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  1. It’s even more of a rat move this year especially considering the limited games you have for div rivals... even more so after the shambles of combining your games with the WL games
  2. Just Spider-Man and the new cod so far plus Fifa transfers over, I like the look of Black Myth Wukong and Hogwarts... I’d like an open world game I can get stuck into
  3. I suppose in the grand scheme of things I’d sooner have everything sat waiting for the console than the other way round I guess, as soon as the beast lands I’ll be good to go
  4. Getting emails through for my pre ordered games/Cobtrollers saying they’ll be with me by the 12th... guess it will be cool having all that stuff sat there for a week before the actual bloody console turns up
  5. Doubt it they’ll just release a massively overpriced ssd, not sure if it was for the Xbox or ps5 but I watched a video where they were saying a 2tb compatible ssd will nearly set you back as much as the console its self... the 1tb variant was quoted around £200.... either way it’s ridiculous it’s like bringing out the lastest iphone but only making an 8gb version available
  6. 14/7 with me quitting a couple of games at 0.0 as the players were playing like total bellends... I really can’t see me going in as hard as I have with the weekend league over the last few years it’s just not worth the stress.... I need the ps5 to drop so I can get stuck into some new games
  7. 3-0 in champs and I’m already contemplating if it’s worth another year of this ... might do the usual and hit 14 wins and stop then reevaluate if it’s worth it again next weekend! I’ve been semi enjoying rivals and SB so far so might just opt for that chilled approach
  8. So did I and I received all my packs about an hour ago... may as well have not got them though
  9. https://www.ea.com/fifa/ultimate-team/web-app/?showoffId=gRmSOmaGnUuWP:FFA21PS4 dog awful rewards but I can’t complain I’ve been pretty lucky so far... weekend league ready 🙌🏻
  10. Just watched the Hume 1 and thought it was brilliant! He was involved in us dropping to our lowest point but spoke of how much he loved playing for our club... how it ended for him with us summed us up at the time such a scummy move
  11. https://easports.en.coca-colaarabia.com/ cheeky free Coca-Cola shirt if you sign up to this 🙌🏻 You sign up and they say you’ve won a code for whatever console you’ve entered (not ground breaking like but it’s a pretty nice shirt you can sell it for a few k if you don’t want it though)
  12. After getting battered the majority of times I came up against it I’ve tried running the 433(4) formation and I’m loving it so far! Seem to get more options in attack yet defensively seems decent as well (my new team might have played a part though)
  13. Not at all imo Azp is a big move! Might have to sit on him for a bit but an 84 rated Spanish full back from the prem for 4.5k is massive... might have to sit on him until the bigger sbcs drop but I’ve jumped on him as well and pumpe 200k into him
  14. Banged out the 500 goals and 500 assists tonight on squad battles (took about 11 games) to get the 2 jumbo rare packs... bagged a few decent players but the picks of the packs were De Bruyne in 1 and Lucas Moura in the other 🙌🏻
  15. 1 of many glitches
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