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  1. Hope you guys don't mind me posting this... My company and one of our clients (ex Auto Trader Marketing Director) set up a quick side business, selling rugby-related apparel & accessories. (We've rushed it a bit for the World Cup!!) If anyone likes the pieces, you can get 25% off using this code: RWC-25 Cheers and any feedback is always appreciated! https://purelyrugby.com/
  2. Kasper Ricardo Evans Caglar Chilly Hamza Albrighton Maddison Youri Barnes Vardy
  3. ozvaldo


    Genuinely thought Diabate would be immense after his debut. Shame it didn't work out. As for Rachid... I've witnessed first-hand some of @GingerrrFox's shits put up more fight and determination when flushed for the 4th time, than he's ever put in on the pitch.
  4. He’s not been great so far and the Newcastle fans (at least the ones I know) were delighted to see the back of him. I don’t see what he offers compared to others in the squad - particularly in a wide position. Hope he comes good food but I just don’t see it, especially if he still plays out wide.
  5. We’re going to win the cûnt again.
  6. He needs wide men to bomb on so he can play those intricate balls through. That’s where he was so effective last season. With Perez and Maddison on the wings, there’s never a ball on.
  7. F’kin gerrim owwwwwt
  8. I feel like a £100m player would be capable of scoring from 7-8yards out or squaring a ball for a tap in. But, then again, I am a cûnt, and I don’t know much.
  9. I need to question Rodgers’ decision to not start with a natural winger. Perez and that fanny boy are shite in wide positions. Really frustrating to watch.
  10. On reflection, I think we’ll get dicked today.
  11. Hope we line up with more width and put it on them early rather than this narrow, slow, 5 yard passing football from last week.
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