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  1. You have got to be joking. I'm as big a City fan as most but that was 100% a penalty It's not even debatable
  2. If they need an Irish fan then I'm in. How do I sign up.
  3. Need one for myself now, the bucker who was meant to give me one forgot and gave it to someone else
  4. Looking for one adult or senior ticket for this one please
  5. I'd have accepted it if he had posted on here and I realised the situation, but not knowing they were gone led to the false hope, and while I agree he was under no obligation to message me basic manners suggest he should.
  6. Apart from false hope when you didn't have the courtesy to inform me they were gone
  7. Not true. I sent you a message and never heard back from you
  8. Is Gazross a time waster he hasn't responded to my pm
  9. I am looking for one for this game. PM if you can help
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