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  1. Heard good things about this place. Always use Rothley chippy, can’t fault it at all, although you do have to queue for a while on a Friday night. I’ve also had a meal in the restaurant once before aN evening in the Woodies, was really good.
  2. Great pic, thank you for sharing! Will do some research into them both and see what I find.
  3. Great, thank you. I was hoping to squeeze somewhere else in as well. Which island of islands would you recommend?
  4. Has anyone ever been to Split in Croatia?
  5. No nothing from the club, was thinking similar earlier.
  6. Quite like the Blue Boar and I’m not surprised it was voted pub of the year. But Rutland and Derby for me.
  7. Surprised at this. Been here multiple times myself, I think I’ve had that steak every time and it’s up there with the best I’ve had!
  8. Do Ausden Clark have a stop off on the way or is that just Fox Travel?
  9. 2 adult tickets available for this. Message me if interested.
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