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  1. You know what I mean. You can hardly say that starting around one third of PL games qualifies you as more than a squad player. I love Riyad but let's face it he is nowhere near a key player for them and if every player is fit he would not be a starter. Compare that to his role in 15/16.
  2. Yeah but every time he looks at those medals he'll remember that in reality he was only a bit part player in securing them. That's not to say he will regret leaving to go there but I guarantee that he got way more satisfaction from being player of the season in a team that achieved the impossible in 2015/16.
  3. Not sure where Riyad goes from here. Played really well and yet still gets hooked after only 54 minutes.
  4. Have to say that I used to really enjoy watching Swansea back then. Your current side looks like it has a lot of potential too. You were so unlucky to lose to Man City in the Cup. Shame your owners don't seem the best - looks like your manager and Dan James will both be leaving.
  5. Match called off. Reckon we'd have won this but for the weather.
  6. No but I think only Chelsea managed it as well as us. They beat Man City at home and drew at home with Liverpool.
  7. Chelsea's reserves, to be fair. They made about 7 changes from the team that played the last game.
  8. When I saw Chelsea's starting XI, I was really confident. In reality, their reserves edged a very poor game.
  9. A very creditable performance but I'm mildly disappointed that we didn't have more of a go as I really think we could have hurt them with more ambition and a higher press.
  10. Was it just me who thought Vardy was a bit static and lacking in energy in the second half? Even when Maddison and Tielemans had the ball in space he was not making runs.
  11. Absolutely crucial that we don't concede early. Pep looks hugely stressed and the longer it goes scoreless his stress will transmit to their players. Klopp seems so much calmer to me.
  12. We totally outplayed Spurs at Wembley. Unbelievable that we lost that game 3-1.
  13. Remember going to a Championship away game at Hull on a Friday night in the Pleat era. They were bottom and we were 3rd from bottom. Have to confess that we left early when they made it 4-1 with a few minutes left. As we were walking out we heard another cheer - 5-1!! I believe Paul Reid then scored a very late consolation to make it 5-2. Desperate times.
  14. To be fair we did have nearly 30 shots In that game whilst they had about 7.
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