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  1. English is the official language spoken in Zambia so I hope so 🙏🏻
  2. I wannna I wannna I wannna be Dakored.... best that can now be done to swipe that Edouard song from celtic
  3. The Daily Star has a little article about us pulling out all the stops to try and keep him by offering him a 4 year 150k a week deal when he returns from the Euros that will put him on par with Kasper,Vards and Madders
  4. A little thread explaining his lap of honour on his own after the final game that had people (myself included) questioning if it was a goodbye
  5. Wooow congrats man!! I honestly don’t think I’ve packed anything even worth selling all year from sb
  6. As much as I’d love a fully fit Coutinho playing for my team I just can’t see it happening... he’s still got a couple of years left on his 250k a week deal at barca so unless they’re willing to subsidise his wages I’d be amazed to see us fork out that kind of money
  7. dbtcity


    Up steps Indykalia with 333k followers 👀😂
  8. I was thinking the same after playing this I kind of feel like I need to experience some older versions of the game as well... maybe start with upping the difficulty from the second easiest on this first though
  9. About an hour into my first ever R&C game and I’m really enjoying it! Being the first Ps5 exclusive it Looks and plays as amazing as you’d expect! Really gives you a glimpse of what we can expect going forward with the Ps5
  10. Head went after my picks this morning and I’ve sent most my club (outside of my actual squad) did Dembele, Essien and the 88/90+ sbcs without spending a coin... nailed on they’ll release an ultimate pack tonight now
  11. Tots Kimmich is probably one of my favourite cards so far this year he’s quality
  12. De Vrij and Nani (could’ve had Cancelo) from my gold 2 ultimate picks!!! I feel physically sick!
  13. Managed to swerve those scam packs going to do Dembele instead... has anyone completed him? If so what’s he like?
  14. dbtcity


    I disagree with that we were also heavily linked with him under Pearson... either way we seem to have a much higher success rate recently and I fully trust the scouting system we’ve got in place
  15. dbtcity


    I’m guessing the fact we’ve been after him for so long days the scouts/the club see something in him.... but they’ve also seen something in Slimani and co so they’re not fool proof
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