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  1. Nice to see Evans and Maguire in central defence. Chilwell back as well.
  2. One good thing about Johnson being PM is that responsibility for this whole Brexit fiasco will lie exactly where it belongs. If by some miracle there isn’t too much disruption in the short term, and there is a clear consensus that there are significant benefits in the medium/longer term, he will rightly deserve the plaudits for what Sir Humphrey might describe as “bold & courageous action”. I really hope that this is the outcome, but very much doubt it. On the other hand if things are neither much better nor much worse, then he should be held responsible for 3 years of chaos in UK politics for no good reason. If as I suspect there is significant damage to the economy and people’s prospects in the short and the long term, then he will rightly be condemned as the single entity most responsible for the whole debacle.
  3. Are you speaking with inside knowledge or just speculating?
  4. I watched the lot and really enjoyed it. Fell apart when he left though.
  5. So, Tuesday then, you lucky lot get the clown prince Boris as PM. You must be thrilled.
  6. When I saw the first couple of words of your post I thought it was going to be from an OHL supporter saying they didn’t want him
  7. A little bit nervous now. Not sure Soyuncu is ready, Benkovic injured and unknown quantity, don’t want to spend a club record on a replacement. Hope he stays tbh.
  8. I found it very strange. I’d checked earlier that my TV YouTube app was providing an excellent picture for a variety of clips, but for the match it was completely unwatchable. On my iPad is looked quite good, even allowing for the fact it is a much smaller screen. I ended up watching the YouTube broadcast on the TV via a PS4 which was much better but not brilliant. I’ve tried the LCFC website many times on my iPad before and mostly get a reasonable picture, but very jerky, as if at low frame rate.
  9. Be great if those leaches could be put back in their box. I’m surprised football authorities (FIFA, UEFA, FA, PL), etc) haven’t tried to do something.
  10. Give him a couple of years extension. Still young enough to have value for a few years yet. Get shot of Silva & loan out King and James if possible. Amartey is a good all rounder for cover practically anywhere in a more defensive role. I thinks that gives us plenty in defensive and attacking midfield.
  11. Not going to read too much into it, but I thought Soyuncu looked rather uncomfortable out there today.
  12. I seem to get different results with different devices. Currently watching on YouTube on a ps4
  13. Seems to be even shittier quality than the website
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