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  1. The divide in the league now is really worrying. The top 5 have played a total of 40 games against non Big 6 clubs. Their record in those games is: W37 D2 L1 F111 A23
  2. Sunbury Fox

    Cardiff Away post match 1-0

    Well done, boys! You did us and Vichai proud!
  3. Sunbury Fox

    Cardiff Match Thread

    It was definitely intentional. He moved his arm out towards the ball.
  4. Sunbury Fox

    Cardiff Match Thread

    I simply can't believe that pen wasn't given. Was the ref's view impeded? Or did he actually think it wasn't handball? Incredible.
  5. Sunbury Fox

    Leicester fans tribute - Sky

    Every time you think you can't cry any more about what has happened, something sets you off again.
  6. I guess for teams like PSG, Bayern and Juventus their interest is driven by the desire to play competitive games more often. They seem to have outgrown their own national leagues. It is different here to an extent because we have six big clubs. But those 6 clubs are now so dominant that unless they are playing each other the result is pretty much a forgone conclusion. Since our shock title win, these clubs have redoubled their spending to ensure that such a story never happens again. 2 of them have even spent 70m on keepers for God's sake! The result is a hugely unbalanced league where the top 3 have won 19 and drawn 2 of their combined 21 games against non Big 6 teams and the bottom 8 clubs can't even muster a point per game overall. In the end it is inevitable that the fans of the big 6 clubs will get bored of this lack of competition, which in turn will impact on attendances and the attractiveness of the "product" for TV companies. So I would not rule out the Big 6 being tempted by this Super League proposal.
  7. That's the end of that then. Initially thought it was number 2 (Burton).
  8. If the 4 Big 6 clubs get kept apart again like in last season's farce of a QF draw, you'd have to question the integrity of the competition.
  9. Sunbury Fox

    Player tributes to Vichai; past and present.

    For the third morning running I'm commuting into central London on a packed train, completely in bits after reading a thread on this forum. That tribute from Drinkwater was incredible. As someone else said, this forum has really helped Foxiles like me feel close to the rest of the Leicester family, even though I can't physically be there.
  10. Sunbury Fox

    Helicopter crash

    That is unbelievable, I'm so touched. They're a decent bunch at St Mary's - I remember them clapping Leicester supporters and wishing us luck at the end of our home game with them in the title run in.
  11. Sunbury Fox

    Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha has died at the age of 60

    I'm heading into work this morning a drained and emotional wreck. It seems ridiculous to say it about someone that unfortunately I never got to meet, but it feels almost like I've lost a close family member. I just hope Vichai and his family know how deeply they are held in our affections. He will be forever remembered as not only as a legend of our beloved club but, even more importantly, a truly decent human being who, despite his huge wealth, never forgot the virtues of kindness, humility and generosity. That game against Burnley will be so emotional. So glad that me and my boys will be there to pay our respects to a truly great individual. Rest in peace, Vichai.
  12. Sunbury Fox

    Helicopter crash

    I've spent the whole day reading this thread and listening to tributes on the radio. Lost count how many times that I've just started crying - from seeing and hearing the kind words of other fans to my youngest son waking up this morning and asking straight away, "Is there any more news?" This is a boy who has grown up in London but like his two siblings is firmly part of our Leicester City family. Vichai, you will go down in history as a legend - the man who made the impossible possible and showed the world that a person can be dignified and humble as well as highly successful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  13. Sunbury Fox

    Helicopter crash

    This is terrible. Praying for all on board.
  14. Sunbury Fox

    West Ham Home 1-1 thread

    It was light years from the first half at the Emirates but then Puel altered the formation and made 4 personnel changes to Monday's starting team tonight. He changes the team way too much for my liking. It prevents partnerships and understanding developing. It's no surprise we looked so disjointed in the first half. But for the sending off, the chances are that we would have lost again. At that point they were well on top despite missing several key players. Fair play, we kept going in the second half and I personally think we deserved a bit of a luck and a point. But when you need luck to snatch a point at home against a limited West Ham team, weakened by injuries and down to ten men for two thirds of the game, it is a worrying sign.