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  1. Leicestershire County Cricket Club

    Good to see us come back strongly in our first innings after allowing them off the hook in theirs. Last season we would probably have folded and lost by an innings or 10 wickets in the same situation. Really hopeful Nixon can at least make us competitive.
  2. Felliani

    Absolutely no for me. Very limited player who doesn't fit the more technical passing style that we are looking to play.
  3. Who should we sign (asset strip) from relegated clubs

    Reminds me of Gray. Never really fulfilled his potential.
  4. Mahrez to Man City shock

    I think he'd do well at Man City. He's definitely better than Bernardo Silva and I reckon he'd be as effective as Sterling if he was in their team and had the benefit of Guardiola's coaching and advice. Sterling was pants until he started working with Guardiola.
  5. Jack Grealish

    Bruce's comment on the possibility of Grealish moving to us for £20m is hilarious: “That money now gets you a Harry Maguire, who played 30 times for Hull. Sam Clucas was £20m. No disrespect to them – I had both players – but how can you have Jack at that price?" Grealish worth more than Harry?
  6. Leicestershire County Cricket Club

    Depressingly familiar story of getting into a good position with the ball, only to allow tail enders to put on a huge partnership.
  7. Leics 0- Soton 0 post match thread.

    Totally agree with this. Disgraceful tactics from Southampton, given their plight. Feel for their fans travelling all that way to see their team not even try to attack for 90% of the game. Thought we played some lovely - and quick - interplays in the first half but we then lost our way in the middle third of the game. In the last 20 minutes, when we were camped around their box, we were crying out for a big man up front to give us a different option, just as Ulloa did a year ago against Atletico. I've defended Puel all through but there is no doubt that it is very worrying that we have failed to win the last 5 home games in the league, all against bottom half sides. Would have expected 10-12 points from those games, not 4. We'd have then been pushing Burnley all the way. That's what makes everything seem so disappointing at the minute. Still don't feel that we are getting any breaks at the moment, though.
  8. Southampton pre match

    Absolutely agree that it is too early to write him off but he was extremely poor in both games. Compare that to the potential that Diabaté has shown in his games.
  9. Burnley post match 2-1 loss

    I genuinely think that some people are happiest when we lose. Comments like we were not a threat today, we were boring today suggest people didn't even watch the game. Some had decided Puel was boring as soon as he was appointed and are desperate to retro fit events to support their theory at all times. We were awful last week, fair enough, and we weren't great at Brighton (but still won at a ground where only big 6 teams have won apart from us), but for 80 minutes today we were very good. In this run of poor results we've been hugely unfortunate not to pick up more points in my view, including today. We are streets better than we were against the likes of Huddersfield and Bournemouth away earlier in the season. I can remember that even under O'Neill we had poor runs of results, like the current one, from time to time - these days he'd have been sacked well before he left for Celtic as nowadays people have no patience. A couple of months where things don't go great and all of the pitch fork holders are out in force calling for the manager's head. How is any manager meant to build a team in such circumstances? Which top managers would want to come to a club that sacks managers every 6 months?
  10. Burnley post match 2-1 loss

    Burnley hardly strung two passes together all game. We were far superior in general play but gifted them 2 goals, sadly. And Ashley Barnes has to be the biggest #$@$ in the history of the game. Spent the whole game diving and whining and then put in that awful tackle on Kasper. Thought we played some nice stuff until we got desperate and started hitting it long too much in the last 10 minutes. Even in the first half we had 3 good chances.
  11. Burnley away match thread

    But for 2 very poorly conceded goals, we've played okay in my view.
  12. I decided to wait and reflect before posting about this game. My immediate reaction was to lay into the team and manager, like so many others, after a really flat and poor performance. Against Swansea, Stoke and Bournemouth, I felt we were unlucky not to win; today, I felt losing only 2-1 was fortunate. We were awful. However, perspective is everything: We had our 2 best CMs this season off the pitch for most of the game. We are 8th in the table and made it to the last 8 of both cups. Statistically, this is a relatively good season in terms of our history. We are almost certain to finish in a higher position with more points than last season, which represents progress. Yes, it's disappointing that 7th place and Europe looks to have been lost to a team with a much smaller budget. But Burnley have a very stable team and way of playing, whilst we are essentially in transition, with several young players being blooded in and older ones phased out, and a new style of play being developed. Overall, these are really exciting times for our club, with a big budget for new players this summer and plans for a stadium expansion and a state of the art training ground. So, I'm not going to get too despondent about things just yet.
  13. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Based on our current points per game, we'll get 53 points over the season. Looking back over the last 10 seasons, that would have seen us finish no lower than 10th in any of those seasons. Mostly, we'd have been 8th or 9th, with one season where we might have been 7th on goal difference. So, whilst like you I assumed that the points needed to finish in the top half would be much lower this season than normal, that's not borne out by the facts. We have been pretty inconsistent this season but I think that's just par for the course for teams finishing 8th to 10th in the Prem. They generally win no more games than they lose, and the top 6 are generally well clear of the rest.
  14. Lcfc v arsenal 9th may

    This. Must be about 26 games home and away since we beat them. Think it is currently the longest such run between 2 PL teams.
  15. Players you forgotten had played for us

    Paul Friar