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  1. Ive used 352 all weekend and it’s been a success, although I had a few of the usual bs eaids games I stopped at 17/5, it offers quite a bit going forward and ends up pretty much being a back 5 with 2 cdms whilst defending, I start off with a 5 atb formation then switch to the 352 in game so I can have Tots Telles and tots Trent on the wings, it’s for me pretty much a mix of 41212 narrow whilst also having wingers! Player instructions I have LM/RM set to drop back, my cdms to stay back with 1 having cut passing lanes then my cam and 2 sts to stay forward.... Also have my custom tactics set to drop back for defence and balanced for attack with a 3 depth and 5 width... not sure it will help out but that’s what I’ve enjoyed using this weekend
  2. I just can’t get on with him, I’ve got his moments version and he misses so many easy chances
  3. My personal favourite are the 1s who quit whilst you’re still drawing as they feel like you’re the better player (usually early doors) or just before you’re about to score or take a pen... really does baffle me as they take the L anyway so at least do it after going 1 down
  4. 13/3 so far after trying out the 352 formation for the 1st time.... can’t wait for the standard capitulation tonight
  5. If you haven’t already try and kill 2 birds with 1 stone and use a 70 rated Ligue1 side so you can unlock Dembele and the fut swap player
  6. I used mainly a gold low rated team with a full bronze bench and the odd silver/bronze player in my starting 11
  7. Looks like a few good moves buddy, love Henry’s card last year and that was only his middle card! Came up against tots Donna for the 1st time in champs today and the fvcker was like a spider monkey! Seemed to save everything (apart from the 3 I eventually put in )
  8. I’d bin off Messi along with Del p and Arthur and just go Calcio A! Maybe Quag Gomez and Allan (all tots variants) del p and Messi are to weak plus there stam isn’t the best, maybe upgrade Donnarouma as well... you should just sell off your other team and just rock 1 then stick Gullit in this team as well
  9. Yea he’s unreal my man, as he was last year he’s the best cdm I’ve used in Fifa... although his stats probably don’t look as good as a few tots players his build is something that not many have he’s a man mountain
  10. illicic and Correra from my picks and fvck all from my packs... got enough players to do 1 81+ though and bagged Cancelo... quality pull but when you see the blue flare and The Portugal flag... slightly wounded
  11. Why is Lucas Hernandez insta selling for max bin (13k)
  12. exactly the reason I gave both the Eredivisie and this a miss 🙈
  13. Couldn’t write it! The amount of 81+ sbcs I’ve done every week without getting anything bar 1 walk out I did 2 this week (got fvck all again) then sold the rest of my cards... decided to do as many as the normal upgrades as I could (managed 9) to maybe do 1 more 81+ ... 2 packs in I pull El Shaawary
  14. Has anyone actually packed any tots players through these 81+ upgrades? I’ve gone in with 3 leagues and have barely even got a walk out
  15. Looks quite Maddison esq so having him coming from the right, Barnes from the left, Maddison back in the centre along with Tielemans we’ll have some ammunition for Vardy 🔥
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