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  1. I think Man City are putting the bravado on to put the pressure on CAS. To get a 2 year ban and then for it to be completely removed would be a joke and seriously undermine UEFA.
  2. Tbh I'd expect Justin's stats to be higher seeing as we spent 20-25 minutes playing against 10 men. Just had a look on whoscored.com, was hoping they'd have pass direction maps. I can't believe how far that site has come since the last time I looked. The amount of stats available are unbelievable! How annoying is Ceballos btw?! I wanted someone to rip that stupid gum shield out of his mouth by the end Can't wait till someone properly flattens him. Horrible diver.
  3. Pass success is such a useless statistic - can't really read anything it. If you pass backwards safely every time you'll have a 100% success rate (unless you're Ndidi) , despite contributing nothing.
  4. If anyone thinks he's meant to kick him in the face there. Close down your account, get off the internet and go for a walk and have a long hard think about how you've ended up the way you are.
  5. That really told me there is some kind of agenda against us. If it was the other way round that was have been scrutinised by VAR and Sky a hell of a lot more. We got 2 replays from one angle which too me looked like kel and their player ran into each other.
  6. The issue is simply players. We don't have enough quality to play the way we want to play and compete with the big teams consistently. Albrighton is just not good enough. Fuchs legs have gone. 2 players that shouldn't be anywhere near the bench, never mind the starting line up. Vardy is a bit of a passenger and I think that him being on the pitch brings down our overall play because we're effectively playing with 10 men. If we want to play this way, we need players that are comfortable dropping deeper and interchaging. I honestly think Iheanacho is the better striker at this point. We need a few older heads with a winning personality. We've got a young squad of tidy players, unfortunately they don't seem to have the collective intelligence to know how to play at certain points of the game. So many times at the end of a game it feels like we have the other team on the ropes and then we seem to slack off and let them off. We need 4 or 5 quality signings to complement what we already have. We also need to get the players off the books that aren't going to contribute to the way we want to play (exceptions being players that seem to be good behind the scenes - Morgan and Fuchs fall into this category). This next 12 months is absolutely huge for us if we do intend to compete with the top 4 for the forseeable future. I think this squad will be good enough to challenge top 8, I don't think we'll be close to the top 4 next season without a lot of quality being added to the squad though.
  7. Wait...what's your point here? The manager basically did that..
  8. Already said above chief. I'm talking in general rather than this specific example. If a company decides to sack someone for the reasons you've said and them alone then that's absolutely fine by me. It's when they feel they have to sack someone due to pressure from twitter warriors that I take issue with. Don't tell people how to do their jobs and don't jump on them just because you disagree with the way they handle a situation. (Just to be clear - I am not directing this at you. I'm directing it at the social media mobs)
  9. Aye I get that, totally willing to accept a company making a decision that somebodies personality/work doesn't fit in with what the company wants or needs. I just hate seeing people sacked because of pressure, rather than for their own reasons. I have so much respect for people and companies that rise above the venom and peer pressure and say "no - this person made a mistake but we're going to stick by them and help them improve".
  10. Let's be honest, there's pricks everywhere. We all work with them. I think it sums up where we are as a society that an organisation is almost forced to seperate ties with anybody that has appeared in a negative story on social media. All they have to do is do nothing for 24 hours and twitter will be angry about something else. It's probably not even a 24 hour news cycle these days. For me, if you are punished and sent to jail and the company doesn't want to stick by you then fair play. I don't think social media should be allowed to be judge, jury and executioner. That's where we are though as a society. I'll never be one to claim someone should lose their job for any other reason than they're bad at their job. People are horrible and much braver in crowds and social media is just one big crowd looking for people to trash and bring down. I also want to make it clear that I absolutely think this woman should be sent to jail, she knows exactly what she was doing. Is that not punishment enough though rather than people trying to ruin every other aspect of your life? Edited to say fair play on the dog thing if she was mistreating it - again, if you have a pet and mistreat it, the animal should be rescued. I've not seen the video in ages so can't actually say whether it was her being a bad owner, or again the adoption agency "being seen to do the 'right thing'"
  11. She should never win in that situation, I don't see how you van blame the police in this instance when she's making a false call saying shes in danger lol. I think you've overthought this one and ended up waaaay off. What I dont get is why she lost her dog or job. I hate how social media smear campaigns cost people their jobs. If you've committed a crime then let the authorities/judges punish you.
  12. strengthening for next seasons u23 league.
  13. If we drop him again I wouldnt begrudge him wanting to leave, he's good enough to be the starting striker for the majority of clubs in this league. His all round play is fantastic. Holds the ball up well, great awareness of his surrounding, fantastic eye for a killer pass and his finishing is top notch. Full exprct him to replace Vardy over the course of the next 12 months.
  14. Nah he's been dog shit. That miss just before Barnes gave him an open goal was horrific haha. Glad he's finally hit it though, just for the team. He's clearly undroppable to Rodgers so best if he's scoring goals. Congratulations! Stocksbridge to the Premier League 100 club. Testament to his character after nearly giving up with us.
  15. At least we spent some time in their half! haha I would be demanding Farke be sacked for this amount of effort in a must win game. Embarassing
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