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  1. 31% of you are crazy and should stop watching the news
  2. You're clearly banned.....and you're a miserable bastard
  3. Just ordered the Samsung S20 Ultra Looks immense
  4. Oh gosh, sorry mate, how ridiculous of me not to read every response before posting I'll consider my hand slapped for next time and make sure i look out for your posts before i type xxx
  5. Wes Morgan has a studio right? Why would you go anywhere else?
  6. koop.

    Corona Virus

    I've got the starts of Man Flu, which we all know is horrific, or is it the starts of........ .....**** it, even Corona virus can't be as bad as the standard UK Man Flu!?
  7. I also started a business, which is now 3 and half years young, with exactly the same mindset. I knew the area i was in could be done better than the company i'd previously been close to. It's just about biting the bullet and having the balls to give it a good go
  8. Great area to be in My brother runs a company in exactly the same area
  9. Theo Paphitis said this: "I've never had an original idea in my life, I've just taken someone else's and executed it better than they did"
  10. What did you do? What was your business?
  11. Glad you don't run a breaking news channel
  12. Our fans performance..... ...on this forum.... ...is usually a ****ing disgrace if we dont win
  13. Having said that West Ham, Villa & Watford will be lucky Although maybe harsh on watford as they're a decent team and they now have incredible management at the helm so I'm sure theyll be safe
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