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  1. Have you seen the state of some of the people in this thread?
  2. Schmeichel Ricardo Soyuncu Evans Chillwell Kante Mahrez Tielemans Maddison Barnes Vardy
  3. I know nothing about boxing but I assumed that Joshua would box sensibly and not take any risks seeing as another defeat would basically end his career.
  4. Not sure what's going on with Benkovic but I don't feel comfortable having Wes as the 3rd choice. Any major injury to Soy or Evans sees us significantly weakened. Would love to hear more from the club on the Benkovic situation as he seemed to be nailing it last year.
  5. We've been doing okay with him in the team... If we want our class young players to develop we need to keep confidence in them and keep playing them. He got man of the match in the last game he played, he's struggling in front of goal, but his link up play is class and he's part of a forward line that's producing a lot of goals and chances.
  6. The collapse starts this week! Salzburg L Watford D Villa L
  7. I wonder if we'll go with a similar formation. If we did rest Tielemans i'd go with a midfield of Ndidi Praet Maddison Barnes
  8. I Klopp is keen to ensure that his squad are based in Europe for most of the pre-season programme and owners Fenway Sports Group will give him what he wants.
  9. There'll be a red in the 2nd half if thats how Oliver if reffing the game. How was that not offside though?
  10. Oh really? Every angle i saw looked like it went straight in off the defender. Good for him
  11. Definitely not Nacho's goal haha What a performance so far all round though, this team is a joy to watch. Villa making a decent game of it to be fair and could score, but were just superior
  12. Go for Praet in for Youri and give him a rest. If Gray is fit I'd give him a pop in front of Perez as well. Chillwell back in for Fuchs if he's over his knock.
  13. Replace Perez with Eric Dier and we'd be no weaker in that position.
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