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  1. Making him available to Conference teams as well now then at £40,000
  2. 3.17 (I'm bored)
  3. This will definitely hit 200 pages, probably be very close by the end of tomorrow, I think he won't sign officially until we return from HK.
  4. Not on twitter so wouldn't have any idea that's where the picture came from.
  5. Few rumours building again today about this, although I think it is just wishful thinking as he has similar build to the guy in the photograph at the training ground.
  6. Not at all, John Cross is a very good journalist.
  7. John Cross is a very reliable journalist not one to write something without good evidence.
  8. All 92 clubs do it, I guarantee that.
  9. So why have Liverpool not been charged ?
  10. The fact it goes on so easily I would imagine the penalties are not very severe.
  11. Impossible to police
  12. Nothing to stop Arsenal speaking to Mahrez's agent.
  13. I'm told West Ham are very much still in for him also. I get a few snippets of info about the Hammers through a guy I work with and he is very reliable on West Ham news.
  14. Transfers are very complicated, my cousin is a pro at a championship club and from talking to him it isn't quite as straightforward as you think.
  15. Reading the West Brom forum they rate him very highly. I think he will be a very good signing.