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  1. Weird how the low point there is probably our high point of the season.
  2. Didn't think much of Ziyech last night, even more twinky than Mahrez and he's proven he can't beat premier league defenders when given attention. Really liked the look of Sanchez, wouldn't mind if we went in for him.
  3. Even if he was back I doubt Shakespeare would have played him. Seemed insistent on playing all the regulars unless his hand was forced.
  4. Sydney conceded about as many goals today as they did all season haha.
  5. On the plus side, the players are already used to having an Italian manager who makes no sense when addressing them
  6. A lot of dishonest people in this thread if they're shocked by someone just being a decent person. Good shout though, hopefully the owner or a friend uses this board.
  7. Hahah christ, I just imagine when Walsh packed up his office and left, one loose bit of paper fell on the floor and it's some African agent's phone number. It's all we've used since he's left.
  8. Still can't get my head around that one. Gray is turning into the new Kramaric. Looks talented but being given no extended run in the side to prove himself.
  9. Wouldn't consider him a legend but more of a cult hero at the club. Endears himself to the fans of the clubs he has played for and sounds like he's a model pro. Can't say I've wanted him to play any games in the past 2 season, but thought he should have been given 5 or 10 minutes at the end of the last game. The money is trivial at this point so I'm not having that as an excuse. Same could be said of giving Gray some starts. It's best for both parties to call it a day now to allow us to bring through younger talent. Good luck in whatever you choose to do next Was!
  10. That's the dream. If we did get those that'd be a massive step towards evolving into a team that can pen teams in. We don't need to play slow tip tap football just because we have people that can play football.
  11. Oh yeah definitely, can't disagree with you there. I think at least one, preferably two CB and another CM who are comfortable on the ball are vital this summer. It'd be great to have a spine of footballers.
  12. Hopefully we see the back of the Okazaki role and actually have somebody up there that is capable of receiving the ball and doing something with it on a regular basis. I feel like Okazaki's role while important in some games, is completely over rated a lot of the time. Sometimes I'll watch him contribute absolutely nothing for an entire half. I'd love to see us make a positive change and use that position to cause opposition problems, rather than use it to try and spoil opposition's play.
  13. Glad for him, you could see he had class. Still can't work out why he wasn't given a proper chance here. Probably be wondering the same about Gray in a season or two.
  14. We're not stuck to having just this current squad by the way. Just signing around 4 key players that can actually play football in certain positions. 2x CB, another CM then probably CAM and RB. Sorted. I reckon we should go in for Wagner regardless of how the play off final goes.