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  1. Villa Leeds West ham But it will proberbly be. Fulham WBA Sheffield Utd
  2. Johan was buying it, but Dion did a piece on it on Homes under the hammer ...an the rest is history...
  3. Im pretty sure Ruel Fox publicly snubbed us claiming it was a backward step for him when he was at Spurs
  4. So whos quickest? Cags or Vards ? ....
  5. Hhmmmm....Sky Sports seem to have forgotten us ....
  6. So... not sure if its been done and i cant be bothered to scroll through and check. Using the squad from 2015/16 and the squad from 2019/20 what would be your starting 11 plus 5 subs? Bearing in mind if you choose a player from 2015/16 its the player how he was then not how hes perhaps playing now, dor for example its the 2015/16 Wes not the 2019/20 Wes. So heres mine Shmeichel Fuchs Soyunch Evans Periera Albrighton Kante Maddison Tielmans Mahrez Vardy Subs Chilwell Ndidi Big We
  7. Ward Justin Benko Morgan Fuchs Hamza Albrighton Preat Gray Perez Nacho
  8. No width, no penetration, forwards well of the pace,the formation doesnt work,very very poor 1st half ...cant get any worse can it??
  9. jonah


    Spurs for me, nothing geographical about it obviously i just dont like them and there delusional fans. Plus they seem to have the edge over us since we won the title in our games against them an that doesnt sit well with me. Dont get me wrong i like to laugh at forest each week and living in Loughborough there are many victims who choose to support them so theres always banter and rivalry, my partner being one of them ....which is why shes my partner and not my wife.....My son however although only 2 has been well an truly indoctrinated into the lcfc way and is aware even at this young a
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