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  1. Wouldn’t be against this at the right price! Still young and a bit raw but has plenty of ability
  2. Sooooo about that moments Schmeichel.... bit s**t ain't he think I’ll go back to the baby version
  3. I’d say Neto was the more realistic target of the 2 but only due to reports he could be available this summer... sure I read around 40m which for me would still be a decent deal
  4. There’s zero chance he’d be cheaper than Hazard... they paid 17m for him and I’d be amazed if they weren’t after 3/4x that amount
  5. Just seen on Twitter if you’ve not done it the Let’s Move Forward (Advancing Attack part of the sbc takes 3 bronze cards) gives out an 82 rated totw Dalberg every time!.... it’s in the foundation part of sbcs
  6. Even with a tots card I genuinely believe his Fbday card will be his best version bit like Mbappe last year... those sm/wf upgrades won’t be replicated on his toty... so tempted to snap him up myself only thing holding me back is the fact I couldn’t slot him into my team as it is
  7. Seen this and it sucked me in...... Chiellini, Gomez and 3 85s ffs 🤦‍♂️
  8. Looks insane! If he fits into your team keep and enjoy.... if not rake in that 750k
  9. There goes my investments ea are something else man
  10. Have you tried Makeleles loan? I thought he was ok but I opted for Renato Sanches who’s been superb alongside Vidal (I’ve got Vidal on Stay back and the pair beside each other is just poetry) do love Mbappe as well but he’s worked his way back out to LM/LW as I prefer Williams and Neymar up top! sold my FBDay Perisic as I have untradeable Kulasevski but I’m already thinking about bringing him back once I cash in on my investments
  11. Did the schmeichel sbc last night mainly for 1 last attempt at bagging a tradeable birthday card (believe it or not I didn’t pack any ) but the more I think of my logic in completing him the more flawed it seems... I’ve loved his baby since packing him so I should really have just stuck with that as although it looks a lot better with the dynamic image I’ll be amazed If he performs any better... I ended up keeping the baby card as well just incase ea logic kicks in and he’s actually worse
  12. The problem here is peak Riccy P pre doing his ACL would’ve funded a few quality moves... problem is since returning he’s yet to a) show he’s capable of staying injury free and b) looks half the player... granted after being out for a year it was always going to take him time to build himself back up but at the minute I can’t see any club coming in with the big bucks we would’ve seen a year or so ago thus making selling him on kind of pointless
  13. Yes please! Been really impressed by what I’ve seen of him this season and still young so fits our general transfer mould.... oh add Dannnish fwiends into the mix and I’m sure Kasper would be putting in a good word
  14. Decent rated fodder to be fair my last 5 have been 83x2 84x1 and 85x2 🤦🏼‍♂️
  15. Superb card 👏🏻 I start him at RB before switching him with Mendy in game... also a monster at cb... man I wish that would’ve been the Dupe that popped up for me
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