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  1. Ashley barnes is 9 or 10 years older than Mbappe, I'd probably prefer Mbappe though.
  2. Wow! That's a whole new perspective nobody thought of. Drinkwater was the world class player and Kanté was the plodder that Drinkie made look world class.
  3. Not seen the teams that Klopp puts out in the cups? If we took it seriously we'd be massive favourites in any tie vs Liverpool. Bar maybe a final or semi.
  4. I'd prefer him to react the way he did. I'd love him to be able to go to the ref and ask the referee to explain their decision. Unfortunately the refs feel like they don't have to explain themselves, usually because they pull a decision out their arse and can't justify themselves. It's why the vast majority of football refs will never have the same respect as the rugby refs. When Jarred Gillett was working in the A League, you would very rarely saw the players go mental at him because they knew he would explain his decision making. I hope he can move up and have a similar effect in the Prem.
  5. All we need to do is avoid Man City and hope someone else knocks them out. I fancy us to beat anybody else in the competition.
  6. Ward Justin Soybean Evans Chillwell Hamza Gray Praet Tielemans Barnes Kelechi Maddison and perez on for Tielemans and Barnes around the 60 mark. These have a very good front 3, so i'd like to see a strong defence. Morgan and Fuchs would get battered by these on the counter
  7. How can you lavish praise on me like that and not expect to want to get into the comedy business full time?
  8. How would you have preferred him to act? "Cheers for giving them a soft pen. I don't see why some people have little respect for you, you make fair considered decisions and implement the rules of the game superbly. See you for a beer after the game lad."
  9. We press as a team so much better than him because he can actually run. Fuchs basically plays as a third cb and we can't push up effectively. Still not sure why he dribbles the ball out of play for no reason, but Schlupp did it as well, so it's obviously a skill we look for in left backs.
  10. Keep going lad. You'll have plenty of "fans" that want to write you off and point out your every mistake and weakness. Young lads will have ups and downs. They'll only improve by playing and good coaching. Half the people on here would be proper Pulis managers. Team of grafters that'll give you 10/10 for work rate and 4/10 for actual football ability. Fair play if that's what gets you going.
  11. Hahaha love that, sounds like the kind of answer Nige would give to a stupid question
  12. Oh absolutely. If a young kid bursts onto the scene and looks a class above then it's always worth having a look. I'm sure I read that Walsh suggested Haaland to Everton a few seasons back, I wonder if he was still with us, whether we'd have picked him up at the time like we did with Kapustka. Mbappe and Haaland looked like natural world beaters as soon as they've come into football. So jealous of Dortmund for signing him. I really hope we can become something similar to them if we manage a few seasons of top 4 finishes. I suppose I mean more with players that have been knocking around first team football for a few years at least and suddenly have an incredible 6-12 months. In Piatek's defence, the team he's playing for looks absolute trash at the minute.
  13. Maybe we learn a lesson and don't rush to sign players based on 6-12 months of form? :p Anyone remember Michu?
  14. Pass. We've already wasted £30 million on a bang average forward, let's not do it again.
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