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  1. I suppose they need something to fill their days between the spa's and liquid lunches now Jeremy Kyle has been axed.
  2. The only way I can think to implement him is a 4-3-3, with Maddison as a 10 and Parez as a striker with Vardy, The only issue being you have to rely on your fullbacks to provide options regularly from their respective positions, something at the moment you can't trust Chilwell to do. So it pretty much is either play Madders wide, or drop Youri......
  3. They will probably breeze it to the league title, even City aren’t up to their standard this season. So we can be proud that we made them sweat. It is painfully apparent that we need to spend some money in January to make that push into the top 6. If we invest wisely and can bring in an attacking player I think 3rd is doable. We’re a bloody good side.
  4. Got to do these, can’t be losing at home to Burnley if you want top 6. I think we will bounce back well. Okay the same line up we did V Bournemouth and smash them.
  5. I don’t like bashing players, especially academy products, but Chilly has been consistently poor so far this season. It’s like he’s taken a step backwards, I don’t think he’s particularly comfortable being asked to play out from the back, he tends to panic whenever he receives the ball in tight areas. He’s good at breaking forward, but then offers little once he gets there. If Fuchs was a few years younger he would be on the team sheet every time over chilly, and I think Fuchs can feel hard done by for being dropped so quickly. There’s a lot Chillwell has to work on to get up to speed, he ended last season well, but this season, so far he has been nothing short of naff. I like the lad, but he’s got to step up.
  6. We know this is bollocks, his performances so far this season wouldn’t warrant a 50p price tag.....
  7. We will **** them up when they come to our place. I hope to god they don’t win the league...it will be unbearable.
  8. ****ing love him, and his hard ass tackling. About time someone started injecting some bollocks back into the game, Klopp doesn’t like it because it’s fair unlike his pathetic players throwing themselves around like Beth tweddle. Hope Salah is sat at hole sobbing.....
  9. Hamza is a fabulous player. His ability to tackle hard is a gift and I love it. I haven’t seen many reckless challenges from him, just hard. It’s what we need back in the game, someone to get a bit rough when it’s needed.
  10. Despite the way we lost, we pretty much held our own against the would be league winners. The winning goal was utter shite, but we aren’t. Nothing but positives for me... we’re a decent wide man away from being competitors again on my opinion.
  11. One thing that’s clear is we need a wide player in January. Barnes is nowhere near and it’s what we’re missing. Can’t allow Madders to play wide, it ruins his game.
  12. Another disappointing day away. Var will change nothing for the top sides, and Liverpool hardly need a hand. A point would have been nice, but we take what we can from it and move on. We just have to make sure we react properly and beat Burnley, top six finished don’t come away at Liverpool, they do at home against Burnley.
  13. He’s been poor all season so far. I don’t think he is quite the player we hoped. Early days yes, but I’m not sold on him.
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