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  1. Are you aware he is at Barnsley and been pretty much an ever present there the past few months? As well as that he's been getting impressive reviews from the management and fans. That'd indicate he's probably pretty fit or at the very least, almost there
  2. Yeah he's gone up hands in the air and it's hit his hand, could easily have passed for his head in real time. I needed a goal for a bet so was happy when it was given haha
  3. I think a pen was given in the first game it was used. Ref missed a handball and the video ref buzzed him
  4. Hoping for an Atletico v Monaco final. When Monaco are going for goals they're amazing to watch. If i'm Barca manager I'd be breaking the bank for Mbappe and Kanté then just sit back and watch the trophies roll in.
  5. If it's this then I don't really have any issue with it whatsoever, it's a completely fair point. If it's something else then it'd be good to see what else was said to make a judgement.
  6. They couldn't be any different to us
  7. I don't care either way man, you just seemed to be getting a kick out of whining about it, over and over and over again. They were lovely pretties and at least it didn't look like we had set up a KKK meeting like the sevilla game
  8. Poor dimmy can't even get a thread of his own without having to bow to Riyad
  9. He does, he clearly can't cope with extra pressure on him and it's doing us no good having a player that can't perform very well because he's being marked out of games. He'd fit in well at Arsenal I think. Disappointed for Gray, but something tells me he'll be involved in a fair few champions league campaigns during his career. Would have probably brought him on for Albrighton around the 65 minute mark, if only for fresh legs on both sides of the pitch.
  10. Can't see who's going to match his wages
  11. Was hoping we'd go 3 4 3 at ht, glad he went for it. If we managed to nick another one of our chances before the 70 mark you wonder what could have been. Can't fault the effort, but some of the players seemed to turn into league two players. I feel like a few of the lads were overawed with the occasion. Hats off to them though, a league win and a very respectable run in the champions league run. As someone else said, it almost feels like the end of an era now. We'll look back on this group with great affection for the rest of our lives.
  12. Decent half, was good to see him being brave and taking advantage of the space given. Would have loved Gray on the other side as well. He had more shots on goal in 6 minutes than any player had over the 141 minutes.
  13. Pretty much this, just looking forward to the occasion. If we get an early goal I'll be a nervous wreck, but the lack of an away goal is going to mean we're effectively one goal from going out
  14. Not as excited for this yet as I was last week but I'm sure it will build during the day. I just hope the lads give a good account of themselves and take the game to Atletico. None of them want to walk off the pitch thinking "could I have done more tonight?" Envious of everyone with a ticket tonight, it's probably going to be the best, certainly most prestigious, night match in the club's history! Scratch that first line, just thinking about tonight properly has me excited!
  15. To be fair, I think the biggest tantrum has come from you in this thread