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  1. FoxSince88


    His finger looks a bit weird
  2. FoxSince88

    Third Kit Released

    Just been and got the shirt for my lad, not sure on the blue on the shoulders other than that it’s spot on
  3. FoxSince88


    Went to the 3 pm tour with the kids. Hosted by “John” very knowledgeable and fancies himself as a comedian judging by the 90 minutes we had with him. Kids loved it, no trophy room, no access to the tv studio looking on to the pitch though
  4. FoxSince88


    Off to the stadium for the tour this afternoon. Looking forward to it for the kids mainly.
  5. I’m having the usual crap from them as the car is registered to the enemy she wants it sorting so i am claiming I cannot guarantee who was driving at that time .... they aren’t buying it
  6. Got one today And it looks like they have caused damage to my window wiper.... do I send them an invoice and report them to the police for the damage?
  7. Kasper, Fuchs Maguire & Riyad in the squad
  8. FoxSince88

    The richest footballer

    He doesn’t seem to have much personal wealth
  9. I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 74 seconds