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  1. Could’ve blew his mind by singing he has a massive clock 👀
  2. The fact that Harry Maguire is 75% of the song makes it a no for me give big Cags his own song
  3. Much prefer the beta since the latest update! Feels a lot faster and the players seem more fluid
  4. Didn’t hear any new chants for Cags but I did see this on twitter after the game....
  5. Snap my first time ever being picked!
  6. dbtcity

    Dennis Praet

    Looks like we’ve banished the weasels from the trading ground after their season of ultimate Cvntery!!! Usually they’re stood near the entrance
  7. We don’t care what the weather is going to be like on Friday 👀😂
  8. dbtcity

    Dennis Praet

    Where the fvck is big daddy when you need him?!?!?!?!
  9. Agreed I don’t think we need a winger to be honest as like you say Perez has filled that void for me! I’m expecting a big season from Barnes this year and having Albrighton/Gray/Ghezzal as back up aren’t bad options... unless we ship out Gray (maybe part of a deal for Ake) or Ghezzal is stick with what we’ve got
  10. The problem I’ve always found with us and Albrighton is we don’t play with a target man therefore a lot of His balls in especially from the left are easily plucked out the air by the keeper/big cbs... it’s not that his crosses are bad as I’m sure a big powerful striker would thrive on his delivery it’s just the majority of the players we have breaking into the box really aren’t a danger in the air! From the right it’s a bit of a different story as he’s able to mix up his crosses and fire in a bunch of low balls but even then we rarely have players busting a gut to get on the end of his crosses, that might be different this season with Perez though
  11. Completed the Hazard sbc ready to slot him straight into my team.... he’s been changed to a Real Madrid player fml ? I guess the “New Arrival” name of the sbc should’ve gave it away ?
  12. Or is it related ?
  13. We'll snap him up for 35/40m and they’ll replace him with Gary Cahill... just seems like a total Burnley move
  14. He’s played twice for England, other than that I agree he’d be the guy I’d go for
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