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  1. Blimey, I sure hope he makes a speedy and full recovery, it amazes me that they can perform such heroics in such an overcrowded area. Having said that I think it’s about time we showed our appreciation and recognition for the work of of those who react so quickly in these situations, this isn’t the first time this has happened at the ground as it happened close to me once. Once again I hope your Dad is on the mend!
  2. Absolutely this, he wouldn’t cost a huge amount and he is on a par with the likes of Salah and Mane. As we’ve all said many times on here, if we want to be consistently a top 6/4 team we have to invest in some serious attacking quality. He would be ideal.
  3. Pliskin

    Jarrod Bowen

    Bowen is a super player, he’s got something you can’t master easily in the game, the ability to find space in dangerous areas. He may not be the quickest across the floor, but he is upstairs. Anyone taking a gamble on him is in for a gem in my opinion. I personally think he’s is a cracking little player. Better than Barnes that for sure.
  4. Respectfully I disagree. Everton have had a lot of bad luck off and on the field, they’re not a terrible side they came and took the game to us but we still found a way to win. Watford also gave it a real go also and we saw them off 2-0 and then eventually blew Villa away. Today we got it wrong from the off, and as a result of this we allowed a very ballsy Norwich side a foothold in the game, after this we just couldn’t get into our usual rhythm and were unable to break Norwich down. The difference is Norwich are already scrapping for every ball, every tackle and every point. They also made it a very difficult game by taking the pace out of it at any given opportunity, on the day it was a pretty good away effort. We had an off day, we’ve just won 8 games in a row, a feat never achieved in this league by this team and people are already rummaging through their negative boxes to dust off the white towel.... you can’t perform like a raging bull jacked up on testosterone every week, its simply not sustainable. We will have off days and Christmas is always a difficult period to negotiate due to the congested fixture list, so every now and then you can expect a leggy performance. Forget this one, and move on to City where the lads will raise their game, we will bounce back and we will continue to be the second best team in this division.
  5. Yea, Villa was wank wasn’t it...... So typical of FT to start losing its shit when something doesn’t go to plan. You can’t win every game, When you start a game and things aren’t going to plan it is usually hard to get back into it. It wasn’t a desperate performance we just couldn’t find our rhythm which will happen from time to time. The main thing is we didn’t lose the game and we still gained a point. Liverpool are done, the league title is theirs, we just need to focus on solidifying that top four position, which we will.
  6. Today’s game got off to the wrong start, the formation didn’t work and allowed Norwich to get a foothold in the game. Can’t blame Rodgers for keeping it the same but it really exposes us and played well into their hands. Norwich were busy, and played out of their skins, but they can’t get upset about Kalechi, as their sportsmanship was poor also, they were awarding time almost immediately after they scored. We never recovered from the poor first half, the set up really played into Norwich’s hands as they were really able to overload the wings, forcing Praet and Tielemans our wide this leaving Wilf on his own. After that we just couldn’t have any kind of impact on the game. You’ll have days like this, and it’s games like this we miss that player who really can win a game like Mahrez. Which I really think we need to invest in during the January market.
  7. Pffft, kids mustard scores goals for fun.
  8. They probably need to look at the definition of reform then.....
  9. Someone a bit younger would be nice and not an old dinosaur for a change. The party needs a royal shakeup like never before but never is there such a shakeup in politics, Labour have made come catastrophic errors over the recent years, it would be nice to see a fresh new face with new ideas that could probably inject a bit of pride back into the party.
  10. Our political endeavours are frankly embarrassing as a whole at the moment. I don’t think I’ve ever been more ashamed to be British as I am now. Thank god for football and porn.
  11. Adama Traore... Maybe unpopular but with the right kind of management I am convinced he would be a monster.
  12. Just shows how good of a coach Brendan actually is. We see it time and time again when players moves don't work out, players usually fester and then move on taking their problems elsewhere. There's no denying that has suffered from bad management, Puel clearly did not have the same kind of man management skills to keep the fringe players happy so Kalechi really fell by the wayside, as we saw with Silva. He clearly is a gifted player, he always showed a goal scoring ability and I think it is fair to say our previous style didn't suit his skill set, however, now we do play a style which is more suited to his ability to finish. What is impressive is that he appears to have breathed new life into him, as he did Gray, he looks leaner, stronger, fitter and up for it, I don't think he left a blade of grass uncovered at the weekend. He has quality, he isn't regarded one of the brightest talents for no reason, but it usually wholly depends on the management. Long may his form continue it could be like a new signing!
  13. There are two teams miles away from the rest of the premier league, Liverpool and Leicester.
  14. Must admit, for the first time this season, I’m nervous...... They will use Wesley to probably focus on Soyuncu and then get Grealish to buzz around him.
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