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  1. No great fan of the Tory government, but when they declare a one party state I’ll start worry about totalitarianism. In the meantime I will accept that these measures are justified as a necessary response to a health crisis that is unprecedented in living memory. Here in Australia, early, very strong measures have resulted in the ability to live virtually unrestricted lives for most of the last year. Of course the UK is different, and the same strategy was perhaps never a viable proposition, but it’s clear that not doing anything is simplistic and naive. How this can be compared to
  2. Surely even you must feel that these are exceptional circumstances.
  3. Sounds like it’s a very small chance. Also wouldn’t you just get a confirmatory PCR test to get the all clear.
  4. I think the original post was about lateral flow tests.
  5. I take it that that means that 20% of the positive results received are false, and not that 20% of tests done yield false positives? There is obviously a huge difference.
  6. Yeah, now I’m in my mid sixties the policeman all look much younger too Alf
  7. Sorry mate, I’m not trying to insult or denigrate you, I just wish you’d focus your obvious intelligence in a less conspiratorial assessment of the evidence you say you are uncovering. Dropping dark hints of shady goings on behind the scenes is really not helpful. That isn’t to say that both the UK government and SAGE might not be guilty of mushroom management with the public where they think they can get away with it, and of course, as you say, science involves questioning of generally accepted views as I’m sure Einstein and Darwin would attest if they were still here.
  8. No, he goes off and listens to his conspiracy theorist YouTube experts, then comes back here like Moses bearing the tablets of stone, fully convinced that he knows something that the real scientists don’t.
  9. Without Vardy we’ve got very little pace up front, particularly with Barnes out as well. Whatever form he’s in at present he still scares defenders and so makes space for others.
  10. Only saw the “highlights” of the Brighton Everton match, but toffees hardly featured. Don’t think they are likely to go on a run.
  11. I’d certainly like to hear public apologies from those involved, an acknowledgment of how seriously detrimental this incident has been to the club’s prospects this season, and a recommitment to work hard to further the club’s aims. In short, I (as a fan) want to be convinced that they are genuinely contrite, and that they intend to put the club first in future. If they really aren’t bothered (as this incident seems to suggest), they can fvck off when a suitable offer comes along. I’d rather have fully committed, hard working players than overpaid, arrogant prima donnas spoiling the
  12. Really very sorry to hear that. Condolences to you and your family. Very unlikely to be a million to one chance if there were 2 such tragedies in one office. Either something else is responsible or the vaccine needs even more examination. Authorities need to be scrupulously honest or confidence in vaccination will wane.
  13. No, it’s not stupid. It’s disrespectful of both Rodgers and the club. That’s what grates with me. And at such a crucial time in the final push towards top 4, with the biggest match of the season so far coming up next. It just shows a complete lack of commitment. Players do not have to be fans of the club they play for, but they are paid large amounts to be wholly committed to the cause during their time on contract. They need to be invested in the project for the club to achieve anything, and this incident makes me question whether this group of individuals are bothered about much
  14. It really does seem that he doesn’t give a shit. Very disappointed in his attitude. Honestly, if a decent offer comes along I really think we should sell and roll the dice on someone else.
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