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  1. Agree with all those ratings, other than Schmeichel. I would have given him a 7, but have to go for a 6 for his constant punching and poor kicks. Albrighton MotM again.
  2. Why did we sack Craig Shakespeare...?

    Sammy Lee is no longer interested in returning to the North West, he's settled in London. So, if Allardyce is appointed, Shakespeare will be Assistant Manager. The Everton Board are now deciding whether to go with Big Sam, or stick with Unsworth. A decision will be made this week.
  3. Why did we sack Craig Shakespeare...?

    The Echo journo has just told me that Allardyce is in Liverpool today, meeting the Everton bigwigs, moving towards an agreement for him to be appointed. Lee and Shakespeare ARE part of the package. Although there is a clause in his release from Palace of a payment of £2m compensation, if he moves to a new job before 1/1/18, the amount is a lot less than what Burnley will be demanding for Dyche. That is a factor.
  4. Why did we sack Craig Shakespeare...?

    Just been speaking to a Journo at the Liverpool Echo and he has heard from a source at Everton, that the Club are in discussions with Sam Allardyce over the vacant Managers job. Big Sam has said that if appointed, he would want to bring in his own Coaching team, of Sammy Lee and CRAIG SHAKESPEARE. A reunion with Steve Walsh on the cards?
  5. Appleton MotD Interview - staying a No 2

    BBC Radio Leicester Sport have just posted on Twitter, that Plancque has now agreed to come to City. He will be Joint Assistant with Appleton, with responsibility for tactical coaching.
  6. Appleton MotD Interview - staying a No 2

    I've been speaking to someone who knows Puel from his Monaco days. Puel has always worked with two Assistant Managers / First Team Coaches. At Southampton, he chose Pascal Plancque as one, who he worked with at Lille; Eric Black was the other. Plancque apparently is uncertain about whether to join us, as he has got a job back in France. Puel also got in touch with John Collins (Celtic), who was with him at Monaco, but Collins has also decided to stay where he is. So CP is still looking to find someone to work with Appleton. The plan would be for Appleton to be responsible for most of the Training Ground work, with someone else dealing with all the Tactical stuff.
  7. Appleton MotD Interview - staying a No 2

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5012277/Claude-Puel-involved-discussions-Leicester-coaches.html He's now talking about who he wants in his Coaching team! Indeed, Appleton and Plancque are in there.
  8. Claude Puel - Contender

    2 interviews, I guess Puel will be announced before the weekend? http://www.espn.co.uk/football/leicester-city/story/3241637/ex-southampton-boss-claude-puel-lined-up-for-leicester-job-sources
  9. Appleton MotD Interview - staying a No 2

    Puel has had 2 interviews, so I think it's a fair bet he'll be the one, when the announcement is made, before the weekend:- http://www.espn.co.uk/football/leicester-city/story/3241637/ex-southampton-boss-claude-puel-lined-up-for-leicester-job-sources With Appleton and Plancque as Joint Assistant Managers?
  10. Appleton MotD Interview - staying a No 2

    If appointed, Claude Puel is likely to keep Appleton on the staff as Joint Assistant Manager, as well as bringing in Pascal Plancque. Plancque worked with Puel in France; but at Southampton, Puel also took on an experienced English Coach, Eric Black.
  11. Appleton MotD Interview - staying a No 2

    I heard Appleton's appointment was entirely a Rudkin decision, though Shakespeare concurred because he'd worked with him previously. IF Rudkin wields as much power as posters on here have reported, then it would be no surprise if Appleton stays under a new regime.
  12. Next City Manager?

    Pellegrini has often kept members of the existing Coaching staff when he's been appointed Head Coach / Manager, as he did with Brian Kidd at Man City. I think it's quite likely that Appleton and Stowell would be kept on if he came to City, though Cousillas would probably be his Assistant Manager.
  13. Next City Manager?

    Ruben Cousillas and Brian Kidd were his Assistants at Man City. Kidd is still at the Etihad, but Cousillas is Pellegrini's Assistant in China. I think Cousillas has worked with him at all his Clubs; but he looks even older than Pellegrini, so I doubt he'll do much physical stuff in training!
  14. Manuel Pellegrini

    Pellegrini has always said that the Chile National team job is the only one he wants to do before he retires. Now that's vacant, with Chile failing to qualify for the World Cup, I'd say it is pretty likely he'd be tempted to choose them over us. The only uncertainty, is whether he wants to manage a team with no prospect of big competitions for a few years.
  15. Schmeichel - 5 - generally OK, but at times did look a bit dodgy today (not just for the goal) Simpson - 6 - defended as well as ever and had a great shot, that should have got a goal Morgan - 6 - still a man mountain (in defence and attack), if only he had some pace Maguire - 6 - hard working, good attacking instincts and decent recovery, but he commits himself far too early and forgets about his prime duties and where he should be spending most of his time Fuchs - 5 - as Schmeichel Mahrez - 6 - still flatters to deceive, wonderful in parts, woeful in others Ndidi - 7 (MotM) - without him we just wouldn't have any midfield this season. At times clumsy and began to foul too much in the second half, but he was on his own for most of the match, having to cover the whole of the midfield and protect the defence and simply ran out of steam Iborra - 4 - poor, far too slow, too negative, can't play any pass other than sideways or backwards; simply nowhere near Premier standard Albrighton - 6 - worked as hard as ever, without much reward. Covered so much ground on the left and the right and genuinely looks like he may be able to do a job as a Right Wing Back Iheanacho - 3 - absolutely woeful - the phrase, "wheres the money gone", keeps coming back to mind. How he is worth anything near £25m, I don't know. Add him to the list of awful buys for big money recently (Musa, Slimani, Iborra). He's got no pace, no control, no brain, no physicality, no passion, no desire to compete, no idea! Vardy - 6 - as Albrighton, worked his socks off, with no reward. Not his best game today, but we would be totally lost without him Slimani - 5 - he's a big bruiser with no great skill, but he can do a couple of things well - unfortunately, one of those (head a ball), only works if it is served up on a plate for him and he doesn't have to move! Chilwell - 6 - did make a difference when he came on. Like Mahrez, he can be wonderful and woeful in just a few short minutes. However, we have a great Left Wing Back in he making - if we ever decide to use that system! King - N/A - not on long enough to say, but you can bet your bottom dollar,that he will be back in again for the Swansea game (despite never really justifying his place), simply because we don't have any other options Shakespeare - 4 - disastrous initial team selection and formation. Why he ever persevered with 4-4-2 when it has proved so useless this season, I don't know. Why he stuck with it last night for so long, I don't know. Why he played Iheanacho, when the only attacking success this season (Okazaki) was on the bench, I don't know. I would have given him a 3, but for the fact that he did (eventually) go to 3-5-2, tried the Wing Back formation and got some reward for it. I so hope he starts with that system for Swansea, otherwise, bye-bye Shaky!