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  1. Pffffft, they couldn’t afford him. If Block face is worth £80 onions, Cags is worth over £100. He’s the Turkish Puyol.
  2. Chelsea have made a £50m bid apparently.
  4. Can’t wait for Souness to say “he can’t be that good, Liverpool have signed him”
  5. Bet the press office are pissed they couldn’t do an elaborate video!
  6. He’s still stood outside filbert street, so no wonder.
  7. That £40 big ones will be over £90 odd in a few seasons. Trust me this kid is amazing. Much better than spaffing £40m on Tarks to be a rotation option....
  8. @Liamlcfc1 get on that plane tracker!
  9. It's logic.... I can't imagine the conversation going well if it was "Hi James, fancy joining us as a rotation option when we fancy three at the back?", He's an established PL defender, and yes where I agree we do need one, can you justify dropping Evans? In my opinion no, and that means are we going to always play a back three, which means Under comes as a rotation player, I don't think so. It seems as though it's an option B if Fofana fail's but in my opinion not the right one, as we will end up with three CB expecting to start every week.
  10. Pliskin


    Decent guitars to be fair.
  11. He will want to play, he’s not one for being a rotation option, not even in a higher wage. To come hear he will want to be guaranteed a starting place, and unless we constantly play a back three he won’t get that, Evans has been far too good to drop, even if Tarks will improve our game.
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