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  1. Most Punchable Current Footballer

    There’s a few, but Jordan Henderson has to be target No 1. I’ve never known such an unsportsmanlike, whiney, moaning M*ther****er in all my life. If he could get 4 opposition players sent off in every game, to win every game by default, he would. Utter scum. Not fit to wear ANY clubs football shirt.
  2. 1st half was beyond dire. Shinji lit the fires second half, and has to start on Saturday alongside Vardy (assuming he's fit). He just brings so much extra energy to the side. I though Dragovic did well tonight, did everything simple and no-nonsense, and could work well with Maguire in the future. Slimani's finish was excellent, and his workrate seems much better this season, but his first touch can be awful at times. Did my eyes deceive me? Did Gray put in a cross near the end of the game??!!! and here I was thinking he didn't know how to! Makes a change from the "cut in on right and shoot" that seems to be his only thought when getting on the ball. He needs to do more crossing and variations if he wants more game time. I like the lad, but he has to be less predictable. Iborra seems to be strong and combative, would like to see more of him asap. Disappointments tonight? I still think Chilwell makes too many errors, and gets caught out of position too much. Ndidi wins the ball back well, only to give it away again straight away at the minute. It seems like he has lost a bit of composure? Albrighton is our best crosser of a ball, but isn't getting into effective forward positions recently to provide them. Maybe not his fault, but his main attribute is wasted currently. Did we have a right back first half? Amartey was non existent, leaving Robertson to put in cross after cross for them. Ulloa, enough said. Overall some really positive things, but only really from the second half.
  3. Leicester City vs. Borussia Mönchengladbach

    Schmeichel Simpson Morgan Maguire Fuchs Mahrez Drinkwater Ndidi Albrighton Vardy Slimani No real surprises in the starting 11 A few subs at half time, but keeping the same shape, something along the lines of: Schmeichel Simpson Morgan Maguire Chilwell Lawrence Drinkwater Ndidi Gray Vardy Iheanacho With a few more changes with 20 minutes left. James, Iborra etc.
  4. Memberships 17/18

    Not received mine yet. I rang up To buy tickets and was told it could take 4 weeks to arrive. I've been waiting 3 weeks so far. Your customer number in the confirmation email is your membership number anyway, so all you are really waiting for are your "gifts" (Calendar etc....)
  5. Slimani Contract Clause?

    I may be on my own here, but I think people are being a bit short sighted with regards to Slimani......... yes, his transfer fee was inflated, and we haven't seen anywhere near enough from him to warrant the £30m price tag, however.......... People are stating Mahrez is worth over £30m, and I'm sure if someone came in for Vardy in the summer, everyone would want us to get £30m for him, and yet they've hardly been showing £30m worth of form this season yet either! I believe we could be about to see more from Slimani in this new, rejuvenated Shakespeare era. The whole team was lacking in confidence until 4 games ago, service to the strikers was extremely poor, and energy throughout the team was lacking. I honestly don't believe Slimani was playing any worse than the likes of Mahrez and Vardy were, and he still managed to nick a few goals. Personally, I'd like to see him get a proper run in the side alongside Vardy now, and then we can really judge him. If the goals don't come during this improved period, then there will be no defending him, and we should then try to sell to the highest bidder we can muster. But if we are judging him (and the rest of the team for that matter) on the first 6 months of this season, surely we'd be wanting to sell just about everyone?? In my mind, I'll be treating his next first team start as his debut, and I'll start forming my opinions then.............
  6. Season Ticket Renewal

    I absolutely know I'm going to get shot down for this, and before anyone asks, no I don't work for the club, but it's my honest opinion. It seems there is one main opinion on prices for ST's next season, and that is that because the club have a lot more money coming in, and therefore don't need to raise ST prices, they shouldn't. Also, even though the club currently have a lot higher level of player, (which in some cases they have shelled out a lot more money for), and therefore providing a lot higher standard of football for us supporters to watch, this is not seen as any sort of valid reason for a price increase. In fact, most supporters would like to see a price cut. Well let me offer a bit of perspective: Let's assume the club does take that opinion, and gives a price cut for next season, all supporters will be happy I would naturally assume. Then let's say that due to European commitments (additional midweek matches), the possible loss of some star players (say Mahrez to Barca, and Kante to someone like PSG for example), and new signings not settling in next season, we do the unthinkable and get relegated. I know this sounds far fetched right now, but in this situation, we'd then for the following season see a huge loss in revenue, a huge loss again in quality of player (the usual relegation exodus), and with respect, a lot lower standard of opposition to watch. Based on the above, the same supporters I assume would be happy then to pay MORE for their season tickets would they? To help support the loss in revenue, even though the quality of football in all area's is worse??? The club could argue that they need to raise prices to cover the losses?? I know everyone would like prices to fall, and that goes for everything in life, but in my opinion, and based on the arguments the supporters are trying to make, next season is probably a season where price rises would actually be justified, even though the club don't have to, and if they do decide to even just freeze prices, I personally think that the supporters should be massively grateful. (Oh and yes, I am a season ticket holder, I would be willing to pay more to (hopefully) see the great standard of football to continue next season, and I would expect a price drop if we were relegated, because that is the much more realistic way pricing should be decided)
  7. If Carlsberg did nights...

    This. When you get to a point where you are more points ahead than the same number of games to be played, you are pretty much safe from that team. The same (in general) applies at the bottom of the league. (Last year was an exception ) 10 points adrift with 10 games to go is highly unlikely to be overturned. A team in mid table form would get 15 points from 10 games, a title chasing team would in general only get 20-22 points from 10 games. Not saying it can't be done, but Man Utd have a huge deficit to claw back, bigger than it looks at first glance.
  8. Missed opportunities?

    I've been reviewing the completed transfers for this summer window so far, and it really has got me thinking. Ok, some of these players may not play in the positions that we seem to need to urgently strengthen, (ie central midfield) but to me, they are definitely players that would have improved our side. The first four, were all free transfers or loan signings, whilst the last two were alternatives to the £12m bid for Charlie Austin. Could and should we have challenged these clubs for their signatures? And is there anyone else that has moved elsewhere that you feel we may have missed a great opportunity to sign? Andre Ayew (25yo) - Free Transfer to Swansea Maarten Stekelenburg (32) - Loan to Southampton (Competition for Kasper) Marco Van Ginkel (22) - Loan to Stoke City ibrahim Afellay (29) - Free Transfer(?) to Stoke City Alexander Mitrovic (20)- £13m to Newcastle Jordan Ayew (23)- £12m to Aston Villa Thoughts?
  9. Ranieri's first signing?

    Ok, he would come in and do a job for us, possibly a very good one for a season, a la Cambiasso, but you have to admit, they are not players that are going to get better, they are naturally going to decline due to their age. (Players like Drogba, Etoo, etc already have) Wouldn't you rather a team that can develop and improve? Like we've been building for the last few years??
  10. Ranieri's first signing?

    Am I the only one that is concerned that this could actually be the way the club could now be going under Ranieri? Thiago motta, Sulley Muntari, Didier Drogba, Dimitar Berbatov?? Not saying the these weren't some great players a few years ago, some world class, but now they are all past their best, and I'm sure still commanding high wages and bonuses based solely on their reputation from that era. Don't get me wrong, I highly doubt these examples will ever play for Leicester City, but I'm very nervous that we could end up with players of the same ilk, that will have no pride in the shirt, soak up Millions of pounds, and still leave us in the Championship. I really hope I'm wrong, and we sign young, eager, developing talent, but I'm fearful right now......
  11. Martin O'Neill

    Just letting you know what I know, believe what you will. It was a restaurant near great glen, out of the city, but still firmly in Leicestershire. Anyone know if he used to have a house in Leicestershire the first time around?
  12. Martin O'Neill

    Not claiming to be an ITK by any means, I usually hear all my info from Sky Sports way after everyone else has heard it, however................. Make of this what you will, but I've had it confirmed by my girlfriend and the team that work at her restaurant, that MON and his wife were in having a meal on Saturday night. Not sure if anyone else has had any sightings, as I haven't trawled through the thread, but this is firm evidence that he was in Leicestershire on Saturday night. My interpretation of this is that he must have at least had a meeting / interview for the job on Saturday or Sunday. Lets hope this saga is nearing some sort of conclusion.
  13. New Kit is Puma

    Well, although I think Puma may resolve the quality issue, I do have to wonder where all the posters have gone who were so against us having Adidas make our kits when that was suggested a year or two ago. Lots of posters commented the likes of: "I just hope it's not another Adidas 'Identikit'!!" Well has anyone seen the number of English clubs this season using Puma, who all have exactly the same kit apart from a colour change???!!! There are approximately 15!!!!! I wonder how many people will be upset if our new kit turns out to be identical to Cardiff's blue kit next season??
  14. Simon Cox

    I don't exactly know if he is the type of player we need right now, as I would have thouht we would be more interested in a "Target Man" style striker to hold up play for the likes of Dave Nugent, however............................................................ From Sky Sports news: "West Bromwich Albion forward Simon Cox has conceded that he might need to move away from the club in January. The Republic of Ireland international believes he will have to play regular football in order to stand any chance of travelling with his country to the European Championships next summer." In the past, Nigel Pearson has shown an Interest in Cox, although that was before the signings of Nugent, Beckford, and emergence of Schlupp. Could he be tempted to renew an interest in January??? Also, would it be a level that Cox would be interested to play at??? and would there be any other Premiership clubs interested in him?? and would Cox feel he would get regular football here??? It's an interesting one.......................

    He's coming home! he's coming home! he's coming! Pearson's coming home!!!!!!!!! Absolutely awesome news, shocking decision to push him out in the first place. Also very pleased to see the positive reactions from most of the fans on here. Let's give Nigel a homecoming to remember on Sunday!