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  1. good goalkeeping for the two 1v1's.. their (REM) goalie was quick to come out and close down the space making it hard for the strikers. The OHL goalie made a mistake for REM's second.. was bad positioning and found himself in no mans land.. he could neither close their striker down or hold his goal line.
  2. Reckon he'll be quality once he settles in.
  3. Glad I waited 2 weeks for that... Not
  4. building a brick wall on the pitch should do it :))
  5. I really hope so.. I read it as he'd returned for another loan.
  6. more fight in the last few seconds than i've seen all match
  7. this ^^ not a penalty..play should have been pulled back for the foul on Ricardo
  8. 177 minutes played.. 4 goals... 2 assists https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/teams/leicester-city/top-scorers
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