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  1. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    The price you pay for letting Jack Kelly fight your case
  2. Pre Match Thread - Liverpool Home (League)

    The thing is already having 3 in the middle, it negates the need to have some mental person frantically running between midfield and attack, we've for the three in there and are matching them up already. If you leave the 3 lads up top, they're not going to commit so many forward, if they do then we will get plenty of attacking opportunities on the break when their attacks inevitably break down against 7 at the back.
  3. Pre Match Thread - Liverpool Home (League)

    That'd actually look half decent if you had Gray and Mahrez either side of Iheanacho or Vardy and let them actually do their attacking job and stay up the pitch instead of being 2nd full backs.
  4. Carabao 4th round draw - Leeds (H)

    "It took Kevin Phillips just a dozen minutes to have his first influence on Leicester's promotion bid and he did not touch the ball in the process. Thrust from the bench for the final quarter of an hour, it was the 40-year-old's canny step-over that manufactured space for his fellow forward David Nugent to poke in a late winner." Indeed indeed! I'm glad I wasn't going crazy thinking he'd had a part in it haha.
  5. Carabao 4th round draw - Leeds (H)

    Absolutely robbed them that game, remember watching it in a pub in Sheffield with a load of Bradford fans. It was a very happy pub when Nuge scored For some reason I thought it was Phillips who scored but maybe he set it up?
  6. Betting Thread

  7. Betting Thread

    I should have known you'd have something to do with this. Did the exact same thing as you haha. First time in 74 games they've failed to win haha
  8. Carabao 4th round draw - Leeds (H)

    Gonna be fun watching us have 35% possession at home to a team a division below us
  9. The Iborra Thread

    Great awareness to knock the ball down to Okazaki
  10. Aye, I'm sure Iborra doesn't just usually boot the ball out of play like he did a couple of times first half as well. Leicester City - the place where football goes to die.
  11. Pre Match Thread - Liverpool Home (League)

    For me it'd simply be a change of formation that renders him unecessary. If we're persisting with 4 4 2 then he seems the only natural option seeing as he drops deep enough to basically make us a 4 5 1/8 1 1 formation.
  12. Pre Match Thread - Liverpool Home (League)

    Would love us to not play that awful formation, 100% confident we will and it'll probably be Schmeichel Simpson Morgan Maguire Fuchs Mahrez King Ndidi Albrighton Okazaki Vardy Have about 30% of the ball and lose 3-1 or 4-1 (Vardy seems to like a goal against these). Then hear how much their squad cost and we can't be expected to compete with a team of such might. It's gonna be a doozie fellas!
  13. Chilly did the most brain dead thing i've ever seen yesterday, since Schlupp graced the pitch for us. Cleverly ran back anticipating a cross, then didn't have the awareness to know he had acres of space to guide a header back to Hamer or let the ball run for a goal kick. So just panicked, tried to head it away and ended up gifting them possession on the edge of our box haha. I expect these kind of errors from young lads getting to grips with the game and don't mind them making them as long as they're given the chance to go out again and improve. If they are given that chance and continue to make the same errors then you can start to question if they're going to cut it. Top notch block to prevent the Ox scoring and looked like one of a few players that had the confidence/ability to try and play football when it actually came to him.
  14. Please please play 4 3 3 or 3 5 2 on Saturday. I can't handle us just sitting off teams and basically playing an 8 1 1 formation. It's awful and going to take us nowhere.
  15. **** this Change it up at half time Hamer Amartey Wes Dragovic Albrighton Ndidi Iborra Chillwell Mahrez Iheanacho Gray