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  1. I don't think I'd even has Kasper ahead of Flowers - that man was a colossus.
  2. Same rules apply to Vardy? Best we've looked in ages without him starting?
  3. Is he? Just had a quick look and he seems to be under contract till 2021. Is this another Ric-thought that's snowballed into being the only possible answer and indisputable world truth? haha
  4. It works like a charm every time!
  5. Mendy or Ndidi, I don't think there's much difference. Remember Ndidi has looked absolutely atrocious multiple times in the past few months. I'm either of them will look a lot better playing their preferred role without the pressure of moving the ball forwards.
  6. Fair goal, really annoying how people in the game can't grasp "minimum" The camera even captured the ref saying "time will start after the sub"
  7. I imagine Fuchs and King and Okazaki's wages would cover that quite comfortably and some.
  8. I don't think Maddison has been half as poor as some make out. He'd probably be in double figures for assists if we hadn't missed some sitters. I certainly don't think he's regressed. Same with Maguire really, he's made the odd mistake or bit of naive play but he's always had that in him anyway. I'd still say both have been pretty good and certainly don't look too unhappy.
  9. Ricardo, Evans, Maguire, Chillwell and Maddison all seem fairly content to me.
  10. For me, he seems to have justified it so far. Are you saying he's not been good?
  11. I think he'll stick with the same team but Vardy up top and then it's between Ghezzal and Gray for the other spot. Would be surprised to see Mendy come in after Ndidi took his opportunity with both hands, though I don't think there's much between them. Someone's taking a pounding in our next 4 or 5 games.
  12. That performance genuinely took me back to the Sunderland 5-2 when it looked like we were finally going to push on to the next level, obviously it all went terrible after that. So here's hoping Tielemans and Barnes don't pick up injuries in the next couple of games.
  13. Yeah I noticed Chilly and Barnes having words on a couple of occasions. Once they work out each others games you'd imagine they will be a hell of a partnership. He's used to playing with Gray in front of him who prefers to slow down and cut in. Barnes seems a lot more direct and willing to go left or right - so they'll have to work that out between them.
  14. What a stupid thing to do from Schmeichel Snr, I'd be livid with him if I was Kasper. Danny Ward does not look a bad keeper so I wouldn't say Kasper's place is 100% safe.
  15. It's been the correct decision to recall him for me. He's getting games for us and showing how important he will be for us already. If he was rotting in the u23's or on the bench as he was last season then I would be in agreement. Interested to hear your reasoning for thinking he should not be back with us?
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