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  1. I think we're so so lucky to watch this city team right now packed full of top talent exciting times next year
  2. I was born 26th October 1984 On the 27th Gary Lineker scored a hat-trick as we spanked the villa 5-0 Good welcome to the world
  3. Has to go down as one of the greatest players to ever play for this club
  4. koop.


    I own a sales company (business to business) Some of you have some really interesting jobs, good thread this.
  5. I see only very positive things for this team in 2019/2020 season. Exciting times
  6. Goes to show you what a shambles Puel really was. Rodgers will do great things with this squad
  7. They're bloody lovely. It'll never happen but yes please
  8. I'd rather that than £55 on a shirt we only wear for 8 months more than you're suggesting
  9. koop.


    I have to be honest, i am unsure how it works but **** that, if someone said "i will pay you to make your kit, but it will be the same kit as 50 other teams!" i'd say "**** off"
  10. I find it absolutely shocking that a professional design brand can justify using the same kit template for about 50+ teams across the world. In fact, I find it even more amazing that the teams involved allow them to do it? Leicester City is Leicester City (although today looked like Watford or another 20 teams) it's ridiculous Design and branding is big money and these kit designers are taking the piss. Every team should have original design, end of, surely that's what you ****ing pay for? If the design company i used for my company came back to me with the same design as one of my competitors and tried to sell it me for millions i'd be more than pissed off!
  11. Carr has excelled himself and set a bar. i believe Foxes Talk can break it...........
  12. Jimmy Carr at his very best.....
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