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  1. I have. My sister hasn't.
  2. I want someone to sign that gives me a similar feeling when Cambiasso signed. Like nursing a 70% lob-on for at least a week.
  3. I was on holiday in Scotland when we signed Elvis Hammond. My sister fell through a loose man-hole cover. Glory days.
  4. Cattermole
  5. get this this ****er in.
  6. Get. Him. In.
  7. He's got that block head that I look for in my centre backs. I also hate the new shirt. Tacky gold shoulders - not good.
  8. Nalis vs Leeds was, at the time, one of the best goals I'd seen live. Since then: Knockaert's 2 vs Huddersfield away Vardy vs Liverpool Mahrez vs Man City (that's when I knew we'd win the league).
  9. It will be nice to beat Spurs on the last game of the season to lift the trophy.
  10. Had to have my 14.5 year old golden retriever, Lily, put down yesterday as she was really ill through old age. Feeling pretty shit about it today. In need of a serious pick-me-up.
  11. Forgot about this little chunky ****er. Good luck to him.
  12. Hopefully this is still not sorted going into pre-season games. It would also be nice to not sign any fresh players until the season has started.
  13. I'd got a feeling the chopper is picking up Tunchev for a sensational home-coming. 2 year deal with option of 3rd, based on performances.
  14. Expected a lot more from him. Thought he had a decent start. Hit with some injuries. Can't seem to run with the ball / shoot from the deck? Bit odd. I think we could do much better than him. Although, maybe if he started a string of games, rather than coming off the bench, we'd see what he can really do?
  15. Feels like the end of an era of having un-earthed some real talent in him and Kante and them both gone. Hope Kasper stays. Good luck to Mahrez. Shame he didn't spark this season. Last season he was incredible.