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  1. I find it quite funny how much people underestimate what Puel did for us. We were well on our way to the championship with a decrepit, expensive and ageing squad that couldn't string 3 passes together.
  2. Not handball for me and very clearly offside. Man City should have carried on going at them rather than trying to play it safe, spurs were there for the taking
  3. Maybe we don't play him against teams that will sit in. Tremendous asset in games where we need a combative midfied. He wins the ball for fun and can recycle it quickly to another player. When he comes up against a team that'll sit in and give him time though, he looks like an extremely limited player. As said above, if he can't improve his passing then I think he'll struggle to play a major part in the team under Rodgers.
  4. Anyoje who doesnt fancy Ajax hasn't been watching them, what a team. Should have had a few more tonight as well
  5. No interest in Sturridge at all. I'm back at the stage where I trust the club to bring in some quality young talent. There's no need to waste money on players like Sturridge now.
  6. Getting a lot more space on the edge of their box now, they must be tiring.
  7. Nice from Harvey there, shame we didn't have a Perez style runner in the box there. Good start though
  8. I do wish Chillwell would realise that Barnes is on his team and actually start trying to form a partnership with him, it'd probably be beneficial to us.
  9. Newcastle are playing 5 4 1, so there's no space. Weird that it's hard to break down init
  10. Ndidi and Wes have about as much grace as a fat toddler. Both so awful with the ball at their feet haha
  11. Very nice header and cross to be fair. Think Brendan may need to make a couple of tweaks, Newcastle look pretty comfortable.
  12. Sell him off, we can do better. We've put him in a shop window and I imagine he'll be able to earn a nice contract somewhere.
  13. He looked a beast for a while and then after his injury he looked absolutely awful. Poor scouting for me and just going on him being part of a freak season.
  14. Clearly a club that doesn't do much in the way of scouting. He barely looked a league one player when they signed him from us, absolutely mental decision.
  15. Been saying for a while I'd love him on one flank and Harvey on the other. Them 2 with Vardy up top and Tielemans and Maddison playing through balls. It'd be a terrifying prospect for most teams.
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