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  1. Staying at Liverpool for another month
  2. Like that lad at work who just fetid his head down at work and cracks on because it’s just a job for him. Rather than the lads who go work for a laugh lifestyle and take it for granted no different for a footballer
  3. Think he would suit Barca style of play
  4. Due to fly Malta 15th July not sure what will happen with that. Meant to go Malta next week obviously been cancelled, got money back from Ryan air pretty quick
  5. Anyone heard if there holiday in July is still on?
  6. Maybe ward wants to go play for a club he can be first choice
  7. Alex_LCFC


    Plus they haven’t got there own Jamie Vardy
  8. Maybe in the squad for Brentford?
  9. In new contract talks apparently
  10. If wan bissaka goes for 50m I’d expect a little more for Ricardo
  11. Does my head in when media and pundits say we sold Maguire and then bought him for £20m or what ever. literally got his the season before 😂😂
  12. Surprised mbappe isn’t In there
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