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  1. Think we're going for a 433 next season with Wilf, Youri and Soumaré (or Maddison, depending on opposition), in midfield; a front 3 of Barnes, Vards and Daka; and Ricardo, Fofana, Evans, Timmy/JJ at the back.
  2. I'd like to see Potter as manager. Got Brighton playing some great football with pretty limited players. Reckon he would produce a really entertaining England team with the players we have.
  3. That midfield combo of Rice and Phillips certainly reminds me of the Mendy-Ndidi double pivot under Puel. 2 CDMs doesn't work and can't believe highly paid managers believe it can.
  4. Firmino and Klopp probably recommended a dentist.....
  5. You're comparing the excitement around this signing to the signing of Perez???! I remember there was a huge amount of scepticism when Perez signed, which has proven to be quite justified given his largely mediocre performances for us.
  6. If we pull this off it could be huge, not only because we'll be securing a young player with massive potential but also because it will further cement us as a club that the best young talent in Europe want to join. We are becoming an English version of Dortmund with the advantage that we play in the PL, which is a huge draw for players. Exciting times.
  7. Hope you've got the clippers ready....
  8. I swear we always have big 6 teams over Christmas.
  9. Inglis is class. Problem is that the other batters keep getting starts but then hole out for 20 or 30. Patel started looking good and instead of playing the percentages goes for another 6 when he'd already got 17 off the first 4 balls of the over. There was no need to go for another 6. Lilley threw away his wicket when set. And even Ackermann smashed a ball that would have been called a wide straight to a fielder. But overall to score 220+ against an attack with 3 international bowlers in it was some effort. As for the bowling only Parkinson and Ackermann have looked a
  10. Griffiths 3 overs for 60!! In the last 3 matches he's bowled 8 overs for 130!!
  11. True. Anyone know why Wright doesn't play in T20 games?
  12. What are the options? Griffiths and Mike are just as bad.
  13. Mike has bowled 5.1 overs for 73 runs in the T20 so far this season.
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