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  1. Can’t wait to see Vardy celebrating like this again
  2. Good to see we’re being picked out for our players making a point about celebrating in a socially distanced way, but it’s a stark contrast to all the lovely fresh haircuts most of the team seem to have had. Not sure about the rest of you but I’m on the verge of a new COVID cut as all the barbers are supposed to be closed? Is Kelechi the team barber?
  3. Yes. Everything I dropped yesterday I got back today. Going to sit tight for the next few months
  4. Dip on EQT matched with steady increases on TLW and MSMN. Trying to hold my nerve as I think these could fly. UFO seems to be pretty stagnant
  5. Why am I waiting for one of our party minded young players to be named as attending this party. Would it be Mad to assume this...?
  6. UFO seems to be on the rise again. But with end of year trading who knows where it’ll go. I keep hearing things about Mosman Oil (MSMN) at its current price I’m tempted to make it a new year roll - anyone here taken them on?
  7. This thread... started looking at stocks which were being traded. Then ones where the price has fallen significantly (where the reason wasn’t administration) and finally one who’s name made me laugh (Alien metals aka UFO I’m looking at you). Overall I’m up 25% on the investments I’ve made in the last 4 months. But I have no doubt that was more to do with luck. I guess my biggest rule is don’t invest more than I would lose (match day spending has been invested this season) and be prepared to cut your winnings and not be greedy.
  8. Hamza is looking off the pace and seems to be our weakest link
  9. If, and big if, Brexit deal is announced and is a good one the market will be great for a pre Christmas leap
  10. Under is going down far too easily. Not for the first time. Needs to quickly understand this is a tougher league
  11. That rain is torrential. Southampton memories...
  12. I was thinking the same. Would be unusual for the club to be so proactive on this if they hadn’t been tipped the wink
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