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  1. Whatever we do, play with a high tempo and get bodies forwards. I'm fed up of slow starts playing walking pace football and having to rely on Nacho or Tielemans bailing us out with a bit of quality. Let's actually get bodies forwards and start creating some proper chances.
  2. Our commercial deals are atrocious compared to the teams around us.
  3. EU unlikely to renew AstraZeneca jab orders, minister says It is unlikely that the European Union (EU) will continue to purchase the Oxford-AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccines next year, a French official says Not that anything one of these people say should be taken seriously, but I find it quite funny after all the crying and nazi like banning of exports. They're now not that bothered
  4. Do any other countries keep daily data totals like we do. I wanted to look at how many tests we're carrying out per person than other countries, but I'm struggling to find any data on testing.
  5. I think I've just worked it out. It shows exactly the same as you'd get from just looking at the top 11 as it is now though. I don't really see the point at all haha Someone's hit the ale hard this morning
  6. As I say, I'm totally aware its fluid and changes in circumstance are likely I'm putting my trust in this government though and can only go on what they're saying. My disappointment is that aside from the vaccinations. Pretty much everything else has been incredibly short of what they were saying in the weeks or months leading up to it. It's getting to the point where its hard to trust anything they say as the reality always tends to be worse.
  7. Interested to see why the narrative from the government is now making vaccines sound like a small part in getting back to normal. Regardless what happens, theres not a chance they'll be getting my vote in the next generals. I understand it's a fluid situation, but you cant keep making positive statements and then going back on them and shifting the goalposts. This past year has definitely made me more cynical and less trusting in government.
  8. Seen him a few times on Sky playing for Preston and he looks like an absolute monster to be fair. Will be interested to see where he goes next season. Was very impressed with his agility considering his size. Would be great if a Prem team fancied taking him for a season, if not then a top end championship team is hopefully the plan.
  9. One of the million keepers on the books have a good chance of being a worldie by 2025 so we're all good for keepers I imagine Kasper will be good for another year or two before we start seeing a serious decline.
  10. Mark De Vries I remember watching you warm up for a pre season friendly against Hinckley and your package was a thing of beauty.
  11. Very little brain activity to be found here Imagine being proven wrong but just ignoring it and doubling down. Pretty embarrassing.
  12. KDB loving the woodwork this season Dortmund seem to have gone back into their shell after scoring. Just waiting for Man City to score before they start playing again
  13. What are "they" planning to do once "they" have control of the world population? This is the part where it should get interesting I imagine
  14. Amazing what you can do against City when you show some stones.
  15. 100% with you. There's absolutely nothing to stop us winning the next 5. 4 wins and draw away to saints would even be acceptable. I will be grabbing the torches if we don't pick up at least 10 points in those 4 games though, that would be criminal! haha
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