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  1. Very sloppy and poor second half against a Championship reserve team. First half we had enough chances to be out of sight, though. Still, at least we're through and we've rested our key players.
  2. Dublin also commented that Nacho took a shot with his "weaker left foot". He's a pleasant enough chap but his comments are cliché ridden and generalistic. Very little insight.
  3. Brendan said yesterday the plan is to send him on loan to get experience so not surprised that he's not playing.
  4. Would have liked to see Barnes or Tielemans in, to give us that extra bit of creativity but still a decent team.
  5. Talking of grounds where you never win or even get a point, surely to God we will finally get a result away v Arsenal this season. No win since 1973 and 20 defeats out of 21 league games since then.
  6. Why have Brentford announced their squad like this, giving us advance confirmation that they're resting a number of their key players?
  7. Seriously, what is the point of VAR if it doesn't overturn that decision?
  8. Thought that Tielemans was absolutely brilliant tonight. When his passing is crisp and accurate like that, it makes a huge difference by opening teams up and creating space for others.
  9. Losing the lead 2 weeks running to bottom half sides is unacceptable really. At least Southampton played decent football, though. Burnley are anti football, just awful to watch. Was really hoping they might go down this season but we've given them a nice bonus there. They didn't deserve to win, though. They've scored from a mistake and a corner and we've missed a hatful of chances.
  10. Still can't understand why there is not a separate official timekeeper; the ref has more than enough to do without watching the clock too. In addition I would have the official match clock showing in the stadium for everyone to see. It would stop time wasting because everyone could see the clock had been stopped when players went down injured or took an age taking set pieces or leaving the pitch after being substituted.
  11. Would definitely go for 352 in this. Will give us: an extra man in midfield against their 442; an extra tall player given their strength at set pieces and in light of Ndidi's absence; and mean we can get Nacho up front with Vardy. I would give Chilwell one last chance and bring in Fuchs as the third centre back for his experience. I'd be worried that Benkovic would get bullied against these. So for me: Kasper Soyuncu Evans Fuchs Ric Hamza Maddison Youri Chilwell Vardy Nacho
  12. I agree that tactical fouling is awful but I thought Southampton played very well today - very harsh to describe them as being anti football in my view. They had 3 times as many shots as us, hit the woodwork twice and but for Kasper would have won more convincingly.
  13. Well played Southampton. Played us off the pitch. Lucky to only lose by 1.
  14. Well played Southampton. Played us off the pitch. Lucky to only lose by 1.
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