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  1. Everyone should be happy to hear this, let’s hope we can see it on the field!
  2. So nice to be able listen to a manager that can communicate clearly with us fans. Puel really was so boring, and came across as very vague due to language difficulties. I’ve just heard more in one interview about how we plan to play, and the feelings of the team etc etc than I did in the previous 50 conferences. Nothing more than I expected, but it’s so nice to want to, and be able to, listen to a coherent manager!
  3. Absolutely, I totally agree. I was just pointing out that people shouldn’t be expecting a huge pot of money like this article is making it sound in the headline. And as for Callum Wilson at £40m, that would probably be a whole summers transfer budget on one player, assuming we don’t make any major sales.
  4. Before people get excited....... This is “up to” £200m over 3 years.......... it will include wages, agent fees signing on fees etc.......... Break it down, and even if it is true, it will be around £50m a season on actual transfer fees, probably split to about £35m each summer window and £15m each winter window.......... Obviously it could be topped up by outgoing transfer fees, but does it sound so impressive now??............
  5. Ndidi and Mendy are not a bad pairing in midfield, can no-one see that Puel does not get the best out of our players??? The idea of 4-2-3-1 is that there is a solid back 4, two defensive midfielders to break up play in midfield, and that then releases the front 4 the freedom to be a fluid attacking force? Any 2 of Ndidi, Mendy or Choudary are perfect for these roles, and Ndidi / Mendy started the season doing it really well, but they have regressed under Puel. As has Maguire, Gray, Maddison, the list goes on......... The whole team is now shot of confidence, anyone can see that. We need a manager who can get the most out of our players, they are not bad players, we actually have a strong first team line up! (We all know we need stronger back up in certain areas).
  6. Whoever we get in shouldn’t be under any pressure though, as everyone has said, season wise, we’ve nothing to lose now. We aren’t getting relegated, whoever is in charge. Maybe the younger players do love Puel, I doubt it though. Results breed confidence. Our players look nervous now. They seem scared to play their natural game, and confined to Puels “possession” football. You think players like Gray and Chilwell want to be stopping at the edge of the box and passing back to Maguire and Morgan instead of taking people on? You think Maddison doesn’t want players making forward runs past him to play balls on to? You think Vardy wants to be in his own box defending the front post at corners when he could be the outlet on the halfway line? You’re right, there is no guarantee a new manager will be a success, but they’ll have 2-3 months with the pressure off, as they get their ideas across, and i’m Sure they will still give the young players game time, as we pretty much only have young players in the squad now? What old players can a new manager play? Simpson? Fuchs? Okazaki? Who are all out of contract?........... We only have young players now really.
  7. For those saying we should wait until the summer and then reassess........ We do now have young, talented players that other bigger teams would want, Maguire and Chilwell being the most obvious. If we plod along to the summer, playing turgid football under Puel, 2 things become big possibilities; 1. These players could ask to leave with the prospect of another season of turgid football under Puel. 2. These players could ask to leave due to not knowing what manager is coming in (while the summer window is open), and thinking “well if i’ve got to prove myself under a new manager, I may aswell do it somewhere bigger?” Get rid of Puel now, get a new permanent manager in before the end of the season, the players can’t think about moving until the summer, and at least then for a couple of months we can let our best players see there is actually a positive outlook for staying with us next season! Waiting until the summer window with this uncertainty is not a good way forward, and let’s face it, the uncertainty is not going away now, because Puel is quickly losing the majority of the fans.
  8. It’s alright saying “Puel develops younger players”, but when you don’t have the tactics to get the most out of those players, or the skills to motivate them to play to their potential, you’ll end up with a young team “with promise” that can’t win games............ which is where we are............ We need a motivator. We have a young talented squad that lots of clubs would envy, we just need someone to get the best out of them. However I won’t say my choice, it’s too obvious, and will get shot down..........
  9. I’ll probably get slated for this, but I’m going to be open and admit I very vocally booed at the end of the game. I do not agree with booing people coming on, as others have said, that just knocks confidence before a ball has been kicked, so I would never do that. However, after the game, I made my feelings known because I feel it’s important that the hierarchy, especially the manager, get a feeling of the approval, or in this case, disapproval of the fans on a particular performance. When we perform well, I am the last to leave the stadium, I applaud every player, I cheer and chant all their names. If we’ve been unlucky, I still applaud the team off for their effort. If we’ve performed like we did against Cardiff, with poor decision making, poor execution, and (in my view) poor decisions / coaching from the bench, then I will boo. It doesn’t happen often, but it did today. To anyone that says it’s not acceptable after a poor performance, I ask you this, how else would I make my feelings known to the manager / owner / coaching staff? What more suitable alternative is there? Is it better for them to think “we were just unlucky again”? That those sorts of performances are acceptable to us fans? Sometimes a negative response is required to spark people into action. My Hope is that the squad, and more importantly the manager and coaching staff, are sitting at home now thinking “Shit, we have great fans, we let them down today, it’s not often you hear them that upset, we need to change things and give them a great reaction on Tuesday”. Rather that than just “We did quite well, if we do the same things against Everton, things will go our way, and we will get a result”. Which seems to be Puel’s constant rhetoric.
  10. Just change it to Carnival de Paris, which is what Union Fs start playing anyway, and we all bounce along to? just get it played through the PA system. (1m15 onwards)
  11. Again, another simple but great idea, which can easily be done. Either around the waist or shoulders to show togetherness and solidarity. 👍
  12. As someone else has mentioned, there are financial implications to changing the stadium name now. Having the stadium named (sponsored) by King Power (the company) is a back-door way of injecting more money into the club by the owners. If we struggle at any point with FFP, the sponsorship contract over the naming rights can be renewed and increased so that the King Power company gives the club a higher fee. It’s a loophole that can be exploited to inject funds into the club. Changing the name, and therefore ending that sponsorship deal, closes the loophole. That’s my understanding of it anyway. We could possibly also do the same with the new training ground, (calling it the King Power training ground), so I think a stand is the best option in this respect. I also like the idea of the Khun Vichai Family Stand, I don’t know why, but it works.
  13. Does anyone know if this has been communicated to the Cardiff City forum aswell?? My wife is a Cardiff Supporter, and she’s been reading about the Cardiff fans wanting to do something for us on Saturday, but not knowing exactly what to do? Not expecting them to learn and sing our song, but they may want to join us in standing and holding up their scarves aswell? Honestly get the feeling they want to show some sort of respect to us on Saturday for our loss....
  14. This hadn’t even crossed my mind, but 110% agree, and I’m sure every foxes fan will feel exactly the same. There is absolutely no way that we can allow that goal music to be played again under the circumstances. Really hope this will be picked up on by, or highlighted to, someone at the club.
  15. Word is that VAR is expected to be used in the Premier League next season, and the owners feel that It is important that we are ready, when that happens, to be able to communicate VAR decisions clearly to our fans. The current screens have served a purpose, but aren’t seen by our owners as very effective at communicating right across the pitch due to their limited size (And awkward position in the corners). New screens on a stadium extension wouldn’t be up for 4-5 years, which is 3-4 years too late for the start of VAR. (On a side note, bigger screens also equals increased advertising revenue.)
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