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  1. Schmeichel - 5 - generally OK, but at times did look a bit dodgy today (not just for the goal) Simpson - 6 - defended as well as ever and had a great shot, that should have got a goal Morgan - 6 - still a man mountain (in defence and attack), if only he had some pace Maguire - 6 - hard working, good attacking instincts and decent recovery, but he commits himself far too early and forgets about his prime duties and where he should be spending most of his time Fuchs - 5 - as Schmeichel Mahrez - 6 - still flatters to deceive, wonderful in parts, woeful in others Ndidi - 7 (MotM) - without him we just wouldn't have any midfield this season. At times clumsy and began to foul too much in the second half, but he was on his own for most of the match, having to cover the whole of the midfield and protect the defence and simply ran out of steam Iborra - 4 - poor, far too slow, too negative, can't play any pass other than sideways or backwards; simply nowhere near Premier standard Albrighton - 6 - worked as hard as ever, without much reward. Covered so much ground on the left and the right and genuinely looks like he may be able to do a job as a Right Wing Back Iheanacho - 3 - absolutely woeful - the phrase, "wheres the money gone", keeps coming back to mind. How he is worth anything near £25m, I don't know. Add him to the list of awful buys for big money recently (Musa, Slimani, Iborra). He's got no pace, no control, no brain, no physicality, no passion, no desire to compete, no idea! Vardy - 6 - as Albrighton, worked his socks off, with no reward. Not his best game today, but we would be totally lost without him Slimani - 5 - he's a big bruiser with no great skill, but he can do a couple of things well - unfortunately, one of those (head a ball), only works if it is served up on a plate for him and he doesn't have to move! Chilwell - 6 - did make a difference when he came on. Like Mahrez, he can be wonderful and woeful in just a few short minutes. However, we have a great Left Wing Back in he making - if we ever decide to use that system! King - N/A - not on long enough to say, but you can bet your bottom dollar,that he will be back in again for the Swansea game (despite never really justifying his place), simply because we don't have any other options Shakespeare - 4 - disastrous initial team selection and formation. Why he ever persevered with 4-4-2 when it has proved so useless this season, I don't know. Why he stuck with it last night for so long, I don't know. Why he played Iheanacho, when the only attacking success this season (Okazaki) was on the bench, I don't know. I would have given him a 3, but for the fact that he did (eventually) go to 3-5-2, tried the Wing Back formation and got some reward for it. I so hope he starts with that system for Swansea, otherwise, bye-bye Shaky!
  2. Next City Manager?

    Big Sam? http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41626593 To summarise:- "I would consider a return to management if someone wanted me, but I would be very picky as to which club I'd go to". City perhaps would perhaps fit the bill, with Shakespeare as an Assistant, as he was in Sam's England setup? A defeat by West Brom tomorrow night, or even a draw, could bring all that nearer?
  3. FIFA reject Adrien Silva appeal

    Interestingly, Kapustka was given the Number 14 shirt at the start of the season, just before his Loan to Freiburg was confirmed. We don't normally re-use Numbers given to Loaned out players. Mendy was given the Number 24 shirt when this seasons allocations were made and that has not been given to anyone else. Numbers 4 (DD's number) and 27 (the Big Pole's) are available with players permanently leaving. Lawrence's Number 16 was given to Dragovic.
  4. George Thomas

    Thomas is remarkably similar in all sorts of ways, he's even got the same haircut! Waggy has got 6 goals in 8 appearances for Ipswich this season, he's a very effective player in the Championship. I saw Thomas play for Coventry last season and thought he looked a much better quality player than Waggy, at the same age.
  5. Agree with that. My scores:- Schmeichel - 6 Simpson - 4 Morgan - 6 Maguire - 5 Fuchs - 7 Gray - 4 Ndidi - 6 King - 4 Albrighton - 4 Okazaki - 5 Vardy - 5 Iborra - 6 Mahrez - 6 Iheanacho - 5 Shaky - 3
  6. Somebum is listed as living in Pretoria. As far as I know, Pretoria is in South Africa and further from Portugal than Leicester! I very much doubt a guy in South Africa knows any more about FIFA's decisions than anyone else!
  7. After Sheppy's 'indiscretion', there is some hope of progress in the Mirror's report!
  8. The Mirror say a single Judge on FIFA's Player Status Committee will make the decision:- http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/fa-back-leicester-citys-attempt-11247532
  9. Schmeichel - 5: Poor positioning throughout the game Simpson - 6: Generally OK, but gave far too much room to all their wide players Morgan - 7: Still our rock, if only he had some pace Maguire - 6: Good going forward, but he is a Centre Back! Chilwell - 5: Great left sided midfield player, but no left back Mahrez - 5: Dozier than ever, but still puts a great ball in Ndidi - 5: Looked off the pace today, perhaps because of the injury he got at the end of the Cup match? King - 5: OK defensively, but no imagination, passing skills or attacking intent (important for a midfield player!) Albrighton - 6: Worked as hard as ever Ozazaki - 7: We really miss him when he doesn't play, he always puts in a shift and is getting in good scoring positions this season Vardy - 8: Our best player by a mile, how we'd cope if he was out for a long time, I just don't know (MotM) Gray - 7: Made a big difference when he came on, he should start over Mahrez at the moment
  10. The half time changes I was referring to, were the changes in formation (bringing Albrighton back to cover Amartey, to prevent Robertson getting crosses in, moving Ndidi further up and Iborra back, as cover for the back four) and the pep talk he clearly gave to the team. If you remember, he didn't make any half time substitutions!
  11. Pretty much agree with all those ratings, except for Iborra and Shakespeare. I agree with your comments BR, but would give Iborra, 6 and Shakespeare, 5. On that performance, I thought Iborra was clumsy in the tackle and not a great passer of the ball; therefore a 6, rather than a 7 . I would give Shakespeare 7 for his half time changes and 3 for picking Ulloa; hence a 5 overall, instead of a 6.
  12. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    I wouldn't have thought so, lots of 'Free Agents' move out of the Transfer Window and many of them will need to get International Registration clearance from FIFA.
  13. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    I'm sure that might be one of the options the club are looking at.
  14. The OH Leuven Thread

    Hi Leuven - welcome to Foxestalk. Since moving from Spain in 2016, Raul Uche has played for a few of our Development teams, but mainly the Under 23's. I think he played most of the matches in the Checkatrade Trophy (either starting or on the bench), which put our 'Reserves' up against First team players at lower Football League clubs. He hasn't made a great impact so far for us. He's quick and tricky, but not that physical - yet. Consequently, I think he gets 'bossed a bit', by more experienced defenders. He also doesn't score anywhere near the number of goals he should, given his abilities. I don't know whether he ready right now to go straight into your First team, but he could be a good squad player. A move to the Belgian Second Division could well be just what he needs - to build hopefully score some goals and build his confidence. Keep us posted on how he does. This might be the start of a long and fruitful partnership between our clubs. There might be a few more players being exchanged between us (both ways). I really hope you get back to the higher level soon.
  15. Sky Sports are not showing this in their TV schedules. Where did you see it? Perhaps it's on one of the other Sky channels?