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  1. Time to get myself relegated having requirements in div rivals is absolutely honking
  2. Moved away from the drop back 1 depth I decided to use after I went on a losing streak last week... turns out I play better without my players sat on the edge of the box lol... bringing in Torreira for Rodri also played a part! Love the guy he’s like the white Kante! Stopped on 17/9, think I need a replacement for Walcott at st as he missed so many chances for me this weekend
  3. No I’ve got elite a few times but especially last year with how bad the game was I stopped at gold 3/2 to avoid the stress I can see this years instalment being exactly the same where there’s no motivation to push any further than gold 2 as I’d just end up with 3 garbage totw cards as a reward for smashing my house up after loosing to a jobby who bagged with his only shot in the 90th min
  4. From 7/2 to 13/9... I’m just crap at this game i just miss so many chances
  5. Crespo and Guardiola looks like the play for me... 7/2 in the WL and I’m struggling to find the motivation! 2 weeks in and I’m already at that point
  6. Honestly I was the same I was 20 odd points off div 3 now I’m 20 odd off relegation to div 5 😂
  7. Lloris is easily the worst keeper I’ve ever used! Packed him through my div rivals rewards and built a new defence around him after selling De Gea... bad shout he’s absolutely honking I’d sooner discard him than use him again
  8. I’ve literally gone to s**t at this game! Getting slapped all over the shop
  9. Soooooooo the crash came and some went from 15/2 to 17/11 🙈 I don’t know what went on but it seemed like as soon as I hit 15 wins my players literally couldn’t tackle ffs I’ve missed this game
  10. 14/2 in the WL 😱 the crash is 💯 coming... that being said I might just hit gold 2 and stop
  11. I’d wait till at least tomorrow before buying anyone... I’m enjoying Mane but I don’t think I would’ve splashed 300k or whatever he goes for in buying him, that being said I bring him on so he starts on 5 chem
  12. I’m loving Lindelof at the minute... also I see your after a keeper and I highly recommend De Gea he’s been brilliant for me
  13. 11/2 in fut champs so I’m looking forward to my usual WL crash tonight ... thought I’d do a couple of 2 player gold upgrades last night and bagged that diving rat Mane 🙌🏻
  14. I did him as well and with his card as it is he already feels decent as a super sub... a few ifs and he will be superb... also took a punt on the Sanchez otw
  15. It was a fut champs game buddy... I guess he really wanted the div rivals points you get from ridding the game out though
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