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  1. As a lumberjack I know that I have cut down 2198 trees. I know the exact number as each time I chop one down I keep a log.
  2. Through to the next round thats all that matters well done Brentford
  3. Come on Leicester! Gray is frustratingly inconsistent
  4. My mate suggested that we change our names by deed poll, he said: "I'll change mine to 'Pheasant', you change yours to 'Grouse'." "Fine" I replied, "I'm game if you are."
  5. Just signed up to the Leicestershire half marathon In Prestwold In February now I need to sort time off from work to actually be able to do it.
  6. Decent performance and result needed up the Foxes
  7. Still a great season so far needs a few positive results again to kick start it though up the Foxes
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