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  1. He looks a shadow of the player he was before his injury, but lets not forget the Southampton game was his first 90 mins since his return, and even when he was playing well it was mentioned he wasn't 100% right since getting injured the back end of last season. What he really needs is time to get back up to speed, but we're at the wrong part of the season to allow him this. Thats why he's staying on for the full game today and last Friday to try to get him match fit, because a Maddison on form is a huge boost to the squad. I saw one or two touches today, a ball played
  2. Exactly. We played very poorly especially at the back. Might go to show how important Evans is to the team, when you lose the leader and organiser at the back. Little Wes has been fantastic and I'm a huge fan, but I think his inexperience showed a bit tonight, and Cags looked as lost as he against Bournemouth. Think he needs a calm head next to him to be at his best.
  3. As a city fan though I can remember a very painful history. We've lost a couple of games we should have won. Yes I'm angry. Everyone's passions are high. But some of the comments on here are clearly being made by people with very short memories. Every manager we've ever had has been slated on here, but, if we look past a few games where we've played badly, (because every team experiences plenty of those), how many have done as well as Rodgers has in the majority of games he's managed for us? And who would people realistically like him replaced with, that they think coul
  4. You can just see how happy some people are when we put in a poor performance to start trolling the forum. I don't agree with every decision Rodgers always makes but he's got the best win ratio of any non interim manager in our history. We're in our first FA Cup final in 52 years and we've been the only team in the league to be in the top 4 all season! Last 2 games we've let results slip away from us, and in truth we've been looking tired and leggy for a few games before this too, but when you consider the number of injuries we've had and the number of player
  5. Not denying that. But some of the comments are cringeworthy.
  6. Only thing more embarrassing than the performance is some of the comments on here. We've played very poorly, but we've had chances. We get the next goal early in the second half and we're right back in it. We do need to sort out some of the very basic errors before we start the second half though.
  7. Worried about us playing against 10 men again?
  8. Looking at your reactionary selection you've got Perez out on the wing. That's never a good thing surely? I also think Castagne is best on the right now, and has more of a stake playing there than a still not 100% Ricardo or anyone else. (But as I will say below I think he'll end up playing on the left as a necessity). Biggest problem I thought during Southampton game was how tired we looked. I know Brendan mentioned it post game but I felt from the first few minutes we looked leggy, and while we were always likely to get more chances than the Saints (even if they kept
  9. Just 2 more shots needs - with 4 and a half goals per shot!
  10. Might be overturned. Think it'd be harsh if not to be honest.
  11. Because you're a Leicester fan? Nervous going into games is surely a given.
  12. It doesn't feel like Foxestalk when people are being positive.
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