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  1. What has happened in both their careers has been destiny. Without Barcelona there wouldn't have been Messi (thinking about the medical treatment they helped him access(, and likewise Leicester for Vards.
  2. Had to blink several times there to be sure he really did score that! Good response.
  3. All booked for my Alaska cruise in 2022 - can't wait! Bring on the sea otters, whales, dolphins, eagles - perfect! Will be sailing out of Vancouver so it will be great to explore a new city. We end up near Anchorage, so current plan is to fly back via LA as we are going to need to change somewhere.
  4. Yeah that's not the best indicator is it, although we did turn down an offer for him didn't we, so we must have some plans for him? I feel we could offer him Wes' spot next season. Potentially even bring him in from January onwards - if we are going to play 3 at the back more regularly we really could do with an extra CB in there. He fits our style of play so well, it would be frustrating to see him slip away without really giving it a shot. Plus ticks the all important academy/home grown box.
  5. Really hopeful for both Josh Knight and KDH making it with us. It was so long ago that Josh made his first competitive senior appearance with us - he might be that bit older to only just breaking through, but I kind of think that's a reflection on our management rather than him.
  6. Yeah Gi is amazing! ITV do seem to be directing the majority of the attention to quite a select group of the celebs...
  7. Playing for the u23s tonight!!!!!!! (As are Gray and Slimani - ouch...).
  8. I don't think you are barking up the wrong tree at all! My understanding of the aim of the oxford vaccine was to stop it progressing to the lungs which is obviously where the problems come in.
  9. Yeah I mean it's not representative as obviously Martin Lewis attracts a certain type of follower, but reading through the comments the overwhelming concerns were from business owners/employees who didn't know if they would survive another extended lockdown and just didn't see it worth the risk. It's like Boris was saying, the end is in sight but don't lets let down our guard and mess up all the hard work until now. People will always push the rules, so being so lenient on them seems a recipe for disaster. As mentioned above as well, getting people back down into lockdown mode afterwards is go
  10. I am not sure. Personally I would prefer to not travel to see people at Christmas but this will mean I will feel a pressure to do. Martin Lewis was running a poll yesterday and the majority of people were against these (rumoured) proposed measures because of the longer term implications.
  11. And it seems 90% with a particular dosage?
  12. The more I think about these ‘saving Christmas plans’ the more I am getting angry at it. Yes absolutely I do not in any circumstances want people alone on Christmas day. But mixing four households for that length of time when that will in many cases mean living for several days under the same roof. Just crazy. Let people who would otherwise be on their own join with other family/friends (oh yes, this focus on just families is driving me mad too - not everyone has family to go to, they need to adjust their language). But putting something in place when you know it will lead to 25 days (at least
  13. Definitely injured. Hopefully Cags isn’t too far off.
  14. If we are just going to play long balls it makes sense to give Vards someone to work with
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