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  1. We keep complaining on here that the media don’t mention us as a top six side, then we put up threads like this. Do you think any of the top six have a who do you want to win the league thread? We may have lost last week, but there is only one team I want to win the league!
  2. There’s only one Keith Weller, but, I will let Theo dream. The shocking thing for me is Walcott has more than 10x the amount of England caps!
  3. Good enough for Keith Weller! I will never criticise a man in white tights.
  4. Unfortunately for Gray, we can only name a maximum of 21 non-club trained players, 3 of these are goalkeepers. He is not currently in our best 18 outfield players, therefore could not be named in the squad.
  5. Sevilla have pretty much qualified for the next round of the CL so we should avoid them. There are a few big teams who could drop in though - notability Group B with Real and Inter is wide open, Atalanta or Ajax from Group D and whoever finish third in Man Utds Group - currently PSG. Outside of these 3 though there are no stand outs.
  6. I actually really fancy us to win the Europa League this season, I think our game style really suits the competition. We look like we are taking it seriously and at present, I can’t see anyone in the competition who I think is better than us. Obviously there are a few other factors at play here, who drops down from the CL, who finds form at the right time, the implications of COVID, but right now I think we are one of the favourites.
  7. Exactly the same team as played in the first game please, we looked comfortably better than them and gives both Vardy and Evans a break, whilst getting some minutes into under, Thomas and Iheanacho. Over there will be a little tougher but we can do the job, wrap up the group and then play the youth team in the last 2 - particularly the trip to the Ukraine. No first team players should need to travel if we win this game.
  8. That doesn’t look like a tanker to me!
  9. You gave me a heat attack, I was waiting for you to say Ricardo had been carried off
  10. 21 is already more than double 41? Who writes this crap? and who does the Maths? Someone genuinely received payment for writing and editing this rubbish?
  11. But if you don’t covert them you don’t win the game. So you didn’t have enough chances to win the game, you needed more chances, because you can’t convert the ones you had.
  12. If Barnes and Maddison want to play for England these are the games they must perform in.
  13. I bloody hate it when a team scores 0 and the manager comes out and says something along the lines of we had enough chances to win the game. Clearly you didn’t as you didn’t score a goal.
  14. So what you’re saying is switch the Family stand and the Kop?
  15. All I have heard all week is about Liverpool’s injury crisis and it gets to the game and they have 4 first choice players out the exact same as us.
  16. So this would put us in the top 10 football stadiums in the country? Behind only Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Spurs, West Ham, Newcastle and Sunderland? Have I missed any? Some elite company there and Sunderland
  17. Hearing reports Manchester United are preparing a £200 million bid for Dan Amartey. Stadium paid for and free season tickets for all... thanks Ole
  18. If he carries on with the leaks it might be billynojob soon.
  19. @Fox in the North you’ve hit the big time mate! Next stop soccer Saturday
  20. Would love to see James Corden playing Vardy - particularly the scene in the 5-3 win where he outpaces the Man Utd backline and runs them ragged all day.
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