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  1. I expect while a deal in principle with Monaco might be agreed they'd be dragging their feet hoping for more interest and a bidding war. His agent would like that too as he can demand higher wages etc. However while we're (supposedly) the only interested party to have made a concrete offer we're unlikely to offer more, and longer this goes on like this more power we have as Monaco will be forced to accept our bid or be stuck with a player they want off their books. Tielemans himself suggested things might move forward in a couple of weeks time, and now he's on holiday so I doubt anything will be sorted until he gets back. Okay I've not said anything new there but thought it was my turn to put this back at the top of the transfer thread and get everyone to click on it hoping progress has been made. I know I keep doing that.
  2. I never normally do as well at these as I know I should and kick myself after, but I'm proud to say I got 11 out of 11 this time and (what's more) I knew the answers. Look at me with my big head. 😀
  3. Players can usually force through a move but I'm not sure our players are at that stage, and fortunately for us they seem to all have many years left on their contracts. I cant see us letting anyone go for anything less than silly money bids and even then I think the prefence is to keep this team together to help us continue to progress as a club. If we can we're only a winger, creative midfielder (ideal Tielemans) and a striker who can give Vardy some competition for a starting position away from a top six mount. Key to next season is going to be consistency. We need to be able to finish off teams below us more convincingly and I think that's where Rodgers approach will benefit us over Puel.
  4. You're assuming I've read the comment you quoted in your response. Since when does anyone on FT read comments properly before replying?
  5. With the interest in Werner we've probably got about as much chance of signing them.
  6. Could say the same if we signed Messi or Ronaldo...
  7. I thought it was written somewhere that every player we are linked with also has to be linked with Everton and West Ham?
  8. Anyone who thought this would be over the second the transfer window opens is deluding themselves. It's not in Monacos interest to sell if there maybe other interested parties and it's not in our interest to pay a premium price if we're the only interested party. Fact others are rumoured to be interested doesn't mean we should be paying above market value (and while 40m is the asking price that papers are quoting no one will know for sure what Monaco want.) Their season's not over yet, so they probably want to see where they'll be first anyway. And there's always supposedly interested teams in a player but how often do we not hear about any actual bids in a supposed target? We'd be foolish to pay the first price Monaco demands just because of paper talk of other interested parties. Lastly 40m is still a lot (even in these days) for a young player who's played well for a few months, but wasnt even on the pitch when playing for a Monaco team that's hardly full of superstars. Don't get me wrong I'd love him here, he seems exactly what we need, fit in really well with the style of play Rodgers is trying to get us to play. Will there be others that can so the same job for 40m though? Probably. They'll be a bigger gamble because Tielmans has already proven he links up well with our squad. But so too did Cambiasso and his replacement didn't do too badly. I hope we get Tielemans. I've loved the way he plays every time he's put on a Leicester shirt, and if we keep the team we've been playing with at the end of this season, can add another winger who offers us that bit more creatively, and add another goalscoring striker, I can't see a push for top 6 being off the table next season.
  9. Regardless of who he might replace in top 6, we need to show him how playing regularly for us can further his career more than risk a less certain future at a supposedly bigger club. We could point to Drinkwater and Mahrez as recent premier league winners who don't play regularly. Even Kante is played out of his preferred position. Here he'd continue to progress, be showcased to the world playing the type of football he's good at, under a manager with a proven track record of mentoring youth, who willhelp him develop. Look at how many Leicester City youngsters are being talked about in the news each week and getting international call ups. And we've pundits and players (I'm looking at you Vincent Kompany) saying they think this side should break into the top six (or be very close) next season. The future here is bright. His future here would be bright. The future is LCFC!
  10. Could be a tactic to demand more wages. Don't want to seem too keen. I'm pleased to read reports suggesting we're trying to push the deal through as fast as possible. Think we need to be the first to act to give us best chance of getting him.
  11. Really happy with our back 4 right now. Something I didn't think I'd be saying after the woeful defending of set pieces previously. As I've said on another post I no longer hide behind the sofa every time the opposition get a corner. Assuming we keep this back 4 (or are able to replace Maguire with someone solid) it is covering our chances at the other end that I'd like to see an emphasis on next season (and players bought who can help that happen). Our midfield is creating chances, and I'm happy with the set up we have now with Tielmans (hope we keep him) and Maddison threading the ball through, but there's still too much expectation on Vardy to score all the goals. We need someone to help ease/ share his burden.
  12. Unbelievable business getting him in for that small fee. I'm actually loving our back 4 this season. No longer (that) worried every time we concede a corner. Keep Ricardo and Ben I'd be happy with Evan and Maguire or (if he goes) Soyuncu next season at the heart of our defence (and that's if we don't buy a replacement for Maguire if he goes). I reserve my judgement on Benkovic until I see him play in the premier league and we've always got Morgan as backup. The future's bright.
  13. Exactly this. Given where we are as a club since Vichai took over (and now Top succeeding him) I don't think people need to get worked up by one message on the last game of the season to a monarchy with historically close connections to the family. Perhaps it's our own political views / views of monarchies we need to put aside and allow them this personal message. We are very lucky they chose to come to this club, and for the continued great memories their contribution is creating.
  14. We need to sign someone who can ease/ share the goal scoring burden with Vardy next season.
  15. Oh so close to being perfect for Shinji to sign off in style.
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