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  1. That was the basis on which membership was sold - that 10% of tickets would be made available in the ballot. I guess they never thought that we would be waiting until the final match of the season before the whole process would be implemented... Just entered anyway - fingers crossed!
  2. It was! Once experienced, never forgotten. Other highlights were a guy who tried to nick people's bags from underneath the bus (we had stopped at a service station miles from anywhere and so I have no idea where he thought he was going with them) and a guy who it turned out didn't have a ticket and so the bus driver chucked him off at the next stop which happened to be the tiniest little settlement in the middle of the desert - I hope he made it...!
  3. Not that long ago I did a 24 hour coach journey in USA which only stopped for breaks at Wendys and included a fellow passenger who started hallucinating that a baby on board was trying to kill him. A 8 hour round trip will be fine!
  4. Likewise unsuccessful in the members ballot, but am happy to see some familiar names on here of people who have managed to get their tickets. Do us proud on the day!
  5. I have applied in the members ballet, but obviously the odds aren't going to be great! One issue is that I don't have any government issued ID at the moment. I am assuming that's what they mean when they said we will need photo ID... I do have a photo card from work and an expired passport. If it comes to it I see that it's possible to get emergency passports within two or three days, so that would be my back up plan.
  6. Always liked Josh. Our U23s defence was so strong with him in it, and you could always count on him for a winning header from a corner at the end of a match. Unfortunately it seems unlikely now that he will get a chance to make the step up with us. However, Peterborough obviously rate him very highly to have kept on persisting in signing him like this and he seemed to have a great time there, so I can't think of a better solution for all parties really.
  7. Ole is going to want to prioritise the Liverpool match, surely.
  8. Really looking forward to having him back next season! I know he isn’t proven in any way at PL level, but so far he’s risen to the challenge and exceeded expectations on both his loan spells, showing he is capable of raising his standard. He seems the most likely player on our books to slot into Youris role as well, which will be so important in helping him to conserve his energy for the big matches next season.
  9. Oh no way, just down the road from me and I have good friends in the neighbouring village. Will definitely be heading to this one!
  10. My in laws have a place in Pembrokeshire, but even further along the coast. Probably my favourite place to go round there is here: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/stackpole/trails/bosherston-lily-ponds-freshwater-magic-walk The trails lead to a beautiful beach, so whilst its a short walk you can make a day/half day of it. There's also walks across the cliffs from there as well.
  11. I really like the guy and it was a huge blow to our depth when he got injured, but I don't think Brendan has figured out how to get the best out of him yet - or maybe its just not a priority for him to do so. His best games for me seemed to come when he played more on the right with Timothy linking up behind him.
  12. Just realised I posted this in the most wild animal discussion rather than wildlife and gardens... I have definitely seen more wild animals than a rabbit
  13. Went for a walk in a country park earlier and husband saw a shrew! I was personally happy in just seeing some rabbits - closest to Birmingham that I have ever seen them (this was out the outskirts of Redditch).
  14. I was trying to follow both matches at once. Great determination from Tigers in the second half.
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