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  1. Think he values himself higher than Luton
  2. Scored tonight for turkey
  3. Has a great first half of a season then looses it last several games that count. Happend with Liverpool happend last season and seems to be happening now. saying that, he can and will improve and he will improve us
  4. Need a big squad next season to compete, he’s one of the squad players I wouldn’t let go of. Only his injury has reduced his game time just a shame he was injured same time as Maddison
  5. One of the hardest questions in football right now I think
  6. What’s the crack? Didn’t Rodgers say it was a if he feels no pain injury? Anyone have any news?
  7. Making the no look pass his own now
  8. We really need Burnley to win this. Especially with Chelsea dropping points and Utd West Ham tomorrow
  9. Rumoured to have gone into porn Peggy was but was denied
  10. CE869631-7394-4E7B-956D-DE9B78F8487C.webp
  11. I think his rosey cheeks get mistaken for being unfit
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