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  1. There are some very good Champions League teams that drop into the Europa League aswell remember. We won’t be 4th favourite when that happens.
  2. There are already some very tough teams in the Europa League, with a lot more European experience than us, and that’s without the teams dropping into it from the Champions League. When it gets to the deeper stages, and you’re playing teams of the likes of Atletico Madrid (Who we are guaranteed to draw...), Inter Milan, Porto, Shaktar Donetsk, Napoli, Benfica, Leverkusen etc etc, that’s where you come unstuck. Especially if covid is still around, and they could be one-legged neutral/away games. Not to mention the fact that we haven’t got to a domestic final in nearly 20 year
  3. I’m not shocked by people’s predictions, but I am kind of disappointed. I think there will be a lot of people disappointed at the end of this season, based on the sorts of expectations described above. This season is going to be a long hard slog. We’ve not had a fully fit squad since day 1, and we’ve still got to face many, many more weeks of 3 games within 8 day periods. We won’t win the Europa League, I think we all know that, but a decent run in the competition will more than likely cost us a top 6 place. I’m going for a 9th place finish in th
  4. Slimani really isn’t what we need. When he came on, we seemed more willing to cross into the box rather than play through, but as our only target, he won’t get much joy. His passing and link up play was poor, but to be fair to him, he hasn’t played with our team, and some of it can be put down to him being rusty. However, the glaring problem for me was just how immobile he is. I was watching him off the ball, and he rarely even broke into a light jog. He seems lazy and sluggish. He still has strength, but unless the ball goes pretty much str
  5. We all loved him at first due to the fact he came through the academy, and he ran around flying into tackles...... The facts are, that tenacity was all he had, and it soon became apparent that he was a walking red card. He got called out on it by managers, and other players, got a couple of reds, and therefore we reined him in, which then highlighted his lack of footballing brain, and technical ability. Without that tenacity and hard tackling, there isn’t much left in him. He just isn’t good enough for Premier League football. It’s a shame, becau
  6. Praet is very underrated, even by our own fans. Not the flashiest player around, but cool, calm, great technique, and keeps the passing and movement ticking over. Hopefully people are starting to realise what a class act the guy is!
  7. Positives: Castagne is growing into the game, and doesn’t look out of place in the side. Tielemans playing some nice passes around and looks in control in the centre. Ndidi keeping things simple, clearly not his position by any means, but coping ok today. Negatives: Still blatantly clear we need a genuine right winger, Perez cannot play there, however we all knew this. Still clear to me that we need a proper left back. Justin isn’t a prem player yet IMO, on either side, and Castagne is obviously a right sided player. Justin needs a loan at a top end Champio
  8. People seem to be forgetting that we are in the group stage, Celtic still need to qualify for the group stage........... We all know how good they are at qualifying matches........ They may not even make it!
  9. Not saying the system is right by any means, but maybe now Season ticket holders will have some appreciation of what members have to go through..... Leicester Supporter all my life, but only became available to go to every game 3 years ago due to change in working hours. Had to endure 2 years of buying a membership, entering a ballot for every game, buying a full price ticket when selected, then hoping above hope to have enough points to be selected for a season ticket at the end of the season. I spent nearly £1000 each season, for 2 years to see every home game, in a sea
  10. Absolutely. Anything but the most perfect first touch, and that shot gets blocked because it is a split second too late. That perfect first touch made the strike possible.
  11. The strike itself was superb, but Just take a moment to appreciate that first touch aswell. Sublime!
  12. I said exactly the same thing when his goal went in. Everybody loved that goal, apart from anyone connected to Watford, and the Chelsea boardroom!
  13. So the restart appears to be approaching, but without fans in stadiums. Has anyone come up with any ways for us LCFC Fans that would usually be there, supporting the team, to get across to the team how much we are still behind them and will still be watching on matchday? (Obviously NOT by attending stadiums and breaking social distancing) E.g. is there any preferred way to get written messages of support to the players? What about plans for photos of fans in their shirts on the morning of the game to be sent to a specific email / social media account? Are union
  14. Unfortunately, we are just too “nice” of a team in this situation. Their handball, hardly any of our players appealed for it. In the Kop, we had no clue it even hit an arm, because no-one made a fuss. Only realised watching replays when I got home. The penalty, EVERY Man City player surrounded the referee appealing. (Half of them probably didn’t even see a thing). When this happens, the official(s) at Stockley Park have to be seen to be checking it. The outcome? They get a penalty, ours doesn’t even appear to go to VAR. We need to get smarte
  15. The ball was played back, but the player was returning from an offside position, and he hadn’t got back far enough when the ball was played to him. He may have been onside by the time he received it, but that’s irrelevant. The ball went backwards, but that was irrelevant aswell. He was in an offside position when the ball was played to him. Also, I know it’s a very tight call, but if the linesman had flagged for that, we’d all be praising him massively for spotting it when no-one else had, so why are people criticising VAR for spotting it?
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