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  1. norfolkfox222

    Crystal Palace

    if anyone wants 2 season tickets for this game and the Brighton game the Tuesday after I cant attend either now! give me a DM only if interested in both. Thanks
  2. norfolkfox222

    Fulham Away

    first time to Fulham. Any ideas what the away fan pubs are? cheers
  3. norfolkfox222

    Brighton Match Thread

    any streams for this???
  4. norfolkfox222

    Man city tickets needed

    Ive got 2 season tickets which i cant use for the boxing day game. Anyone know if the club can resell these seats for me or if i can sell them to someone without having to trust giving out my season cards? cheers
  5. norfolkfox222

    2 adult needed for Cardiff

    im in the same boat mate, just gonna wait it out.
  6. norfolkfox222

    Fulham Away

    Do we know yet if this has been confirmed for Tuesday 4th December? Wanting to book train tickets.
  7. norfolkfox222

    Man united away

    Cant make this on hols/ I will have two tickets available if it reaches 280+
  8. norfolkfox222

    When did you start to doubt Puel

    ive been Puel out since Feb, could see this coming for weeks but got shot down but idiotic supporters who are blinkered. Still cant believe hes here now. PUEL OUT
  9. norfolkfox222

    Southampton (H) Match Thread

    bit late on this. any decent streams about?
  10. norfolkfox222

    Crystal Palace (A) - Sat 28th Apr 2018 - 3:00pm

    I have 2 tickets for this now cant go. Anybody interested?