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  1. Slimani and Mahrez

    I may set up a thread about Vardys miss
  2. Dragovic joins on loan

    Poor defensive header for the Wales goal then
  3. I imagine this may get deleted but.......

    Podge the voice of reason, you not well mate? 😂
  4. Do you guys have a sell on clause on Chris Wood?

    He has improved that much over the last few years then?
  5. BHA pre match

    Maguire looks a steal already from what I have seen of him so far, N'didi also who will only get better. I hope you stay up although I think you will have a better chance with more players who have played in the UK. It takes players a long time to adapt to the style over here and it looks like you have signed several who haven't played in England before.
  6. Do you guys have a sell on clause on Chris Wood?

    Be interesting to see where he goes, his Mrs is from Leicester but she plays for Reading Ladies, I know he would prefer a move further south and definitely wants to stay in England.
  7. A foot in the opposition's camp

    Thought this might be an interesting read, to see what the next oppositions fans think of us Pre match. I am happy to do this prior to every match. see link below from Arsenal Mania: https://arsenal-mania.com/forum/threads/pl-arsenal-v-leicester-city-11-08-17-19-45-bst-sky-sports.30392/
  8. Leicester sign George Thomas from Coventry

    Correct, him and Ben Stevenson both joined Coventry at the same time, they both still live in Leicester.
  9. Burton Away - 1st August

    Darnell is a centre back
  10. Darnell Johnson

    Nothing to do with me.
  11. Darnell Johnson

    His Dad was Emile's strike partner for the youth team and was a very good forward, interesting to see Darnell is so tall as his Dad is only short. i must've gone school with you then at some point as I've known his Dad 30 years.
  12. C*v in Division 4

    It's a shame for the two lads from Oadby that play for them, that's as far as my sympathy stretches.
  13. Fellow Fox in a coma in Marseilles

    Great to see that Stew Gray's first game back at the King Power since the attack was last night.
  14. CL Quarter Final Draw

    Expect high flight prices with it being half-term
  15. Premier League Season 2016-17 Stuff it in here.

    Just had a nosey on the Sunderland forum my personal favourite is this : Gibson looks like he's been at a lock in all week and been living on scampy fries