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  1. Cheers buddy and good luck with your shin splints and recovering properly etc like you say lots you can do to stay fit in the interim period. Good luck as I know shin splints are a painful injury to have pay day I will probably enter the Leicester half in October but I am probably going to use that one as a training run and not worry too much about time
  2. Derby half marathon today same as Liverpool for me went off too fast and paid heavily later 1.48.15 in the end
  3. Just my opinion bud not always but we tend to be loud enough most of the time (away obviously better than home but then that’s the case for 90 per cent of teams fans)
  4. I love our support (generally) and think it’s great can’t stand the way some of our support knock Leicester City supporters but bum lick other clubs support
  5. What’s your injury bud? I just did a steady 7 miles this morning but not flowing at the moment. Plantar fasciitis in my right foot, tight left hamstring and lower back pain. Feels like I am falling apart but I am 48 so I suppose have to manage these issues accordingly hope your injury improves soon buddy
  6. You are getting some cracking advice from lots on here like @Strokes and @Buce and @Wolfox and @Bellend Sebastian and @Vacamion to name but a few. You will find what’s suits you in time @Izzy but I do agree park runs are a great way to steadily improve over a few months alternatively as Vac says sometimes you can enjoy treadmill but it’s not for everyone. I like a mix of both, mainly outside but the treadmill runs are a great way of ticking over at the right time also good luck either way Izzy
  7. Yep @Izzy I have to agree Park Runs would be good for you to see improvements and keep your interest up etc (like @Strokes days treadmill running can be boring etc) good luck bud and keep us updated with your progress.
  8. Neither cant stand either team hope it finishes 0-0 and they all miss the penalties fvckers
  9. Went for a short 4 miles (post Liverpool leg loosener) today and my right plantar fasciitis is still playing up. got Derby half marathon on 9th June next, hope my foot has calmed down a bit before then
  10. Good effort bud i watched the Edinburgh run last year (as just happened to be on holiday at that time) and it looks a tough one
  11. Good effort buddy, excellent really like you say when you consider that head wind on the last 3 to 4 miles
  12. Went off too fast (for me) and paid a heavy price in the last 3 to 4 miles 1.48.48 for my second best HM time ever but worst pacing yet enjoyable Run though, medal t shirt and beer afterwards etc
  13. Hope things get better for you soon @Xen my plantar fasciitis is the worst it’s been these last couple of days since it was diagnosed a month or so ago. Have been training lightly giving myself plenty of rest in between etc Sunday will be fun.
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