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  1. That’s shut my nephew up who’s a Gooner. what a result. Great goal by Vardy and great ball in by Under. I’m really impressed by Fofana tho. what a player he’s going to be.
  2. When will we learn to stop keep passing it around our own box and attack teams instead. no drive or hunger from them today apart from Castagne. Fofana looked good but we need to be doing better. can see why Slim hasn’t played much for us. he was sh@t since coming on.
  3. Need to change it up now. this isn’t working and we’re running out of time
  4. Need to go four at the back and get another attacker on. id bring Under on and push Parez in the middle. West Ham have done their homework and keeping our play compact centrally which is taking Barns out the game
  5. Game over. tactics and formation all wrong today
  6. What a goal. we’re going to win the league
  7. We get it in the final third then just play it back all the time. no movement by any of them
  8. This is going to be very painful and feel Man City have at least another 2-3 goals the way we are camping on our own box. so negative and showing them to much respect. Keep passing it back and around our box is asking for trouble
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