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  1. Sorry, yes he did come on at 60 mins. Of course he set up Mahrez for his goal, timed at 62 mins. A great assist, a well taken goal and overall he made a big impact in that 30 mins. I wonder if he'll get the nod ahead of Shinji, on Sunday?
  2. I agree with those ratings (and comments), but I would add:- Maguire 7 as strong as ever Chilwell 6 so good at going forward, but still naive in defence. Entirely at fault for the Albion goal Vardy 8 don't EVER sell him, without him (whatever formation we play) we'd be lost. To agree with Lampard on MotD, without doubt he has scored the Goal of the Season Albrighton 7 SO much better than Gray, although he can never be a wingback (as has been proved in the last few games), he brings so much to our attack Iheanacho 7 although only on for 15 mins, he completely changed the game for us. Some sublime touches Diabate 6 on for only a few minutes, but had a wonderful run and cross
  3. 2017/18 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    With us battling for 7th place, it doesn't look like they'll get chance this season. Obviously, Diabate's playing regularly and Barnes has had chances, but it's such a shame that Thomas and Hughes haven't had 1st team opportunities, they look close to Premier standard now and have had fair experience of professional football in League 1 and National League.
  4. Schmeichel - 6 - hardly anything to do Amartey - N/A - simply not on long enough Morgan - 5 - worked hard, but past it now. Bring back Dragovic ASAP. Maguire - 7 - MotM. Everywhere. Fuchs - 6 - best match for a while (even though he's as past it as Morgan is) and an infinitely better defender than Chilwell. Should never have been taken off. Ndidi - 5 - good defensively (if only he could tackle cleanly), but other than 'shoot on sight', hasn't got a clue going forward James - 4 - a total waste of space. The New Andy King. Silva - 4 - as for James (except we paid BIG money for him) Mahrez - 6 - saviour again, but if only he passed a bit more Albrighton - 5 - 6 for his midfield / attacking role, 4 for his defensive one. He can't defend to save his life. Vardy - 6 - without him we're totally lost Chilwell - 5 - as for Albrighton Iheanacho - 5 - tries and has some ability, but seems totally lost when he has to think about what to do Diabate - 6 - once again, we looked so much better when he came on. He really does give us impetus, but is still not (yet) a 90 minute player Puel - 3 - for the first time, I'm starting to think he's not the answer for us. Seems at a total loss to correctly choose and set up an effective team for any match
  5. Schmeichel - 7 (Looked more assured than he did on Wednesday) Simpson - 7 (A much better bet than Amartey) Dragovic - 7 (Capable and surefooted, without being dominant) Maguire - 8 (MotM - The best player on the pitch) Fuchs - 6 (Left back is becoming a bit of a problem position - Fuchs is better than Chilwell, but not by much) Albrighton - 7 (As hard working as ever) Ndidi - 7 (If only he could deliver a better pass) Silva - 7 (He can deliver a better pass, but doesn't have Ndidi's energy) Diabete - 7 (8 for the first half and for 15 minutes in the second; 5 for the rest) Iheanacho - 7 (What a difference from the pre-Christmas Nacho) Vardy - 7 (The main man when it comes to impact, again) Gray - 5 (He just isn't at the same ball game as everyone else) James - 7 (A difficult choice between him and Silva for that second central midfielder - I would like them both to start against Man City, at Diabate's expense) Okazaki - 6 Puel - 8 (He went for exactly the same starting XI I would have gone for, after Everton, but didn't make the right subs at the right time)
  6. Schmeichel - 3 Amartey - 4 Dragovic - 3 Maguire - 4 Chilwell - 2 Albrighton - 3 Ndidi - 3 James - 2 Gray - 2 Okazaki - 2 Vardy 4 Diabete - 5 (MotM!) Iheanacho - 4 Fuchs - 3 Puel - 4 Got to have Simpson (Amartey), Fuchs (Chilwell), Silva / Iborra (James), Mahrez / Diabete (Gray) and Iheanacho (Okazaki) in for Swansea.
  7. Schmeichel - 7 Amartey - 7 Dragovic - 7 Maguire - 9 (MotM) Chilwell - 7 Mahrez - 8 Ndidi - 8 James - 7 Albrighton - 7 Okazaki - 7 Vardy - 8 Gray - 6 Silva - 7 (although only on for a couple of minutes, a great pass for Riyad's goal) Puel - 8 Watford - 6 (they weren't that bad - Silva's been badly dealt with by the Club) Ref - 8 (I agree with Aus Fox, he was very good - if you don't really notice Refs, it's a positive sign!)
  8. Jakupovic - 7 (a far safer pair of hands than Hamer, if only his kicking was better) Amartey - 6 (still looks lost out at right back) Dragovic - 7 (getting better and better, a real threat to Wes) Benalouane - 7 (if only he didn't get those rushes of blood to the head and clatter opponents so badly) Mahrez - 8 (MotM. Head and sholders the best player out there and the most talented player we've had for years) Iborra - 7 (works hard, a great attacking threat, but can be too slow and cumbersome, especially when covering the defence) Silva - 7 (a work in progress, obviously very skillful, but yet to adapt to the English game) Gray - 7 (a 'poor mans Mahrez'. Like Silva, a work in progress, but very skillful and a great prospect for the future. If only he can 'sort his head out' and apply himself better) Iheanacho - 7 (6 for his first half display, 8 for his second and taking his goals so well) Slimani - 6 (5 for his first half, can't be bothered attitude; 7 for his quality of passing and second half effort) Albrighton - 7 (he really settled the team when he came on, without pulling up any roots) Vardy - 7 (he did really worry the Fleetwood defence the whole time he was on) Okazaki - 6 (quiet for Shinji)
  9. Schmeichel - 7 Amartey - 8 Dragovic - 8 Maguire - 9 Chilwell - 6.5 Mahrez - 9 (MotM) Ndidi - 9 James - 8 Albrighton - 7.5 Okazaki - 7.5 Vardy - 7.5 Fuchs - 7 Gray / Iborra - N/A Puel - 8 Chelski - 4 Ref - 4
  10. The Oldham Checkatrade game has been rescheduled for next Wednesday (17 January), 7.30 KO.
  11. Don't agree with a 2 for Benny at all. He was probably our MotM; he's the only one of our players who showed any quality (except in passing!), passion, or desire to do well. Silva probably doesn't deserve a 6. King is just a total waste of space now. Otherwise, I think those scores were pretty spot on. My edited scores:- Benalouane - 6 King - 3 Silva - 5 Okazaki - 5 Albrighton - 5 Iheanacho - 3 Puel - 4
  12. 5's for most, but a few significant exceptions:- Schmeichel - 4 Dragovic - 3 Ndidi - 6 and probably MotM for us (!) King - 3 Mahrez - 6 Albrighton - 6
  13. Albrighton

    Yeah, I'm sure he will be right wing back against Watford and I think he'll do well there. So much so, I reckon we could see him as a regular there, if CP decides to go with wing backs and 3 central defenders at any point.
  14. Agree with all those ratings, other than Schmeichel. I would have given him a 7, but have to go for a 6 for his constant punching and poor kicks. Albrighton MotM again.