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  1. I think that’s the key @Vacamion I agree you have to go with what feels right for you as a runner we are all different and therefore some trainers will suit some people and not others. For me Brooks are amazing but clearly will not suit all
  2. That last paragraph where you describe being 30-60 seconds a mile down I can totally relate to i think for me it is not being pushed on by either club mates on club runs or proper face conditions where competitive nature kicks in etc finding it very hard to motivate not so much to run as such but to kick on time wise. I miss running with other people as daft as it sounds I find I run faster whilst chatting shit Etc etc on the way around with others
  3. Good effort anyway bud, go shorter for a while and try a longer run in a week or two whilst you build up again? I stupidly went for a 9 mile run today after doing a 10 mile run yesterday. Shit a brick I was not surprisingly very tired today. my own fault but then again I am working the next 6:7 days I think and need to run when I can (with child care issues thrown in for good measure). anyway seriously give yourself a pat on the back for just having a go, sometimes that’s enough
  4. I’ve donated another small amount yesterday fantastic effort to all.
  5. Brooos Ravenna 10 at present seem to suit my feet and running style. Very comfortable and stable for my ankles etc I also have a pair of Saucony Trail trainers also which feel very similar to Brooks
  6. My dad (now has vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s mix) used to be a well respected local athletics coach and he always said to me work on distance first (don’t worry about time) and then when you have achieved distance goals then work on speed (although to a degree both get better gradually usually anyway) hope this helps
  7. Donated another small amount today good effort boys and girls
  8. 3 miles outside today at last felt ok ish 7.50 average for each mile
  9. Using my 1 hour outside exercise to take a walk with my wife and daughter so no runs outside for over a week now. Just been treadmill HIIT or treadmill normal slow jogs which is a bit boring but putting the girls first at present can’t wait to get back outside in all honesty though
  10. A thief stole my diary last night and suddenly died when he got home My thoughts are with his family
  11. Fantastic idea and I wholeheartedly agree come on boys and girls let’s all chip in and help
  12. I just got a job as a cuckoo in a cuckoo clock. It’s not great, but it gets me out of the house
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