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  1. rachhere

    2018/19 Fox Memberships On Sale Now!

    Thanks!!! I am sure it will be worth waiting for...
  2. rachhere

    2018/19 Fox Memberships On Sale Now!

    Anyone had their packs through yet? I am sure I saw on social media quite a few days back now that they were getting James Maddison and Ben Chilwell to record short videos describing what was in the packs, so I assumed they were ready to go out. Just a bit concerned as our letterbox is tiny, so the postman normally leaves parcels in our open porch.
  3. rachhere

    Maddison named in England squad

    Great for him - rather selfishly I was hoping he could have gone on a bit longer without getting noticed!
  4. rachhere

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    Only been watching since about 75 mins... but what is going on with Man City so far this season... I thought they would be build on last year and becoming all the more invincible, but apparently not... Guess it shows how important KDB is. Glad for Mahrez that he's got on.
  5. rachhere

    Adrien Silva

    Judging by his instagram posts lately, he knows he needs to work more to be able to compete to get in the team, and he's prepared to take that challenge on. I can't help feeling like when he comes on now days he feels the pressure of needing to prove himself and messes up as a consequence. The other day the more time he had on the ball and the more time he had to think, the more likely he seemed to mess up. Hope it works out for him - after all that's what we want isn't it - people who are prepared to fight for their spot.
  6. I am going to be in Liverpool that week for work, so I was secretly hoping for an away tie at Everton - so close! But obviously more important we get as far as we can in the competition, so great to be at home.
  7. rachhere

    James Maddison Confirmed

    Sums it up nicely :). And yes, we are so fortunate in having both of them
  8. rachhere

    James Maddison Confirmed

    Would have hoped he did enough there to get a call up... time will tell.
  9. rachhere

    Newcastle Away Match Thread

    Wes was good mid-week. Just not sure he's able to play two matches in quick succession anymore - we will see. This seems the only way to get our best attacking players on the pitch, while still maintaining a back 4... I can't help wondering if, even though Claude might not intend to be playing a back three, that a lot of the match we end up playing that way because of the positions that Chilwell gets himself in. We will see!
  10. rachhere

    Newcastle (A)..score prediction thread.

    Thinking back to that AWFUL match at the King Power last season... although we haven't necessarily had the results I feel we are in a completely different place to where we were then. Going to go 3-1 to us.
  11. rachhere

    Valium / Flying

    I am really claustrophobic and had issues flying for a while, but thankfully much better now (ironically I was happier when the plane was in the air than on the ground - figure that one out!). Can't really help with the vallium thing because although I got something from the doctors I always had it as a back up, and never actually took it - just felt happy knowing it was an option, if you know what I mean. What I would say though is to steer clear of caffeine as that makes you more likely to get panicked. Have plenty of water with you, and something to really engage your brain to distract you if feeling stressed - I find something like a book of word searches really helpful as they aren't particularly difficult, but you do have to really focus to do them. Are you able to pick your seat on the plane? Picking one near a toilet sounds a good idea (there should definitely be ones on your deck). If you aren't able to do this via your online booking, try phoning special assistance for the airline and explain the situation. You could also mention to the air stewards that you are a nervous flyer and they will keep an eye on you. Lastly, well done for making this step... it will be so worth it. I now fly a lot for work on long-haul flights on my own which is something I never thought I would do a few years back. Still won't go in a lift though! Good luck!
  12. Last season they gave us a comparatively small ticket allocation, so assuming they do the same again, it could be tricky in the Leicester end. Not sure of your dates, but also worth bearing in mind that it's the FA cup fifth round the following weekend, so there's potential of a home match where it will be much easier (and cheaper) to get tickets... Really easy to get to Leicester from London.
  13. Ohhhh I like this actually! Gives that bit of flexibility and gets in our best attacking front three. Possibly would get Iborra in there instead of Mendy, although I think last season showed he needs a bit more of a break between matches these days, so maybe one for a later match.
  14. rachhere

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    I was saying in the match thread that I still like him, but from the reactions of people around me last night, many are losing a bit of patience with him. He does muck up a fair bit, but at the end of the day he's already scored goals, he's created good chances for others, he's got back and made important defensive contributions... and he's only been here for five minutes. The guy is still catching up after not playing much last season, getting used to a new league, new teammates... I think our expectations are a bit too high!