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  1. Andros Townsend...

    Statistically, Townsend is in the top 10 crossers in the PL, and has been for a couple of years, same as albrighton. He doesn't have Mahrez's flair, but to say he isn't creative would be unfair. i'd take him for the right price.
  2. Tom Lawrence

    Shakespeare didn't want to sell, we originally turned the offer down. Lawrence has been waiting to see how the transfer window is panning out, knowing that Musa was the one we were looking to offload, and Mahrez possibly going too. With no movement on either front, and Derby leaving their offer on the table, he's now told us he wants the move. That's changed the situation somewhat, as it's made it perfectly clear there is absolutely no chance of him signing a new contract, so he would definitely be gone for nothing next year. We've reluctantly decided to cash in, and let him have his move. On the plus side, we're now pushing forward in our pursuit of adding another winger, hence why we're the rumour mill is starting to churn again!
  3. One more signing

    My frustration isn't with people who wanted sigurdsson rather than iheanacho, it's with people still going on about getting a CAM now that we have Iheanacho! I (kind of) understand people being worried about creativity, but it has to come from the current positions, i.e. The wingers and Central Midfield. I wonder where we can get more creative though? Mahrez on the right (until he leaves) Albrighton/Gray on the left, James/DD in the middle (alongside Ndidi who sits). In all fairness, the creativity should already be there........ they just have to perform as we know they can!
  4. One more signing

    This^^^^ for the sake of Jesus Christ THIS^^^ I can't believe how many people are going on about a CAM, when we'd have to change style & formation to fit one in, not to mention who we would have to leave out?? if you have a CAM, you either play 4-4-1-1 , i.e. No iheanacho in the side, or you play 3-5-2, where you need 3 centre backs and 2 wing backs, which currently we don't have, not genuine tried and tested ones anyway.......... once we signed iheanacho, getting a CAM went out the window, how is this so hard for people to get??? It was always going to be either Sigurdsson (a CAM in a 4-4-1-1) OR iheanacho!
  5. Other teams signings so far

    I worry for teams like Watford, Crystal Palace, the 3 that came up, and even Southampton. Burnley & Swansea aren't exactly bringing in anyone worthwhile either, but to me they look more stable than the others.
  6. Other teams signings so far

    I agree, they seem to be pushing on, where others look (so far) to be no better, if not worse than last season.
  7. Other teams signings so far

    I can see them around 7th again too, Lukaku is a massive loss, and I may be wrong, but I don't see Sandro Ramirez or Rooney being the answer for them. Creatively, I think they are all set, but they still need a top striker to replace Lukaku's goals.
  8. Other teams signings so far

    I was classing them as part of the top 7
  9. Other teams signings so far

    So I know there is still a fair bit of time left in the window, but I've just been reviewing the signings that the other premier league clubs have made. Apart from the top 7, I'm very underwhelmed by everyone else's signings. I can list a maximum of about 10 players who stand out to me as decent signings for the other clubs, and it's giving me a bit more confidence for this season. I can see a lot of teams struggling, with IMO only Bournemouth & West Ham doing decent business. What does everyone else think? Here's the few I would class as decent signings: Bournemouth - Begovic, Defoe, Ake Newcastle - Atsu Swansea - Abraham Watford - Chalobah West Brom - Rodriguez West Ham - Hart, Arnautovic, Hernandez, Zabaleta There will obviously be a couple of decent signings that appear from nowhere for other clubs this season, like every season, but the rest don't strike me as impressive at all thus far...............
  10. Leicester City vs. Borussia Mönchengladbach

    Schmeichel Simpson Morgan Maguire Fuchs Mahrez Drinkwater Ndidi Albrighton Vardy Slimani No real surprises in the starting 11 A few subs at half time, but keeping the same shape, something along the lines of: Schmeichel Simpson Morgan Maguire Chilwell Lawrence Drinkwater Ndidi Gray Vardy Iheanacho With a few more changes with 20 minutes left. James, Iborra etc.
  11. Iheanacho

    For at least the past week the buy back clause was the only major issue holding up the transfer. The image rights issue has been resolved up to a point where the transfer can go through. Man City wanted a straight £35m buy back clause, we wanted £50m because we felt if Man City did decide they wanted him back, it would only be because he had performed outstandingly for us. We also wanted a time restriction on the buy back so that it could only happen within the first x number of weeks in a summer transfer window, so that if we do lose him back to Man City in the future it won't be in a January window, or too late in the summer to be able to replace him. Trouble is Man City played hard ball, knowing we wanted him before the start of the season, so negotiations stalled for a while. So the buy back clause is closer to what they wanted, but I am led to believe it can only be actioned during certain time frames in summer windows.
  12. why have we sold no-one?

    Mendy isn't fit, and therefore we've only had slight interest in taking him on loan. Probably will be loaned out when able to train fully, because no-one will buy him without seeing how he's recovered first. Musa has again only had interest in being taken on loan (with us still contributing to his wages), the club are willing to sell, but only at £10m+, which isn't on offer from anyone. Ulloa is the strange one. Rumours are we've offered him a new contract, but I still find that very doubtful. Surprised we haven't had any offers at all yet, even low ones, he could do a job for a Championship club, could be concerns over his current salary. we've never get £10m though, £5m maybe. Shinji is happy at the club, even playing a bit part from the bench, which is rare in today's game. He's highly thought of, works his arse off, and is very professional, so we have no real interest in selling. Wes is still club captain, and that has a value in itself. No-one will show any interest in paying a fee, and his high wages at the age he is. This isn't football manager, where you just press "offer to clubs" and it's job done...................
  13. Memberships 17/18

    Not received mine yet. I rang up To buy tickets and was told it could take 4 weeks to arrive. I've been waiting 3 weeks so far. Your customer number in the confirmation email is your membership number anyway, so all you are really waiting for are your "gifts" (Calendar etc....)
  14. Thorgan Hazard

    It's officially confirmed guys!! Thorgan Hazard is coming to Leicester City!!!! (to play against us for Borussia Munchengladbach!)
  15. Adrien Silva

    It's currently sounding as if Lawrence will be staying with the first team squad. The idea is meant to be 4 wingers, Gray, Lawrence, Albrighton & Mahrez/replacement. Barnes looks more likely to go out on loan again this season now that his long term future is secured contract wise.