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  1. Outfox the Fox

    Allardyce gone - Shaky, Walsh and NP available?

    Just been announced that the PSV guy, Marcel Brands, is replacing Walsh. He takes up the DoF post on 1 June.
  2. With Allardyce leaving Everton, I guess Shakespeare will now be out of a job. All the talk over the last couple of months, is that Walsh will be replaced as Everton's Director of Football by the PSV Technical Director. Nige already works for the Thais. What are the chances of a return for the 'Triumvirate'?!
  3. Pretty much agree with all that. Probably give Morgan, 3 though - he was no worse than Simpson and Fuchs. I'd give Puel and the Ref, 6. I wasn't going to mark them Cockneys, they just annoy me too much, but I see I have to - so they get 6 as well!
  4. I didn't say all the problems over the last couple of months were down to Puel - the players are as much, if not more, to blame. What I did try to say, is that the performance against Arsenal, was as much down to the players own decisions to play, as Puel's man management / coaching skills. In other words, I don't think HE, "got a performance out of them", THEY thought they'd earn their pay (which they haven't done much recently). Puel simply picked the team to do that. When we were good, I think Puel was lucky (or wise enough) to run with a style of play that won us the League. All the problems started when he decided to change formations and tactics. The fact that he didn't see the effects of that change, or persuade the players of his approach, is the reason we have been so bad for 2 months. For that, he should go!
  5. Agree with all those scores - except (a big exception!) the 8 for CP. I think half that is about right (4) - to reflect the 50% contribution he made to the teams success (the team choice). The other 50% was down to the players simply deciding they've been 'on strike' for too long now and it was about time they put a shift in.
  6. Generally agree with that, except the 1's for Benny & Choudhury (they were better than 1 - but not by much), the 4's for Silva (he was our best midfielder) & Vardy (as ever, he always kept trying), the 7 for Dragovic (he was our best player, but not that good) - and Newquay only now thinking Puel has to go! Hamer - 5 Benalouane - 3 Morgan - 4 Maguire - 5 Fuchs - 5 Mahrez - 4 Iborra - 4 Choudhury - 3 Silva - 5 Diabate - 4 Vardy - 5 Dragovic - 6 (MotM) Gray - 4 Iheanacho - 4 Puel - 2 West Ham & Referee - 5
  7. Outfox the Fox

    Marco Silva?

    OK. You and Cardiff Fox are right though - Laurie Whitwell in the Mail, John Percy in the Telegraph and Stuart James in the Guardian are the most reliable Journo's for City news.
  8. Outfox the Fox

    Marco Silva?

    It's Laurie Whitwell
  9. Outfox the Fox

    Recent managers poll.

    He is a current Manager - as much in touch with the English game as (Belgian 2nd Division) Pearson or (French League) Ranieri! He's also younger than Claudio (admittedly only by 6 months!).
  10. Outfox the Fox

    Recent managers poll.

    None of the above! Martin O'Neill is the only Manager in recent years who deserves to be chosen.
  11. Hamer - 4 - never looks a safe pair of hands Albrighton - 4 - worked hard, but no full back and Puel should know that (it's his fault for playing him there) Morgan - 3 - way past it now Maguire - 4 - the worst game I've seen him have Chilwell - 4 - a crap first half (3), marginally better in the second (5), but Palace (McArthur) always had the beating of him Mahrez - 4 - in his head, he's on the plane to somewhere nice next season Ndidi - 4 - worked hard but as clumsy as ever Choudhury - 4 - tried, but out of his depth today Gray - 3 - useless, a waste of space, I hope Spurs don't see this game Iheanacho - 5 - should never been taken off, only player who seemed to give a shit in the first half Vardy - 5 - tried and tried, but had no touch at all today Silva - 3 - as for Gray, but in his case I hope the Portugese manager wasn't watching (or any potential club managers who might be prepared to give us what we paid for him) Diabate - 5 - did make some difference Dragovic - 5 - as for Diabate, why Puel prefers the old man is anybody's guess Puel - 2 - FOR GOODNESS SAKE GO !
  12. Outfox the Fox

    Name a better option than puel

    Puel got the boot from Southampton because he only got 1 win in the final 8 games of their season. Sounds familiar?!
  13. Outfox the Fox

    Name a better option than puel

    An article by Matt Hughes in the Times today (can't link to, because of the paywall), points out Southampton players' misgivings about Puel last season. "5 Senior players are understood to have made their feelings known to the Board about Puel's tactical rigidity" (my highlighting). I would agree with that, he just can't seem to set the team up right against any opponents - hence the fact that we are so crap in the first half. He does make changes at, or soon after, half time, but I wonder if that's just panic, or someone like Appleton pointing out what's needed? He also seems to find it impossible to relate to people - the players and the media.
  14. Pretty much agree with those scores FIF. Your comment that, "it was our best performance in a while", is accurate - but the 'while' can only refer to our home games - we have put in a few decent shifts away from home. Goodness knows how CP manages to cock it up so well at the KP!
  15. I think you're pretty much spot on there Dicky. I might give Kasp a 5, but I would give Big Wes a 3 - probably the worst match I've seen him play for us. He really is past it and I can't understand why Claude keeps picking him ahead of Dragovic. For that reason and once again, tactical ineptitude in not adjusting the team quickly enough after going 2 down, I would give Puel 4. I still can't make my mind up if I want him to go.