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  1. After promising signs last season we seem to have regressed massively this season. How many times are we going to allow teams off the hook? Letting a pretty average Glos team get over 500 after being 270-6 is the latest example, following the debacle v Durham last week.
  2. The problem with that idea is that wingers worth £60m won't come to us as we don't pay high enough wages and we're not even in the EL, let alone the UCL.
  3. It's so frustrating how ultimately the big clubs can take who they want from us. I'm mildly disappointed in Maguire for leaving at a time when we have a better manager and arguably a better first XI than Man U. Ultimately, though, money talks, I guess.
  4. Another disappointing effort. Looking likely that we'll again get the wooden spoon this year. How can you bowl a team out for 117 in one innings and let them get nearly 500 in the second??
  5. Just when you think County might actually win a game.....
  6. It was against Sweden in the 1992 Euros. England lost 2-1 to a late Thomas Brolin winner and were knocked out. It was Lineker's last game for England.
  7. Jonjoe Kenny completely wrecked. What a surprise.
  8. Flat wicket or not it's nothing short of criminal to allow a team like Gloucestershire to get over 500 after being 16-3 and 131-5 under what should have been massive scoreboard pressure after we posted 487. They basically scored not far short of 400 after lunch alone! And it's not as if we have come up against high quality international batsmen - they had a no 7 getting 200! When will we ever be properly competitive again? Today has really p1ssed me off. I wouldn't be surprised at all if we ended up somehow losing this game now.
  9. An excellent day - apart from the weather. Fingers crossed the rain doesn't deny us a win. Forecast tomorrow is not good, though.
  10. Only County could turn a great day into an okayish one in the blink of an eye!
  11. Still think that Ric is massively underrated outside of Leicester. It's quite incredible that he didn't even get a place in the squad, let alone the team, for Portugal after his performances last season. Probably a good thing for us, though, as the more exposure he gets the more chance a massive club will be in for him.
  12. Southgate made three mistakes last night. First, picking that shockingly poor midfield combo. Secondly, picking players who can't even get into their club team regularly as first choice players eg Stones, Barkley, Delph. Thirdly, leaving out all of the CL finalists - Henderson and Alexander-Arnold should have started, as VVD did for Holland. Southgate seems unwilling to take risks by playing young promising creative players in central midfield, like he is willing to do in the forward positions. We are so desperate for players who are comfortable on the ball and creative in CM. Last night I felt so sorry for the defenders because the CM players rarely showed for the ball and gave them options. And even when they did they passed the ball straight back to a defender. We need midfield players who can take the ball under pressure, make space for themselves and deliver incisive forward passes through the lines. It's time for the likes of Maddison to have a go.
  13. When you see the state of England's midfield tonight, you do wonder how Maddison failed to get a call up.
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