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  1. If Maguire does leave, Ake is the replacement I would want us to sign. 4Omillion not a bad price for Ake either. Potentially could sell Maguire and get Ake and Tielemans for same price.
  2. Agreed, if we don't sign Tielemans, then Neves would be ideal and be better than our current options. Other than Neves no one from there starting II, I would take over ours.
  3. They do use the same agent for most of their main transfers. Neves and Moutinho most likely the only names people have heard of which would command big agents fees at a guess. And Jimenez just being made permanent now from his loan and so that agents fee would not be included in the list. They have had some brilliant signings since the deal with mendes.
  4. Its the right decision in the end. I do think we will keep the policy of bringing the youth through. Puel did that well, he was just not the man to get the best out of them.
  5. Teams sat back against us towards the end of title win. Our tactics worked then to create opportunities to break teams down. We can't even counter from a corner when Puel defends with all team back. Thielemans got ball edge of box from a palace corner and looked for an option to go forward, no one there and he got tackled edge of the box. We pass so often and so slow tempo and movement we have no opportunities for playing a through ball let alone a hopefull ball over the top. We give no service to Vardy, he is still a class striker. When Puel goes, I believe we will see Vardy back to his best, as in Pogba since Ole came in.
  6. Vardy for Gray or Ghezzal for me, no real preference there. Barnes has a tough game v palace, this Wan - bisaka is a superb right back. Good test for Barnes.
  7. Puel deserves great credit for decreasing the average age of the team and removing on players we all said were not good enough for Leicester at this stage. Ulloa, King, Benny. + i think we have to give Puel credit for playing the younger players as we have an extremely talented youthful team. Which bodes very well for the future. However I do think the players are not playing as well as they are capable of. And I have to disagree with Puel regarding Choudhry as in my view he has been our best cm, and he is the one getting the least minutes on the pitch. We have always had some disagreements on this forum, of course that is bound to happen. But I can not remember a time where everyone is so split on the current manager.
  8. Agreed Danny Ward in goal would be good. He has done nothing wrong in his games and looks a very good keeper. Vardy replacement will be tough, he is on mega wages to big for an impact sub. I still think he will be our main striker next year as very hard to replace him. Benkovic and Soyuncu together would be good to see how they get on. Ward Ricardo - Benkovic - Soyuncu - Chilwell Ndidi - Tielmans Gray - Maddison - Barnes Vardy Exciting + highly talented team who will easily be top half of the table. Developing players as we go with a better emphasis on cup games.
  9. Need a bit of help with my first match remembering opposition, I was 6 at the time and vividly remember Gary Parker hitting the cross bar from a corner kick. At Filbert street in the equivalent of todays championship. Southend springs to mind but can't be certain. If anyone has any knowledge of the game
  10. I agree with your idea and think it is correct. I would still play Vardy as he is our best striker and will be next season in my opinion. Your midfield choice i fully agree with. Tielmans if we have a chance to sign him permanently in the summer, I would start him every game.
  11. Unfortunately most posts will turn to a Puel bashing as there is such a huge divide into the opinion of the current manager. Whatever that case may be, it is nice to see Tottenham bottling it and for how many people say they are a great club these past ten years they can not even compare to what we have won.
  12. Anyone who boos him clearly didn't watch Atletico Madrid game, he was signed for 5 mil, absolute peanuts in the transfer market - however sad that may be. He filled in whenever we were short and did his best,. This Forest transfer has worked out for all of us, he may be lacking as a player and too rash mostly, but when it mattered v madrid he stepped up.
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