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  1. Oops Accidentally left Vardy, Maddison and Gray on default setting of 5.
  2. WigstonWanderer

    Huddersfield H post match thread 3-1

    The starting 11 was actually not that far from the 3421 that many would like. Just swap Ghezzal for Ricardo and play Amartey as RCB. Plenty of cover for most positions except maybe Vardy (Gray?), Chilwell (Fuchs?), Maddison (Shinji, Gray, Ghezzal?). Loads of options at CB and midfield. Marc to cover for Ricardo.
  3. WigstonWanderer

    Huddersfield H post match thread 3-1

    Fair play to Puel for finding a way to get Vardy, Nacho and Maddison into what I thought looked like a bit of an imbalanced dog’s breakfast of a teamsheet when I saw it, but it seems to have worked well. I still think that 3412 would be a more elegant solution, but what do I know.
  4. WigstonWanderer

    Huddersfield (H) Match Thread

    Well I’m starting to get a bit worried for this season
  5. WigstonWanderer

    Premier League Thread 2018/19 stuff it in here.

    Presumably this includes all the transfers such as Slimani who is no longer in the squad.
  6. Pearson losses should be 19, not 9 I think.
  7. Pearson stats aren’t showing on my iPad.
  8. Improbable maybe, but surely not a fluke to win by 10 points. Not the right word. BTW where are Pearson’s stats?
  9. WigstonWanderer

    Lovely English referees

    I didn’t think either were fouls. Just being strong.
  10. WigstonWanderer

    Huddersfield (H)..up next!

    Hmmm.... I seem to remember similar being said about Palace last season.
  11. In the title season he seemed to see everything and change things up to counter. Almost infallible it seemed.
  12. WigstonWanderer

    Lovely English referees

    Yellow cards are not reviewed by VAR, only reds. Not sure about a second yellow. I don’t think they are officially within the remit, but presumably the ref can ask for advice.
  13. WigstonWanderer

    Ricardo Pereira

    Honestly Rose and Walker are much better defensively than our pair.
  14. WigstonWanderer

    Nacho man assist appreciation thread

    The only thing that mitigates against this is that it would be difficult to shoehorn Gray into a starting spot. Got to say that, at least at the moment, that isn’t much of a loss.