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  1. Five England players in there, yet only one in our starting XI (and TAA is only just properly getting his claws into the position).
  2. Definitely stick with the same team. My only real cause for unease with this one is that we have looked so sluggish coming back from breaks. We are riding high on confidence at the moment though, so fingers crossed should be another 3 points.
  3. I’d like to see some recognition that it’s going to be a game of two halves.
  4. Thanks to @Higham Fox who helped me get a second ticket for the Liverpool match so that I wouldn't have to ditch my husband on Boxing day(!), and for sending the ticket on to me so quickly.
  5. this is clearly personal isn’t it, there’s no other explanation.
  6. You would hope. I worry though that GS is just too stubborn and won't want to be proved wrong on him.
  7. Not sure Rogers would to be honest. He doesn't work hard enough during a match. That's what all this boils down to really, and why he's not one of the first names on Pep's team sheet.
  8. Indeed! Thankfully someone has kindly helped me out, so I am all set!
  9. Seen someone on Facebook say they aren’t many left already. Will be gutted to miss this one If there’s anyone with 35+ pts who won’t be going who could help out, I would be very grateful! I just need the one reference as I am on 35 - it’s just my husband only has +15 (and I guess I can’t really leave him on his own on Boxing Day 😂).
  10. Youri plays more of a supporting role - he spots when players are under pressure and either gives himself as an option or directs them out of it.
  11. He needs to finish off that film script and go on to win a trophy with England. They could of course have a bit of a creative license and make it into winning the world cup in the film version.
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