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  1. I honestly don’t think any of them have any.
  2. Yeah but Vardy’s posted a nice Instagram message. So it’s all ok.
  3. He’s unfortunately gone. The touch isn’t there. Missing good opportunities when they come along. Speed went ages ago (I’m not sure why Sky and BT commentators keep saying “he’s just as sharp as ever”. He isn’t). We all knew he would decline, but with 2 goals in about 20 games, and one of them being a pen, it’s like he’s fallen off a cliff. But we have no back up, unless we play Kel by himself. It’s sad, but this was always going to happen. He’s still a legend.
  4. Worst performance of the season. No energy. A lack of ideas. No press. No aggression. Slow on the ball. Casual. No shape. No movement. It was so bad, Mendy was our best player. Still struggling to see what Vardy offers anymore. He’s done.
  5. I love it when we play 3 short passes, when 1 will do.
  6. It’s one of them where he’s probably our best player ever, and defences will know he can cause issues. But, it’s obvious to us how far he’s fallen in terms of form and confidence. I thought after his goal the other week he’d gain some confidence and go on a little run. Hopefully he’ll get one against Newcastle. He’s definitely helped in some of Kel’s goals with assists and intelligent runs, but that’s not to take anything away from Kel - he’s been on fire.
  7. I mean surely if Vardy is missing chances like he is so consistently, he has to be taken off when we need a goal?
  8. Thought they were awful tonight. We totally outplayed them without really needing to try.
  9. I love how Maddison promoted the self-isolation celebration, only to go and fûck the rules when it really mattered. I bet the jumped-up little twàt went to the party dressed like a Spice Girl too. Çunt.
  10. At least we’ve got three really easy games right at the end of the season.
  11. I love it when Kasper plays it short towards our corner flag.
  12. Since his unforgettable 7 months with us, Josh Low has since grown hair and become a lawyer.
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