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  1. Win as many games as possible take that momentum into next season and go again
  2. Did he mean Swansea both welsh same thing
  3. My dad was listening to the radio upstairs cheered when Morgan scored and came down to watch the goal on the stream I was watching about a minute later
  4. Semi finals Liverpool v Juventus Man city v Barcelona You’d have thought
  5. Going to wait abit longer we have loads left over so they’ll only be further discounts and I have £8 in foxes rewards 😂
  6. Ghezzal will come good him and Okazaki changed the game on Saturday inspirational double substitution
  7. Ward Ricardo Evans Maguire Fuchs Mendy N’didi Ghezzel Tielmanns Barnes Vardy
  8. It was like we were 3-1 down the amount of fans that left,fair play to the lads in the corner of sk1/ union fs they sang throughout (don’t usually hear it from the family stand)
  9. I usually sit in the family stand but today I sat in the kop and was amazed to the amount of people who left early felt sorry for Brendan going round applauding the fans when half of um had left
  10. Can’t play him very often because he’s not got the legs to chase a striker but his level of commitment and desire to defend our goal is the best from any defender we have still!
  11. The trouble with that is our shots from distance either go 3 miles over the bar or we produce a powerpuff shot straight at the keeper.
  12. How can you not like Mike “porky” Parry he’s my hero. Used to like Jon Gaunt but they got rid of him for some reason.
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