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  1. I came out in roughly the same position as Gandhi 😇 Edit: I wonder how Gandhi got round to taking the test though?
  2. Isn’t that just because anyone living in a Tory constituency now won’t have the option to vote Brexit as there won’t be a candidate. So if pollsters ask such a person who they will vote for, anyone who would have said Brexit will now probably say Tory.
  3. I thought the Liverpool Man City match was highly entertaining
  4. I have always had concerns about the viability of lithium ion based electric vehicles since an exploratory venture a few years ago trying to sell electric bicycles. The batteries only lasted 3 to 5 years and were quite expensive. I always wondered how electric car manufacturers would be able to handle this issue which would be on a much greater scale for a car. If this guy is correct, then they really haven’t. The point he makes about using the heater is also something I hadn’t considered. Presumably this could be quite a significant drain on the battery in cold climates. Equally here in Oz, air conditioning. Also, is there sufficient lithium to entirely replace petrol driven vehicles? I don’t know the answer. Any green technology must be assessed based on the lifecycle impact on the environment, anything else is simply fooling ourselves. I’m sure there is an answer to a replacement for fossil fuel technologies but we have to be very careful to ensure that we have the right tech. For me, my hopes would be along the lines of assuming the development of a new cheap, clean source of energy (nuclear fusion perhaps or later generation, safe fission reactors), and considering how that energy can best be deployed for transport. Perhaps in this situation lithium ion, with 100% recyclability of the lithium content might have a part to play, or perhaps hydrogen. Again, I’m no expert. In the short term, as they say, I got nothing, but hopefully others have.
  5. This has got to be the worst implementation of VAR anywhere in the world, in any competition. So inconsistent. The VAR office should be manned by an independent set of ex refs, or possibly international officials to stamp out any hint of bias and restore a sense of fairness. How could they possibly have looked at the Soyuncu incident and not ruled it an infringement? The only possible explanation is that perhaps they saw something else, offside or something. It would help if there was a word of explanation on the big screen.
  6. Maybe language barrier, off his patch, etc
  7. I think he’s more hard Boris than anything.
  8. Yes, but they ceased to be available to those who came after who needed affordable housing.
  9. Seems to me that this was what created the affordable housing issue at the first place. Thatcher flogged off the council housing stock to those who happened to be the current occupiers in a sort of bizarre lottery. Who’d have guessed that this would lead to a shortage of cheap housing for those who came after? (Yes, I am being sarcastic).
  10. This is the sort of thing that worries me. Hundreds of thousands of Granma & Grandad ordinary people salting away a little to help support them in their old age (including me). Such policies would mean a collapse of the private housing market and likely make housing issues worse.
  11. I have no issue with people getting rich, especially if they have done something exceptional to achieve it. But what is rich? 10m? 50m? 100m? At some point wealth becomes less about financial security or even about providing for your extended family’s security, it becomes about power. At this point the super rich can and do, game the system. This is done in a huge variety of ways, forming monopolies, use of lobbyists, control of the media, control of the financial system, old fashioned corruption and bribery of politicians, to name just a few. This seems to be happening more and more as wealth accrues to an ever smaller percentage of the population. For me this is the real issue, and one that seems pretty much impossible to tackle.
  12. I’m not really sure I am on the left these days. I can’t really abide political correctness, and don’t really want Jeremy Corbyn in power (nothing personal against him but find his demonisation of landlords dangerous, particularly as one of my few retirement investments is a rental property). I find gender and identity politics (or whatever it’s called these days) quite baffling.
  13. Celebrate might be too strong a word. I wouldn’t be arsed to go for drink or anything, but certainly won’t shed a tear. They have (IMO) had, in their own ways, an exceptionally malign influence on the course of history. Perhaps I am weird.
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