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  1. kyleolly

    Third Kit 18/19

    There’s an advertisement video in the club shop where kasper is wearing the 3rd goalie kit which is orange so I asked an assistant in the shop when that shirt and the white kit will be available and she said within the next month but they haven’t seen the 3rd kit
  2. kyleolly


    I was told he’s living in wigston
  3. kyleolly

    Current LCFC Players Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 76 seconds  
  4. kyleolly

    Third Kit 18/19

    Yeah Adidas stripes
  5. kyleolly

    Third Kit 18/19

    It’s white
  6. Yes it does but they’re not getting any mini away kits till September
  7. Was going to get the away kit for my 4 year old but the smallest size they have until September is 7-8 years
  8. kyleolly

    Jamie Vardy

    Might be controversial but I feel Vardy is holding us back because he can’t be dropped
  9. kyleolly

    Japan v Poland match thread

    Whys the commentator keep saying japan need a goal?
  10. kyleolly

    2018 World Cup Knockout Stages

    If we finish 2nd who are likely opponents in the semis?
  11. kyleolly

    Robert Huth to Aston Villa, Stoke?

    Straight swap for grealish
  12. kyleolly

    Yohan Benalouane

    I don’t think he understands the concept of marking a striker pure and utter shite!!!