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  1. Amazing. What a result. Golden opportunity tomorrow!
  2. Weakness concentration.... how the hell to they determine that haha
  3. I think it’s because he plays too deep at the moment? It makes me sad because he is actually a quality player. I remember his debut for Belgium, he came on and twatted a shot from 30 off yards which kissed the cross bar. Where’s that Youri, Brendan sort him out please......
  4. They will absolutely be cleared of all bans and will probably receive a petty fine. Money speaks, and I’m absolutely sure those whom invest in city would have already lined the pockets of certain influential people to have it seen to they aren’t banned. Sounds a bit like a trump enthusiast, but football is probably the most corrupt thing outside of America.
  5. I’d go for the bottom one, but rather than Vardy working from the outside in, start Barnes in a ten role so he can drift out wide and stretch the back four. Plus his youthfulness can assist Fuchs.
  6. So I’ve done a table predictor. For us is predicted, wins against Bournemouth, Sheffield United. Draw V Spurs and a loss against United. For United, I’ve predicted wins against all teams bar Southampton. I really fancy them to trip them up. Chelsea I’ve put for them to lose to Liverpool slip up against Sheffield, and draw to Wolves. Chelsea have a tough run out, and they also have a cup to distract them. Sheffield United and Wolves are two tough games for them and I can see then dropping points there. Liverpool I think will now want to win every game, as they will want to finish with maximum points from this position. So, if things go to plan and we win our next two, we stand a really strong chance of sealing 4th. That’s what we need to aim for really. This weekend is again important. Chelsea will be the ones to drop out, at this stage I’m happy to agree I think this is what will happen.
  7. I suppose the one certainty left this season is Norwich have Norfolk in chance of staying up.
  8. I really, really, really, really so desperately want us to finish third. I’m holding out for Southampton and Sheffield United to do us big favours. I’ve got a feeling this weekend will be pivotal. I fancy Sheffers to get something against Chelsea, and United to slip up against Southampton. Then fingers crossed we can somehow get to the last two games 7 clear of 5th...... I’ll wake up one day!
  9. ****. The situation we’re in absolutely insane..... All we needed to be was somewhat fairly consistent to keep a gap. Is it too over the top to suggest anything post Christmas has been completely unacceptable.
  10. How many points clear were we of united at the turn of the year?
  11. I wouldn’t be surprised if the ban gets overturned....... this is Man City we’re talking about. There’s probably a dodgy deal going down in a bar somewhere in Russia.
  12. We have the beauty of a four point gap. If we can win our next two it will put us in an amazing position with two games to go.... and I’m not wholly convinced United will win all of them. Plus they have a cup game to distract them. They will drop lints between now and when we play them. Personally I think they will drop points to Southampton, if they do, we might just need to win our next two, and we’re safe. Chelsea on the other hand have the same issue as united, with the cup and they’ve got to play Sheffield United, I really wouldn’t be looking at that as a given if I was Chelsea, not with their ropey back four.
  13. I think united could trip up against Southampton, just one of those games where they won’t be pushed over as easily as some of the other teams they’ve played.
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