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  1. Who do you want Summer 2018

    John Stones
  2. Felliani

    Get rid of Fraud pooel bring in big Sam and play these 3 in attack. Fellaini Vardy Slimani
  3. Leics 0- Soton 0 post match thread.

    I think that’s the problem we showed attacking intent in the first 20 mins but didn’t really look like scoring. In our title winning season at home we’d go all out attack for 20 minutes and score 2 goals the game was just about won by then now we lamely attack don’t score and it’s abit of a lottery after that
  4. Adidas

    Weres @Ashley with some designs??
  5. 24hr in Leicester

    Prince of Punjab is great and close to the ground
  6. Adidas

    Same as united but blue and gold 🤮
  7. Burnley post match 2-1 loss

    Vardy 4 league goals in a row maybe he can break his own record
  8. Applauding an opponents goal

    I was in the Porto end and begrudgingly applauded all 5 of their goals and even had a young kid next to me high 5 me
  9. Tour

    Don’t you only get a replica if you win it 3 times?
  10. Iborra could be out for the rest of the season

    Put Okazaki in central midfield
  11. Brighton Away post match 2-0

    Perfect away performance at a difficult place to go
  12. Season Ticket Renewal 2018 / 19

    So final payments Tuesday then!
  13. Season Ticket Renewal 2018 / 19

    Have all the direct debit payments been taken for the 17/18 season?