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  1. That’s brilliant, thank you for that!
  2. Ah great! Is the city walkable?
  3. Has anyone been to Budapest? Never really considered it before but looking for a city break in July.
  4. Just donated. Looking forward to next seasons tifo’s.
  5. Not sure where to put this. Can anyone recommend any car valeters in Leicester? Paint has spilt all in my boot, I’ve done my best to get it up but really struggling. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Looking forward to this. Make sure to get a raffle ticket!
  7. Went there the following year after we went with Leicester in the CL. Fantastic place. Would personally recommend: Warpigs is a must (if you like meat) A nice walk to the Little Mermaid Tivoli Gardens is good for some mulled wine etc We also did a boat tour which went under all of the bridges Ristorante Italiano is really good if you like Italian food McJoy's Choice is a goof for live music Had a good meal at Nyhavn 17 as well Pubs wise would recommend: Southern Cross Pub Mikkeller Bar Jernbanecafeen Victoria Pub
  8. @Costock_Fox Drove through Costock last night and seen that the Generous Briton had been done up. Only ever been in once, nice beer. Any difference now it’s been done up?
  9. I've done some research online and its looking to be either Krakow or Amsterdam. Just a bit worried that there won't be enough to do in Krakow, obviously try out the local bars and restaurants but thinking more for the daytime. Hear Krakow is cheap as well though!
  10. Went to Bruges in Champions League. We spent roughly 3 days there, although we mainly stayed in the main square and went to a tiny restaurant for all you can eat ribs!
  11. Thinking of doing a city break at the end of March. Hoping to go for 3 or 4 nights. Been looking at Prague, Krakow and Amsterdam. Any recommendations?
  12. Is she looking for anything in particular? And which area, City centre or can she drive?
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