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  1. I’m sore the expectation was to slowly build and catch up with the top 6? We haven’t got the squad to challenge if we lose a few players. Honestly stunned people want the manager sacked and being 4th is awful🤣😂
  2. Disagree, you can’t worry about next season till this one is over, and I apologise that you are witnessing the second best season on out premier league history, you sound like an arsenal or spurs fan, you seek to think we should be a champions league team based on nothing whatsoever.
  3. What’s this got to do with next season? It’s all about this season
  4. But a season is played over 38 games is it not? What position before a ball was kicked did you think we would finish this season? We finished 20 points off the top 6 last year FFS
  5. Any fan asking for Rodgers to be sacked is clearly a keyboard warrior, someone who has never been to a game or someone this club don’t need to be a fan
  6. Close this idiotic thread, maybe question the players, a soul out disgusting performance. First half we were shocking, fortunately they were worst, we are embarrassing.
  7. How poor are both teams, the lack of urgency and quality is shocking. Bournemouth clearly don’t care and we look poor. Should up the tempo and get 5-6-7 goals, awful advertisement for professional football
  8. Are you joking? You must be? He was out of position all game, wasn’t getting forward wasn’t tracking back, left Cags vulnerable for the 1st half. Shocking shocking performance
  9. We dropped of because we could, as soon as we go 1-0 it opens the counter attack. At 0-0 every team was lays 11 behind the ball so you can’t drop back
  10. So not sure what I am missing, but was Rodgers told success in his first full season was top 4? And if he didn’t he should be sacked? Our fans are worst than Arsenal and Man Utd. If we finish top 4 it’s a miraculous season, we finished over 20 Points off the big six last season. I think the plan is building a structure over the next few years so we can consistently challenge the top 6, what again would be a massive achievement for a club the size of Leicester and with the massive divide in finances compared to the teams we want to compete with. If we finish outside the champions league places what looks like top 5, i will be gutted and would hope we but some good quality back up players and a few for the first team to make another challenge next season. We all need a little reality check that sitting 3rd in the table with 6 games to play is a great achievement, a season is over 38 games and you finish in the position that you deserve to be in. We are on a bad run but we have had good runs this season. It’s a young team that need time. Have a little faith and try and enjoy the ride over the next 5 seasons.
  11. Agree with all the above. And we just haven’t got out the blocks, hopefully we will take then2nd half performance in to Saturday’s game. Would be gutting to not get champions league
  12. Agree with most of what you say. The team hasn’t adapted to the restart. But I have always said vardys touch is of a non league player and his speed and goal scoring is world class. For me I think he needs dropping, as he is bang off form, or if you start Perez they could swap positions at times during the game, just to make the opposition defence have something to think about, always thought in this system vardy would be best as a wide forward?
  13. They have all been rubbish to be honest, I can’t think of one player who is at their best. I was always worried about the restart as thought it would be a lottery for the first 3- 5 games. And we have been poor.
  14. But opinions is what makes this such a great game. I thought he was awful today. An inform vardy scores in the first few mins today, but he missed controlled it, if he scores that it’s a different game and that’s what he is paid to do. Against Chelsea he was clean trough and again an in form vardy virus it, but his touch was awful. Again would have put us one up. and the worst team to play against if you go one nil down is Leicester and the oboe player you don’t want playing against you if one nil down is vardy
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