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  1. adamlcfcbevo85

    Elliott Moore

    He will play every game without fail in belguim minutes to develop. Next season after could see him on loan to championship
  2. adamlcfcbevo85


    In all honesty I hated the football that puel was producing. However the season has finished and maybe with a full preseason and time to get the players he believes that he can succeed with he can be a success. Aparently he has always done very well in the 2nd season in charge hopefully this will be the case
  3. adamlcfcbevo85

    Where do we need to strengthen for next season ?

    Depends how serious we wanna push for top 6. For me we need a keeper equal to Kasper or young but will improve dramatically to challenge for the spot. 3 CB. This is a key area get rid of the old and get 3 young strong capable lads in 1 being dragovic. RB- Ricardo piera. LB - luke Shaw or Alberto moreno 2 wingers I know we have plenty but really which ones are truly effective not including mahrez we have 1 in diabate. 2 strikers. Offloading ulloa, okazaki, silimani, musa, That's almost 40 million getting rid of those I'd also take a punt on samir nasri on a free if he still available
  4. adamlcfcbevo85

    Allardyce gone - Shaky, Walsh and NP available?

    Jesus LOL all im asking is for someone to tell me why it would be going backwards and not forwards and no one can give me a answer. all people say is lets not go backwards but forwards. hahaha
  5. adamlcfcbevo85

    Allardyce gone - Shaky, Walsh and NP available?

    no i agree with what your saying CR was the man in charge but even he admitted that he didn't implement him self and change anything that NP built on many occasions.
  6. adamlcfcbevo85

    Allardyce gone - Shaky, Walsh and NP available?

    ahh i see what you mean, you mean when Leicester formed the greatest escape the premier league has ever seen. the foundations the NP made for Leicester made us go on to win the league. this was still implemented the premier league winning season. the following season when things went tits up was when CR changed all back room staff, diets training tactics. so explain with which manager did we really go backwards with?
  7. adamlcfcbevo85

    Allardyce gone - Shaky, Walsh and NP available?

    Explain to be why it would be going backwards? As in prove why it would be. Because we have only gone forward's when they been in charge . Strange comment
  8. adamlcfcbevo85


    have a look at Patrick Roberts thread i have sent link explaining the buy back clause. basicly until his contract has ran out the clause is still available. or unless the 2 clubs agreed a deadline for it to be finished
  9. adamlcfcbevo85


    I'm pretty sure they have got a buy back clause for just under 40 milli
  10. adamlcfcbevo85

    Who Do You Want As Manager Next Season

    Scraping the barrel you asked me a question I gave you 3 answers off the top off my head. So clearly I empied the barrel without touching the sides hahaa I do know what you mean but to say it doesn't happen is a myth it can happen anytime. I honestly think we will end up with Puel still next season Everything has died down talk of getting someone new in
  11. adamlcfcbevo85

    Who Do You Want As Manager Next Season

    Hmm creative in that last statement I see? Ok where do I start maybe recently 2014 maybe 2015 pawdew left newaste to go to crystal palace. And im pretty sure Steve Bruce was at birmingham and went to Wigan few years ago that thou maybe 10 years ago. Harry rednapp moved from portsmouth to spurs. That's only naming a few off the top of my head. So your statement has no relevance what so ever. Il give you guidence on football don't be ashamed to ask il help you.
  12. adamlcfcbevo85

    Who Do You Want As Manager Next Season

    ahhh i see what you mean its exactly the same regarding players like when we wanted ihanacho, or we want evans or shaquiri. You do understand football and how things work dont you??
  13. adamlcfcbevo85

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    3-1 and we ****ed it up new left back new right back 2 X CB need cover aswel. Mahrez replacement is going to be tough
  14. adamlcfcbevo85


    Right for the first time I'm gonna say this . Keep puel as manager. I've seen enough last 2 games to think we will do well next season. Some key signings we will be very strong. Yes I admit I think I was wrong to want him gone
  15. adamlcfcbevo85

    Spurs hatred towards Leicester

    3 teams I can't stand in the league is 1 spurs. The most bitter and jealous of all suporters, they go on as if they are owed something special from the premier league. But in truth they are just choke artists. 2 stoke. Filthy dirty horrible glad they are down. 3. Chelsea. Absolutly certain they have aid officials off at times and my God what a bunch of cheats it's funny how they are labeled CHE on the tele. But spurs are the team I hate with a passion and wish them nothing but failure. Bunch of scum bags