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  1. adamlcfcbevo85

    The second transfer IN. Who and When?

    There will be no more incoming transfers close thread
  2. adamlcfcbevo85

    Ben Arfa 2018

    Don't even think he's linked with us anymore should just move on and forget about this one
  3. adamlcfcbevo85

    Patrick Roberts

    i dont get it
  4. adamlcfcbevo85

    Patrick Roberts

    people need to get to the realisation that we may never get a player as good as Mahrez or even close it wont happen, unless we establish our self's as a constant top 6 then we might. the Mahrez deal was a ok transfer that turned out fantastic. remember knockeart kept him out the squad for quite a while. he only really turned up his performances on our promotion season to the premier league then the season we won the premier league and so on to date now. Patrick Roberts is a very very good player, Don't get me wrong he needs some work but this kid is going to be one of England's best wingers mark my words on that. the closest we will be able to get to getting a player nearly as good as Mahrez is Hazard but let me tell you there is not much difference to Thorgan Hazard and Roberts.
  5. adamlcfcbevo85

    Patrick Roberts

    Jesus what a ridiculous post! I'm Absolutely certain we have some of the most pathetic and idiotic fans in the world. at times i can be one of those.
  6. adamlcfcbevo85


    Yes but what yourself and others are thinking is he will instantly make our team stronger. The question is will he? I'm not convinced until proved otherwise there is much better out there at younger, yes more expensive but worthwhile. Hes demanding silly money for final years of his career
  7. adamlcfcbevo85


    I've been digging into Evans amd this last season and the only thing by sounds of it he can offer is giving up his position after 5 games to wes morgan because we would of bought shite again. We need to stay clear of this get young blood in. And build a team to gel together. Not have someone who thinks he's Billy big bollucks and think there above our club
  8. adamlcfcbevo85

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    If we sell mahrez for anything less than 65 million we are a absolute joke of a club. 50 million can only just buy you a top end championship player now. Jesus, villa rate grelish at 60 million and wtf
  9. adamlcfcbevo85


    I just don't think we should sign him. We would be much better with mawson or gibson to partner harry maguire long term. Hes to old to sell for a decent fee he will be on to much of high wages to put clubs off if it doesn't turn out right. Bad move for me. Gibson or mawson just makes more sense
  10. adamlcfcbevo85


    If we give in and give his agent 4 mill or even 2 mill just for Evans to sign then all the agents will want the same. Absolute joke agents ruin the bloody game and there should be a block on how much they get. Say all agents can earn is 10% of the fee paid bloody greedy shits
  11. adamlcfcbevo85


    Did he did he really ????? Look at the games played then work it out if he had played the same what would the difference be. If you have a player who's played 10 games and scored 3 goals. The another player who played 20 games yet scored 9 goals who's been the better player ?
  12. adamlcfcbevo85

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    I'd take a few of these
  13. adamlcfcbevo85


    In all honesty I hated the football that puel was producing. However the season has finished and maybe with a full preseason and time to get the players he believes that he can succeed with he can be a success. Aparently he has always done very well in the 2nd season in charge hopefully this will be the case
  14. adamlcfcbevo85


    So going off that. Best defender harry maguire 2nd best hegazi 3rd best wes morgan 4th best Evans. Stats don't lie hahaha
  15. adamlcfcbevo85

    Marlon Santos - Barcelona CB

    He looks like a brilliant CB tbh sign him now