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  1. Kyle_Le_Don

    Southampton (A) Match Thread

    maddison looks a tank in that team photo
  2. Kyle_Le_Don

    New fence quote

    my brother is a fencer and we do jobs at weekends I could get him to give you a quote if you like?
  3. Kyle_Le_Don

    Claude puel will prove to be....

    I think he'll be to us what pochettinio is to spurs (if given the time) exciting times ahead.
  4. Kyle_Le_Don

    Thailand Cave Rescue

    When you try and put yourselves in there shoes its still incomprehensible to me. I shed a tear when I heard one of the biys say 'see you tomorrow' imagine a world where everyone thought for others and less about themselves and understood value rather than cost. I dunno where im going with this ive had a few but my heart goes out to them a whole heartedly hope they all make it out alive. The diver that died is a truly selfless man and a true hero. One love
  5. Kyle_Le_Don

    The dieting thread

    Nope I cant imagine its a sustainable diet. Most 'diets' people eventually begin to put weight back on if not more. Wholefoods lifestyle suits me the most I can eat as much as I want and at weekends I treat myself to vegan ice cream and oreos or something else. Like I said in a previous post im building muscle mass by hitting the gym too and no need to calorie count. Its a win win.
  6. Kyle_Le_Don

    The dieting thread

    Cant imagine limiting uour body of nutrients to be that good for you. Couldnt you just do intermittent fasting?
  7. Kyle_Le_Don

    Let's have a films thread.

    Was looking forward to taking my son to watch peter rabbit at the cinema in March. After watching the trailer dont think ill bother. He absolutley loves the cartoons as well. Has no originality to it no charm. Keep the first 10 seconds of the movie and remake the rest please!
  8. Kyle_Le_Don

    The dieting thread

    Thanks for that last link that was helpful and good way to consume full proteins. I eat lots of beans, Lentils, quinoa, seeds, tofu and tempeh. I should definitely incorporate more nuts and not just peanut butter which I cant imagine to be too healthy. I eat good saturated fats such as avacodos and sunflower seeds ans cocunuts (if that's correct) The best part about it all is after eating a dinner now within 15-20 mins I could go for a run/gym whereas before I'd more likely prefer a nap haha
  9. Kyle_Le_Don

    The dieting thread

    Whole based plant food I have found really good for the last 8 months. I lost quite a bit of weight at the beginning not realising I hadnt consumed enough calories. Fast track ive actually put good muscle weight on to a lot of peoples suprise who didnt think it possible.
  10. Kyle_Le_Don

    Conspiracy Theory

    Apparently the message was sent at 08:08 and some have linked that to the Bible revelations?
  11. Kyle_Le_Don

    What Christmas gift do you want to get?

    A way to never have to work for anyone else again and to be able to just stay at home or travel with my family watching my son grow up is what id like more than anything else. I wish for more time. Come on santa you ****er make that in your toy shop.
  12. Kyle_Le_Don

    After life

    We all experience alot of stuff as kids as wever not been conditioned yet and are more open to situations. Most nights I would go to bed and dream of exactly what I wanted to and could change them whilst dreaming. Majority of the time I was always running from someone or something. I lost count of the amount of times I used to float down my stairs or jump down them Wether it being AP or Dreams. To the point I genuinely believed I could do it whilst being awake which didnt end too good haha. Endless dejavu moments. I understand more the saying truth is stranger than fiction.
  13. Kyle_Le_Don

    After life

    I do like these topics I do I do. I remember saying to my mum from a very young age that I feel trapped in this world. Maybe a feeling of being limited dunno. Always feeling as though there must be more. I now know there is. Twice I have consciously left my body as wierd as that sounds.. and both times came more or less straight back, the 1st experience I remember looking down at my bed with my partner and I still in bed sleeping but almost as if I was looking through a tv screen I got so excited that id finally done it I popped back in. I felt tremendous vibrations just before it happened. I did a lot of reading into out of body experiences (OOBE) Astral projection, lucid dreaming, NDE and other 'paranormal' Robert monroe being one of my favorite astral explorers. Some people are even skilled enough to not need sleep as we know it and can meditate whilst the body is asleep they remain aware. Ill keep all this short but basically I know in myself that we are more than we could ever imagine and we truly are limitless multidimensional beings 2 choices fear and love. Ps im no cuckoo haha or am I??!!