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  1. The usual “play the man, not the ball” nonsense.
  2. Yes, but you are ignoring the multiplier effect of a totally overwhelmed Health Service, and the collateral damage of the usual caseload that would not have have received appropriate treatment. Also, something that rarely gets mentioned is that for more serious cases, survival often leaves the victim with serious ongoing health problems.
  3. What does it matter what China were saying? They lie, the USA lie, the UK lie, everyone lies. What they actually do is far more important, and by the end of January they had shut down a city of 11 million people and had started building 2 emergency hospitals. That much info was available to anyone with an internet connection. To great powers like the USA and by extension, the Uk, with a trillion dollar spy network, you’d think they’d know a bit more, so to claim ignorance is disingenuous best.
  4. Genuine question for anyone who might have some scientific view, but if the virus only lives for ~ 3 days outside of a host, couldn’t masks be simply kept in isolation for a week or so and then reused, by the same person of course. Obviously there could be bacterial issues I suppose.
  5. I understand what you’re saying, but a great deal more planning could have been done. For example, several firms have reportedly switched production lines to the manufacture of medical equipment (ventilators, PPE, etc). Planning ahead would have ensured that such manufacturers were identified in advance, standards of equipment required agreed, sources of raw materials under pandemic conditions reviewed and a thousand other things that would have made ramping up production easier.
  6. Whilst I agree that a great many people were guilty of not taking this whole issue seriously from the start (FYI I wasn’t one of them), ordinary folk are not in a position to plan for what might happen during a pandemic that many institutions and high profile figures had predicted and for which there was ample warning with SARS, MERS, etc. Governments can be rightly criticised for a lack of planning and for complacency at the start of the crisis.
  7. Reread what I said. Some form of home made face covering until sufficient supplies are available.
  8. Granted, but why was there so little planning for ramping up production quickly in the event of a pandemic? There have been plenty of warnings from near misses like SARS and MERS to various studies, and from people like Bill Gates and others. This really isn’t a case of “who could possible have known?”. This is not just the UK (although they have been particularly slow off the mark), but applies to governments around the world.
  9. The anti mask sentiment in western cultures is absolutely baffling to me. Not to protect the person wearing it, but to protect everyone else. This is particularly important for this infection as it has been known from early on that there is significant asymptomatic transmission, yet we still get so called experts (not referring to anyone here) parroting the party line that you only need a mask if you are sick. Governments could have encouraged the use of some form of face covering in public, particularly in crowded places like tube trains, and shops, whilst simultaneously launching a public information campaign showing how to make simple versions from readily available household materials and how to handle them safely. Asian countries using them consistently are generally coping better than western nations.
  10. Whatever happens now with Brexit, we’ll never know the true cost or benefit. If it all goes sour it will be blamed on Covid 19, and to be fair, the lasting economic effects of the disease are likely to completely swamp any good or bad that Brexit might have brought. It reminds me of the scene at the end of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. After an exhaustive search, the Grail is thought be in the French castle. Forces are assembled to storm the castle and we’ll finally see if the Grail is there... Then the police come in and break up the whole thing.
  11. Not only that you’re potentially spreading the infection further afield by travelling distances, perhaps to places that currently have no infection.
  12. There’s no doubt that the trend overall is no longer exponential thanks to the measures that have been taken.
  13. Is the fifty pound note thing true? Genuine question.
  14. The west needs to get over its cultural arrogance and adopt world’s best practice.
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