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  1. It's not just me that takes part in the midget spinning championships.
  2. Rather than getting annoyed at Everton or Walsh at poaching our best backroom talent, how about we look internally and ask A) Why they want to move and B) Why are we letting them go so freely?
  3. Easy to say Mahrez was shit when he was being marked by 3 men all game but demmi did **** all at nearly every opportunity he was given
  4. Good old Mick Stowell
  5. Horrific start, disappointed not to be at home on Boxing day and away on the first and last day is odd too. Personally, the scheduling is dreadful. Need sky to work their magic and bail me out on a few so I can make it. Also, what a strike of luck for sky. That the totally random generator pulls out a Merseyside and Manchester derby day.
  6. This is what 'Rex' must have been working on since Everton home!
  7. Well, his does live in Chelsea.
  8. Its happening
  9. Pet hate, put your ****ing phones away and just enjoy it. No-one of instachat gives a **** about your shitty view, and you can't enjoy what going on as you're too busy pissing around with filters and dog ears.
  10. Fair play to those who organised it, but little mix and an absolute state
  11. Can he play manager?
  12. Kante 32; Deeney 35. Go figure.
  13. Wait till you look at Benny's instagram and see the yacht Shakey, Benny, Simmo, Chilly et al are on in Nice!
  14. No tar. We do need a right back, but not one who's over the hill with a dreadful attitude.
  15. He's unofficially retiring, which translates as waiting for a big offer from China, States or the Middle East.