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  1. Not sure on this. Nice were advertising it to their fans as part of their tour, and last I saw were still saying venue TBC. The whole thing is a bit odd though.
  2. We have just been so sluggish in preseason the last few years, and not in a good place when starting the season, so I am all up for us trying something new. At least we will be building up to a certain extent, with lower leagues at first, then the Stoke match, and finally progressing onto Atalanta.
  3. rachhere


    Hey. I work in academia and also worked in clinical research. Feel free to message me if you want to talk out your ideas. You sound really like my husband who massively suffers from imposter syndrome and feeling he's not good enough for a 'real world' job. It's so paralyzing, I feel for you. For what it's worth, a bit of experience in a research lab before jumping into a PhD sounds a really good idea to me.
  4. On that basis we should have just kept Benny.
  5. Oh ok... assumed we will talking HM seeing it's in the HM to Utd thread!
  6. What are they on! There's no way he was playing last night if they were that close a deal.
  7. We lost to them at home... Two years in a row wasn't it...
  8. If it comes to it, looks like there's loads of tickets left in the home end. Sure it's ok for a friendly.
  9. I was watching this one online - will see the next match in person. From what I could see, he seemed confident enough when he came on, although hard act to follow in CDM as Papy had a great first half. Not sure it really plays to his strengths playing him in that position, but hey! Hopefully he will get more of an opportunity to play against Cheltenham.
  10. Well the second half was how I expected the whole match to be to be honest. Perez looking like he's going to fit in perfectly.
  11. That's impressed U23 knowledge there! However, not sure they are all available. Aren't Hughes and Dewsbury-Hall injured, and Pascanu definitely won't be back yet because of U21s. Reghba is off playing for Ireland so he's not about. Will see later anyhow!
  12. Oh I missed that. I feel like our U23s team is rather depleted at the moment, with various players who have moved on or moved up.
  13. I am sure there will be quite a few. If Josh doesn't get a chance, I really won't be happy!
  14. Looks like I will be one of many - good ticket sales. Will give my full verdict afterwards anyhow!
  15. Me too! Really excited for pre-season to start. Will watch online tonight and then looking forward to heading down to see our new recruits on Saturday.
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