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  1. TOMMYG is my sons name so i'll just use my own name, so 'steveg' please,thanks.
  2. Can you do this for me as well please. I have noticed there's another Tommyg on the forum, but because I registered as TOMMYG ( all capitals), it let me use the name.
  3. Saint Maximin & Lascelles are both suffering from long covid, from when Newcastle had the outbreak in mid- December, the last report I saw, said it was not known when they would return.
  4. 1pm, that ended a few years ago now, nearer 2.30pm these days. This week I've been leaving home at 3.20am & arriving home about 3pm ( that did include some sorting overtime though ). I know what you mean about lugging heavy boxes though, before we start the walking part of our job we have to do the oversize parcels from the van, this takes about an hour or so. Some of the stuff we deliver now is well overweight. Hope you enjoy a couple of days of well earnt rest before it all starts again with the online sales.
  5. Beats Royal Mail by some way, that. Plus the fact we have to trudge the streets in all weathers, with a heavy bag on our backs. I think I need to look for a transfer, when's the window open!
  6. Because unlike Amazon, if the parcel is lost, damaged or stolen, we are held accountable & I have to answer to my manager if a customer complains, this could lead to disiplinary action or loss of my job, if it's several repeat incidents. When walking my round I find Amazon parcels just left on doorsteps completely open to the elements & just feet from the pavement for anyone to take. I will always try to leave parcels in a shed, or safeplace, or with a neighbour & will only return them to the office if I really can't leave it anywhere safe. The amount of parcels we are delivering,
  7. I think the one you're thinking about is the Ashes test, when Stokes & Leach put on 70 odd or something for the last wicket , Leach got 1 run, Stokes hit a ton & you're right he hit a four to win the test & stood arms a loft. The World Cup victory was at Lord's & England were fielding when they won, running out the NZ batsman, as he was attempting a 2nd run of the last ball of the super over.
  8. Could never quite get the hang of throwing the ball out from the goalkeeper, always spun the keeper round to throw it & the ball would end up in my own net.
  9. Balderstone made history by playing County championship cricket & a football league match on the same day. He scored 51 not out for Leicestershire at Chesterfield, played for Doncaster in a 1-1 draw with Brentford in the evening, before returning the next day to complete his century & then taking 3 wickets as Leicestershire clinched the title for the first time.
  10. The A side was " The Tank" , the B side " This is the season" ( for Leicester) . The lyrics went somehing like ," this is the season for Leicester, this is the season for us,we're going great in front of every gate & we're not gonna stop until we reach the very top, were we belong". Shame it only took another 40 odd years!
  11. Couldn't agree more, although I do go 1 step further, my 200g block of Dairy Milk, is currently placed in the freezer compartment of the fridge for a couple of hours prior to me demolishing it later. I do break it into squares befrore inserting it in the freezer as i've no chance when it comes out!
  12. Evans 4th booking of the season today, so he's only 1 more away from a ban. Not sure how many games it will be for ( at least 2, i would have thought) . Just hope he doesn't pick up the 5th until Soyuncu's fit.
  13. JJ72, I had forgotten all about them, that made me go upstairs & rumage through my CD collection. I played a couple of tracks, when i've more time i'll definitely play them in full. Looked at the date on the CD the year was 2000. Doesn't seem like 20 years ago.
  14. Leicester half-term starts next week (19th), my kids finish on Thursday ( teacher day on Friday). So if they call a national lockdown over half-term for 2 weeks beginning Monday 26th,which is when the rest of the country break-up , the majority of pupils will only miss 1 weeks schooling, Local kids will miss 2 weeks, because they are due back on the 26th.
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