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  1. Off to the match later - never been to an international match today, so looking forward to it. Random question... I don't have an England shirt, so wondering what to wear. Do people wear their team shirts, or if I were to turn up in my Leicester shirt would that be frowned upon. The husband has last seasons white Leicester shirt which should blend in nicely, unlike my blue one!
  2. Oh I hadn't noticed that. They women's home shirt has been reduced for ages, but maybe they have all gone now? I prefer longer fitting tops anyway, so tend to go for the mens shirt!
  3. Been waiting for it for months Got my free shirt printing (Vardy in recognition of the 100), applied some foxes rewards, £25 all in. The adidas tops are pretty good quality I think too, so happy paying £25. Just couldn't justify in my head two shirts at full price, so have been holding on to get this second one.
  4. I still would be nervous of the outcome...! In the same way I am nervous that despite everything Trump will get in for a second term.
  5. I thought he put his plan to vote recently - to stay in the customs union, removing any issues with the Irish border? He is definitely not the right person to be leading Labour right now though is he... The irony in that we have Theresa May, herself a remainer, leading a party who overall wants to leave, and JC, who clearly wants to leave, leading a party that wants to remain.
  6. California is great isn't it! I am hoping to watch the Leicester match on Saturday which should start around 8am which is more respectable. Having had a browse it looks like you if you are in the states you can stream matches on NBCSN for free... I am hoping anyway as I don't have it on my TV in the hotel..!
  7. Not at all! Just doesn’t seem to have been spoken about in the context of an extension.
  8. Thanks, glad I wasn’t imagining that one. That seems to have been glossed over lately.
  9. He’s my in laws MP. Awful man. A friend of mine in Jess Phillips constituency was saying she and Jacob are mates and go drinking together. Surely he got that wrong - can’t imagine a less likely pairing!
  10. I always thought that we weren’t able to get an extension unless it were for some significant reason like the referendum or a general election.
  11. I read an article talking about all the possible variation of questions and it hurt my head. This seems the most sensible option to me... I am a remainer, but I am not comfortable at the thought of Brexit being rejected outright without going back to consult with the people.
  12. Nope. I have never thought it would really happen. Mainly because what was promised is unattainable. I dread to think what will happen though if it does come to that. Fearing Paris style riots.
  13. I am not one of those to moan and groan that the country is falling to ruin, but lately... just everywhere you look, it’s heartbreaking.
  14. Working in California this week and the Jack Grealish incident was a big feature the local news here. The newsreaders were absolutely horrified by it. As someone who lives in Birmingham its embarrassing to have the city making the news for a reason like that.
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