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  1. I agree he is replaceable, it was more about the Thomas is already better than him part. I have no issues with our full strength 11, and no idea when we will be able to field that team, but we 100% need a better squad and need 3-4 new signings
  2. But Chilwell will be playing in the champions league and in the European championships this season, and you say a loan to the championship for Thomas? Can Thomas be better long term? Possibly, now? No
  3. How can you say he is better than chillwell after a few games? WTF
  4. Well it’s obvious he didn’t leave without anything, and he has 20 years working at a prem club, also ensures that he can make big bucks after Leicester. I don’t need to know the figures to know he is doing ok for himself
  5. It’s not being cynical it’s the world of football. Andy King ran his contract down at Leicester because nobody else would pay him that much. Le Tissier was in a different era of football and he should have left to win trophy’s. A physio getting a massive pay out and having the best 20 years of his life and also not many back room staff around the 1st team last 20 years. So no loyalty in football whatsoever apart from the fans. Based on what you think we shouldn’t need transfer windows and shouldn’t strengthen our team and replace players, or managers etc, we lose back room staff every year jus
  6. I think he did very well to last the last few years to be honest.
  7. It’s the world of football and this type of things happen in football. On the flip side of the coin he is sorted for life and can get an amazing next role or private practice due to Leicester. Think he has done ok if I’m being honest
  8. Their is no loyalty in football and backroom staff change all the time, I would say he has been lucky to have 20 years?? Not worth a thread over someone that is easy to replace and someone that leaked teams, and undermined managers. I like the bloke personally, he sorted my shoulder out at the club years ago and had drinks with him etc. But it’s not really relevant he is easily replaceable and after 20 years probably needs a shake up? Who cares. No idea why you mentioned loyalty?
  9. 5 pages of rubbish because we have got rid of a physiotherapist? Loads of good ones in the world, who cares
  10. I Disagree, pre season is all about fitness
  11. Would say that’s down to quarantine? No team will be ready for the start of the season. The whole pandemic football has been a joke to be honest. I for one can’t be bothered to watch football until the fans are back.
  12. Can’t believe how serious people take friendlies, why? It’s about building match fitness, results do not matter at all.
  13. So that points swing happened when players were out of form or injured, all key men. The squad players came in and unfortunately we’re not at the same standard as what the first 11 are capable of. So yeah it comes to finances as with more money = better strength in depth. Just like Man Utd who caught us.
  14. Finances mean everything, better players, better squad. Are you deluded? Obviously you think Leicester are a top 4 team, enjoy Lala land 👍
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