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  1. All players are commodoties ..Leicester sold him when it suited them..if it held his career back for two years is irrelevant to them. On the other hand, players use clubs as potential stepping stones...very few are "loyal servants"
  2. Kasper,Vardy,Morgan,Albrighton,Fuchs will all have a Wembley final on their bucket list...and you could see how much it meant to Top when he and the rest of the family had a winner at Royal Ascot. This is an opportunity they will not want to slip by if they can help it
  3. could be one of the reasons Hamza gets the nod ahead of Mendy
  4. I hope Marc Albrighton does one of these..
  5. If it goes to penalties hope that Fuchs is on rather than Nacho
  6. Think that part of the reason for playing such a strong team v Stoke was that there would have been too big a gap between premier league matches and BR wanted to keep continuity. so expect a few more changes this match. Kasper Amartey Morgan Soyuncu Ricardo Thomas Mendy Hamza Under Nacho Gray
  7. I think this is going to be one of BR biggest challenges, keeping and developing the talents of players such as Thomas,Amartey and Under...can see all three getting some decent game time v. Brentford
  8. A few weeks ago Martin Keown compared him to Viera...you cant get higher praise
  9. Remember when we played Sevilla and Athletico Madrid in the Champions League.I thought he would struggle at that level...I was wrong, he was one of our best players and never looked out of his depth. Quite often he makes difficult things look easy, which means he gets taken for granted. The goal he took against Stoke with his weaker left foot and the pass he laid on for Youri's goal against Newcastle being examples
  10. The heavy pitch didnt suit our passing game,but we battled it out well ..Ndidi and Albrighton particuarly.. Albrighton looks knackered but no Praet available to take his place
  11. Believe the reason we signed him was that Nigel Pearson was looking to bring in a striker and asked Wes Morgan who was the best he'd faced in the championship and Wes said Leo.
  12. The best i have seen at defending corners ...front of the six yard box..we havent replaced him
  13. Qualifying for the Champions league and winning the FA cup are not mutually exclusive !...Arsenal qualified for the Champions league every season 1998-2017 ,during which time they won the FA cup 7 times. Arsene Wenger had limited transfer funds due to the costs of building a new stadium ,so their squads were not deep quality wise but they had a good scouting system in Europe that provided them with a core first team of Henry,Annelka,Bergkamp,Pires,Petit alongside Seaman,Adams,Wright
  14. A Fuch's volley from outside the box looks about our best chance from a corner
  15. Will take a few matches to get up to speed but he will give 100% every time he plays....probably his biggest influence will be in the changing room ,totally professional and a wealth of experience...
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