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  1. Will be a tricky game 2-1 win for Leicester hopefully
  2. Lol šŸ˜‚ alternatively get 12 mates and all do a mile each in a relay run half marathon?
  3. 1-0 last gasp away win at Bordeaux today has moved St Etienne up to 9th in the table up the Claude
  4. In Caister on Sea for a 5 day break its Norfolking good here . . . .
  5. Just entered the Silverstone half marathon on 24/11/19 (replacement for Leicester half sort of) thanks @Wolfox
  6. Iā€™m looking at booking the weekend off from work so I can run this one cheers for letting us know about it
  7. Will be a tough game 1-0 or 2-1 win hopefully up the Foxes
  8. Anyone entered any other half marathon runs coming up soon? I have looked at a few but work and childcare etc keep proving difficult to get one that suits etc
  9. Funnily enough I ended up running a 15 mile route as an alternative slowly it has to be said
  10. French football in general seems so poor at present (weird as the national team are so strong etc) as if you take PSG out of the equation the others are a mish mash of average to poor sides
  11. Super St Etienne beat Lyon 1-0 today Puel ball takes effect straight away
  12. I hope to god Liverpool implode at some point hideous club cheat to win games fans that are offended by everything but ashamed of nothing hideous hideous club
  13. I hope we give them and their awful fans a hideous time down at the King Power roar Leicester on to a great victory šŸ¤ž
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