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  1. Definitely bad, you're right
  2. Some of these tattoos are horrendous
  3. Here's one about a mate... He stayed over at one of our other mates houses after a night out (this is going back some time so we all still lived with the parents) got up in the middle of the night to try and find the toilet. Pitch black he walked into the wrong room and pissed all over his little sister as she was sleeping. Needless to say she woke up screaming, he ran away in just his boxers to his own house and never went back there again Ridiculous on every level
  4. Always one! Nobody has suggested getting drunk is an important achievement and you've also massively jumped the gun to suggest that every story you've read is a reflection of every weekend. It was a fun thread about particular times. I don't feel the need to tell you about my day to day work, achievements or private life but if you want to presume i'm a skint student, throwing up against walls every Saturday night because i dare tell a drunken story then so be it I'll raise a pint to you mate
  5. We used to run a Drum & Bass night in Leicester and we did a Christmas Eve special. My mate was notorious for drink driving (twat) and so when we arranged the mini bus to take us to Leicester we took his car keys from him. We got the return taxi around 3am and dropped him at his house (his car was parked in another village) and so we thought he was safe. Another of the lads got out with him to continue the festivities and when they realised that Christmas morning was about an hour away our mate needed to get home. So, baring in mind his car was parked elsewhere, they took his Dads Subaru. He wrapped it round a tree and had to walk home, thankfully neither of them majorly hurt but Christmas morning was one to forget when he had to tell his parents he'd written offr their car pissed and drugged up to the eye balls. Shambles
  6. I decided to pull moonies at every car that went past on my 19th birthday in Sydney, the 3rd car was police and i didn't get out until the next day Shambles of a birthday night
  7. The last one is hilarious but you might want to think about having a few weekends in mate
  8. I couldn't (surprisingly) find a thread on this, but the 'Worst Dates' thread got me thinking, there have to be some jems on here?! Merge if i've missed a similar thread I'll get things going... I used to work in Nottingham and the place I worked had a big drinking culture. We finished work at 17:00 and went into town, i still lived in Loughborough at the time (i used to live in Notts, this is important info) and so I got the last train home (maybe around 23:00). My mrs was on the phone asking where I was, and I told her i'd be back in the next 30mins. I got to Loughborough station and was met by a row of taxi's (i lived a 5mins walk from the station). Apparently i gave the taxi driver my old Nottingham address and it wasn't until he drove me all the way back to my old house that I realised what i'd done. He then drove me all the way back to where i'd started, thanks to my mrs on the other end of the phone Expensive end to the night
  9. Yawn fest When's the real football come back again
  10. Rent was good, saw that years ago I saw Fame again this year, always good School of Rock is incredible and we're off to the Lion King next weekend
  11. Exactly that Close thread
  12. Wow, speak to them, i've just negotiated a new deal I get full TV, broadband and Phone (including talk anytime, as i work from home) for £85.....
  13. No, it's that simple There are many factors as to why these clubs are in the situation that they're in, none of which are the fault of their loyal supporters, however the only way another club/clubs owners should help is if they want to buy that club Why on earth should another club want or need to bail out another business that's been run into the ground? I understand the sentiment, but unless those who bail the club out take control of it (buy it) then the help will be pissed up the wall like the initial money It's incredibly sad but it also (as harsh as this sounds) isn't our issue And it wouldn't be the issue of any other club if the same happened to Leicester (which it almost did)
  14. I bet you're a right laugh on a night out You do realise it's a chant that was regularly used for Maguire and therefore makes sense as Soyuncu is his current replacement? And what are you on about his manhood for? I'm talking about the size of his HEAD (as in Slab Head!) stop being pathetic and embarrassing
  15. Our chants are all sh1t at least this one is fairly amusing
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