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  1. My local council are proposing raising the council tax to pay for chewing gum removal. It’ll never get off the ground.
  2. A prostitute told me I could have sex with her for the reduced rate of Β£10 as she didn't have a womb. Intrigued, I asked how we would do it? She replied "Acwoss the woad, against those wailings."
  3. Not a hope on current form same debacle as last season unless we pull our socks up and quickly
  4. Poor result but we move on Come on Leicester!!!
  5. N V B K I T H E K L O P F I N V E N T O R Z S F O F T H E E F G H J I O L P L Y Q W O R D S E A R C H H A S J P O D I E D G W
  6. I was dismayed this afternoon when my wife told me my 6 year old son wasn't actually mine. She then said I need to pay more attention at school pick up.
  7. Best away kit ever and has historical links to the start of our beloved club
  8. Fingers crossed 🀞 for a Leicester win
  9. That shocks me, I must admit as we have lost at home to Fulham Everton Leeds Arsenal West Ham and Aston Villa already this season I thought we would be much lower anyway thanks
  10. This will be a difficult game i hope Vardy scores and we manage to win our home form is dreadful
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