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  1. The same Shaktar who could only draw with Zorya a month ago in the Ukrainian league....
  2. Think people are being unfair about Slim's performance. Yes, he made a mess of latching onto one through ball but that is not his strength and he's clearly going to be a bit rusty anyway. To get the best out of him we clearly need to whip balls into the box for him to attack with his head and we did very little of that when he was on, even when we had the chance to. Nevertheless he put himself about and laid in Barnes for a reasonable shooting chance on the edge of the box. For a spell after he and Maddison came on we started to look more dangerous. I think Slim offers
  3. Not to mention the fact that the money they make from this new league will completely end any sense of competitiveness in the PL. The relatively egalitarian sharing of resources across the PL is what currently makes it more competitive. If huge amounts of money are concentrated into the hands of the few teams in this Euro league the PL will be like La Liga where the same 3 teams finish in the top 3 virtually every season. I am starting to wonder whether our title win in 2016, followed by our near miss CL qualification last season has prompted these big clubs to act to guarantee their snouts ar
  4. Without the Big 6 clubs' players to select, he'd probably play Jake Livermore over Grealish or Maddison!
  5. This lot have only won 1 in 6 in their league but they have drawn with both Dynamo Kiev and Shaktar Donetsk, who have picked up results in the UCL pretty regularly over recent seasons. Can see this being a long night.
  6. Watching Semedo it is astonishing that he has often played ahead of Ricardo in the national team.
  7. Tbf Wolves are actually playing some uncharacteristically reasonable stuff in this second half.
  8. Yep. Yet the media somehow have them down as an entertaining team. Such a rigid, negative team.
  9. Because the owners have tightened the purse strings. We basically had a zero net spend yet again. The Chilwell money went on Fofana, Castagne and Under's loan fee, and there was nothing left for a striker.
  10. It's 3, counting the Arsenal cup match. Without a single goal scored.
  11. Totally agree. Was just pointing out that we have months without all 3 of them all so we need a solution somehow. Tonight we had Vardy, Ndidi, Soyuncu and Ricardo out, with Maddison not 100% either. That's the equivalent of Villa missing Watkins, Luiz, Mings, Grealish and Cash.
  12. It's going to be months before we see those 3 together again. So we need to find a way to win without 1 or more of them.
  13. I agree. There'll be a massive Grealish and Villa media love in now but they're bang average really. We were missing 5 or 6 first teamers against their first XI and they didn't have a single shot on target until the 70th minute. They're much improved from last season, though.
  14. That was yet again a negative move by Rodgers. I'm assuming he thought Perez was more likely to track back to help Timmy defend against Grealish. Rather than thinking let's get Under on who will have a chance to get at Target as Grealish doesn't track back much either.
  15. Yes because why did he waste a sub by putting him on for Mendy, who didn't appear injured. Mendy is way more positionally disciplined.
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