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  1. Because no one can make it from the lower leagues? Good job no one told Jamie ...
  2. Gosh you're a long way behind everyone else.
  3. Anyone whose supported Leicester for a long time knows to expect Leicester to break your heart, crush your dreams, disappoint, underdeliver and play with your emotions. You just learn to shake it off and look for the next silver lining. How did you feel when we were relegated to the third tier for the first time in our history? Eight years after that we were winning the Premier League though. Good job you weren't too apathetic then or you'd have missed that minor miracle. It's like those calling for Rodgers' head and asking for Pearson back, forgetting the second half of the 12/13 season when, like the second half of this season, we couldn't buy a win. 2 wins in 19 games! Yet the following season we won the championship with a record number of points. Why? Because we're evolving as a club, and yoy have to learn to live with the bad times as well as the good. We're far from the only team to have thrown away points and let others catch up. Liverpool last season, what were they, 10 points up over Man City yet they threw it all away? Now look what they have become. Look at Spurs, we all know how they can bottle it. Feel sorry for the poor Leeds fans used to all that glory then 16 years in the Championship. My point is, there is a project going on. Its long term, but we're improving as a team all the time. There will be dips. There will be mistakes. There will be frustrating times ahead. But if we continue to make steps forward, even if its 3 steps forward then 2 steps back, we will be where we all want to be in time. Have the faith. Show support. Take the rough with the smooth.
  4. A spare code would be nice. (If any are still going).
  5. I agree with you, but feel if Rodgers is going to play with 4 at the back Perez and Praet will play instead of Hamza and Gray. I have a feeling Kelechi will come on and play an important part of this match. Just a weird inkling...
  6. Those people saying Rodgers should go and we need Pearson back because of the awful 2nd half of the season have clearly forgotten what we were like in the 2012/13 season when we got ourselves into a comfortable position for promotion then only won 2 games in 16 the second half the season! What happened thr season after was special, promoted with record breaking points, which is why if given time Rodgers will take us to our second premier league title next season! Keep the faith, its written in the stars! 🙂
  7. Those people who said they weren't watching today's game, can you please not watch this one either. (You're clearly bad luck!)
  8. No Forest talk on the Leicester forum please!!!
  9. This is Leicester City. Everything we do is a surprise.
  10. Its confused me too. I have begun to wonder if I watched a different match to half the posters on here. I'm hoping I did watch a different match because the one I watched was horrendous in the 2nd half ...
  11. That would never happen in a match!
  12. People saying they aren't going to watch this game either only recently started supporting Leicester or their memories of what it's like to support this team have been tainted by the recent successes the club has enjoyed (including an unbelievably good run before Christmas). I think that one shot Kasper saved right on the stroke of half time has changed Rodgers plan for the second half. This is whats most alarming though. When we beat Southampton and Newcastle Rodgers seemed to be installing a ruthlessness in the squad, a desire to kill teams off and show no mercy. More recently Rodgers seems to have remembered he learned under Mourinho and is trying to defend a lead rather than add to it. I'm hoping he reflects on last night and works hard to revert to the mentality that brought us success in the first half of the season. Rather than worry about the defensive hole Cag's absence will bring, I want to see a team trying to press the opposition back and take the game to them. It may seem crazy after the performance last night to hope we can win the next 3, but if we do we still make top 4 regardless of the other results. However badly they've played of late, Villa managed a win, Bournemouth managed a win too, (even without their best defender), we now have to play like a team with their back to the wall and fight, show desire, show us fans that this result hurt them too and banish the memory with a strong finish to the season.
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