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  1. Is he on a free? If so, wages can afford to be high, or a signing on fee.
  2. No idea what you’re talking about
  3. Always reminds me of Jean Luc Picard, so I say “make it so”.
  4. Technically that’s true, and there’s certainly room for argument, but I’d expect most leave supporting labourites to have deserted for the Brexit party. Likewise the remaining Tory voters are probably split between Soft Brexit and Remain. Ultimately there is simply insufficient information in these stats to be sure. My main point was that no deal Brexit is still comfortably a minority position in the electorate as a whole, though this is yet to be confirmed in the actual election.
  5. Not really sure what you’re getting at. I’m saying that in practical terms a soft Brexit is way less damaging than a no deal Brexit and that a no deal Brexit, whatever the clamour for Farage is still a minority position with the electorate.
  6. A soft Brexit, whilst having obvious disadvantages compared with current arrangements is unlikely to be anywhere near as damaging as a no deal Brexit. Also the poll figures quoted a couple of pages back from 22nd May only gives UKIP, Brexit and Conservative parties a total of 47%, so I don’t believe your second sentence is true.
  7. A great deal is being made of of polls indicating that Farage’s Brexit party are likely to come first in this election. To me his vote represents the hard core, no deal Brexit types, and at just over a third of the electorate that seems about right from what I can gather. However the actual number of seats to be won in this election is virtually irrelevant, not least because of the whole issue of Brexit hanging over the process. Far more relevant is what can be assessed from the election results overall in terms of the total share of the vote for leave/remain parties. If the polls are anything to go by, this appears to give a significant majority in favour of a soft or no Brexit. It also shows a clear majority voting for parties supporting a second referendum. A no deal Brexit would truly be the tail wagging the dog - to destruction.
  8. If you’re a Farage voter then perhaps there’s a good reason you’re not being listened to.
  9. So apart from that then he’s OK?
  10. Make or break season this year in that regard I believe. Exciting prospects, but fail to make top 6 and I think we could be struggling to hold on to our best young players.
  11. Hmmm Reading through this thread after the Ajax/Spurs match ..... Can’t accuse them of bottling that one. Every bit as big a come back as Liverpool.
  12. I know what you mean but that’s a little harsh
  13. Improving with every match now
  14. Beating these would give us a good chance of finishing eighth which, excluding the miracle season would keep up the run of finishing higher each season.
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