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  1. An in form Vardy and we would have been comfortable winners there. It’s been a demanding time for him though with the injury and then obviously he’s become a father again - understandable that his form has dropped. Looking forward to Wilf getting back and then getting basic to basics with our best starting line up. Nacho should have come on earlier I think.
  2. Urgh was nervous about that penalty. Vards not himself today.
  3. Oh I got you, you want a service from Witton direct to Leicester without going into new street? Not sure that’s possible with the way the lines work, but was worth asking I guess!
  4. Ah, it's West Midlands Railway who serve Witton station! They are pretty responsive on Twitter if you wanted to ask on there, but considering they are in danger of losing their franchise because they can't provide the basic service that they are meant to, I wouldn't hold much hope of them being able to run extra services!
  5. Chance to check him out with the u23s tonight, if folk haven’t anything better to do on a Friday evening...
  6. It is! I recall that Ughelumba has switched from LB to CB for the u23s recently, and it seems to be going great for him.
  7. He’s definitely regressed. Sad to see.
  8. Did someone point out the elephant in the room to him?
  9. You think? Trying to spin too many plates comes to mind. We are so close to Wembley and also to making sure of champions league - that has to be our priority and anything else is a bonus. Saying that, all of the FA cup round dates are already penciled into my diary in anticipation!
  10. Surely he wants to make it more of a challenge for himself - where’s the satisfaction with it being this easy?
  11. Not the same though is it compared to being there. I can definitely see him moving on at the end of the season. But if he were made available, I can only see it benefiting us.
  12. Yes, I wanted him before he went to Liverpool. I recall being part of a very small community on here who thought the same! He surely won’t want to leave though when he’s going to be able to get a premier league winners medal?
  13. I hope we don’t come to regret letting Mendy go...
  14. Is Josh young enough to be in the squad without being registered? That would certainly help - and before too long we will have Wes back, although you would have to anticipate it taking him a bit longer to get back to match fitness.
  15. Not what i wanted to be reading on a Sunday morning. Next...
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