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  1. We would have made top four easily if we hadn’t had the injuries to key players all season. so the club is going in the right direction. the team we have got we need to add strength in depth to cope with injuries and players out of form. however to loose someone as talented as Youri would be a big lose and definitely weeken the team. Bringing in Soumare is to add that extra depth and can’t be a replacement for Youri. so if he does go then we also need to find a replacement for him on top of the signings we’re going after and does the club have the funds to cove
  2. Was there for the taking and we fooked it up. we lost the game when little Wes went of and we lost the midfield battle with Ndidi in defence. can’t believe Spurs went all out to help Chelsea out. watch Spurs go all out to get Rodgers now and without Champions league we’re never going to get players like Gosens. being so close to the top 4 again to loose out on the last day again is gutting but we’ve had a good season and lifted the FA cup. with out all the injuries I think we would have definitely made top 4. role on next season and we go
  3. We’ve lost the midfield now Nidi gone to defence
  4. I am BUZZING. feel sick with excitement. get in. foxes till I die 💙
  5. Can we really see players like Gosen wanting to sign for us with no top 4 and playing like a Sunday pub team.
  6. Absolute embarrassment. not one player gives a crap about our club and just here for the pay check. you would like to think they would want to show they are good players but based on that performance they are a joke and a bunch of bottlers. if Maddison never plays for us again I’d be happy. top four gone and no chance of winning the FA cup. im fuming
  7. Every player and Rodgers need to hang the heads in shame. Complete bottle jobs and an embarrassment to Leicester city football club. No desire or hunger from any of them. They are a fooking joke. We’re not going to get another win this season playing like this and the players don’t give a shit. Waste of a season
  8. Rodgers getting ready for the Spurs job and we’ve bottled the top four spot AGAIN. What a waste of a season getting up there just to throw it all away and have learnt nothing from last year. Rodgers can’t defend this and not one player can say they have put in even an average performance. Total embarrassment
  9. Well we are not coming back from this playing like that. Bottled the top four again after Rodgers gave the speech that their mental strength was so much better this year and they have learnt a lot from last years collapse. Not one player has put a shift in today and can’t even do the basics right. top four has gone and if we play like this against Chelsea then the cup dream has gone to. total embarrassment. Newcastle want it more.
  10. HOW TO BOTTLE THE TOP 4 AGAIN. We are playing crap and don’t deserve to be in the top four with performances like this.
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