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  1. I'd say that's being pretty harsh on the MLS haha
  2. Ha I thought that as soon as I saw it happen.
  3. Sorry that is never a foul by Lindelof. You've been absolutely brainwashed by diving if you genuinely think that contact was unfair.
  4. Imagine quoting such a long article @Abrasive fox! haha We have been disappointing going forwards for me, we've struggled massively to do anything of note in the majority of first halves. Definitely got to improve on this aspect, I think Brendan is probably looking to find the right balance, preferring defensive solidity and then ramping up the attack gradually. That's certainly evident in our games so far. They're poor stats and he's right that eventually it'll catch up with us if we don't improve on it. I feel pretty comfortable that we will see a rise in chances created as the season progresses though. As long as we don't keep playing Maddison on the left wing.
  5. Pretty happy about an 8pm kick off personally. Will be a good way to end a day on the beer.
  6. Yeah, don't worry yourself over stuff like this, right. Life will seem less of a struggle, yeah. Ipso facto, less stress received.
  7. I find it quite funny that nobody really cares, but because of how social media works you've got 5% of people pretending to care, 75% of people who sound like they care because they say that 5% of the people care 20% who manage to not care *figures entirely fictional. ^ this is aimed at the whole Maddison thing.
  8. Are you saying you would have preferred that he let Salah stroll on through. I assumed every football person would have expected him to make that challenge and take the yellow for the team.
  9. Your maths is wrong. I find it hard to believe that the odds of not a draw 2/1 If the odds of a draw a 3.75 then the odds of not a draw are most likely to be around 1.35? So if it's a draw you'll bet 20 on a draw to return 55 - 25 up If it's not a draw and you have a 10er it'll return 13.50 - 17.50 down
  10. Getting a chance up front now Maupey has gone. If he can hit 20 goals he'll get a move no doubt.
  11. Derby's chances of going up have just increased!
  12. Fair play, you were there and saw them first hand, i'm just going on what I know myself and friends were like as a younger lads drinking haha. I guess we just play the waiting game and you let me know if you see them on the news chanting Tommy Robinson songs
  13. If they're young lads, they probably just thought it'd be funny to push to boundaries of what's acceptable then rightfully stopped before saying something stupid. I doubt they're gonna be turning up to white supremacist rallies and I don't think it means that there's a long way to go. Most young lads say and do stupid stuff when they're in groups together. Had probably shared a 4 pack of carling on the coach down and were feeling a bit brave haha
  14. Would be good if Son just headbutted him
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