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  1. I think we all knew that at some point with such a young squad that we would have difficult times, it’s a learning curve and will make them better. It just takes a few players to be off form for it to effect the whole team at the age they are. Amazing potential in this squad, amazing chance of top 4 and that’s above every fans expectations that they had for the start of the season. Today was poor and they were all poor.
  2. To make it to the very top in your position you need the bad games and have to work through it. Both young and it’s very rare players find consistency till 25. Both will be top players, patience is just needed. Same with most of this amazing squad.
  3. Well I think he is the best left back we have ever had and he is only 22. Unfortunately all I see on this forum is people talking about the limitations of the players and picking fault, when in reality it’s the best starting 11 in our history
  4. You don’t rate him that highly, but would cash in for 65 million? How many unrated left backs go for that type of money?
  5. Chilwell assists Barnes, so happy for them both. 2 players that came through the academy and for some unknown reason get more stick than any other players.
  6. Just don’t get the hate for Barnes??? Leicester are the best they have ever been, but the comment about Albrighton?? Lol get a grip mate, he was shocking today and the only player who didn’t perform. Leave Barnes alone or at least judge every other player the same way you judge him
  7. Think that’s a bit harsh, I was shouting at Vardy to pass it to him when Barnes was running in to an empty space outside the box, I would say he found a great position.
  8. Albrighton is a good squad player, always gives his best, but it was all to do with him at anfield, I wish he didn’t take the ball of Origi, we would have got a point. Also wish when he did get the ball he didn’t knock it so far ahead of himself, also wish he never then dribbled it out of Schmeichel’s reach and didn’t give it to Mane. Also wish he just kicked it in to row z, but unfortunately he didn’t and we lost the game. Shit happens
  9. Clear penalty unfortunately, Albrighton knew it immediately. Should have just put it in row z and not dribbled it in to his own box. Gutting it was the end of the game. Thought Arnold should have seen red in the 1st half, that would have changed the game massively. But we lost to the European champions to a late pen, shows how far we have come
  10. He wasn’t in charge vs Brighton and they didn’t defend deep against us, they actually played some good stuff against us. Away games are slightly different, Huddersfield were down and Burnley didn’t defend deep, we did as we had 10 men for most of the game . its the same problem we had under Puel, we couldn’t beat teams that defended deep.
  11. Agreed Vardys record is good under Rodgers, but we have only played 2 teams that have defended the box against us and that was Newcastle that we lost and Wolves last Sunday. It’s difficult for any forward playing against teams defending that deep.
  12. Against teams that don’t defend so deep Vardy is lethal, but his game is not suited against teams that defend deep. I think moving him out wide for 10 mins spells against deep defensive teams could make the defenders think. It’s not like he would be playing as a traditional winger when out wide, he would play like we are trying to under Rodgers and that’s the wide men getting in to the box to score and the full backs to provide width. What we need against deep defences is a forward that can come and get the ball and move out wide and in turn that will move the defence and create space for other players to run in to, a little like Augero does for city and Firmino for Liverpool. I think Vardy can be a menace out wide against teams. But Rodgers sees them every day in training and knows what works best. We just move the ball to slow and I think that’s because the front 3 don’t move the defence around, and that in turn leaves no space to move the ball forward. The only other answer is to have a player that can beat a few men to force the defence to come out. i trust Rodgers will find the answer, it will just be frustrating until he does. At least Chelsea won’t defend deep on Sunday, so I think Vardy will grab a goal or 2
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