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  1. Hoedt

    Exactly ludicrous
  2. Let's have a TV shows thread.

    Just on the Irish episodes now
  3. Let's have a TV shows thread.

    On series 3 (around episode 10) of sons of anarchy at the minute anyone else watched this before?
  4. Jonny Evans

    £30 million being rumoured that's just farcical he is a damn good player but £30 million plus for a 29 year old bloody hell
  5. Hoedt

    £30 million for Evans dont get me wrong I rate him highly but £30 million
  6. Poll - Stadium expansion after 3 seasons in top flight

    Oh dear oh dear. Its badly needed bud
  7. Widnes / Warrington

    Bless him, hope all is ok now? just in case I haven't mentioned previously but I have a son who lives in Widnes (only 11 bless him) who was a Liverpool fan until they sold Torres to Chelsea when he was 5/6 in 2011 so became a Manchester City fan (I'm still slowly convincing him to turn to the Foxes, however thorn in my side is that his step dad is an Arsenal fan) so he is currently in a 3 way tug of war for his football allegiance
  8. Usually maybe but not always, it's worth remembering that there are lots of different strands to an investigation including previous convictions, cctv, witnesses, the aggrieved party themselves aswell as what the accused has said in interview etc etc i would keep an open mind about it however generally speaking CPS will only go ahead with prosecution without the aggrieved being behind the matter with a reasonable amount of evidence however this doesn't mean he is guilty just indicates there is a reasonably good chance
  9. Emmanuel Bonaventure Dennis

    What a combo
  10. Widnes / Warrington

    Describing Warrington as more opulent made me laugh but about right compared to Widnes . . .
  11. Widnes / Warrington

    You see I get the info eventually bless ya, and you came home unscathed brilliant result
  12. Widnes / Warrington

    hang on Webbo
  13. Mendy

    I would agree bud personally think he has great potential but it just hasn't worked out here and best to move him on asap it would seem
  14. Klose

    Klose but no cigar . . . .
  15. Mendy

    Hope they consider him quickly . . . . In all seriousness he hasn't really been given a chance here as yet due to injuries etc however it does sound like it's best for all parties that he moves on and soon