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  1. rachhere

    Corona Virus

    Sorry I missed that. Indeed. Changes everything.
  2. rachhere

    Corona Virus

    I find what can sometimes be token resignations frustrating at times, but in this case she absolutely has to go.
  3. Just eating chilli and got an apple crumble in the oven
  4. rachhere

    Corona Virus

    The Queen to make a special broadcast apparently. Good idea actually - if anyone can appeal to the older generation and get them to stay indoors, it is her.
  5. rachhere

    Corona Virus

    Thank you for all you are doing. Keep talking.
  6. brb, off to the tennis thread to round up a support squad
  7. rachhere

    Corona Virus

    You are right, it doesn't make sense, there should definitely be a much higher number of patients with final outcomes.
  8. rachhere

    Corona Virus

    Am I the only person who is eating better and exercising more during this?! My trousers are definitely looser (even if my husband can't tell !)
  9. rachhere

    Corona Virus

    There is a genuine risk to younger people, although of course your odds are slim. However, there is a weight of responsibility on everyone if you take the impact that you can have in spreading the virus seriously. I am pretty sure I have had the virus, so have been concerned ever since about who I might potentially have passed it onto before my symptoms progressed. I had lunch out with one of my best mates during the time when i was presumably contagious, and as he would be considered at risk due to underlying health conditions, I spent a nervy couple of weeks waiting to see if he could develop any symptoms. Thankfully he hasn't.
  10. rachhere

    Corona Virus

    Considering what the base rate is at the moment, that's ridiculous, especially seeing the government is underwriting the vast majority of the loan.
  11. Exactly that. My graduation for me is linked to some very complex and difficult emotions for me, which I have since explained to Aus. I completely recognise that something like a graduation in the grand scheme of things is not that significant, but for a whole host of reasons, it was important to me. Apologies to anyone who might have been upset by the discussion - not my intention by what was originally a bit of a throw away comment to an earlier post. Let's look after one another.
  12. You can always look and say that there are people worse off. What we are experiencing in developed countries at the moment doesn't even begin to compare to what will be experienced in developing countries that don't have the same level of health care or infrastructure that we do, and equally they could look at us and say we haven't got a clue. But to be honest having for the past 8 years worked a demanding full time job, then had to have the discipline to work my evenings and weekends (researching into an area which has actually had quite a significant impact on people's lives, so benefiting other people too), I think it's completely ok to be disappointed not to have half a day to celebrate that. In the same way people can be disappointed about missing out on holidays they worked overtime to afford or the opportunity to celebrate significant events like weddings. I am pretty confident that the vast majority of people on here will understand that as well... because without significant events like these, what is life even about in the first place?
  13. The 5000-1 story will forever be the best story for me. However, having been there to witness the final in person, I would also have to pitch Andy Murray and Team GB winning the Davis Cup. In order to win the cup, they had notch up twelve match wins over the course of the four ties that they played, with Andy playing in eleven of those winning matches (I think 3 in doubles, the rest in singles, all played over best of 5 set matches). Thinking of the tie against France in particular, just how hard he had to dig to get through and win three matches in three days. That final lob to win the trophy in Belgium was just incredible - will never forget that moment.
  14. I think it's ok to be disappointed about missing out on things like that. I work at the uni I will be graduating from, and they haven't mention graduations yet in all the emails we have been receiving. Our graduations are quite early (start of July) and we have a lot of international students who will need advanced notice for booking flights and getting visas, so hard to see how they can plan for them with all the uncertainty at the moment.
  15. That's great news! I am wondering what will happen with graduations this summer. I recently completed my PhD after 8 years of doing it part time alongside full time work - I found out I had passed my corrections just as we went down in lockdown. I am feeling a bit robbed of opportunity to celebrate at the moment!
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