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  1. Where I don’t disagree with your point, we have to start asking questions why we’ve (if it happens) have chucked in the top four twice in a row when we’ve been pretty much ever present in the top four for two seasons...... last season there were literally no excuses, we were losing to absolute fodder. At some point the mentality has to be questioned, the club are ambitious and want to sniff the balls of the “top clubs” but, at the moment we seem unable to rise to the occasions. Lose the cup semi final, and I think it’s pretty much confirmed we can’t handle big occasions.
  2. At some point another failure to qualify for the CL will cost us dearly. We want to be a top club but we need to take these opportunities. With finances potentially tight over the summer we really need a top four place to potentially sign a few really decent players. Fail to do it again, and we could genuinely lose one or two key players. We’ve proven in the past you ask to leave, and for the right price you’re off.
  3. Whoever plays just put some effort in. Finding it hard to get up for this game, call me a miserable bastard, but I just don’t have any faith these lads can produce when it matters. Ings hat-trick incoming.
  4. I think you’re right. The top four will be taken up by the usual faces, Liverpool will snatch the last spot and Chelsea with get third. As for us it will be another massive missed opportunity, and a potentially damaging one going forward, with covid and right finances a CL spot would really have been a godsend for us, may have enabled us to sign one or two quality players.
  5. Why does Sammy Lee always look like he’s walked into a wall of fart.
  6. Suddenly West Brom don’t look so beatable......
  7. And then there’s the issue. The psychological blow that could deal the club might finish us off again. We’ve got to really use the weekend as a chance to get a performance under the belt and get some good vibes in the club. We have to win our next four PL games to stand a chance, and hope Chelsea beat West Ham and West Ham slip up a few times. It’s going to be very difficult to hold onto now, the weekends defeat just loosens the grip.
  8. By the time we play West Brom there’s a big chance we will be out of the top four. It’s a massive few games coming up... I fear if we bin the weekend then that’s it, the rot will set in and it will be last season all over again.... the West Ham game was absolutely massive, it would have set us up to sail away, but instead we’ve now presented the opportunity to both West Ham and Chelsea to get a foothold in the top 4.
  9. In the box there’s not many better in the league. He proved this time and time again at Citeee. Put the ball in the box, and he knows where the onion bag is.
  10. Absolutely nailed on defeat unfortunately for me. We seem to be dragging our knuckles again over the last few weeks, and I think the dip in form has come at the wrong time. So I think Southampton will go through, either defeat us in normal play or extra time. Having said that, I do think we will win our next four league games and somehow secure the top four.
  11. But Vardy and Kalechi are striking a dream partnership. How do we change to formation but still maintain that?
  12. We clearly looked like our thoughts were elsewhere. My guess is down to the disruption caused by the three musketeers. But they’ve got Saturday to win the hearts back, fail then god help them.
  13. The issue with calling to ditch the back three.... what do we switch to? Because Vardy and Kelch have to play as a pair, because it’s one of the reasons he has been so good lately..... he can’t play as a lone striker....
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