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  1. Haha. Sorry, setting ourselves up for a fall here aren't we! But hey, others started in this time, so we can't be completely deluded.
  2. Which would coincide nicely with the opening of the new training facility. The foundations are definitely there.
  3. Exactly. And that is why MON will forever be my favourite manager (although Brendan is more than welcome to challenge that!).
  4. I am going round on circles a bit with this one. I think his value to us is higher than it is to our competitors as we already know that he fits into our system and can make a real significant difference to our results. But then again he did go a bit anonymous in some matches, and for me seemed to struggle against the Top 6 type caliber opposition (not including Arsenal in that as they definitely weren't playing to that level!), so that is some cause for caution. If you think though that Fred something like £50 million wasn't it? I know who I would prefer!
  5. Indeed, seems a tad strange! Guessing one team will be predominately first team and one development and they will divide up managerial responsibilities that way?
  6. If this is the only way of boosting the rest of the squad, then I can get behind it.
  7. Yes please. Love the guy. Surprised Liverpool haven't offered him another year, he's so versatile, the perfect guy to have to come off the bench.
  8. I am sure other clubs in the PL would be interested in taking him on, just don't think Spurs are the team for him because of the way their wages work. Personally I would guess that Man U would be the most likely destination.
  9. He's got like three years on his contract though hasn't he? He's in no rush to leave unless someone makes it worth his while.
  10. Oh that’s a really good sign that he’s there. Hadn’t noticed him in any of the social media stuff myself.
  11. Haha for sure, he loves a goal against the baggies. i am cheering them on myself. I live in the west mids these days and find their fans the most tolerable.
  12. Very slightly going off topic... I wish they had hand holds up the stairs for people to hold onto to steady themselves (the sort where you just have a hand grip on every other step rather than a complete handrail like on the stairs). The number of people I see with mobility problems struggling up and down them, when all they need is something to make sure they can keep their balance. I would hate to think people give up on coming because they don't feel safe to do so.
  13. Not sure about David Luiz. He really can be an absolute car crash at times.
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