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  1. Will be a tough game hopefully Vardy will score in a narrow Leicester win
  2. Credit to him honestly thought he was about finished last season but it would appear there is life in the old dog yet
  3. Oh jeez I’m not a saviour. Some months I only have like £1.58 left
  4. Each month I will try and donate a couple of pounds or whatever I have left in my account wherever possible
  5. Just donated £5 keep up up the great work
  6. On our 50th wedding anniversary my wife said, "Come on, I want you to do what you did on our wedding day. " "I'd love to my dear, " I replied, " but I think that bridesmaid died last year. "
  7. Do we soak up the pressure and hit them on the counter or take the game to them? Will be be interesting to see
  8. We have a point on the board Soyuncu positive game by all accounts up the Foxes
  9. Good luck Elder I berry he flowers there . . .
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