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  1. Think they went into it for the prestige involved and would love to have a winner at Royal Ascot... Bangkok has been steadily backed for the Derby...obviously highly rated
  2. Gray,Maddison,Ndidi,Ineahacho,Mendy & Choudury are not capable of scoring more than 10 goals per season between them...(Morgan & Maguire could probably equal this total )...and Vardy will never again be the player he was in our title winning season...Hopefully Tielemans and Barnes can help address the problem but its pretty plain to see now we need another goalscorer
  3. agree ..Pogba,Lakaku etc. brush other players aside..might be tempted to bring Wes back for this match and swamp the midfield with Choudury,Albrighton,Mendy,Ndidi ..hit them on the break with Vardy and Gray/Barnes
  4. Liked the fact that he was "greedy" and tried to score himself, most good goal scorers have this in their makeup...and it wasnt a bad effort with his weaker left foot.. Maddison should follow this example when he has a goalscoring chance but he looks low on confidence
  5. Well done James for the support he has given to Sophie and her family...
  6. to be fair to the BBC our match v Newport was the best of the round re entertainment ....Gary Lineker must have tipped them off re how unpredictable we are..the bag of Revels syndrome
  7. If we are after a midfielder who can pass forward then Jonjo Shelvey might well be available at the end of the season. Big questions re his attitude and work rate i know but sooner or latter he will realise he needs to knuckle down and not waste his talent. With other talented players alongside him Vardy,Maguire,Chilwell,Maddison he could make his mark here.
  8. Puel In/Out ? im about as confused/interested as i am over Brexit ...why dont we just hold a referendum over his future...second thoughts we might end up with Boris Johnson as our next manager
  9. You may well be right...in that case Benkovic in for Maguire ...and 20 million on a decent left back... selling Slimani,Ineahacho,Silva,Iborra,Gray.Jackupovic could raise 50 million ...cant see anyone else in our squad that would interest anyone else
  10. We dominated the game v Newport and with half decent finishing and a bit more luck we could have won it comfortably, even though we played a makeshift side against them. They had one header on target,their stand out players were the goalkeeper and centre half ....and if Albrighton hadnt had a brainstorm we would have taken them back to the KIngpower and beaten them by about four goals..but thats gone now so we have to move on. V. Southampton Kasper Ricardo Evans/Soyuncu Maguire Chilwell Choudury Ndidi Mendy Albrighton Vardy Maddison This is a premier league quality side and will be the basis of our team next season plus Barnes,Benkovic,Ghazzel,Amartey and hopefully a couple of decent signings ...yesterdays defeat may well prove to be a turning point
  11. Seriously doubt Man City would have him back even on a free... reminds me of the time Peter Taylor brought Ade Akinbiyi from Wolves for 5 million " their chairman told me he was worth that amount"
  12. Ward 5 Nothing to do apart from pick the ball out of the net.. Simpson 6 usual stuff good defensive nothing going forward..wouldnt havent given away a penalty though Morgan 5 usual stuff ..weak defending crosses into the box...aimless forward passes..didnt have any shots to block.. his strongpoint Evans 7 comfortable on the ball again Fuchs 5 lost a yard... Albrighton 6 usual stuff gave 100 per cent...not a right back though Choudury 7 puts himself about .. James 4 hard to criticise someone coming back after 10 months..poor selection by Puel Ghazzel 7 was trying to create something.. no safe sideway passing..good goal Okazaki 3 we have seen the best of him.. Ineahacho 1 his 1 effort on goal was with his shoulder instead of his head...time to cut our losses Gray 5 seems to have lost his confidence KIng 5 one half chance ..like James hard to criticise Maddison 5 tried to create something...fluffed a couple of chances though
  13. Funny the same thought crossed my mind after we had made our 3 substitutions...sometimes its harder for a team to play against 10 men and i would have loved to have seen Puel take him off...why not he was having no effect on the pitch whatsoever
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