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  1. We were lucky to have so few injuries that season but we also went out of both domestic cups early (to Hull and Spurs) so pretty much only had the league to concentrate on. This season is a funny conjested season as it is, and we've progressed a lot further in the FA Cup and have played in Europe. To put it into perspective we've played 38 competitive games this season already and we're only in February. Yes its very disappointing to see the team play like they did today and Thursday, but we're looking at what's happening this season. We've now got 8 senior
  2. Its not physical tireness so much as muscle tiredness. They are professional athletes. Of course they have stamina to run for 90 minutes twice a week. But like you saw with Harvey today and so many other of our players this season, if you're not giving the body time to heal you're going to get injuries. If you cant rotate due to the large injury list, players have to find a way of protecting themselves against injury by sometimes taking the foot off the gas. As a supporter its very frustrating to watch, especially when we know how good we can b
  3. I do think the players are feeling the fixtures now. Saw a number clutching their thighs during the game. Could be because of the manner of the performance, but could also be a sign of how much this season is taking its toll. With the number of injuries we have rotation has been minimal to say the least. Seeing Barnes and Evans go off injured (the latest in a long line) is just going to compound the issue. Hoping they both make very speedy recoveries. The one silver lining is I saw an interview with BR where it seems like a few might be back in f
  4. This is better. Seemed far too optimistic in the pre Slavia Prague and Arsenal threads and look how those games ended up. Now FT is back to it normal level of pessimism maybe results will improve too. (I dont want this thread to seem too optimistic and curse things so I'm going to complain about the number of injuries we have and say we're bound to lose).
  5. Lol. I normally read back my messages before sending them. My issue is .... while I'm Albrighton's biggest fan normally I think he's going through a poor spell and Under on the wing doesn't inspire me much although I keep willing him to put in a good game. Since the first few sub appearance where he showed glimpses of potential he's gone backwards on the pitch and never played well in a game he's started.
  6. Shows how many injuries we have presently. But we had nearly this many towards the start of the season (think of the makeshift defence we played in a number of games). BR keeps talking about the importance in players being flexible. Hopefully they show they can be again.
  7. I like the set up with Castagne and Richardo on one wing and Thomas and Barnes on the other even if its playing Richardo out of position (and yes I know he's played there in the past). I think it gives us a lot of attacking play going through the wings. Problem we have is filling the Maddison role with the players available.
  8. True. Also not happy with my suggestion of moving Barnes more centrally when he's done so we out wide. 3rd alternative which amalgamates both those formations to a degree while trying to get players into their best positions (Richardo possibly the exception) is maybe this Kasper Castagne Evans Soyuncu Thomas Ndidi Tielemans Richardo Barnes Inheachio Vardy
  9. This was the first line up I thought we'd be best playing given the players available. Also thinking about this as a possibility Kasper Castagne Evans Soyuncu Thomas Ndidi Tielemans Richardo Albrighton Barnes Vardy
  10. Just seems like a few random twitter accounts. Assume he is playing, then we can be pleasantly surprised if he doesn't.
  11. Its okay we'll be fine. We've had the kick off for the Villa game pushed back and get an extra 5 minutes rest now.
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