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  1. I’d keep Dan for now but be prepared to sell in January if it’s clear we don’t need him, for his sake as well as ours
  2. The bits I saw were as you say. Just watching the Aussie analysis, and they seem to be saying there was little damage to Biden, so I’ll take that. Trump is fundamentally a bully, so this sort of debate plays to his strengths. Biden probably needs to rise above it somehow and try to put forward more inclusive future. Edit: Yes I get what you’re saying about Biden having to control a stutter. I keep forgetting about that.
  3. So how did it go? I hid behind the sofa.
  4. Only watched a few seconds of this debate, but I can see Joe taking a pounding unfortunately.
  5. Can’t read due to the firewall, but Is it this one? https://news.mit.edu/2020/physics-fusion-studies-0929 "The MIT group is pursuing a very compelling approach to fusion energy." says Chris Hegna, a professor of engineering physics at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, who was not connected to this work. "They realized the emergence of high-temperature superconducting technology enables a high magnetic field approach to producing net energy gain from a magnetic confinement system. This work is a potential game-changer for the international fusion program." I remember reading about this some time ago and then lost track. Sounds like it might beat ITER’s “design by committee” brute force technology.
  6. Show offs Edit: I now Ünderstand
  7. Also Under to come. (Don’t know how to do the umlaut).
  8. Quite liked the look of him in the brief glimpses I’ve seen with us. I don’t think he was injury prone prior to Celtic? Probably not much to lose by loaning out for now and see what happens. Eventually Cags will leave and Evans will retire.
  9. We’ve certainly had nothing to grumble about so far.
  10. Looks like he’s got the same telescopic legs as Wilf
  11. Keep Dan and loan out Benkovic, unless he’s got a longer term injury I suppose.
  12. What a squad we have! Really looking forward to this season now. Just hope we can stave off further injuries and that Covid doesn’t shut the whole thing down again.
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