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  1. Really hard for me to be excited by this signing. It’s great that we have another CB, as we desperately needed one, but this is such a high risk, albeit high reward, signing. At his age, and with that price tag, people will expect this guy to become a £60m+ player in the future. Opinions will be formed after about 5 games, as they always seem to be, but if he isn’t seen as a world beater in the making, his signing will be massively questioned straight away. I hope he does turn out to be a wonderful signing, but i do fear that he will be hung, dra
  2. The lack of a position is a huge issue for Amartey, and anyone potentially looking at signing him. He actually joined us being recognised as a DM, he’s played for us (sparingly) as a makeshift RB, now people see his position as a CB?? Add to this his time out through injury, and nobody actually knows what his best position is, because no-one has got to see it for the past few years.....
  3. The more I think about this transfer, the more I feel it won’t work out well. If Evans and Soyuncu stay fit, he’ll get rotated in for games, which won’t necessarily give him a solid run of games to aid his settling in / development. If one of the main 2 do get injured, he’ll have to play most of the games, possibly 2/3 a week, which is good for him, but he will be under pressure to hit the ground running, which for a 19 year old centre back, against some of the best strikers in the world, won’t come easy. Thinking about it, how many centre backs are there th
  4. I really have nothing against the guy, but his injury record is awful, we’ve never really found any proper place for him in the team, and not trying to be harsh, but we’ve progressed as a team while there’s no way he can’t have regressed with all of his time on the sidelines. If anyone is willing to offer us £5m for him, we should take it. Could anyone honestly say we would miss him if he wasn’t here?
  5. Praet is very underrated, even by our own fans. Not the flashiest player around, but cool, calm, great technique, and keeps the passing and movement ticking over. Hopefully people are starting to realise what a class act the guy is!
  6. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Was going to comment that this is the most ridiculous rumour of the summer..... Then remembered that we were “linked” with Luis Suarez.........
  7. https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/desporto/1585672/sampdoria-perto-de-anunciar-trio-de-reforcos-adrien-silva-incluido Sounds to be pretty much done. Still no news on if there is any fee involved, or any wage contribution from us though......... A new adventure for Adrien Silva After playing in the Premier League and Ligue 1, the Portuguese international seems to be on his way to ... Serie A. Sampdoria is closing the hiring of a true luxury trio and Adrien's name is included, according to Sky Italia this Wednesday. In addition to the Portuguese midfielde
  8. Really think the price is going too high on this one. There are other options out there, and as others have said, we only really need a third choice CB with some potential to improve should cags be sold for a ridiculous price in the future. If we are a bit more financially restricted now, £20-25m for any player, in any position, should probably be the maximum we look to spend. Also, the pressure on this kid (and he is still a kid at 19), would be immense as a £30m+ signing in the premier league.
  9. Positives: Castagne is growing into the game, and doesn’t look out of place in the side. Tielemans playing some nice passes around and looks in control in the centre. Ndidi keeping things simple, clearly not his position by any means, but coping ok today. Negatives: Still blatantly clear we need a genuine right winger, Perez cannot play there, however we all knew this. Still clear to me that we need a proper left back. Justin isn’t a prem player yet IMO, on either side, and Castagne is obviously a right sided player. Justin needs a loan at a top end Champio
  10. As with any potential transfer, it totally depends on price, and availability of replacements. If the price is right, almost anyone can be sold.
  11. Seriously though, check the videos. Messi uses both feet, Barbosa appears to use his left foot for virtually every touch.
  12. My concern is that he seems to be ridiculously one footed?... Nearly every touch he takes seems to be with his left. Admitted that’s only based on YouTube videos, so it’s a limited assessment. However it does seem that if you just show him onto his right foot all the time, you’ve basically nullified him?............ If that’s the case, surely it won’t take long for prem defenders to figure out how to deal with him?
  13. Personally think we should look elsewhere. I’m not doubting he’d be a good rotation option with all the games we’ll have this season, but he’s 28 in a couple of months, so even just a 3 year contract takes him to pretty much 31, which is an age where there would be little to no resale value. At £28m, which is the region that the fee will get to by the time it’s accepted, plus add-ons aswell, that’s a lot of money for us, for a centre back, that we’ll get no money back from. I’m not against him as a player, and would support him in the side, but financially, there m
  14. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.jeunesfooteux.com/Stade-Rennais-Mercato-porte-encore-ouverte-a-Rennes-pour-Slimani_a42377.amp.html Translation: This summer, Stade Rennais spent 27 million euros to strengthen its attacking sector by recruiting Martin Terrier (Olympique Lyonnais) and Serhou Guirassy (Amiens SC). And yet the arrival of another offensive element cannot be ruled out, especially in the event of the departure of M'Baye Niang. A player who could be Islam Slimani, even if Rennes coach Julien Stéphan has denied any offer from Stade Rennais for the Algeria
  15. Yet another sarcastic response..........
  16. Well done, have a medal! 🙄 Jesus, I’ve never known a forum that’s so full of toxicity and superiority over other members........
  17. I know we’ve been here before, and I know there are no direct links to us in the press, but I still think this could be the way we go to reinforce the CB position............... https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.skysports.com/amp/football/news/11787/12057998/celtic-kristoffer-ajer-and-olivier-ntcham-could-look-for-exit
  18. City1884


    No, Just No. I’d rather have Dennis Wise play at left back........ (Well, maybe not, but it’s a close call..........)
  19. I agree with parts of this, although it may be the case that Edouard gets more of the “bottom half” league and cup games, and Vardy saved for the top 6 / European games. Vardy is 100% the man against the big teams, and it would give Edouard more time to settle, and more chances to score and build his confidence in “lesser” games. I still think 2 up top will be used very sparingly.
  20. Controversial opinion, but I’m not so sure he will be “behind” Vardy in the pecking order this season. Yes, Vardy has just come off of a golden boot winning season, and Yes, I do think he is better than Edouard as a finisher, however........ We are easily looking at 50+ games this season if we do averagely well in the cups /Europe, Vardy isn’t getting any younger, and although he is still a big threat, he’s likely to need more rest to avoid injuries, and become less likely to handle a full 90 minutes. Personally, I think both strikers would get 25+ starts ea
  21. People seem to be forgetting that we are in the group stage, Celtic still need to qualify for the group stage........... We all know how good they are at qualifying matches........ They may not even make it!
  22. City1884


    Maybe so, but if what the poster is trying to say is simply that we’re saving 350k a week now, so we can spend another 350k a week on wages for new signings, while that may work ffp wise when looking at a year in isolation, it’s still not an equality in the clubs normal financial accounting. It’s still a massively increased, guaranteed, contractual financial outlay.
  23. City1884


    Yes it would be great to get these players off of our wage bill, but most only have a maximum of 1 year left on their contracts anyway don’t they? So that 350k a week x 52 weeks is £18.2million total value. 4 new players at 70k a week, on an average of 3 year contracts, is a commitment of £43.7m of contracts........ So that’s still the club committing to an extra £25m in wages over the next 3 years........... One doesn’t equal the other. Sometimes I think people don’t understand how football/business works?
  24. Not saying the system is right by any means, but maybe now Season ticket holders will have some appreciation of what members have to go through..... Leicester Supporter all my life, but only became available to go to every game 3 years ago due to change in working hours. Had to endure 2 years of buying a membership, entering a ballot for every game, buying a full price ticket when selected, then hoping above hope to have enough points to be selected for a season ticket at the end of the season. I spent nearly £1000 each season, for 2 years to see every home game, in a sea
  25. Decent defender 6-7 years ago, but his career never really progressed as it should. If you’d have mentioned his name back then it could have been an exciting prospect, now it’s just not the same. Reminds me of Hull getting Ranocchia on loan. On paper should be a decent signing, in reality you’re getting a defender past his best, who struggles to get games these days. Doesn’t fit the profile of who we should be looking at, at all. Don’t even think the link has any substance. It’s a big no from me.
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