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  1. Edouard in and Otavio in. Gray Out along with Hamza.
  2. Vardy is out, now isn't he? So this becomes a must.
  3. Not falling for this bollocks again.... Bin....
  4. They're simply living off their past, it is quite sad to see because through the 90's and early 00's the Italian league was absolutely gravy... especially Inter and AC.... They're just relics accommodating players who have basically given up and still want to live like ballers. (with the exception of one or two).
  5. Yea, Brazilians have a sickening love affair with the former italian giants of Inter and AC...... Let's hope he has his head screwed on and chooses us, not what is now a graveyard for washed up has been's..... With the exception of martinez at inter obviously...
  6. Few mumbling that this is the one we are trying to get done. Couple of articles on news now pointing towards him.
  7. You’re right, that Mbappe is bollocks. Poor mans Fryatt.
  8. To be fair..... it’s top banter from the club. Just one to piss the spuds fans off.
  9. Yea I didn’t realise! Still if he gets injured, we’re buggered!
  10. Percy has spoken of interest, but the wages may be too high. So in short it is legit, but probably won’t happen.
  11. See, options more than normal are limited at the moment. Losing Praet is massive, that’s a reliable player gone for a few moments, Youri is a booking away from being suspended which means he will be suspended at some point, so we need some depth there. I suppose the thinking is he is a high calibre player with experience in Europe too, wouldn’t need any real settling in and in the right frame of mind he is still a quality player. We unfortunately don’t have the luxury of cherry picking this season, if an opportunity arises to sign a suitable player, then we will probabl
  12. Profile goes out of the window when you’re hand is forced. We lose Youri and we’re Fuched.
  13. Leicester City baulk at Christian Eriksen's £300k-a-week wages after making loan enquiry that was the headline, I’d imagine it isn’t going to happen.
  14. Where would he play? Isn’t he predominantly a 10? plus, shades of Cambiasso? Club were pissed off when he was leaked.
  15. I know that it has been mentioned before with other deals and probably is not feasible but... Could use Gray as part of the deal?
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