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  1. Rudkin IS the guy who guy who got rid of Toney. However, I've heard that he is the one who put Toney on our radar again, not Congerton. For all his faults, Rudders does (eventually) admit to mistakes he's made - look at how he's changed his mind (repeatedly) on Leuven Coaches - though after a fair bit of delay in that case!
  2. Exactly. Chalobah is not the sort of midfielder we need. He's nearly 28, at the latter end of his career and virtually always played as a DCM. He's not even a regular this season in the Championship. Consequently, he's no upgrade on Hamza. Compare him with Maitland-Niles. In the England squad last season. He's 23. He's played as a right back, left back, right wing back, left wing back, right winger, left winger, DCM and Attacking Midfielder. He's so versatile, has bags of skill and talent - and has publically stated that a move to us, is exactly what he'd want, if he continues to be lef
  3. https://www.90min.com/posts/danny-ings-leicester-everton-interest-southampton-transfer-exclusive Us and Everton interested now.
  4. https://sempremilan.com/report-roma-could-send-leicester-loanee-to-milan-in-swap-deal-involving-castillejo Under could be on his way out of the KP this month. Roma might recall him to be a make weight in a swap deal with Milan.
  5. Apparently Jakupovic is going out on loan to Preston, so I guess Iversen will be coming back to City, as 3rd choice keeper.
  6. Apparently Daniel Iversen's loan at OHL is being cut short and he's returning to us now. He'll probably be 3rd choice keeper. Not a bad option, he is the regular Under 21 keeper for Denmark and is highly regarded at City. According to the OHL guys on here, he started well for them, but got injured and couldn't get his place back because of the form of (Venezuelan international) Rafael Romo.
  7. https://twitter.com/jacobwakeling10?lang=en Jake has confirmed on his Twitter feed that he signed for us yesterday. And then he scored (again) for the Under 23's, in the win against Spurs. Looks to be a good prospect. I know a few have criticised the reminder of Smudger Smith (because of the way he left us), but if Wakeling does half as much in his time at City, as Smith did, I for one, would be very happy.
  8. I think Ricci could well be on the plane to Portugal. With such a large Subs bench allowed for the Europa, I think it's quite likely that Brendan will want him there, if only to give a confidence boost. A trip home will also help him and his knowledge of Braga could be very useful. I doubt he'd come on though, except in very extenuating circumstances.
  9. https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2020/11/16/report-leicester-approach-dazzling-40m-youngster-may-have-to-pay-record-fee/ 19 year old Portugese left back at Sporting Lisbon
  10. Mendy's and Fofana's recent performances, show how good a judge of talent Puel was. Such a shame he couldn't motivate ANYONE!
  11. https://www.footballinsider247.com/leicester-city-submit-bid-for-striker-let-go-by-west-brom/ After a successful trial, City have apparently made a bid for Jacob Wakeling, a Centre Forward at Alvechurch. Described as potentially 'the new Alan Smith', if the bid is scuccessful, he will go straight into the Development squad. He has already scored goals for City in PL2. He was released by West Brom in the summer.
  12. Amazing documentary on ITV last night on Laurie Cunningham. Called First Among Equals, in the Black Lives Matter series. I'd forgotten how many games he played for us (15) in the 84/85 season under Milne. The season after we lost Lineker. Mark Bright remembers Cunningham coming to Filbert Street. . Badly affected by injuries, cos of all the tackles he had to endure. The interview with Gary Newbon in Spain is revealing, when he described old injuries being targeted by opponents to knacker him - because he was so good - and black! The clips show he perhaps was the most skillful Engli
  13. Reading the runes (and taking note of what Abrasive Fox said), I think it almost certain that Gray will be staying today - and no one else will be coming in. Also, if the rumours about BR giving Slimani another chance are true, he will probably be in the 25 man squad. So with Dewsbury-Hall going (and Fofana being an Under 21 player) the PL squad is pretty sorted:- G: Schmeichel, Ward & Jakupovic (3) D: Evans, Soyuncu, Morgan, Amartey, Castagne, Justin, Ricardo & Fuchs (8) M: Ndidi, Mendy, Choudhury, Tielemans, Praet, Maddison, Under, Barnes, Albrighton & Gray (10)
  14. I guess the only debate now for the 25 man PL squad, is if Gray is in it (and still at the club having not been shipped out to the EFL). If he isn't, that will be the place for Slimani (if the French / Danny Simpson rumours are true). Dewsbury-Hall will probably pick up the Fofana (Under 21) 'place'.
  15. Thanks. I didn't know that. So just Thomas and ...... who else ?
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