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  1. 😂 so you do think he is a failure 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  2. 😂 it is difficult to understand to be fair, you said he obviously hasn’t failed but you originally blamed him for losing a cup semi and 1/4 final and for not finishing in the top 4? And said he failed at them things? So then you think he has failed.
  3. I think the fact you think he has failed and don’t want him sacked straight away suggests to me that you think he should have done more with the tools he has available?
  4. Well I like this manager that fails so often. If failure is competing with the top 6 then I will take that everyday. Especially on the budget Leicester have compared to most in the division.
  5. I don’t see what he offers without goals and his pace. Hopefully it’s just the recovery from the op, but I don’t see him winning a foot race and I don’t see him scoring a goal. Really hope I am wrong
  6. So that makes it less than a goal a month in open play? That is worrying and probably shows the decline has unfortunately started. Hope I am wrong but with Maddison and Barnes out we need his goals.
  7. Vardy is a legend, but it isn’t just about being rushed back, how many goals has he scored from open play since January 2020? You will be shocked
  8. Feel sorry for the players and manager, normally I would be fuming but they are dead on their feet. Half the line up shouldn’t be playing as still not fully fit, but we have no options. Injurys have been crazy this season. The players look shattered and playing with concrete boots. Can’t blame the manager or players to be fair. We need to get through the next week and then it’s one game a week and we can recover.
  9. he was poor and has been for a long time, looks like age and injurys have caught up with him. He hasn’t actually scored many goals at all from open play in the last year. Leicester legend and hope it’s just a blip, but pace has gone, and unfortunately he has never been a good technical player so looks very poor at the moment. Let’s hope it’s just a fitness thing, otherwise we are screwed
  10. Liverpool are a top team, and played well today, but looking at actual goal scoring opportunities we had them all
  11. You do know firminho’s chance was way offside, so doesn’t class as a chance? Liverpool lucked fresh, but we had a plan and it worked
  12. Despite a great vardy chance? He should have had a hat trick. Now tell me how many chances did Liverpool miss?
  13. Deservedly losing, against Liverpool you have to take clear chances, if you don’t you will pay for it
  14. You would take 5 points from the last 3 away games, the problem was Leeds at home, well out home record in general. I just think lockdown football is odd and not football. Respect to the players as it must be so hard to play to empty stadiums and even harder to up their tempo. A top 6 finish would be another step forward and let’s hope we can keep players fit as injurys are killing all teams. Hope we play none of our first 11 in the cup, as some players clearly need a week off.
  15. Spot on, did nothing wrong, just seemed scared to carry the ball or play it first time. Just seems to be lacking confidence ever since Klopp and Bruce publicly had a go at him for the challenges on Salah and Ritchie
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