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  1. That is why Fofana makes much more sense as he would learn off Evans and play a smaller role for the first season or so long term planning Tark more risky in my opinion
  2. I wonder if St Etienne losing 3-0 at home yesterday will change the Fofana situation?
  3. Iā€™m hoping so too @Countryfox
  4. Come on Leicester make this transfer happen yo Puel let go brother . . . .
  5. That would be sensible Tark for now Fofana for the future and loan him back this season
  6. More wages as per normal reasons for greedy footballers these days . . .
  7. Thanks šŸ™ Ben http://www.justgiving.com/Jason-Stowell
  8. @UpTheLeagueFox I think you are doing amazingly well, your distances are relative to how you feel and what you are capable of at that junction of your journey (so to speak) and @Izzy is doing fantastic also. All the runners on this forum are all amazing. keep up the great work by the way my left heel feels horrendous today and just got to nurse it through the next 2 weeks until the big run
  9. Keep trying @Izzy you will get there. Good effort
  10. 16.65 miles today, longest ever run so Iā€™m chuffed really with that. still not long until 4th October full marathon
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