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  1. The first picture, which is obviously the furthest back in time, brings back fond memories. My uncle worked in the refreshment bar, pictured in the bit were it says Millington, he took me down with him every match & I perched on the ledge whilst the match was on, then dived in the back at half-time to avoid the rush. They only severed until half- time, then he would cash up, hand the money in & then we would run up the stairs usually to the top of the main stand & find an empty seat each to watch the rest of the match.( plenty of empty seats in them days) .I first went in 1972 aged
  2. The green line is surely from Amartey's knee or shirt sleeve as it goes up to that point, I presume the blue line is were Firminos foot ends, which is obscured by the green line, If the blue line is nearer the goal surely that means it's correctly awarded as a goal.
  3. She also said that the daughter of Henry 8th & Catherine of Aragon, who later became queen was Victoria the 2nd! She was beyond dim.
  4. Sounds as thick as the girl in todays Tipping Point, asked which sea the River Rhine flows into, she says "I've never heard of the River Rhine", which is bad enough in itself, but then Ben Sheppard says " but you're a geography student" . It was multiple choice & fortunately for her she guessed right.
  5. My wife said Gabrielle , we both still think Dragon is Sue Perkins.
  6. Dragons voice sounds like Sue Perkins.
  7. In my experience (34 years) of being a postman, i've never seen anyone steal money from cards & in that time can only think of probably no more than 6 or 7 cases locally that postpeople have been dismissed for stealing mail & I think that is usually because they can't be bothered to deliver it & dump it somewhere rather than stealing the contents. The vast majority of mail is sorted by machines & apart from the person loading the machines, ( they go too quick to be sifting through the mail looking for cards) , the first time it will be handled & looked at properly is when t
  8. Whilst I agree keeping goal celebrations to a minimum makes sense. It does seem strange that people are moaning about this, when rugby union games are still being played at elite level & you have 16 blokes locked in a scrum, heads locked side by side & breathing all over each other, & not a word is said.
  9. TOMMYG is my sons name so i'll just use my own name, so 'steveg' please,thanks.
  10. Can you do this for me as well please. I have noticed there's another Tommyg on the forum, but because I registered as TOMMYG ( all capitals), it let me use the name.
  11. Saint Maximin & Lascelles are both suffering from long covid, from when Newcastle had the outbreak in mid- December, the last report I saw, said it was not known when they would return.
  12. 1pm, that ended a few years ago now, nearer 2.30pm these days. This week I've been leaving home at 3.20am & arriving home about 3pm ( that did include some sorting overtime though ). I know what you mean about lugging heavy boxes though, before we start the walking part of our job we have to do the oversize parcels from the van, this takes about an hour or so. Some of the stuff we deliver now is well overweight. Hope you enjoy a couple of days of well earnt rest before it all starts again with the online sales.
  13. Beats Royal Mail by some way, that. Plus the fact we have to trudge the streets in all weathers, with a heavy bag on our backs. I think I need to look for a transfer, when's the window open!
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