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  1. Agree, but seem to remember being happy with last summer's as well
  2. Definitely need to lose a few and free up some wages
  3. What an appropriate name for a modern footballer
  4. Thought he worked hard today and looked dangerous quite aside from the goal
  5. He's contacted the club and seems confident of getting some tickets so I'm leaving it to him. I did get a kind offer of a couple of tickets from a member here, but there's a bunch of them would like to go now.
  6. In terms of game management I think Shakey pretty much gave up on the idea of a win when he brought on AK. Perhaps he had the Spurs game in mind, where going balls out for the win was heavily punished. Can't think of any other reason he wouldn't give Barnes a tryout. Perfect (and missed) opportunity. Shame.
  7. Injured
  8. But wouldn't you be doing that anyway?
  9. Didn't Liverpool have to back off recently though after Soton complained?
  10. Are they allowed to do that? I thought that's tapping up? Edit: Didn't see your post Trav
  11. TBH I don't think this is saying much. Probably means he won't be rocking the boat, but would leave if an offer came in from a suitable club.
  12. Is there any way we could get Zaha from Palace? Thought he looked really good against Liverpool. Strong, quick and skilful. Good combination.
  13. Value of African players should rise if this goes ahead
  14. Haha, why not? I seem to remember the very idea of Vardy being considered for England was laughed out of court here when first suggested. Too early to say though. I just hope his knee holds out for him.