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  1. Allour home games before christmas are decent
  2. I have it on good authority its not Norwich Derby Forest or Cov. Shame
  3. Didnt think to look. But yes I have, bit tight from the club
  4. Ive had my season tickets paid back today, still waiting on the Watford away but that was paid on a Credit card so might take a couple of days to show
  5. Just thought id catch up on things, has there been any announcement about the Watford tickets yet? Cheers
  6. Away fans have been going in The Waterfront this season. Its a dump but its big. Its over the river from one of the big Norwich fans pub, always good for atmosphere
  7. Look forward to meeting for a beer again Jason
  8. Never been to wolves staying night as travelling from Norfolk, how much of a shit hole is it then? Is it true about the pubs been home fans only? Cheers
  9. 2 Season Tickets up for Sale for tonights match. WIll need to pay the £5 re print fee aswell. Open for offers, cant make it over tonight.
  10. This will make tomorrow now i reckon. Be carnage for the last 100 seats
  11. Desperate for a ticket for this on 373 myself. Helped loads of people out in the past but now on the hunt for one myself. Anyone who may have a spare id really appreciate it. Thanks
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