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  1. HKFox

    How much is Maguire worth?

    Certainly in the bracket 70 million plus. An awful lot of money, but considering VVD went to Liverpool for 75, Mcguire will be just as good and has potential to be one of best cbs in the league. We can not afford to lose him this summer. Need to build team with a solid spine and he is key to that.
  2. HKFox

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    I don't think we will get relegated once Mahrez is sold. Gray and Diabate have to step up, but we do need a very good number 10. As we need to replace the goals and assists Mahrez brought to our team. I do not quite agree we need to spend as much as possible, as you will know our recent transfer history the more we spend the worse the player tends to be. Musa, Mendy, Slimani. We need players who will be reasonable price but fit in and play for the team, Maguire and Ndidi. We have already spent 20+ mill on a right back who from all reports is decent. Add a decent partner or number 10 for Vardy and we will have another year in the top 10. Ideally pushing for 7th and European football. But with Puel tactics especially in home games of passing the ball side to side and boring the life out of the fans and team I am not sure.
  3. HKFox


    Since christmas it was clear we would finish 7th - 9th no matter how we did. And Puel has put no plans in place at all for the following season. He seems to be going from game to game with no idea in mind of how to play. Mahrez rejoins and starts every game since admitting he wants to leave. Terrible message to the team and players. Clearly not planning for the following season. Gray and Diabate both could be good players, but are constantly subbed off or get limited get time. Why have they not played 10-15 games each constantly. Gray we have had for few seasons now and we are still deciding if he will be good for us. So he should have played every game since christmas in his favourite position to see if he would be a good replacement for Riyad and to see if he is good enough. Chilwell has played often which I do think is a good choice from Puel. However changing the back 4 pretty much every game does not help familiarity amongst the defence. Who is our best RB for next season? Who will start cm, lm, rm or even alongside Vardy. There are so many decisions that need to be made which should have been tested since christmas, and this to me is more alarming. If Puel is a "builder not a fire fighter " ( I think he said ) what has he built. He has not gave players time or a chance to impress with a consistent run and any thought process for next season. His constant picking of Morgan, even though the best run we had under Puel was down to a formidable defence of Dragovic and maguire for a few games on the run. Loans out both of our target men, and then the team decide to cross the ball to Vardy every game as, quite correctly, teams drop of and stop any through balls for Vardy. There is no plan B, I feel quite harsh saying this but I have no idea what Puel does for a plan A either. We have very decent players in my opinion, and they clearly are not motivated by the manager. Let alone I am bored from even a 1 minute post match interview of his. I do get he wants to pass the ball more. Problem is one of our best passers of the ball is Iborra, and he dropped him for half the games as well. I would release him from his contract this weekend, Appleton in charge until end of season. And go for a new gaffer for next season. Silva my choice, but we will all have our own opinions on who we want.
  4. HKFox

    James Maddison

    Youtube link. Finds space very well and looks composed on the ball. We might actually score some free kicks if we sign him.
  5. HKFox

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    Loftus Cheek is a good player and I think him and Ndidi would be very good for us, if we can get him. Agreed all 3 of those players have not been good. Chilwell has looked a bit lost at times certainly when we are defending. Going forwards he looks reasonable. But he has played in a team which has looked woeful to dull since new year. Let him start next season and he will become good, alongside a consistent back 4. Gary it is hard to impress when you get 60 minutes here, 20 minutes sub appearance there and you constantly play different positions. rw, lm, am, st and even rb. Diabate I think will be a good player. You have a point he might not be ready, this is why i get annoyed looking at our starting teams since new year. Why did Puel not play Gray and Diabate rw and lw for the rest of the season. 15 games plus each to see if they are ready for prem football, get some confidence, and see if they are good enough for us next year.
  6. HKFox

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    That is correct, although I do not think we can fault the owners. They have spent good money. just had the misfortune of Rudkin choosing the players. Now we can blame them for not sacking Rudkin of course, but they have spent 150mill plus into players since our title win.
  7. HKFox

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    Start with a new manager of Marco Silva. Sell / release end of contract : Hamer (We don't need 3gks), Simpson, Morgan, Benaloune, Huth, King, James, Mendy, Slimani, Ulloa, Mahrez. A lot of players I know but we only play 1 game a week. A huge squad is not needed, rather a consistent team are needed and the wages can be better spent have a stronger smaller squad. Players I would like to sign: Cedric, Stones (in Mahrez swap deal) / Gibson most likely. Maddison (Norwich) Rueben Loftus Cheek, Would leave us - Give the team 15 games to start the season with a set formation and actually give them a chance in there best positions. Schmeichel, Cedric, Stones Maguire Chilwell, Gray, Ndidi, Loftus Cheek, Diabete, Maddison, Vardy A young side with potential and great speed on the counter. With the correct manager I think this team will play attractive football and would compete in every match. Admittedly Stones could be unrealistic, but for financial reasons a swap deal + cash for us could benefit both ourselves and Man City. Loftus Cheek has the potential to dominate games + alongside Ndidi would be formidable in my opinion. With the sales of a larger squad I don't think this would be too much a stretch financially to obtain. Add in a cb on loan and maybe promote one from the U23s if needed as the 4th choice cb. We would have a midfield of Silva + Iborra as back up so that is good cover there. Leaves us Okazaki and Kelechi Ineacho as striker alternatives. And Marc Albrighton and Harvey Barnes as alternatives on the wing.
  8. HKFox

    Name a better option than puel

    I would like to go for Marco Silva. No club at the moment, and he is a great coach. Did well in Spain + Greece, improved Hull and Watford. We have more to offer than Watford, such as finances, players, stadium, number of fans etc and I do not think he would want to leave for any other club unless in the champions league.
  9. HKFox

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    According to BBC sport Man city are willing to sell Jon Stones. Him and Mcguire at the back could be our central defenders for years. Maybe we could get 35mill + Stones for Mahrez. They get a player they want and remove a player who never plays. We could have a solid central defence with Stones + Mcguire along with Chilwell, Gray, Diabate, Kelechi we have an exciting team with potential.
  10. HKFox

    Southampton pre match

    Focus on next season now for me. I was hoping we sold Mahrez in January (he is the most skilful and creative player we have been lucky enough to watch play for us, but clearly he wants to move on) and this would have allowed Diabate and Gray 15 games to see if they are good enough. I would like to play a side which we can see youthful players have a chance and see if they are ready for next season. Schmeichel, Amartey, Dragovic, McGuire, Chilwell. Gray, Ndidi Silva Diabate, Kalechi + Vardy. Yes we might lose a few games, by playing out and out wingers who want to create, and 2 strikers. But with 5 games starting together we could at least get an idea if this team could be ready for next season. Move on Morgan, Simpson and Mahrez. Thank them for the league titles they won with us but prepare to create a new side for next season.
  11. HKFox

    Leicester City Vs Newcastle United

    Like the look to your second team. Frightening front 3.
  12. HKFox

    Robert Huth

    Valid point. However I would say Huth has done more in his number of appearances for our club, than the majority of players who have more appearances than him. Huth hugely helped us avoid relegation when we looked almost certain to go down. And then he was a vital part of the side that won the league. I would say club legend is fair. But then it depends what we class as a club legend.
  13. Good interview and chat about Mahrez, some insightful perspectives on the situation. I personally felt we should have sold Mahrez, took the money if it was the reported 65mill. and used Gray and Diabete for the remainder of season, see how they perform and if they are good enough and take 4 months to identify the ideal replacement for Mahrez.
  14. waste of 65 million if we don't play him again.
  15. HKFox

    Well done the Thais

    Very tough situation. For what we paid for him and for what he has done for our club, 65 million is a huge amount. Especially now the player does not want to be here. I would have sold for anything around 70 million. We have Gray and this would have gave him 15 games roughly to show his talent and give him a proper run in the side. We keep the squad harmony together as do not have to deal with a player who does not want to be here. Sold Mahrez and we have Gray, Diabete and Barnes. We can only finish lowest possible about 9th placed, and highest 7th really. He has showed he does not want to be here for two transfer windows, and that is a good amount of money to take. Puel, is known for giving youth a chance and this would have been a good time to do that.