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  1. Are we all hoping for Beerschots to win the second stage now? And play them in the playoffs?
  2. Don’t worry that will be firmly rammed somewhere later this week.
  3. Seriously, and I don’t want to get carried away, but, has there ever been a better free transfer in the history of football?
  4. I would say after the season Liverpool have had they are the only team on the planet, at any level of football that could balls this up and lose their last 12 games and not win the league.
  5. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/51607364 If there was any doubt Garth Crooks was the biggest idiot in football, check out the goalkeeper in his team of the Week. Hint: it’s not the guy who made 3 world class saves, including a penalty from one of the best strikers in the world. It’s the other fella in that game, his reason? Because Vardy hit the post and then He knocked Iheanacho out, great reasoning Garth. You can’t make this shit up.
  6. Yes they do actually, well actually I can’t speak for all of them but I shared a place with a Sheff United fan for a while, and he would go off his nut when anyone mentioned just United.
  7. Get 12 points from that and the chasing pack will need to get 23 from their remaining 33 points. I don’t see any of the teams from 5th down hitting that sort of form. I’d also love to see us out 3 or 4 past Villa at home.
  8. He didn’t touch the ball before he got Kel!
  9. So Li Celso should have been sent off, the referees have admitted he should have been sent off but wasn’t due to human error. He will, however, receive no further punishment because the onfield and VAR officials saw it and deemed it not to be a foul? The logic here makes zero sense and is everything wrong with how the game is being run and where it’s heading. Absolute joke of a weekend.
  10. We matched them throughout, decent performance and I never felt like they were the better team. Kasper 10/10 3 world class saves. The back 3 were great as were Riccardo and Chilwell. Praet man of the match and the best player on the pitch for me. The officials were embarrassing and with decisions like today it’s easy to see why so many people think the game is bent. We lost a player and our attacking intensity due to a late reckless tackle and got nothing for it. The handballs highlights everything that is wrong with the game, I’ve got zero idea how you can not give ours then give one to the team owned by billionaires? Disappointed not to get anything but pleased with the performance.
  11. One Matty James there’s only one Matty James
  12. Praet has been outstanding today and I would say the best player on the pitch by some distance.
  13. This is what really pisses me off, we’ve lost a player to a late and reckless challenge and the bloke who did it isn’t even spoken to.
  14. When you see decisions go the way they have today, it’s easy to se why some people are convinced the game is bent and refs are bought. Horrendous lack of consistency in decision making and clearly favour a big club.
  15. Yeeeeesssssss!!!!! Now let’s **** these bent cheating bastards come on!!!!
  16. How can you give one and not the other???? This is bull shit
  17. Why does this get a full check and our own doesn’t if they get a penalty the game is bent
  18. This is stepping up a notch now come on Leicester
  19. He makes zero contact with the ball, he arrives about 2 seconds after the ball is out of play. He doesn’t punch anything other than Iheanacho.
  20. Really good half from us, should have had at least one penalty on another day could have had 3 and their keeper sent off. Really poor officiating again, after Villa and Burnley in the last couple of weeks beginning to think we are not getting any decisions in our favour.
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