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  1. Whatever anyone thinks of Puel you can't knock his record in the transfer market (eg Ricardo, Maddison, Evans, Tielemans ) and his willingness to give academy graduates a chance ( eg Chilwell and Barnes). Obviously he had some serious shortcomings in terms of team selection, communication and tactics, but he's left Brendan an excellent legacy in my view.
  2. Can't bring myself to say that. Hope they get battered by Man City in the semi final.
  3. Great win, made all the sweeter by knowing that Dyche will be moaning about not getting a penalty for Ndidi on Taylor. He would be much better off focusing on the fact that his team has the creativity of a lump of rock. Basically they spent 90 minutes launching high balls into our box from 40 yards out. Awful team with awful, outdated tactics.
  4. Our record in games before international breaks is tragically bad. Really can't face again having to dwell on a bad defeat for 2 weeks before the next game, especially as that game is against our apparent nemesis!
  5. As is often the case in life, people will only appreciate Kasper fully when he is no longer here. You don't win the keeper of the tournament award at a World Cup if you're "mediocre" or "below average". Pundits have been raving about how great Allison is for Liverpool and yet in the 2 games against us he made a whole litany of mistakes with the ball at his feet. Mistakes that were way worse than Kasper's at Watford. It was just our luck at the minute that Kasper made one mistake and Watford took full advantage of it. At the present time I can't think of any keepers that I would take ahead of Kasper that we could realistically sign.
  6. Wow, had no idea that Matt had been through all that. Fair play to him to come back from it. Seems trivial to say it but I think he is a really good summariser on Radio Leicester. Very measured and insightful.
  7. If Wes is happy to play a back up role like Was did in his time here, why wouldn't we give him another year? How many other teams outside the top 4 or 5, can say they have a former title winning captain as cover?
  8. Definitely my favourite ever manager. He was not only highly successful but he also had such charisma. His interviews were so entertaining and his man management skills were second to none. I recall how he used to put Savage, who clearly had the ego the size of a small country, firmly in his place in his after match comments by saying things like, "I've told Robbie that when he wins the ball he needs to give it straight to someone who can play football." I also remember how he got invited to be on the BBC's panel for the 1998 World Cup and they had Robbie Williams as a guest. O'Neill looked him in the face and said something like, "To be fair, Robbie, you've done much better than I thought as I'll be honest I always thought Gary Barlow was the talented one!" Comedy gold! And I loved the fact that the team he built had so much character. There were some huge and difficult personalities in that team but he was always fully in control. He signed some superb players for us for very small fees eg Flowers, Elliot, Lennon, Izzet, Claridge, to name but a few. God.
  9. I just wish we could finish this season now. Obviously we've had worse seasons but it just seems to be one disappointment and setback after another at the minute. 7th place has now gone for sure, thanks in no small measure to us gifting 2 of our closest rivals 3 points in injury time after giving both a head start as well. Feel so deflated.
  10. Given the scores today, a win is absolutely crucial to keep us in the hunt for 7th place.
  11. We all got tired of the double pivot but we have looked so vulnerable without it. It's not surprising as even my 10 year old pointed out that all of our defenders (except Evans) love bombing forward, 2 of our 3 central midfielders are focused on creating rather than tackling and tracking runners, and Barnes and Gray are not the type to track back a lot to help the defence, as Albrighton does. With these personnel we look dangerous going forward but rarely appear in control of games, even when we dominate possession as we did against Palace. It's a conundrum for Brendan as replacing Tielemans or Maddison with Mendy may leave Vardy even more isolated.
  12. I was very impressed by Brighton - after the first 15 minutes they played some really good, progressive football, as well as being dangerous from set pieces. To my mind they were way better than Palace who pretty much parked the bus and scored with every attack. Still have no idea how Palace got a 4-1 win from their performance on Saturday; they could barely string 2 passes together. Really hope Brighton stay up - and I think they will.
  13. Football is such an odd game. Thought Brighton looked a much better team in general play than Palace and yet they lost against us whilst Palace scored 4 goals! A fortunate win but one we desperately needed. Massive game at Watford now. I think in many ways tonight's game perfectly encapsulated our strengths and weaknesses. Some great slick one touch play interspersed with some laborious build up, slack passing and sloppy defending. Much to work on but also much promise. Will be fascinating to see how Brendan sets the team up at Watford. He favours a high pressing game but that will take longer than 4 days to coach and instill so we may not see a big difference in approach just yet.
  14. I think we'll see something like this: Kasper Simpson Wes Maguire Fuchs (unless Chilwell is fit) Ricardo Ndidi Tielemans Barnes Gray Vardy
  15. I agree with a lot of the criticism above but I also think absolutely nothing is going for us. In the last 7 games we've had 132 shots against 66 for the opposition. 8 of 132 have gone in for us and 17 of 66 have gone in against us. We totally dominated last night's game for the first 35 minutes, playing some really nice football at times. We were also denied what looked a clear pen, although I've not been able to face watching the "highlights" back to confirm that. Palace couldn't get out of their half at all until one of their midfielders had a pot shot from 30 yards or so that was going miles wide until it hit their centre forward and looped in the other corner. For a young team lacking experience that must have been a massive blow. We really need a break like that to go for us. Other thoughts on last night: Maddison is not as good as he thinks he is. His set pieces and shooting were appalling, as they often are, and yet he demanded to take every one. Even if he could deliver a good ball we have very little physical presence to win headers from crosses and corners. I like Ghezzal for some reason but last night he looked like a fan who had won a prize to play a game. The bottom line is that he lacks the speed and physicality to play on the wing in the PL. His best game was at home to Burnley when he played as a 10 but he has not been deployed there again. I don't think Vardy can play the role he is being asked to play. His strength is running in behind, not linking up play with one two's around the box or winning headers from crosses. It reminds me of how Simpson looked trying to play as a wing back last season. I genuinely think Puel doesn't really want to play Vardy but he has to because the alternatives are worse. We have nobody who can play as a lone striker. We need someone like Jiminez for that. With the players we have 352, like Wolves play, is so obviously the best system because it: allows our 2 excellent attacking FBs to bomb on without leaving so many gaps behind. allows Maguire to play to his strengths as he did for England last summer. And in Soyüncü we have a fast CB who can cover for Evans and Maguire's lack of pace. Gives us a much needed extra tall player. Still means we can play a midfield 3 but if 2 of those are more offensive players having a third CB gives us more cover behind them. Enables us to play a support striker close to Vardy, as the latter is really struggling with the lone striker role. My team would be: Kasper Soyüncü Evans Maguire Ricardo Tielemans Ndidi Maddison Chilwell Barnes Vardy But I'm wasting my breath as Puel will never play it again. He tried it once at Arsenal in the first half and we were superb. After they equalised he reverted to a back 4 again and we fell away and ended up being well beaten. Despite his stubbornness I've been firmly 'Puel in' as I think he has bought some good players and is trying to transition us into an attractive, youthful team. At times we've been very good but too often we flatter to deceive. But after last night, with regret I have concluded that his position is now untenable. In fact, as I finish writing this, news is coming through that he has been sacked. Sad but inevitable.
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