes, but Barnes changed the whole dynamic of the game when he came on. Chilwell had a 'mare, it's been a long time since I've seen anyone so dozy, it looked like he was still on the beach ! He really does need to wake up and realise the seasons started. We might forgive SOME doziness (it's him or 'Old Christian'), but if he continues to play this badly, his England place could so easily be lost. I also agree with you foxinsox, the set piece deliveries were atrocious. Maddsison couldn't take a decent corner to save his life. I'm amazed BR stuck with him for the whole 90 minutes, when so many others could have done a better job - Tielemans all match and Barnes & Albrighton when they came on.
  10. The Scotsman newspaper says we failed in a Deadline Day bid to sign McGregor:- https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/celtic/brendan-rodgers-fails-in-last-gasp-20m-bid-to-bring-key-celtic-player-to-leicester-on-transfer-deadline-day-1-4980048 I can't believe that - we were negotiating all day to sign Praet - also a central Midfielder (we wouldn't be after two on the same day, especially as they were both around £20m). I CAN believe that we were trying to sign McGregor up to very recently (perhaps last week) - and when Celtic said it was a no-go, we switched all attention on to Praet.
  11. The club are just delaying it, so that the the FT thread can get to 50 pages !
  12. http://sportwitness.co.uk/leicester-eye-la-liga-defender-replacement-maguire-foxes-interest-isnt-new/ Sport Witness now reporting Spanish newspaper, Marca, saying that we have renewed interest in Dakonam.
  13. With all the talk of Maguire going and whether we should buy a replacement - or find his successor among the Squad's (many) existing Centre Backs, no one has mentioned Amartey as a possibility. He came to us as a utility player who could play at Right Back, Centre Back and Defensive Midfield, but MOST of his experience at Copenhagen and Djurgardens was at CENTRE BACK. Indeed, nearly all of his 22 International caps for Ghana has been at Centre Back. It has only been because of the squad depth at Centre Back in recent years, that Claudio, Shaky and Puel have not played him there - and because all 3 used him as an emergency Right Back or Defensive Midfield player, that they seemed to forget his Centre Back CV (even getting cover in for that position, like Dragovic). Perhaps BR might feel he needs to give him a go there - and a FULLY FIT Amartey might just be the man to replace a departing Maguire ?
  14. Why is no one mentioning Amartey as a possible Maguire replacement ? An experienced (International) Centre Back - who has simply never been played as a Centre Back by previous Managers at City. When he is fully fit, who's to say if BR might be the first here, who recognises his experience and ability as Centre Back and decides to give him a go there alongside Evans.
  15. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/filip-benkovic-set-first-leicester-3130446 City side also likely to include Elliott Moore and George Hirst.
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