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  1. Until I saw he had been demoted so far it didn't make any sense to me. Moving to be number 2 behind a much better keeper than the one he is currently behind seemed really odd. Now I know he's going from number 4 to number 2 then it makes sense.
  2. Wonder if we'll change systems to accomodate this. I would absolutely love Kel to get 4 or 5 games and find some kind of form. Do we go 3 4 1 2 Schmeichel Soy Fofana Evans Castagne Tielemans Ndidi Justin Maddison Barnes Nacho/Perez
  3. Will be interesting to see how we play. God I hope we win some games in this period, just to put to bed the ridiculous notion that we're going to crumble to dust as a club when the irreplacable Vardy leaves.
  4. Who said yesterday that the R rate won't drop below 1 again?
  5. I would imagine cases will drop first, then critically ill, then deaths. So it makes sense to me logically.
  6. Why do the last 2 signings look like they're about disappear from existance?
  7. Really weird one, just seen a tweet that said he's currently 4th choice at Brighton
  8. I thought the same, hes not really playing any differently, the only difference is hes not had a penalty or tap in.
  9. The only reason Allison doesnt touch the ball is cus Barnes literally has to loop the ball out of play. Then he doesnt get touched so basically kicks Allison as he goes down I'm never gonna accept contact = penalty. It's a contact sport and Allison has not impeded Barnes or prevented him from scoring If you're a sky sports bruv type of person, or obviously a standard biased footie fan, then you probably think it's a pen. Not for me though.
  10. Decisions like that really are killing my love of the game, absolutely awful that someone can get a penalty for that and it's just accepted as the norm
  11. Premier league must fancy United to win the league this year as that's never a pen
  12. I'm glad we've seemingly cottoned on to the fact that we're a Maddison/Tielemans injury from mid table.
  13. I think it'll be very gradual up till April, once April/May hits and we start getting better weather, I think we'll see restrictions loosened on a weekly basis. Last year has already shown that transmission is very low in the summer despite people being able to meet up and socialise
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