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  1. We weren't poor at Burnley. Played them off the pitch but missed a shed load of chances and conceded 2 soft goals. We were awful v Southampton and Norwich, as well as Brighton at home.
  2. Watching this, the game v Sheff U is going to be seriously hard.
  3. Vards looked like he pulled up running to close down Bellerin right at the end of the Arsenal game. Very worried if he is out. Without him, Maddison and Ric, where are the goals and creativity coming from?
  4. Good, always prefer it when we're being written off.
  5. Joke penalty completely changed the game. Villa were good until then. No hope now.
  6. Look at it quickly on VAR and just confirm a pen even though Fernandez treads on the defender. Outrageous.
  7. It's very telling that no Arsenal players surrounded the ref after the Vardy incident took place. If they had suspected foul play they'd all have been around the ref demanding his dismissal. This whole business is ludicrous.
  8. Well, the pundits now all convinced that it's Chelsea 3rd and Man U 4th at the end of the season. Just hope our boys hear this and use it as motivation.
  9. Villa have not beaten Man U at home since 1995, the year of our last point at Arsenal. An omen?
  10. I'm just stating facts. It's a decent point of course.
  11. Before tonight we needed 3 wins and 2 draws to guarantee top 4. That's one of our draws. Even less margin for error now.
  12. I can't believe the bias on the commentary and analysis. It's like watching Arsenal TV without the swearing. We even had constant close up shots of Saka and Tierney when the match was going on. Haven't Sky noticed that we're 9 points ahead of Arsenal?
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