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  1. Have to wonder if he’d been told he wasn’t starting and he decided it wasn’t in his interest to unnecessarily travel. still back madders on this
  2. When you head to twitter and see pringles... DO NOT MISINTERPRET THE FIRST TWO RESULTS 🤣🤣
  3. Wow. Just was thinking this. I was thinking that someone hacked my brain and it is......Quorn_fox
  4. Oh the irony. Thread about betting sponsored by Skybet....
  5. Tried FM 19 but returned to FM18. I’m in 2024 and won the premier league twice in a row with Coventry. Temporarily at Villa park as they are expanding the Coventry City Stadium (moved from Ricoh 2 seasons ago) - new capacity will be 56k. Not won champions league yet, that’s my aim!!
  6. New sweepstake. Which team will Vardy get his next shot on target against
  7. Not found the X button this season yet...
  8. Not looking good at all. We could be lucky to get bottom six on this showing
  9. Now. This looks like it will be great once the bugs are ironed out.
  10. Well there goes the plan to travel to the away leg...
  11. Floodlights seemed odd tonight? Big shadow down the kop end. Temporary issue or 50p needed for the meter?
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