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  1. HKFox

    Nacho man assist appreciation thread

    Vardy was only behind Aguero and Kane last season, Kalechi with a run of games will score as well. Just need to play 352 and let the front 3 play together consistently and all 3 will get double figures.
  2. HKFox

    Nacho man assist appreciation thread

    valid point, but they did have Gabriel coming in as a replacement. Nacho is an excellent finisher as he showed at Man City, and starting to do with us with the Spurs away goal last season + Peterborough goals, plus Huddersfield this season, he needs a consistent run with him and Vardy and I think they will both get 15+ league goals each.
  3. HKFox

    Huddersfield (H) Match Thread

    Its good he changes the team, just surely an attacking full back is better for home games against a side who offer little? I do agree Ricardo was poor defensively so I can see why he has been dropped. Pleasing he is playing Vardy and Kalechi, but why not use 352 where we have perfect balance and no players out of position. Anyway, results based if his team wins then he has got everything correct!
  4. HKFox

    Huddersfield (H) Match Thread

    He looked good when he played last year. What has happened to him then?
  5. HKFox

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    I like the idea. I would change Evans for Benkovic, if he does well in Scotland until New Year. The way we are going with youth, depending if we are in a safe position by new year, I would like to see this team progress.
  6. I don't think he has improved from last season. He was excellent on loan at Huddersfield by all reports, and I really felt he would be better defensively than he is at the moment. I rate chilwell and think he has potential to be a top full back in the premiership, I just personally don't see an improvement at the moment. Agreed, on our right back, similar too Chilwell they are better going forward than defending, and Ricardo looks like he can not tackle either which is worrying for a full back. So many goals have come from his side.
  7. No need to bring who has or hasn't got a clue.. This is a forum for a discussion. The fact we disagree is no problem. I never mentioned Pearson is as good as Klopp, so please read carefully before replying. I am on about touchline presence, and for the negative you mention about Pearson we never lost by more than 2 goals when he had us in the premiership and need to remind you he had GTF, Hammond and Konchesky in his teams, and certainly did not spend 1OOmill on players and be in no better position. He had an aura on the sideline and players played for him.
  8. I completely understand after reading a lot of 'shite' posts [to steal your phrase ] that you would come to such conclusions as there is a lot of negativity towards Puel. We may not come to an agreement over the team / manager but can always have open discussions. I am not a fan of Puel, but I am massively a fan of our club. So although I do not ever boo the manager at games or shout rubbish for him to leave, i will always support our team. We are not going to get relegated nor come in the top 6 so being a leicester fan for 3O years all I want to see is our team play with pride for the badge. I have no problem losing, tottenham away last year I loved that game. We played for the team and had a great match. Of course we can tear apart the defending and conceding so many goals but I saw a team play for each other. We have a hugely talented youthful squad who are not playing near their abilities which is my worry.
  9. I don't mean to come across in a bad manner, but if you think that is exhibiting passion and coaching from the sidelines every Saturday I am afraid what you would think of Pearson / Klopp or Conte [when he actually tried in the first season]. I guess this is why we love football, we can all watch the same game and managers styles and have completely different views on the topic. With Puel he just comes across so drab, and this to me leads to performances below the capabilities of the team. His media puts me to sleep, not a problem if the team show pride and passion, but I can not see anything to suggest that he motivates a team.
  10. You do have a point, as fans of our club we can be that way. I will say though that this season our 2 wins we were poor in both games. Wolves could have easily been 2-O up before our first, we lacked any effort and desire at all. Southampton was a drab game, with a good goal from Bertrand, and then a long range Maguire winner that went between 2 players legs from distance. We did not play well in both our wins so I can see why people would come to that conclusion. I would say against united and Liverpool second half especially we played well. Looked to move the ball quickly and had chances to score. But we only really play well under Puel against the top 6, spurs and arsenal end of season, even though we lost to spurs, was a brilliant game to watch. Kalechi and Vardy linked up well, but then this season they don't play together. and against any other side, i think with the team we have on paper we should be dominating games with a tempo and pleasing style to watch. Yes we have young players but they are good players too. We set up so negatively and boring against Wolves, Southampton and Bournemouth where we should do what Wolves did to Burnley. Win, but dominate the game.
  11. Puels Brother ?? The one we have does nothing on the sidelines.
  12. I do not think he has improved defensively as a player at all. He is reasonable going forward as he always has been. But defensively he is average, positional play not good enough and I have not seen any improvements.
  13. HKFox

    Last 26 games

    I don't have an accurate idea either, defoe and Begovic would easily be on top salaries. I think we would comfortably have a higher wage budget than bournemouth, but as you said thankfully it is irrelevant. We won the league with one of lowest wages in whole division.
  14. HKFox

    Last 26 games

    Surely that can not be true? We have reserve players Silva, King, James, Iborra, Simpson who must all be on incredible salaries + I am sure we have a far larger squad depth than Bournemouth.
  15. That is a possibility to remove Puel and end up with no plan, we can see he plays youngsters and gives them a lot of game time, which is great! I just can not see that he improves any of them. Of course things take time, but he has been here for 1Omonths pretty much, and I have seen some of the most dull and flat performances from the manager, players and even our supporters. As an example, Burnley at home last season sums this up just nothing for 9O minutes. I did not remember that particular Vardy hat trick so thank you for reminding me and getting to see the goals again. Both of those teams kept respective managers but liverpool were playing decent football with regards to style and learning a new way to play pressing from the front from Klopps first game in charge, and Guardiola is arguably the best manager around at the present time. I just can not see Puel's vision having a positive impact on our team. Of course I will support the team and not chant for Puel out at games. The players we have are certainly good enough to finish in the top 1O playing attractive passionate football that represents our club. We seem to represent our manager and that is flat, uninterested dour football. His press conferences do put us too sleep, and I think his team talks must be similar [of course I do not know if this is actually true but performances can suggest this]. Our team are showing signs of lack of discipline and we could have had both cbs sent off yesterday easily. The team do not seem to be playing with hunger / desire, I am not asking for Pearson back but we had a toughness and defensive shape instilled which has completely vanished under Puel. I do not think it is too much to ask to set a team up where we are not left with 2 slow centre backs on the half way line against 2 of the quickest strikers in the league. Regardless of the teams style of play, and our manager sits in his seat offering as much 'coaching ' and instructions to change the game when we are losing, as I give from my seat. I do agree we had no vision under Ranieri or Shakespeare who were both just playing the next fixture rather than implementing any strategy or plan.