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  1. I thought it was at least 5 months he's out?
  2. Pep doesn't need to sign anyone, haven't you heard
  3. Liverpool fans must be loving this. Do Man City really only have two viable centre backs in their squad after Laportes injury, or is that being exaggerated?
  4. We are starting to get into this a lot more.
  5. Controversial one here maybe. I love Tielemans, I am delighted he signed for us, and I hope he stays for many years. He's going to be the solution to our long-standing problem of teams that sit back and he's going to continue to develop into one of those players we talk about for years to come. However, to date whenever he's played against more pressing sides he just seems to go absent. I am sure this is going to come in time and we need to be patient, but for this match right here where we have a good chance for a result, I wonder if he is the midfielder we need to sacrifice in order to ensure Madders gets to play in a central position. Kasper Ric Evans Cags Chilwell Hamza Maddison Wilf Albrighton Vards Barnes
  6. Ohhhhh. I am not a betting person, but that does look inviting!
  7. This is the conundrum really. It was portrayed as a simple process which would result in significant benefits for the country. The reality it seems is far different. The majority voted to leave...But did they really know what they were voting for. A people's vote still remains to me the only logical way to navigate this, but I do appreciate the tensions.
  8. I can't help thinking he's reluctant because he doesn't want to be proven wrong. I guess we can all relate to that. But our midfield in the world cup really was our weakness - we need to try something different and Maddison has more than earned his spot.
  9. Just checked and there's loads of seats available together in the family stand for the Newcastle match. Just wait until a match goes on general sale and check the family stand and you should be fine.
  10. It's not just us being biased as well - quite a few supporters of other clubs ranting on Twitter that Madders hasn't been given chance yet.
  11. We have come a long way from January's goal of the month where I think there were three contenders - two from the U23s and a penalty from Vards
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