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  1. When was the last time they lost at home in the prem??
  2. Dyche has got under Klopps skin quite easily it would seem, his heads gone
  3. Not too much pressure on little Wes in a couple of years time he’s gonna be the best defender in Europe
  4. There’s a long way to go but she’s joint top of the league after the first week bet Mrs Shrek will be voting her out
  5. Do you not think we’ve been trying our hardest
  6. I thought he was slow and ponderous last night
  7. Come on Leicester let’s make a statement tonight 3-0 win
  8. This game is shite, Danny Murphy keeps spunking in his pants everytime a cross goes in.
  9. You best hope you don’t see us in the 4th round, you wouldn’t have a team as all the loanees wouldn’t be able to play against us 😂
  10. And “The new normal”
  11. I think all schools have these plans in place but it can take a bit of time to implement them. Teachers would have had a lesson plan for face to face learning for today for that to be overturned late yesterday
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