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  1. Villa will be the turning point, I think we will be wanting to give them a pasting.
  2. You could accept it before, but now they have assistance it’s completely unacceptable.
  3. Have to win. But I can’t see it, they will know they can do us at home. I do think we will lose this one.
  4. I agree, it is going to be very tight. I can see it going down to the last game.
  5. We HAVE to start winning games. We’re in this inconsistent rut at the moment we need to get out of because the gap will start to decrease and our arses will start to twitch.
  6. Disappointed. Slightly annoyed and somewhat concerned.
  7. So you can’t tackle hard because it’s deemed “dangerous” but you can punch a player in the face, whilst hurtling yourself through the air? Absolutely diarrhoea decision.
  8. Worth putting a bid in. He will get (potentially) CL football with us!
  9. Hmmm, I’m not so sure. I’m shocked they’ve put out a full team out, especially as they’ve got Madrid next week. I think they’re looking at putting the game to bed in the first half and then withdraw some of the more significant players.
  10. Looking at their team 0-4. Will be a simple evening for them.
  11. They won’t be putting out their strongest 11, with Real Madrid on the horizon and the potential two seasons ban, they will want to win the CL this season, so don’t be surprised if the likes of Fernandinho, KDB, Mahrez, Aguaro and Stirling are all missing. A good opportunity for us to get back on track and lift the confidence with a win. I’m going 3-0 Leicester, all aboard the positive train.
  12. Because some people aren't happy unless we're spending £50m on Jose Bloggos following a 3 minutes you tube montage of long range shots.
  13. Better than Albrighton and possibly Parez, and will pass experience onto Barnes. Wouldn’t be a bad free signing at all.
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