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  1. You would have thought we would have learned from last year. Pay what a player is worth and a bit more for playing in the prem. Get a better player.
  2. Completely agree, hard to judge loftus cheek and chalobah, they could well be very good. Ideally they make a loan move this year instead of sitting on the bench all season. If we can get 3 of any of those chelsea players for Mahrez, as you say we could be set for premiership football for the next 10 years. Example Ake, Traore and Tammy a cb, winger and st and we are in a very good position with good young players. but any 3 would be good.
  3. Christensen apparently has had a very good season and looks like a very good cb. not overly keen on Loftus Cheek or Chalobah (even though he scored a great goal for Watford again us in play offs ) Ake - would be awesome, Zouma on loan would be good. Anything like Ake / Christensen + Traore + 10million etc would be good business. Willian would be outstanding as you say but too unrealistic this year. Last summer was our best chance to sign decent players and well, we fluffed that massively.
  4. My moment was united away in the 1-1 game during our title win. Yes there were better moments for mahrez such as spurs + chelsea home, west from and man city away were outstanding. For united away I had to sit with united fans, and to hear united fans watch in amazement at a leicester player was a brilliant feeling. United could not get near him, normally I am at home games watching opposing players saying how good he is, or I get to watch Suarez etc today. To hear United fans saying how good Mahrez is showed how lucky we are with this guy.
  5. not really. Albrighton, Ndidi, drinkwater and gray is a decent midfield. bench we can have james, lawrence, chilwell, king etc. What I am certainly not joking about is what a waste the end of the season was for us. We have known Mahrez was leaving for a long time, As soon as we lost to Atletico we should have played Gray every game, and test how good he is for us. If not for injuries Chilwell would not have even played. Amartey apparently is a cb, he played about 10 minutes there end of season. He could have started and we see if he is good enough for this year.
  6. Replace Mahrez with Gray, and use Lawrence as well. He had a great year at Ipswich and deserves his chance.
  7. I think the manner of his missed header in the last game is why Slimani gets a lot of negative critics. And our record fee for a player as well does not help. As has been mentioned his goal record for the number of games played is pretty good for his first season. A decent pre season ahead of him, gets injury free, no AFCON, one year in the prem now and supply him with crosses he will score goals next year.
  8. I am pretty sure Kasper did the same for us last season with 15 points or more, and in the champions league he was outstanding this year ! Sevilla penalty saves, copenhagen home and away. Certainly DDG not better by far. I think you underestimate how good Kasper is, but then again people do only realise how good something is when they go. Look what happens when we play Zieler etc. In terms of importance Kasper is as important to us as DDG is to united.
  9. Just personal opinion.
  10. Yeah my united friend said the same. I still go for Kasper. De Gea is very good, but Kasper does not have 450 million of players in front of him, Can't remember the last mistake he made. Brilliant saves, commands goal well. distribution is good, yes a few kicks out of play last year but that was always for time wasting reasons I felt. Thank for your reply, was curious what other lcfc fans felt
  11. Talking to a UTD fan, over who the better gk is, Kasper or De Gea, having watched all our games this season I went for Kasper. Curious to find out who other leicester fans think is the better gk.
  12. I would like the job to be given to him, if not Silva from Hull would do well. I would not like a mancini or hiddink etc, Silva or Howe I would like if not Shakespeare.
  13. Not that good? He won the premier league player of the year last season. No other Leicester player has ever won this award and no one is ever likely to do so again. He has been below his usual standard this year, agreed. Crap.. no chance. he is always man marked now, far less space. He takes up 2 defenders, always, which should open more space for our other players. Problem being he needs better players around him to take advantage of this. All our players took time off under Ranieri this season, blatantly obvious. We have not lost by more than 2 goals since Ranieri left. Mahrez is an outstanding player, when he is in another team next year we will see how good he is. We have 2 more games left to watch him, of course I want him to stay but he will be playing champions league next year, and then Gray has the chance to start and show his ability next season. Agreed, with Mahrez, he should appreciate what as a club we have done for him, but we need to appreciate what he has helped us do as well. Without him no 2 league titles, and no champions league.
  14. not joking at all, some people only realise how good something is when they have lost it. All I am saying is whilst we have Mahrez with us, we need to appreciate him now. He is the best winger we will see at Leicester. This year he has not been as good because he is doubled marked. As soon as he gets the ball he has 2 or 3 men close by, he could easily walk into spurs, man city, arsenal, Uniteds, starting line ups. Xavi last year, Pep last week, all top players and coaching staff understand how good Mahrez is. He will leave in the summer, and we will remember how good he was for us, same as Kante.
  15. Agreed, problem at the moment he is too good to be with us and wants Champions League football. If we tell him that we are signing players to push for top 4 next year with quality players not the abject signings we made last summer, potentially that can keep Mahrez. I fear he has made his mind up and wants to go. Anything short of 50 million for me and we will have been ripped off. Rudkin will probably accept around 25 though! He has had a very indifferent year for us, but he is an amazing footballer and we need to appreciate him whilst he is here.