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  1. Matt, you may well not have done. You may not have believed that it would be the easiest deal in history to achieve. You may have understood that leaving the customs union might well blow up the Good Friday agreement, and perhaps you were OK with that despite the potentially tragic consequences to people affected. You may also have laughed at the 350m a week dividend going to the NHS and thought what a good wheeze that was, and that it might get your side over the line. Can you honestly say that you speak for everyone who voted to leave?
  2. Even the head bangers are a bit nervous of this one
  3. Quite simply, that’s because there is no sane option for leaving. The referendum was flawed in so many ways, but mostly because it allowed people to vote for an abstract concept instead of a set of concrete proposals.
  4. Just finished watching “Brexit: The uncivil war”. Looks like the British electorate were manipulated like Pavlovian dogs.
  5. Cool it guys or we’ll get this thread locked along with all the others.
  6. You sound like a used car salesman, who having conned you into signing to buy, tells you it’s too late now, you’ve signed up, tough luck.
  7. See this is the problem with Brexit. The decision is irreversible. It won’t matter who is to blame. It is the biggest constitutional change, probably ever. Certainly bigger than the original decision to enter the Common Market. It isn’t like a General Election where if the electorate decides the clowns they voted for aren’t any good they can change them next time around. This is jumping off a cliff edge into the unknown, and all decided by a simple majority after a campaign of lies, delusions and issues like the Irish border that seemingly were hardly discussed. Why on earth is at least seeking ratification of concrete options rather than fantasies so unreasonable?
  8. Surely the only concrete “on the table” options are May’s deal, no deal, and remain. Put all three options on the ballot paper and get people to number them 1 to 3 in order of preference. Redistribute the votes of the lowest polling first choice based on their second preference to get the final decision. In this way you end up with something everyone can live with that is based in the real world, not some deluded fantasy. Many elections are done in the way, it’s got a name, single transferable vote or something.
  9. Depends how you define poverty. That graph seemed to show the percentage of households with below average income if I understood it correctly. Not really the same thing. Poverty to me is if you don’t have enough to cover even basic needs.
  10. For 50 years following the end of the British empire, the UK has punched well above its weight in the world. I believe this whole fiasco from the referendum onwards will finally put paid to that era. There is simply no way out that doesn’t either inflict massive economic damage both short and long term, or result in becoming a rule taker without influence, or result in massive national humiliation. Well done David Cameron, a bunch of right wing fanatics, and a gullible electorate, with special mention to the parliamentary clown sideshow.
  11. If true this is positively Orwellian
  12. Although the sending off was justified I thought Harry was unlucky in the sense that it didn’t look like a deliberate, professional foul. He accidentally clipped Gudmundson’s ankle as he ran across him. Ndidi’s looked like a pen to me.
  13. Not pretty, but a magnificent win. Give Wes another 12 months.
  14. Getting a whole bunch of people to hand over credit card details to a load of dodgy porn sites seems like a bad idea
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