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  1. I heard it said that we’re the greatest team the world has ever seen.
  2. Why has no one mentioned the Weather girls. No, not those ones but Laura Tobin and Lucy Veresamy
  3. Completely misread the title. Thought it was No Player Exists and was going to be another one bemoaning our tepid transfer progress
  4. Anyone remember munch bunch yoghurts? There was an orange flavoured one, one mouthful and I spewed all over the school dining table. 🤢🤮
  5. Greek authorities are already eyeing up Evans as a replacement when Maguire heads back to Manchester...
  6. Every time there is football in July I’m ultimately disappointed. Dilly fecking ding
  7. We have well and truly spursed this season
  8. Why do we dick around with it at the back. Thursday Sunday here we come
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