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  1. Absolutely this Why on earth should a business, one that treats its supporters in an incredible way like ours does, consult its customers about a price rise, one that they're more than in their rights to implement, especially when we've had a long period of price freezes? We are incredibly lucky to have the owners we have, we are incredibly lucky to be given what we've been given Man up, stop moaning, and count yourself lucky you're not an Arsenal fan
  2. This was the turning point....this was the year.....promoted from League One under Nigel Pearson in 2008-2009, after suffering what at the time was a humiliating relegation the previous season! But for me, that relegation and subsequent title win, was the best thing that could have happened to this great club......the beginning of a new era Just look at this squad....... bloody terrible in so many ways haha! And look what we have now!!!! No. Position Player 1 GK Chris Weale 2 DF Robbie Neilson 3 DF Ryan McGivern (on loan from Manchester City) 4 DF Michael Morrison 5 DF Aleksandar Tunchev 6 DF Wayne Brown (vice-captain) 7 MF Nolberto Solano 8 MF Matt Oakley (captain) 9 FW Steve Howard 10 MF Andy King 11 MF Lloyd Dyer 12 FW Matty Fryatt 13 GK Conrad Logan 15 DF Bruno Berner 16 MF Nicky Adams 17 MF Dany N'Guessan No. Position Player 18 FW Martyn Waghorn (on loan from Sunderland) 19 MF Richie Wellens 20 DF Luke O'Neill 21 FW Ashley Chambers 22 FW Yann Kermorgant 23 FW DJ Campbell 24 FW Paul Gallagher 25 DF Jack Hobbs 26 MF Astrit Ajdarević 27 FW James Vaughan (on loan from Everton) 29 DF Chris Powell 30 DF Tom Parkes 31 GK Carl Pentney 32 MF Aman Verma 33 DF Alex Bruce (on loan from Ipswich Town) 34 DF Jay Spearing (on loan from Liverpool) The above squad was actually not bad in comparison to the previous seasons (lets not even go there) but what we have witnessed in the past 10 years has been incredible I've gone from shouting HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUME to necking WKD at the Vardy Party, and i bloody love it!!! I pinch myself on a daily basis that Leicester City Football Club are now pushing to be one of the elite in this country. Proud doesn't even come close We now come into what i believe could be one of the greatest seasons since you know when! Fasten your seat belts ladies Time for another beer
  3. Took the kids to spain a few weeks ago and 4 separate families sporting city kits in our hotel. Boom!
  4. I have to agree 100% I cant stand WYS
  5. One of the greatest players to ever play for our club. Fact.
  6. If its sustainable then I couldnt care less if they pay £1 or £100,000,000 The issue is when clubs are put out of business because of financial greed If the money is there and is being delivered via tv and all sorts of other streams, then it's all relative, otherwise it wouldn't be happening It's a sign of the times It doesnt ruin the game in terms of my enjoyment in watching the sport at all
  7. Perfect Picked up both city books and a few for my 6yr old to read, discounts on top of discounts 4 books £12 including postage love a bargain
  8. Surely now with Perez, he cannot get a game? The problem is that every club knows how shit he is and so we're stuck with him
  9. Oh Danny boy! Chelsea name a ridiculous amount of subs last night, 11 or 12? And Danny Drinkwater still cant get on the bench. Who ever advised him to move was purely thinking about his pocket Drinkwater clearly thought he was either better than he is or just fancied collecting some money and couldnt be bothered to play anymore Why do players suddenly decide to collect wages over playing football? Baffles me
  10. He has to go down as one of the greatest players to play for our club surely? In fact, we are living/have lived in a period where a few of our players have achieved that accolade because of the success they've achieved. Prior to recent achievements, we go back Lineker, Banks etc.... Some of the greatest players to ever play for leicester city are now active and still pushing for better things.... Schmeichel Morgan Vardy I ****ing love this club
  11. With all due respect, and in the kindest of ways, i think you're talking bollocks
  12. koop.

    Did some DIY

    Absolutely Sadly I've got Iheanacho on it but you cant have it all eh
  13. koop.

    Did some DIY

    There was a signed Maddison shirt for auction, the proceeds went to a girl who has a rare form of cancer. I lost the auction unfortunately but I thought i would try my luck and so I messaged and said that I'd be happy to donate the amount I bid and asked if I sent a shirt to the training ground whether Madders would get the team to sign it. I was doubtful but he said no problem. What a legend And the best news is they've raised enough for her treatment too
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