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  1. I've banned myself from listening to the media for a few days. Can't stand the thought of hearing all of the experts saying we're going to blow it again and how West Ham are the new Barca.
  2. The only option I can think of with wingers is Perez on the right and Sharky on the left, though Perez is honking on the wing. But playing 4231 with this personnel means leaving out 1 of Ian or Vardy. Another option would be to go 4231 with Sharky on the right, Ian behind Vardy and Maddison on the left. Again, Maddison is honking as a winger, though. So it has to be a 442 diamond or 3412, I think. We've very rarely played the former so I think he'll go for the latter with Cags and Maddison in for Amartey and Praet. In retrospect it's looking a big mistake to
  3. Agree about West Ham. They're not impressive at all. Surely they'll revert to the mean at some point?
  4. I don't think anyone is saying Dan would start by choice or is a brilliant player. He's effectively our 5th choice CB and 4th choice RB. With our budget, what kind of player do you think we could get to replace him to fulfill such back up roles? Injuries have killed us this season so he's played way more often than you'd want. Worth pointing out, though, that he's the only one of our CBs who has scored a goal this season, a goal that won us 3 crucial points...
  5. Really don't think he was that bad. Were either of the 2 goals conceded when he was on the pitch his fault? I get he's not great on the ball in general but I thought he actually made some good forward passes today. Tbh, I don't think Little Wes, out of position as a LCB, was great today, or Evans, who cost us the second goal trying to play a suicidal offside.
  6. Have just noticed that if Everton win their 2 games in hand there'll be only 3 points off us. Jeez this is getting stressful.
  7. Going to have to take a shower after this game. Feels repulsive to be supporting Man U.
  8. Agree because West Ham were really not good at all.
  9. Absolute idiots. They've totally disrespected the club, their team mates, Brendan and us, the fans. It's also massively affected the performance today as it left us with pretty much no options off the bench or creativity.
  10. Literally every West Ham game is the same. They score every one of the few chances they get and then somehow hang on grimly under intense pressure.
  11. Yep, precisely the same tactics. Sit with a deep block and hoof it long looking for second balls or a counter attack. Primitive tactics really but it's worked a treat. The first goal is a one in a million hit.
  12. If that's what Southgate does, fair play. I'd do the same in his position. Total ill discipline from Maddison.
  13. That last putt from Rose could be huge.
  14. This game has a feel of the back end of the 2015/16 season. So nervous.
  15. I think we need to be around 7 points clear of 5th going into those last 3. If we're not, it'll be heartbreak again, I fear.
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