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  1. I find is fascinating that some people think the government should have locked everyone inside for an indeterminate amount of time till a vaccines is ready then expect everyone to pop out there houses with cheery smiles. If you start a lock down with the intention of nobody catching the virus then you have to stay in that state till the virus is no longer a danger right? Nobody died from the virus but half the country opened their wrists after watching Mrs Browns boys live for the 10,000th time.
  2. This thread has been pretty good to see the proper sides of people.
  3. Sounds like youre describing this chap
  4. I imagine the idea is to slow the spread down rather than prevent it completely. Slower rate of spreading gives the NHS more breathing space.
  5. Absolutely loving all the stuff on social media i'm seeing along the lines of "Queuing to get into *shop* I suppose at work, it's the same people. Whereas out in public you could come into contact with hundreds of different people each time. At work, well for me anyway, i'll come into contact with the same 3 or 4 people.
  6. Is it airborne? I was under the impression is was transferred via droplets on surfaces?
  7. I don't see how restrictions and social distancing can last more than a month or two. How does our country and others not just collapse? The sooner we have information on how younger/healthy people react after having the virus is massive surely? If you get it once then recover and can't get it again and therefore can't pass it on to others, surely the best thing to do then would be to catch it, recover and develop immunity? Obviously if you are high risk then you don't go out, same as if you live with someone that is high risk. I must be missing something though as that idea seems to be met with a lot of negativity. Educate me.
  8. Didnt you see string fellows post? Its a war. Where theres war, there's armies. Where there's armies there's tanks. War 101.
  9. I saw one with with them all driving on the right hand side of the road hahah
  10. That's gonna be a blow to the mexican people smugglers
  11. I'd rather take a chance on 406 infected humans than what appears to zombie hybrids developing!
  12. It's interesting isn't it. I'm starting to think that a lock down, especially if it ends up in company's going out of business and hundreds of thousands of jobs lost, will end up leaving a large portion of the country in a state of depression. Which could be far more devastating long term impact on the country. I'd hate to be one of the decision makers at the minute. Whatever choice you make is likely to have fairly serious consequences and the public and media will be looking to batter you, whatever decision you make.
  13. Luckily for them they have the perfect excuse not to!
  14. You must have finally cleaned up on him! Hahah
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