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  1. Let's have a films thread.

    Caught up at last with the film Gravity with Sandra Bullock in it bloody good mind you I could watch Lovely Sandra in anything to be fair
  2. Roma or Lazio?

    Roma currently are 3rd on 59 points (16 behind Juventus) Lazio are 5th on 54 points both still in Europe
  3. St Etienne

    St Etienne won 2-0 and go to 9th in the table
  4. Nantes

    Yep 6th in the table
  5. Leicester 1-2 Chelsea (AET) Post-Match

    Moses should of seen Red for 2 deliberate elbows Morata was lucky to stay on aswell with that lunge and his antics good effort from Leicester and a good game second half especially but the big club get the decisions yet again shocker
  6. Chelsea (H) FA Cup Match Thread

    Come on Leicester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Leicester Vs Chelsea FA Cup

    Come on Leicester!!!!!!! this is the big one for me strong performance please let’s have a right good go at them
  8. Leicester Vs Chelsea FA Cup

    Come on you Super Foxes
  9. Nantes

    Nantes won 1-0 today against Troyes and go back to 5th
  10. St Etienne

    St Etienne drew 1-1 and are 11th currently
  11. West Brom post match thread 4-1

    Great result up the Foxes
  12. Racism in English football

    Spot on Ash
  13. West Brom away pre match thread

    it’s called realism BTS we all know it’s the Leicester way
  14. Awful news RIP #Fiorentina
  15. West Brom away pre match thread

    Sadly probably this we can all see it coming as they can’t buy a win and we tend to gift teams on awful runs a goal or two etc etc hopefully the Super Foxes will prove us wrong up the City