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  1. WigstonWanderer

    Nahitan Nandez

    Actually the horses head might do better than our current midfield
  2. WigstonWanderer

    The OH Leuven Thread

    I think he was joking
  3. WigstonWanderer

    The OH Leuven Thread

    He meant that it’s fixed/corrupt, players or management bribed
  4. WigstonWanderer

    What's in the news?

    Sounds like a pretty worthless poll to me. In fact polls seem to be so much bullshit these days.
  5. WigstonWanderer

    Who do you want January 2019

    Must admit that’s what I thought, but didn’t he play in a 4 in the recent Euro nations tournament?
  6. WigstonWanderer

    What's in the news?

    I can only suppose that voters were allowed to pick more than one option. Very misleading.
  7. WigstonWanderer

    Vaping ban

    I smoked from around 1971 to 1987, probably 20 to 30 per day. After being asked not to smoke in the office due to one of the guys in there having a lung condition, I gave up cold turkey. It was amazingly easy once I convinced myself that I would never smoke again. The thinking was that just cutting down is simply prolonging the agony and doomed to failure. Anyway, that worked for me until about 2009, when under a certain amount of personal pressure I ended up rolling my own. I did that for about 3 years before switching to electronic cigarettes containing nicotine. The switch was quite easy but I started to get a bit of a cough. Not sure if this was the electronic cigs or the roll ups and I just hadn’t noticed earlier. Anyway, after a couple of years of that I gave up again and haven’t touched a real or electronic one since. Again, it was surprisingly easy. In summary I believe the electronic cigs can help to kick smoking as a stepping stone, but I’m not entirely convinced that they are harmless. I still have the cough to this day, and have just seen a doctor about it. CT scan says I have nothing wrong though.
  8. WigstonWanderer

    What's in the news?

    https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/brexit/8248790/theresa-may-violence-streets-brexit-reversed/ Has anyone else seen this article in the Sun? It depicts a chart supposedly showing the results of a poll about the popularity of various Brexit alternatives. It has been widely quoted on Sky News as showing 28% of people support a No Deal Brexit, the most popular option of any of the ones offered. I must be missing something because the sum of all the options adds to well over 100%, even if you eliminate the “don’t knows”. I wonder if the Sun understands what a percentage is?
  9. WigstonWanderer

    Leonardo Jardim

    But that’s just it, it’s not a public facing role.
  10. Haha, as I say I’m only going on what I’m reading here. I’m over here in Australia, don’t have any contacts at the club and am absolutely not ITK. The last person I had any contact with at the club was Bert Johnson, and I was about 9.
  11. From the hints dropped here I’d suggest Albrighton.
  12. WigstonWanderer

    The team of 2016 - those memories

    If only that team could have stayed together one more season for the Champions League whilst also maintaining the togetherness and spirit that got them to that position in the first place. Money and egos got the better of them to some extent.
  13. WigstonWanderer

    Leonardo Jardim

    Always thought Pearson might make a good DoF. Doesn’t seem to be a media facing role, and plays to his strengths such as building club infrastructure, etc.
  14. WigstonWanderer

    Who do you want January 2019

    Maguire isn’t so much overrated. It’s more that he plays much better (and seems to be utilised better) for England.
  15. WigstonWanderer

    Reddit soccer streams to close

    The problem with pay per view, quite apart from possibly reducing PL attendances and detracting from lower leagues, is that the money raised will no doubt mostly go to the clubs actually playing. This will simply result in yet more skewing of income in favour of the big clubs as there are probably 100 times as may Man U supporters as Leicester supportors worldwide for example. It is a conundrum and I don’t know what the solution is.