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  1. Not sure it would be a good idea to play Tielemans in this one. He played well on Wednesday but too many matches doesn’t seem to suit him. Maybe go 442 to avoid needing him given the injuries. Even try Barnes in the ACM role.
  2. Glad for our sake that the scousers won, but fair play to Wolves. From what I saw they put up a much better fight than our pathetic surrender.
  3. Isn’t that what I said though? Traditional conservatism has been replaced by a modern right wing. Sorry mate, you guys own him. You aligned yourself with him most recently just a few posts ago.
  4. In this case I was quoting an article referring to Trump. It is certainly true that the UK is acting much more responsibly than the US or indeed Australia. We have yet to see if Johnson will pursue a similar path to his predecessors.
  5. It’s a shame that more traditional “conservatism” which I believe valued the environment has been replaced by a modern right wing that simply views it as fair game for the worst excesses of big capital.
  6. Reminds me of the old joke about the guy who falls off a roof and as he passes the 5th floor window is heard to say “so far so good”
  7. As someone who was getting a little frustrated with Barnes, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see him playing with confidence and tearing up opposition defences. A bit nervy during the first 15 mins of the second half, but otherwise completely in control. In that period they pressed much harder, and we really don’t seem to like that. I think I’m right in saying that being pressed hard is the common theme in the Norwich, Liverpool, Man City and Southampton matches. Need to somehow address this problem or risk getting worked out. Great win and right back on track for top 4. Their penalty was ridiculous. 50/50 ball and their knees clashed, why blame one player over the other?
  8. To save reading back this whole thread, can someone just sum up the outcome
  9. As the sound of hub caps roll off into the distance, I’ll try to concentrate mostly on the positives. Firstly, no real damage done due to results elsewhere. Secondly, a much improved performance compared with Southampton. Burnley defended well and took their chances and we didn’t (we had plenty). Pope had an outstanding match to keep them in it. Harvey Barnes not only scored but looked more confident and involved in the match. Finally, what a player we have in Ricardo! Despite all that, in comparison with some of the spectacular performances in the first half of the season we are starting to look very ordinary. On recent showing I’d be surprised if we managed more than 1.5 points match, to total ~ 67 points which wouldn’t have been enough for a top four finish last season. I think it might be touch and go.
  10. Maddison should have struck that first time
  11. Barnes should be used sparingly as a sub until he’s showing better form
  12. Don’t think Barnes should be starting, for the sake of his own confidence as much as anything.
  13. Barnes looked completely lost against Saints and needs to be taken out of the firing line
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