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  1. These teams know us now, we need to mix it up abit and stop playing from the back and leaving ourselves open if mistakes happen as proven at Man City, hoof the ball to midfield take our chance's, City 2:1
  2. Just wasn't the game to play from the back this time to many mistakes under pressure to much with their quality, maybe should have hoofed a few, who knows aye, still second, up the city lads lassie's
  3. A little mate if we where away I'd be worried, but we are home we should do these
  4. After just one ticket for to watch us stuff these, much appreciated if available
  5. Brilliant result on the back of what should have been another 3pts keep going lads onwards and ****ing upwards x
  6. Absolutely buzzing, keep it up lads, can it happen again, cause it can
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