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  1. rachhere


    They can see how hard you have been saving
  2. Harry looked like he was skipping his way into the penalty box there.
  3. I think for this season at least it will most likely work, but for me it's more in the context of thinking about their overall squad and where they are going as a team. This is just a sticky plaster for now.
  4. Plus its a lot of money on one player when they have a really limited squad at the moment. I am guessing the Spurs fans are happy though, and I can understand their excitement at having him back.
  5. This sums up my thoughts on it precisely. Spurs just seems to running round like headless chickens at the moment without a clear strategy for how they are going to rebuild their squad.
  6. Gareth Bale apparently had his medical in Madrid first. I don't quite get why it happens, but I am sure it's something we have done in the past.
  7. Sad we don't get to see him and Timothy at the KP this weekend. It's always one of the best things about the start of a season, getting to welcome in the new guys
  8. Find someone who looks at you the way that Cags looks at Cengiz...
  9. I wonder if there would be an option for a loan. I wouldn't have thought he wanted to come here before, but Kasper's comments made me think that maybe it would be something Ericcson would consider.
  10. Definitely. He really is one of those players who can win a match for you.
  11. I remember an interview with Kasper where he was saying how he had told the club should try and get Ericcson, saying that he is one of the most talented players he has played with.
  12. Looks like this is gathering a bit of momentum. I know it's just the YouTube reel, but he looks like he has something about it, some real presence. I also like the thought of helping keep Cags happy!
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