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  1. Haha I did notice that as well. I don't think anyone will begrudge others having a chat about it though. I'm 3 months into using gamstop and still like to have a browse and see what people are on. If I was still a betting man the house would be going on Vardy rustling some jimmies this weekend.
  2. Signed up for it a few weeks ago and have no regrets. Lots of fresh content and quite interesting stories and interviews. If they keep this up it'll be well worth it
  3. So what has this chap Steve Dale done wrong. Struggling to find what he has done wrong himself, he seems to have come in just over a season ago when the club was already looking pretty desperate financially. Can anyone point to any decent articles or posts that explain what he has done in the past year to make matters worse?
  4. I'd love to see how many key chances he created compared to other players. Taking probably 150-200 corners and floating them towards Harry's head must count for a high percentage of the "chances" created last year. I like how he plays and think with improvement he's gonna be a hell of a player at this level. I just find the stats annoying as they don't tell the full story. He's incredibly wasteful on the ball after doing well to get himself into promising positions. I guess it's a bit like Chilly. Absolutely dynamite at getting into promising positions and then you're not sure if they're going to be able to do anything to create a goal. I'd rather have them in the side than not, if/when it does click for them, and a lot of our players in the final third, I can see us blowing a few teams away this season.
  5. Hahah, the way Chrissy Wilder likes his teams to attack, we should get plenty of opportunities to break on them when they inevitably lose the ball. It should be a good game, I've got massive respect for Sheff Utd to be fair, Wilder seems a top bloke and I'm glad he's managed to get a chance in the Prem. He's put together the kind of team you'd love as fan base, much like Pearson did with us
  6. I agree I can see him being replaced if we continue wanting the play football from the back, if he's the man collecting the ball from the defenders then he's going to struggle big time. He just isn't technically good enough or sharp enough to receive the ball under pressure and do anything positive with it. I think that responsibility needs to be taken from him as it's just highlighting a massive weakness that other teams will pounce on. Kanté aside, there is nobody in the league that retrieves the ball and breaks up play like he does. If he's just left to do that then he always looks a hell of a player. Maybe now we have Praet involved, he may be able to take up that position when we're in possession and get the ball moving up the pitch.
  7. Schmeichel Pereira Cags Evans Chillwell Ndidi Praet Tielemans Maddison Barnes Vardy The pace up top will kill them when we counter attack them.
  8. Benkovic looks absolutely class as well. Think he'll probably need a season to get up to the speed of the league and probably tack on a bit more mass. He looks super composed and seems to rarely lose a duel. They're looking like a couple of class buys.
  9. Screw cult hero, he's gonna be a proper hero. It's class seeing the same idiots call out a player that's new to a team or league. They only notice and point out the negatives, completely ignoring all the positives and potential.
  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought this. No doubt as a team we looked better and got on the front foot a lot more. He was really impressive receiving and carrying the ball, but it seemed to go to put when it came to final pass or shot. The same could be said of most of the lads yesterday though. Brains just seemed to melt when we got close to goal.
  11. I'm a bit surprised Maddison is getting as much praise as he is. He seemed to end up with loads of time on the ball on a lot of occasions and corner aside he's killed most of our attacks with a poor pass or shot. Love having him in the team and it's great to have a player that's so positive going forwards. I just didn't think he actually did half as well as he could have and I'm sure he'd agree. Seems to have his head firmly screwed on and will definitely improve this season. My man of the match was easily Pereira, the man's a machine. Just looks so comfortable on the ball and seems to have all the time in the world. We'll do well to hold onto him next summer. First player since Kanté that generally puts in an 8 or 9 out of 10 performance. An off day for him is a 7/10. As an aside, I'm still feeling confident that Barnes will be ahead of Perez in the pecking order by October. Improves the squad but isn't going to significantly improve the first XI.
  12. They're a solid hard working team with some decent players. This is a game where we need to start well, we can't give them early confidence because they will feed off that and just get stronger. We need to fly out the blocks and go to town on them. Praet in for Hamza and Harvey in for Perez for me.
  13. Christ Maddison is being annoyingly shit with the ball
  14. We've got to take advantage of their tiredness second half. They've looked knackered since the first 15
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