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  1. the majority of them were all similar players so once you've listed/sold a player once you know what to sell him for the next 50 odd times... the futbin mobile app also came in handy ... as for the packs if i was able to open them they would all have been ripped when i got them so i think this going unassigned over a month or so before Toty has had its perks... well i say that now but come thursday night when i open the 100+ packs and get absolutely nothing my views will probably have changed
  2. Finally able to open packs after selling the prem players/ using them in the pl premium sbc (25)... I’ve managed to stay strong so far and only opened my base icon pack from icon swaps (got Ashley Cole) and the double 83+ pack got that of Dutch cm and an 83... I should’ve held out selling the cards though as the temptation is real to just open everything
  3. Imagine sitting on gold rare prem players this whole time unable to use any cards I’ve unlocked only for ea to lob a standard curve ball in and make the league objective sbcs require any rare gold players well it looks like my profit will be minimal.... at least it’s stopped me opening packs I guess! Once I’ve finally sold/used these players I’ll have over 100 packs to open
  4. I do but I still feel something is off with the matchmaking, have you noticed it being stuck on initialising a lot when trying to matchmake before the opponent finally leaves?
  5. Accidentally redeemed the WL entry through the app last week so felt I had to play it this weekend ... didn’t touch it Friday as I’m sure the servers would’ve been in meltdown but managed to get to 11/4 before giving up! Since I’ve got the ps5 the matchmaking has just been ridiculous every game is just a sweat fest! That’s it till tots now though I’ll just stick to objectives again
  6. Apparently it’s since been deleted
  7. his 84 was superb for me at cm/CDM as a super sub to the point I completed his sbc... unfortunately he’s joined a growing list of players in my unassigned gulag
  8. Meh I’m past the stage of meta so he’ll be going straight into my team
  9. Red Youri!!! And there was me saying fut champs was a waste of time
  10. Looks like a more aggressive/Tenacious version of Coutinho... be interesting if anything comes of our apparent interest
  11. I’ve used his last 2 ifs and absolutely love him! I tend to bring the 84 on at cm so I’m thinking I’ve got to do his sbc... as I’m so deep with my unassigned I’m in no rush though as I won’t be able to use him till they drop the league specific player pack sbcs so I can sell everything off
  12. His name has popped up the last few Windows, is this finally the time we make a move
  13. A player that has been constantly linked to us the last few Windows as well 🙏🏻 Geeeerrrimin
  14. Decided to kick on after packing Mbappe, got to 13/6 before losing my head a bit and rage quitting 4 games in a row before getting the 14th win! I’m convinced playing on the ps5 is pairing me up against tougher opponents though
  15. The 80+ pp packs seem to be paying out lads, out of about 10 I’ve packed Griezman, Ederson,Hummels and Mbappe... did 4, 2, 2, 2 not that I think it makes any difference
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