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  1. Good interview and chat about Mahrez, some insightful perspectives on the situation. I personally felt we should have sold Mahrez, took the money if it was the reported 65mill. and used Gray and Diabete for the remainder of season, see how they perform and if they are good enough and take 4 months to identify the ideal replacement for Mahrez.
  2. waste of 65 million if we don't play him again.
  3. Well done the Thais

    Very tough situation. For what we paid for him and for what he has done for our club, 65 million is a huge amount. Especially now the player does not want to be here. I would have sold for anything around 70 million. We have Gray and this would have gave him 15 games roughly to show his talent and give him a proper run in the side. We keep the squad harmony together as do not have to deal with a player who does not want to be here. Sold Mahrez and we have Gray, Diabete and Barnes. We can only finish lowest possible about 9th placed, and highest 7th really. He has showed he does not want to be here for two transfer windows, and that is a good amount of money to take. Puel, is known for giving youth a chance and this would have been a good time to do that.
  4. Will Mahrez go for 100 million.

    Good shout! Didn't see the + player too, hopefully it is 65mill and a player. Might be Foden on loan? Mangala is going Everton so It cant be him.
  5. Will Mahrez go for 100 million.

    Very tough one, as we turned down 30 from Roma in the summer. Doubled our money now, Mahrez wants away, its a lot of money to turn down, although i think he is worth at least 75mill. I would like to see us get the 75 at minimum, and then play Gray and give him a real run in the side.
  6. Best Away Day

    Previously - Grimsby away, Impey sent off, down to 10 and then Muzzy goes and scores the winner with one of the best goals in our clubs history. Recent times, 1-0 away win at Palace, the day actually felt we would win the league. Fans stayed for a while after final whistle singing were gonna win the league. Still get goosebumps now from the youtube clips.
  7. Steve Howard v leeds and Albrighton v Seville
  8. Slimani

    He has improved as you say. I just think for 30 million he should be able to get the ball under control wit his first touch or his lay off should be accurate. Too many times it goes away from him and he loses the ball. I think he will be a decent striker in the Prem if he gets a run of games. Surprisingly, he is not even on bench today so potentially he will be moving on.
  9. Slimani

    I lived in Portugal during Slimani time there. He was as you say a very good striker. However there are only pretty much 4 decent sides in the league (The big 3 and Braga ). His goal record can never be questioned and he was the best striker in Portugal during his final season, for me. He does have a terrible first touch though. But I don't think he has been given a fair chance, he is never going to start ahead of Vardy so at best he will get 10 minutes a game when Vards is fit. Never easy to get confidence when doing that. Look at Lacazzette all his confidence from start of season has gone and he plays far more than Slimani. Against Huddersfield at home Slimani was very good. Did everything we would want a target man striker to do, his finish was superb. Imagine if Kane / Sanchez or Hazard scored with a finish like that MOTD and pundits would never stop talking about it. With a good run in the team he would be a decent prem striker capable of doing well for any team 8th or below. Difficulty for us is he cost a lot of money so to have him on the bench and playing little does not make sense. To recoup close to what we paid will probably be the best for both Leicester and Slimani where he will play more regularly.
  10. Relegation "Favourites"

    Swansea, Brighton and Huddersfield to go for me. Don't want Brighton or huddersfield to go but think Palace definitely, Stoke and with Benitez at Newcastle have a bit more about them to stay up.
  11. Ex Player in current squad

    Neil Lennon.
  12. Who should play in midfield with Ndidi?

    Keep playing James and Ndidi, let them work together, this is only the 4th game they have played together, and James has been out with a serious injury, which before that he was a better player than Drinkwater (benchwarmer). Our central midfield has not been a problem really. Yes we lack creativity from this area, but we did last season with drinky there too, and only reason it worked year before we had Kante and the ball over the top, that was it. Now teams defend deep and ball over top doesn't work. James and Ndidi are good players and will get better. Sort the balance out around them and we will be fine.
  13. My Mahrez moment

    My moment was united away in the 1-1 game during our title win. Yes there were better moments for mahrez such as spurs + chelsea home, west from and man city away were outstanding. For united away I had to sit with united fans, and to hear united fans watch in amazement at a leicester player was a brilliant feeling. United could not get near him, normally I am at home games watching opposing players saying how good he is, or I get to watch Suarez etc today. To hear United fans saying how good Mahrez is showed how lucky we are with this guy.
  14. Slimani

    I think the manner of his missed header in the last game is why Slimani gets a lot of negative critics. And our record fee for a player as well does not help. As has been mentioned his goal record for the number of games played is pretty good for his first season. A decent pre season ahead of him, gets injury free, no AFCON, one year in the prem now and supply him with crosses he will score goals next year.
  15. Will kasper stay or go......?

    I am pretty sure Kasper did the same for us last season with 15 points or more, and in the champions league he was outstanding this year ! Sevilla penalty saves, copenhagen home and away. Certainly DDG not better by far. I think you underestimate how good Kasper is, but then again people do only realise how good something is when they go. Look what happens when we play Zieler etc. In terms of importance Kasper is as important to us as DDG is to united.