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  1. That's the worst thing I think i've ever heard. From the point of view of the people running it, it's probably great. I hope fans would boycott the competition completely if that was ever suggested though. I don't think the FA are quite as souless as the Premier league though, just dense and out of touch.
  2. Mark Noble must be gutted he's not in his prime right now. The english choices are basically non-existant Alli and a fit Henderson aside. I imagine Carrick will make the squad if he's fit and we'll probably class Dier as a midfielder rather than a centre back.
  3. Any evidence to back this up? I've never been majorly impressed when I've seen him. I did think he was a great player before I actually saw him play though, just listening to the hype and seeing he's a giant.
  4. "Yeah I know you're a striker Kelechi but this is Leicester, players just play anywhere. We signed Amartey and he basically plays anywhere for us. So anyway, like I say, I know you were a striker at Man City, but we see you as a left wing back."
  5. Really surprised we didn't go in for Tommy Smith from Huddersfield. It's actually mental that we've been relying on Simpson remaining injury free and just plugging gaps when needed.
  6. They've signed Cumdog and McKay haven't they? Two tidy players. Not seen any other action from them though.
  7. Ahhh Moore's the Dave Nugent lookalike then?
  8. Honestly don't know why they'd spend loads on Schmeichel when it's debateable how much difference there is between the two keepers. Kasper is worth more to us than any sensible club would be willing to pay.
  9. Surely it's not about unearthing a hidden gem. It's identifying a player that can come in and do well immediately, or be improved on. Checking out their personality and how they can progress. Whether they're under everybody's nose or hidden in Tahiti, it doesn't really matter.
  10. I don't think being on the same page as @weller54 is necessarily a good thing!
  11. Can we photoshop Stormzy onto the picture instead?
  12. I bet Gray's buzzing for 3 long trips to the north west
  13. Christ, I was really hoping we'd move Leo and Shinji on this summer and bring in improved replacements. We're kind of doing it with Shinji by signing Iheanacho. Seems mad to choose Leo over Slimani though. Regardless of whether Slimani goes I'd have been looking to move Ulloa on and look for a better replacement.
  14. It may as well just be in the main LCFC forum I can't see him moving so it's just a case of debating his use to the team / knocking one out over highlights videos.