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  1. Who was that other Portugese player Sousa signed? Had a wet look hairstyle.....?
  2. Was disappointed with how it ended, so many questions were unanswered
  3. I met Lennon after we beat Man Utd 5-3, really nice bloke and very approachable
  4. Similar to Puel with us, get rid of some of the deadwood and make a more youthful team....
  5. rico


    Cengiz Uender Jeremy Renner
  6. Rusty Lee used to sit in front of me at Filbert Street
  7. Jamie Lannister - Leeds Nicolaj Costa Waldau
  8. Watched The Ripper documentary as i remembered the murders when i was a kid, only 4 episodes well put together.
  9. Watched all of The Bay, a few of the plot lines were not answered so presumably will be a 3rd series...
  10. Ahmed Musa booked in for medical at WBA *edit. Just seen this has already been mentioned in another thread
  11. West Ham interested in signing him now
  12. I have a conspiracy theory that Villa used covid to give their 1st team players a rest to give them the best possible chance of getting a top 6 place...
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