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  1. That could have gone horrifically wrong. Once we went down to the early goal a draw was always going to be a good result. Hopefully this will turn the tide for us now.
  2. Nacho has some rough games, but it's mainly when he's asked to play on his own in an isolated role. Last season he showed that if he gets a run of games playing alongside Vardy that he can do well for us.
  3. I am still hopeful he will do well. He looks older than he is and I think it’s easy to forget he’s still relatively young, playing in the premier league for the first time, and the majority of time that he has come in it has been during really tricky moments during the match. Hopefully over the next few matches, which on paper should be easier for him to settle into, he will start contributing more like he’s done so far in the EL and showing us what he can do
  4. If anyone wants to see KDH and Luton beat Forest, it looks like it's on the red button on Sky sports this evening (7.45 kick off).
  5. Can never accuse the guy of not being committed..! But yeah, tiny bit reckless..
  6. Weirdly you can hear the LCFC commentary in the background. Good to see we are lot more in this now
  7. The midfielders just don’t have a role in this system, they are bypassing them when going forward, not pressing at the front. Just terrible to watch.
  8. I am concerned how it’s not really clicking with them that hitting balls long to Reghba when he has three plus players surrounding him is not going to work.
  9. Chelsea posted an article earlier today saying they would be streaming live, although after the issues with Man City and their broadcast i am not counting on it yet. Interesting to see that Reghba has got the nod ahead of Wakeling this week... possibly an injury, who knows. Glad to see him back anyway, and looking forward to seeing how he links with Pennett as they linked well together in Pennetts short cameo role the other day.
  10. Judging by the comms they sent out about extra time show this evening I don't think they will do showing it. I wonder if Chelsea will instead though.
  11. If we can achieve what we have done this year with all the injury set backs, think what we could do with a fit squad next year.
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