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  1. Ahmed Musa - Possible Loan Move

    Fenerbache are about to spend £9m to sign Roberto Soldado. If they class Musa as a striker, they won't want him now - or at least won't want to spend £16m on him.
  2. Ben Gibson - Interest

    Of course, Ranocchia is at Inter. IF they do come in with a (decent) bid for Mahrez, we could be considering Ranocchia as part of the deal; but as Worhthington said, he wasn't entirely successful at Hull.
  3. George Hirst

    Thank you BWF, that is what I meant! I should also have said, "it implies to me", others might not come to the same conclusion!
  4. George Hirst

    Swansea have signed Courtney Baker-Richardson from Leamington. We had him on trial, but obviously have decided not to sign him. He's 21, a big, strong Centre Forward - very similar to George Hirst. The fact that we didn't go for him, implies we will be signing Hirst. http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/sport/football/football-news/swansea-city-swoop-former-coventry-13444822
  5. George Hirst

    You're right Smiv, Hirst Senior did work for Wednesday on the hospitality side. I guess he could now be working at City, but he had strong links with Wednesday which would probably explain why they used him, I doubt if we would offer him the same role, but he could be doing another job.
  6. George Hirst

    I agree, but I think Hirst and Thomas are in a different league already to the likes of Muskwe, Ndukwu, Eppiah and Uche, not least beacuse of their age and experience. IF we get them, I'm sure the plan would be to loan them out pretty much straightaway. Thomas could well stay at Cov and Hirst at Wednesday. That helps everyone.
  7. George Hirst

    Hirst and Thomas coming in, would be a great statement about the Club's awareness of the need for 'progression'. 2 very promising strikers waiting in the wings, for when Vards and Slimani/Ulloa move on.
  8. George Hirst

    That's good news, in regard to Hirst and other signings, LA. If David had come to us, as LcFc_Smiv said, I didn't know if the manner of his leaving Wednesday, would help or hinder our chances of getting George!
  9. George Hirst

    Your Wednesday mates' knowledge may not be too far off the mark:- http://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2017/04/13/club-legend-david-hirst-reportedly-resigns-from-sheffield-wednes/
  10. Jonathan Viera?

    Viera was at Valencia for 2 years - Macia's old patch. Though they weren't there together, I bet Macia has a good lowdown on what he's like.
  11. Twitter Links

  12. Twitter Links

    Played 80 odd games for Benfica in 6 years, mainly as a Right Back, but also on the right side of midfield and occasionally as a Centre Back (he's 6'+). Has always been the back up for them. A Portugese International as well.
  13. Twitter Links

    Rob's usually pretty reliable. Nuneaton lad, ain't he?
  14. Tom Lawrence

    He's gone from the 'Whispers' page completely now. Just shows you how pointless that page is, the rejection of the £7m bid was done a couple of weeks ago, it's only now it's been publicised. Sky's 'sources' are notoriously dodgy.