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  1. He’s seen out the first half of the season without a suspension so now has another 5 yellows I think before that happens.
  2. With Praet out, I’d resist the temptation to risk playing Tielemans.
  3. Probably get slapped down for this suggestion, but if Tielemans were to be injured, with Soyuncu now available, would it be worth experimenting with Fofana as a replacement? Seems to like going forward, is comfortable on the ball, good range of passing, and still young enough to learn new roles. Either that or as someone suggested, JJ.
  4. Really time to start taking this team seriously. Won that with ease. Top 4 a definite possibility. Not Vardy’s best match, but he earns a 7 just by being there. I think Wilf coming back has made all the difference. Superb from Justin & Fofana. Albrighton and Evans as dependable as ever. Maddison starting to clock up a few goals.
  5. Love to see Madders being interviewed. Highly articulate and entertaining, always has something interesting say. Shoe in as a pundit when he’s hung up his boots.
  6. Fine win against a solid side. Hope Vardy is Ok.
  7. Looks like the infection rate has turned the corner . Stick to the lockdown rules while the vaccine is rolled out and you should be on the home stretch.
  8. Haha, my kids, family, friends and wife did suggest it, but so far I have declined.
  9. Whilst acknowledging your original point in the first paragraph, 60 is still surprising young, at least to me. I know when you’re 20, someone aged 60 seems very old, ready to die at any time, and should probably be measured for a coffin, but when you get there it really doesn’t feel like that. Also, if that’s the average, it does mean that there would be quite a few people younger than 60 to balance all the older lot.
  10. Well I’m glad that’s all sorted then. Perhaps someone has some news.
  11. I might have agreed with you years ago, but I do think that the internet has changed everything. It seems to have created a mass of gullible fools who suck up disinformation and are prepared to believe anything, even in the face of facts that directly contradict. This will surely destabilise western democracies that rely on a reasonable consensus. I don’t know what the answer is.
  12. As most of us now view Hitler who was also democratically elected initially.
  13. I think he said 200,000 per day, so 1.4m per week at present but expecting to rise to 2m per week soon.
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