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  1. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/philippe-coutinho-leicester-barcelona-transfer-4104847 Well it must be happening .... 😄
  2. Apologies if it's been mentioned elsewhere, but it looks like he has sadly passed away as a result of his injuries.
  3. I thought Chillwell had his best game in weeks.
  4. Quite often reading FT can leave you feeling sick and depressed but that's nothing to do with any virus.
  5. No one else has noticed that on here. How odd ...
  6. Aren't we all a happy bunch? We didn't play like we deserved a win against Norwich, but that should have begun what is a fairly nice run of games for ourselves. Football is all about fine margins and as long as we turn up I'm hopeful our little run will just have started one game later than planned. I want to see a nice attack minded line up tonight, we just need a few goals to get our confidence back and it'll be like the last 3 months never happened!
  7. Hopefully go along way to free-kick starting our season. First half wasnt great but second half looked more promising (if still not the standard we set early in the season). Still its an important confidence building victory and we're into the final 8 of the cup too.
  8. Ideally in the net rather than off the top of the woodwork
  9. Thought I saw a number of positives in the Man City game, not saying we were all that great still, but if we played with that effort against Norwich the result would have been very different. We've been without key players in a number of different matches since Christmas and had a difficult run of fixtures but I think the difference between us now and then is we're not being ruthless and playing with high intensity against the kind of opponents we should be expecting to beat. We were giving the opposition no time on the ball even in their own half at one point, forcing mistakes. Now we seem to be taking all the speed out of our attacks by playing 25 passes when we win the ball and letting them get back into defensive positions But I think we have to look at this as a long term project. Took Klopp 3 or 4 seasons to get things right (last season they were arguably as good as this season). We may have to accept it'll be steps forward 1 step back until the players are in place to match the style we are trying to play. People say opposition are sussing us out, but I think there is more to it than that. On the pitch I dont think we are playing to the standard we were but I think this is because we're continuously trying to evolve the way we play on the pitch and think Rodgers is trying to develop a style so we can control the game against the majority of opponents. I just hope this run of games gets Top and Rudkin ready to finance players who'll help improve us fornnext season and help us realise our long term ambition in the summer, because I think the potential is there for a sustained European challenge in seasons to come, but we desperately need (among other things) someone to finally fill that Marhez shape hole on our right wing.
  10. Even if both fit (dont think Vardy will be) I wouldn't risk Ndidi or Vardy in this. I would try to build some confidence in some of the other players though, while giving some a reminder that they need to improve or there are alternatives. I'd try something like this. (Obviously if Fuchs plays he'd be on the left.) I think Mendy is fit again. If not Choudary. Schmeichel Fuchs/ Bennet Evans Soyuncu Richardo Barnes Mendy Tielemans Praet Maddison Inheachio Not a huge fan of the diamond, but think it could work in this game and give Tielemans and Maddison some much needed confidence.
  11. Oh so you're to blame! 😀
  12. I think the players are becoming overwhelmed by the number of almost identical threads that keep emerging on foxestalk.
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