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  1. Perhaps DA will be playing as a striker...he did score pre season
  2. Both Nacho and Perez should have scored last night (perez's header was harder to miss than score) and Maddison was as close as you can get...but if you dont take your chances you wont win. Considering it was a makeshift team and some hadnt played at all for a long time, it was not as bad as some make out.
  3. Should have scored last night...fantastic pass from Albrighton..a natural goalscorer ie Ings/Vardy/Kane would have been aware where the goalie was and taken it around him.
  4. Think this is the first time Mendy has had a run of games...has been decent in the first two, so hopefully can get even better
  5. Jeff Schlupp also got knocked back by Man U..paid them back with that cross for the first goal..would have liked to have been in the Palace dressing room after the game
  6. Remember a documentary about QPR when Flavio Briatore was the co owner/chairman along with Bernie Ecclestone. Briatore sitting in the stands and sending instuctions down to the then manager Iain Dowie to take certain players off and replace them with others..and Dowie just did as he was told
  7. I believe it was Johan Cruyff who wanted his Barcelona players to be able to play in any position "total football"...its good to have adaptable players such as Ndidi who can and are willing to change as and when needed. Remember Pat Crerand saying George Best would have been the best player on the pitch at Man Utd whatever position he started in.
  8. One challenge in the first half he kicked out at a West Brom player as he was bundled over..good to see he has a bit of nastiness in him as well
  9. West Brom will be well aware of the threat Vardy & Barnes pose and may set their defence up to concentrate on them , so may be an opportunity for Perez and Nacho.
  10. Sometimes see wingers swapping during a match to try to unsettle defences ie Gray & Albrighton...could this be the birth of a new tactic swapping full backs Castagne & Justin
  11. Agree...bit of a lump but he was a proper old fashioned centre forward..put himself about and scored goals
  12. It may have been a joint decision for him to stay on Rennie/Rogers/Player...but it could have led to the end of his career...a 50million pound plus asset !
  13. Allowing Ricardo to play on with an ACL injury wasnt his finest hour
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