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  1. Wowee. At least I know I definitely won't have the most embarrassing post on this page hahaha
  2. I mean, good that there's finally gonna be something solid. Shambles that this tier system didn't exist or wasn't available to the public from the off. I really do think this needs to be flexible, by loosening restrictions, you need to account for a slight rise in infections. As an example. If there are 5 tiers. 1 is super restricted - 5 relaxed as hell. Tier 1 - To enter this from Tier 2 you need above 0.1% for 5 days Tier 2 - To enter this from Tier 1 and have below 0.07% for 10 days - To enter this from Tier 3
  3. Genuinely think they're trying to slowly put the whole country into lockdown. The north's basically been covered. It'll be the midlands and south west by November. Then the south east and south coast. Then maybe London for a week or two.
  4. This is why they should be testing new flexible rules with students. Perfect age group to be trying it on and perfect time with them all returning. I'd have been exactly the same at uni. 18-21, away from home surrounded my mates and people the same age. It's like giving a a gambling addict a couple of grand and then pushing them into the nearest bookies and walking off.
  5. Because the big clubs don't sign young talent. They wait for the young talent to prove themselves over a season or two and then pay a massive premium for them.
  6. I've never dealt with them before but a few friends have told me it's an absolute nightmare dealing with people buying a house so I have sympathy for you on that one. It might be an idea to set up a joint email account for this move and both of you just use that. Giving them as little opportunity to mess up seems like the way to go. It must have been pretty satisfying putting that person who sent the passive aggressive email in their place can't stand people like that. *edited to say I just realised this is just a thread for you griping and not actually asking for advi
  7. I thought this was gonna be the other way round I get annoyed by people using reply all on emails and being involved in a conversation I'm not interested in. Have you asked them to include both accounts on replies?
  8. Weve had 3 attacks in half an hour. We arent competing.
  9. Sums up this forum that Vardy gets away with that but justin gets hammered
  10. Be interesting to see what he has in mind with this.
  11. That's exactly what it is. If you ask a doctor or a scientist for an opinion anything, they're going to give one that is solely geared at being risk averse and most likely to benefit physical health. If they asked for the top doctors/scientists opinions on people eating fast food or drinking, they would probably suggest bringing in limits on what people can purchase in shops or pubs/restaurants. You could easily create a terrifying agenda and have the same people in here whipped up into a frenzy.
  12. Haha, Mr Maddison being the main culprit. I don't think I've seen a player lose so much possession for diving before, it's embarassing. On Thomas, he still looks a proper player. He'll slip right into the team when needed no problem.
  13. I think in that case you wouldnt be asked to self isolate but more likely told to look out for symptoms. Much like you would be doing anyway haha
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