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  1. rachhere

    James Maddison

    Want to keep Choudbury - he settled ok into the first team, think loaning him out would be a step backwards. Get him playing the cup matches.
  2. rachhere

    James Maddison

    I have always been such an advocate for him as he never seemed to get the recognition he deserved, but I thought he really struggled for a lot of last season. Not sure what quite went wrong...
  3. rachhere

    James Maddison

    I think Nacho would be excited by that too! Will be really interesting to see what shape we take next season. This does feel like a real time of transition, and there are a few players who I am sure are wondering where they fit into all of this.
  4. rachhere

    James Maddison

    No. 10 :).
  5. rachhere

    James Maddison

    I really don't think we should underestimate the difference it could make to the team in having someone who can take decent free kicks and corners as well. We are awful at getting those softer goals (and even worse at conceding them!).
  6. rachhere

    France v Australia - Match Thread

    Orcs vs Mr Tumnus and friends? I would definitely watch that!
  7. rachhere

    Russia v Saudi Arabia - Match Thread

    Mute! Couldn't cope with the translation over the top either.
  8. rachhere

    Russia v Saudi Arabia - Match Thread

    Came on here expecting to see loads of abuse thrown at Robbie! I personally am loving this Like the mascot too!
  9. Was really hoping for the first match to be at home as I will then be away for the next two. Seems a much more straight forward start to the season than last year though, and nice to end the season at home!
  10. To be fair, the start of last season was pretty dire. It would be nice to see a more generous opening to the season this time round to give momentum.
  11. rachhere

    Abdülkadir Ömür (Twitter)

    Interesting... so maybe it's a case of him or James Maddison?
  12. YES! My friend tried to tell me the other day that they aren't really brothers
  13. I saw Demarai Gray in the pub the other day, but didn't want to disturb him with his mates (and draw attention to him because no one else seemed to have a clue who he was!). I once saw Peter Shilton jogging through Bradgate Park, and we said hello whilst passing. But most famous sportsperson I have met has to be Andy Murray after the Davis cup win in Ghent, Belgium. He spent ages afterwards (probably approaching an hour) getting photos with all the travelling fans who wanted one. Good bloke!
  14. rachhere

    Abdülkadir Ömür (Twitter)

    I like that we are referring to him as Pedro now
  15. rachhere

    James Maddison

    Will we just get a move on..!