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  1. Get in! Leicester in the premiership!!
  2. mobi

    Gary Taylor-Fletcher

    I'm sure you will Gary
  3. mobi

    Gary Taylor-Fletcher

    Provided GTF stays fit - I think he could be just the player we need. We may be top at the moment, but have we got the squad depth/quality to be there come end of season?
  4. mobi

    Youth Players

    http://www.thisisleicestershire.co.uk/story-18992013-detail/story.html?#axzz2TMclLd69 Leicester City academy duo Alie Sesay and Callum Elder have both penned new deals with the club after successful seasons with the Under-21s and Under-18s sides. The defenders join the likes of George Taft, James Pearson, Jacob Blyth, Rob Paratore, Jamie Anton and Jak McCourt in extending their stay with the club after helping Steve Beaglehole’s Under-21s take the Development League Two North title with a game to spare. Sesay, 19, is now in his third year with the club, and is a quick and strong central defender who has been in impressive form alongside Taft for the Under-21s - captaining the team on a number of occasions in Conrad Logan’s absence. Meanwhile, 18-year-old Australian left-back Elder has also featured for the Under-21s, who only missed out on the chance to become national champions with a 3-2 play-off defeat to Cardiff, and has been a key part of Trevor Peake’s Under-18s set-up this term.
  5. mobi

    Live Streaming of LCFC games-look in here!

    Any pubs in Leicester showing the game?
  6. mobi

    Live Streaming of LCFC games-look in here!

    Stream Channel 3 http://www.thaitvnow.com/thai-tv-11-nbt.htm
  7. Agreed - apart from the wholesale changes bit. The stat shows us where are our team lacks that bit of resilience
  8. mobi


    For Sinusitis - the only thing that works for me is Sudafed. However making sure its the one with Pseudoephedrine and not Phenylephrine. I think the only place you can get one with Pseudoephedrine if from a Chemist. Reading on the net they may more tightly regulate Pseudoephedrine due to its uses for other not medical practices but appears to be the one that works best for Sinusitis for me. Please note this not professional medical advise. Please do your own own research to confirm if its compatible with you.
  9. mobi

    Norwich pictures from Merc

    There is also 'Snipping Tool' on Windows 7 PCs
  10. mobi

    Alan Young

    I'm more of a reader on this forum than a poster. But this guy really bugs me with his illogical commentary favouring Howard/Wellens and hoof ball. Anyone tries anything different and they get slated from him. And god forbid anyone have a differing opinion then him on the phone in. There have been occasions I have had the commentary on whilst also watching the game just to see how accurate his commentary actually is - lets say its not very accurate.