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  1. dbtcity


    I always seem to remember an interview with Vardy a few years back where he said Smalling was the toughest cb He’s had to play against... I’ve personally always thought he was unfairly singled out at Man U I mean look at the 85m sensation they’ve got at the back now he’s hardly pulling up any trees... I said when they were after Maguire I would’ve took Smalling plus cash but I just don’t think he’s for us now! Loan out Benkovic and bring in a loan replacement then Re asses at the end of the season
  2. Another 14/4 this weekend! After bagging Alli and Van Dijk in my player picks last week I refuse to go past 14 from here on out Really enjoying my team though that 90 Mbappe actually had me enjoying playing the game again he’s such a game changer... and Van Dijk is an absolute monster at the back!
  3. First if Mbappe is a god! Lost 90k on him in 3 days but it makes no difference as he won’t be leaving my club any time soon! Also committed a school boy error in buying Totgs Ter Stegan when he first dropped for 190k and am currently sitting at a 55k loss on him... trading with Deano ... seems even more dumb when I’ve got untradeables like De Gea/CL Alisson/Lloris and sif Navas 🙈
  4. Buy Mbappe and take it from there! I had 1.5m to burn and opted for his LW version (I’ve lost 90k in him since buying on Thursday) he’s the best card I’ve used by a country mile! I was set in buying Messi but I didn’t really like him when I’ve used him in draft.... Mbappe though is insane he literally has everything and even better you can pretty much use him everywhere
  5. Why have I been pushing past gold 3 this year 🤷🏼‍♂️ Stopped at 14/4.... First pick alli.... second pick Van Dijk
  6. Wild I packed the Brazilian cb x3 the Spanish keeper x2 Tarkowski and finally Ben Yedder before deciding to call it a day
  7. I don’t think you need to go to these depths to sell if CR7 like simply don’t use him as people that are in the market for such a card will 100% pay a little more for a fresh version
  8. Naaaah sooner keep my Tarkowski
  9. Sold Raul although he seemed half decent I felt it was time to roll the dice with the icon sbc.... bagged baby Del P 🔥 take that alllll day
  10. Packed baby Raul From a rare players pack 🙌🏻 Finally I’ve packed something this fifa ... was hoping for a little better when I seen the white flair but I’ll take it
  11. De vrij and Max for me... can’t really complain as I’m being a gold 3 warrior for the rest of Fifa
  12. Rough weekend again which also lost me my first controller of the year I’d planned on having stress free weekends stopping at gold 3 until they change the rewards structure around tots... little did I know it would end up being my most stressful weekend league ever went from 4/1 to 5/7 and before I knew it I was 10/12... won my next 4 games and got the fvck out ! Penny dropped around the 10/12 point that 352 was no longer working for me so switched to 4231 and everything felt solid again! Did the Villa sbc and he feels brilliant only problem is I have to drop my Otw Ben Yedder and Potm Auba to fit him in
  13. 4/1 4/7 6/7...what a roooough start to the WL... oh and I lost my first controller of the year! Why can’t I just fvck this shite game off they must’ve heard I’d planned on going down the stress free route of gold 3 from here on out 🙈
  14. I’d go for catalyst or engine
  15. Was me who knew I had more than 1 account 😂🙈
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