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  1. https://goodteamonpaper.com
  2. Not live no, but this is a greatest ever 11
  3. I hope you mean Gary and not Matt Madders is a big shout as greatest ever? Not sure on Fuchs either
  4. Since i was about 5, so 30 years So far i've got this... Schmeical / Banks Walsh Morgan Elliott Sjoberg Weller Izzet Lineker Vardy Manager: Pearson
  5. I have a champions graphic already with stats etc and although that team is without doubt the greatest team (so far, based on achievement), there are definitely better individuals throughout our history
  6. Bloody hell, dont give me MORE options I think greatest of all time
  7. I'm getting an all time 11 graphic done for the office to alongside my other city framed stuff. My neighbour got a Chelsea one done, they're really cool (attached) But it's really hard to decide. Who's your all time starting 11 and manager?
  8. Pointless and seeing as we lost it made us look like idiots
  9. Horrible but beautiful watch, if you know what i mean This version has always got me I went to Cardiff away, that was a really tough day out
  10. People talk about football managers and players and tribute their clubs great successes to one or the other, or both. But it's not as usual to hold an owner in such high regard, i'm unsure if i've ever known it before, at least not amongst the other clubs people i know support. But our owners, as everyone associated with this great club know, are up there as some of the best in world football. Their vision, their philosophy, their dedication, their passion, their drive, humility and so on. We are the envy of many many clubs, not just because of our current success on the pitch and where we've come from, but when you look at the stability of our club behind the scenes and that means sustained success for years to come Never a day goes by without me thinking of what this family have done and continue to do for Leicester City. What a club, what a history, what a future
  11. You ready mate? Yeeeeeeaaaaa bwooooooooy ready!!
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