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  1. If Maguire does leave, Ake is the replacement I would want us to sign. 4Omillion not a bad price for Ake either. Potentially could sell Maguire and get Ake and Tielemans for same price.
  2. Agreed, if we don't sign Tielemans, then Neves would be ideal and be better than our current options. Other than Neves no one from there starting II, I would take over ours.
  3. They do use the same agent for most of their main transfers. Neves and Moutinho most likely the only names people have heard of which would command big agents fees at a guess. And Jimenez just being made permanent now from his loan and so that agents fee would not be included in the list. They have had some brilliant signings since the deal with mendes.
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