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  1. Nacho Nacho Man. What a result and could have been more. Up to 2nd in the league.
  2. How much time and space do we want to give Brighton. We have the ball and they are closing us down straight away but we give them all the time in the world. No urgency from any of them and just jogging round the pitch. No ideas going forward and no one making runs. We look lost out there. We’ve made Brighton look good. 3 at the back doesn’t work. Rodgers needs to change it up at half time and give them a kick up the ass otherwise we won’t even make the top 6 at this rate. All ready kissed goodbye to the top 4.
  3. And here begins our slide out the top four like we did last season. As yet again we didn’t strengthen in Jan.
  4. Why do we always fook around with it at the back and allow them to come on to us then give the ball away to easy.
  5. Again. We failed to strengthen in Jan and it’s costing us. they look tired and ran out of ideas. allowed them back into the game and they’ve punished us.
  6. Was always coming. we’re sitting so deep and allowing them into are half to much. giving away silly fouls.
  7. Why didn’t we play a full strength team from the start and get the lead then rest players. nothing more then we deserve the way we are playing.
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