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  1. Only opened at 7. You got the holding page before then. Good luck in the ballot
  2. Nice to give the social media team a long bank holiday break.
  3. Perez still claiming that clubs can’t withdraw
  4. Is it me or apart from evans were the goal celebrations lacking pashun. (Sorry I’m lost without ESL or poor performance to moan about)
  5. They won’t get a crumb of my sympathy. They’ve made a wholemeal out of this situation. If I had my way they would be toast, certainly not Mother’s pride.
  6. Have Chelsea confirmed they’ve withdrawn - seems only Man City have made a statement
  7. There is quite the possibility that we’ve just won the FA cup. Chelsea and Man City immediately booted out of cup competitions could be a consequence of tonight’s announcement
  8. I narrowly missed out on the shares when they were 2p ended up buying at 5p. Current average is 5.8p so holding a minor paper profit at this point.
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