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  1. Swansea City (H) Pre Match Thread

    No N’Didi? Diabate and Albrighton as wing backs? we would get slaughtered defensively with that team.
  2. Diabaté Signs

    Musa may have scored those wonder goals against Barca but he still showed he had the first touch of a baby elephant. it was pretty obvious after Saturday Diabate will be a good player still may take time to adapt but everything he did on Saturday he did very well. 1. Chose the right pass time and time again. 2. Very quick 3. Technically very good 4. Decent finishing Plenty to get excited about but let’s not put pressure on him.
  3. FA Cup 4th round draw

    If we win we are definitely getting the stand behind the goal and the usual away end I have been working at the ground this week.
  4. Rafa Silva

    Looks strong even though he isn’t that big
  5. Southampton (A) Match Thread

    Anything iPad compatible streaming wise?
  6. Which youth prospects might be given a chance?

    Had a meeting today with a client (Barnsley Season Ticket Holder). He said Barnes is one of those who drifts in and out the game a lot but when he gets on the ball he makes things happen. He thinks all he is lacking is experience, Once he gets that he reckoned he could be a consistent Premier League player.
  7. Man City Post Match Thread 0-2

    The back four were under considerable pressure all game although I felt Morgan and Maguire did nothing wrong. Simpson frustrates me as he always allows the winger to get into the box before trying to make a challenge, leaves himself open to giving away a soft penalty. Fuchs I agree his legs have gone and I expect a new right and left back in the winter window.
  8. Plaudits for our Atmosphere, let's keep it up

    Worst I’ve heard it in SK1 for a long time today
  9. Claude Puel - Contender

    https://www.saintsweb.co.uk/showthread.php?58859-Claude-Puel-set-for-Leicester-talks interesting read.
  10. Bournemouth Post Match 0-0

    What has Shakey had to say about it?
  11. Fuchs vs Chilwell

    Personally think Fuchs is still a lot better than Chilwell, defensively Chilwell gets caught out a lot. That is of course something that comes with experience but still feel Fuchs is the better option currently.
  12. Slimani and Mahrez

    I may set up a thread about Vardys miss
  13. Dragovic joins on loan

    Poor defensive header for the Wales goal then
  14. Adrien Silva

    I look forward to having an affair with his mrs I am sure she will like a tubby like me rolling over her. Have they announced it yet?
  15. Andros Townsend...

    I'm confused also, are you saying our players don't tackle?