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  1. More concerning was the amount of Leicester fans throwing things at the disabled fans after Liverpool scored. Yes most of it hit the (apparent carer) but a lot hit the guy in the wheelchair. some family stand we have.
  2. Has @LinekersApples crashed the site with his information
  3. If my business makes a loss today can I put a claim in against you? as I am spending more time on here than at work
  4. It is more on who the journalist is writing the story, not the newspaper itself. if it is the chief sports writer at any of the big papers I’d be inclined to believe it. i haven’t read the story though.
  5. ‘The Brain’ Zeljko Buvac Klopps assistant until last season would be my choice.
  6. I hardly hear any of the old classics and I am in SK1.
  7. Selling clubs cause this as it drives the price up last minute.
  8. I am happy to back @Abrasive fox and @MPH regarding Percy, I also have someone very close to the first team who has today confirmed a lot of the story and before anyone asks I wont name them. This is only the second time I have posted anything remotely ITK and that (even after getting abuse on here, happened). I have no agenda at all, I am told lots of things that go on at the club but the reaction by people on here puts me off repeating any of it.
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