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  1. Everyone take these negative comments back now!
  2. Won't happen but I'd like Under on for Praet and Vardy on for Fuchs and play a 4-1-4-1 formation - giving Tielmans or Maddison the job of giving Luis less time on the ball.
  3. Would you say the odds of us winning are around 5000 to 1?
  4. Anyone whose supported Leicester for a long time knows to expect Leicester to break your heart, crush your dreams, disappoint, underdeliver and play with your emotions. You just learn to shake it off and look for the next silver lining. How did you feel when we were relegated to the third tier for the first time in our history? Eight years after that we were winning the Premier League though. Good job you weren't too apathetic then or you'd have missed that minor miracle. It's like those calling for Rodgers' head and asking for Pearson back, fo
  5. A spare code would be nice. (If any are still going).
  6. I agree with you, but feel if Rodgers is going to play with 4 at the back Perez and Praet will play instead of Hamza and Gray. I have a feeling Kelechi will come on and play an important part of this match. Just a weird inkling...
  7. Those people saying Rodgers should go and we need Pearson back because of the awful 2nd half of the season have clearly forgotten what we were like in the 2012/13 season when we got ourselves into a comfortable position for promotion then only won 2 games in 16 the second half the season! What happened thr season after was special, promoted with record breaking points, which is why if given time Rodgers will take us to our second premier league title next season! Keep the faith, its written in the stars! 🙂
  8. Those people who said they weren't watching today's game, can you please not watch this one either. (You're clearly bad luck!)
  9. No Forest talk on the Leicester forum please!!!
  10. This is Leicester City. Everything we do is a surprise.
  11. Its confused me too. I have begun to wonder if I watched a different match to half the posters on here. I'm hoping I did watch a different match because the one I watched was horrendous in the 2nd half ...
  12. That would never happen in a match!
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