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  1. This is a seriously good team. I wouldn't rule us out from keeping pace with the top 2
  2. Palace really are truly dull side to watch.
  3. My favourite player in the team (against some very stiff competition). Still can't believe that he plays for us rather than someone like Barca, he's that good. Definitely need to get him on a new bigger contract.
  4. And even in that win at Brighton he sent off Ndidi after a clear dive by Duffy. He's probably taken over from Moss as my least favourite ref. Just always looks nervous and favours the big teams.
  5. Don't remember Palace having "several high quality chances"....
  6. I've followed the Foxes for 45 years and I'll be honest I've never felt so confident in a Leicester team - and I include the 15/16 season in that. This is a seriously good team. I wouldn't swap any of the Man City defence for ours or any of Liverpool's midfield for ours. And on top of that we have a striker who has scored 5 more goals than any other player in the PL since BR became manager. I wouldn't rule us out from winning the league again.
  7. Palace are so good at killing games.
  8. No, his second game for us was the 1-4 v Palace last season.
  9. I made exactly the same prediction with my mates on WhatsApp. Totally sick of losing to this lot, though. That 4-1 defeat earlier this year was ridiculous in terms of the general play and number of shots each side had but that's what they do; they're very clinical. On paper they are nothing special but as a collective they are very dogged and hard to beat. Think they are in the top 6 or even higher for form in the calendar year 2019. This will be a totally different game to Southampton as they will set up with a low block and 2 banks of 4 and look to hit us on the break. It might just be me but their pitch seems relatively narrow, further limiting space. It's going to be a tight, tense game, I suspect.
  10. The irony of a Liverpool fan saying this after Mané diving after minimal contact has won them 4 extra points in the last 2 home games...
  11. He's a centre half playing in midfield.
  12. Mount looked out of his depth. Not surprising seeing as he has played about 8 PL games. How is that enough to prove you are good enough for England? What's annoying is that Southgate was waxing lyrical pre match over how marvellous Mount is. Compare that to him questioning how Maddison fits into his team....
  13. Totally disagree. If you went down like that in a match with your mates they would rightly laugh at you. Never a pen.
  14. Kavanagh is a very weak ref. He just looks nervous. Every time their fans shouted, he bottled it and gave them a free kick. It was embarrassing. Said to my boys early in the second half that he would end up giving them a pen. It was inevitable.
  15. On my stream all of the commentators and studio presenters are saying it is a pen. Really??? Am I watching a different game?
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