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  1. Sunbury Fox

    Wolves A Post Match Thread 4 - 3

    So many knee jerk reactions on here after a really cruel defeat where our defending has been poor. People saying the defence is generally terrible and Puel has done nothing to improve it when in fact over the season as a whole only the top 4 have conceded fewer goals. People also saying that we can't defend corners when in fact under Puel this season I can't remember the last time we conceded from one before today. But all that said, you have to hold Puel responsible for the tactics today, which seemed odd from the start. The way to beat Wolves is to suffocate their CM and stop them hitting long diagonal balls behind your defence. That tactic even worked for Huddersfield. So what do we do? Give Neves and Moutinho acres of space and time all afternoon and play as high a line as we possibly can for them to hit balls into. Just suicidal. Feel so gutted after that defeat, more gutted than I have for a long time, as it was just so avoidable. Having worked so hard to draw level, it is almost too much to bear that we then threw it all away at the end. What makes it worse is knowing that the chances are that we'll lose the next 3 games too.
  2. Sunbury Fox

    Wolves A Match Thread

    FFS. Long ball over the top over and over and we can't cope with it.
  3. Sunbury Fox

    Southampton Home post match, 1-2 loss.

    Look, there's no getting away from the fact that this was a truly bad result, but I'm still behind Puel. We had three academy products playing in the second half, with 8 out of 11 players being 25 and under. With such a young team there will always be ups and downs. Of course we could have been more positive from the start but for the most part we dominated the game, even before the sending off. Unfortunately, 2 terrible individual mistakes by Mendy gave us a mountain to climb. Despite relentless pressure in the second half, we couldn't quite get a result. Southampton rode their luck with some amazing blocks and poor finishing by us. The thing is that for the first time that I can remember we have a manager who believes in and gambles on young players. In the long term this will pay off. But there is no gain without pain.
  4. Sunbury Fox

    Southampton Home Match Thread

    Mendy is man of the match for Southampton. Unbelievable. How many goals have we conceded in the first 10 minutes and just before half time this season? Feels like 80% of the goals conceded.
  5. Sunbury Fox

    Robert Huth Retires

    Hard to think of a better out and out defender that the club has had in my lifetime (I'm 49). Absolute legend. Love his sense of humour too. Remember he tweeted something like "sexy football coming to Leicester " after signing for us and "just been practising my rabonas" ahead of the Champions League draw. Probably the funniest German ever!
  6. Sunbury Fox

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    Surely we need to bring him back given our lack of goals and forward options? Better to test him at this point for a half a season when we are pretty much already safe. In that way, if we find he is not yet ready for the PL we don't lose too much and we can buy an alternative in the summer. If we wait until next season to blood him and pin our hopes on him being the solution, he will be under massive pressure and if he fails we'll be in a mess.
  7. Sunbury Fox

    Silva back to Sporting

    I do. But his absence from the bench in favour of King on Sunday suggests to me that he must be leaving.
  8. Sunbury Fox

    Newport post match thread 2- 1

    Are people seriously comparing this to the Wycombe debacle? Against Wycombe we lost at home to a lower division team in a quarter final with our best available team. Today, we've lost very unfortunately with a shadow team. Whether we should have played a shadow team is debatable but I reckon you'd find that most PL teams made more than the 7 changes we made today. Just wasn't our day. 99 times out of 100 we'd win that game, based on possession, chances, etc.
  9. Sunbury Fox

    Newport post match thread 2- 1

    Fair play to Newport for winning but I think it is a massive stretch to say they "fully deserved" it, as the BBC were pedalling. The penalty incident was about the only time they got possession within 30 yards of our goal in the second half. On another day we did more than enough to win comfortably - 27 shots and 72% possession tells the real story. Our finishing has cost us, which does make you wonder why Vardy was not at least on the bench. Our lack of an aerial threat in the box was also apparent - so many good crosses but nobody to get on the end of them. The bottom line is that trying to win Cup games with a group of reserve players who've never played together as a group, and some of whom have hardly played for a year, is a massive gamble against a full strength lower league team who are hugely motivated and used to playing together. Don't understand why we needed to rotate so much, given our league position and the fact it is a week to the next game. But we are not the only team to have done it. It's the way of the modern game, sadly.
  10. Sunbury Fox

    Fousseni Diabate

    Not really sure what has happened to Diabaté. Thought he looked really promising initially but since the summer he's been awful. A shame.
  11. To be fair Bournemouth were willing to pay £25m for Demarai Gray 2 years ago!
  12. Watching this only makes our result v Cardiff even more frustrating. They really are a very poor side.
  13. Sunbury Fox


    His best performance was at home to Burnley when he played as a 10. I think we play him there or not at all. On the wing he is too one footed and one paced to make an impact.
  14. Sunbury Fox

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    Pat Murphy was on 5 Live earlier saying that he understands that we are actively seeking to bring Barnes back. He's very well connected with West Brom so expect there is truth in it.
  15. Sunbury Fox

    Everton (A)...pre match thread.

    Yes, remember now. Not sure that we have ever won a televised 12.30 game, though!