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  1. Watching MOTD, Jens Lehmann in the top 10 keepers ever in the PL? Absolutely no way.
  2. Looks like The Bear is a Guardian journalist; the only possible way to explain some of the choices in this article: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/mar/25/awards-of-the-premier-league-season-so-far-sadio-mane-danny-ings
  3. I'm going to that game as Hampton and Richmond are my local non league club. My boys (both huge Foxes' fans) play for their respective age group youth teams. Hadn't realised that Oldfield was the new Oxford City manager. Will be interesting to see him. Last season I saw Mark McGhee at Hampton as he was doing a stint as interim manager of Eastbourne Borough!
  4. Absolutely gutted about Ricardo. My favourite player.
  5. Depending on when the Brighton game is rearranged, we could be playing 4 of the next 5 away, with the sole home game being against Palace, who have a great record at the KP. Given that there is no room for sentiment on Saturday, even though I'm desperate for Big Nige to keep Watford up at the end of the season.
  6. Still can't remember him making 2 such blatant errors in one game. Anyway, it's down to our lot now. How much do they want to get in the CL? Need to get into Villa right from the start tomorrow and hope that their keeper doesn't have yet another blinder.
  7. Thought Fernandes wasn't great today. Yes, he set up the first goal but only because of terrible defending and even worse goalkeeping. Other than that hardly touched the ball.
  8. I'm sorry but Man U are not a good team. They're basically an expensive Burnley. Ederson hardly ever makes a mistake and yet has gifted them both goals. Surely we're due a keeper doing that against us?
  9. Come on Man City! Shame KDB is not playing.
  10. Really need Man City to beat Man U tomorrow too. If Man U and Chelsea both win tomorrow it'll be really squeaky bum time.
  11. I know that is an unpopular KO time but it would minimise the time between Chelsea's CL match at Bayern and the game against us, which would be to our advantage. Suspect Chelsea will push back strongly against this KO time for that very reason.
  12. You could have shortened that to say, "That game was horrific."
  13. I can't find a working stream on Facebook. Just says 'Streaming now link in description" when I click the link. Not the most technically proficient - am I doing something wrong??
  14. Hope Villa are enjoying their big day out!
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