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  1. Did we lose to Palace?
  2. Oh no we can't have our precious players being rubbed up the wrong way!
  3. Thought he did ok at centre back today if he played there next season I can see him bringing the ball out from the back if he has a bit of space in front of him something that Wes and Huth don't tend to do.
  4. Get Mancini in!
  5. Any reason why the league 1 final isn't on the bank holiday weekend?
  6. That's not likely to have happened in 24 hours is it, if you're going to tell a fib at least make it plausible geez!
  7. I'd hold on for the green and yellow away kit 👍🏻
  8. I was on a cbbc show called the wild bunch in the 90s could you please trawl the archives and find my episode?
  9. Does Ricey not work for the company that make the football manager games and has already seen the graphics of the new kit? If so why is everybody still debating the design?
  10. Bring back Geoff and Byker Grove
  11. A 10 second season review?
  12. Kasper Simpson Benny Fuchs chillwell Amartey Ndidi Mahrez Okazaki Albrighton Vardy
  13. Schmeichel Simpson - Benny - Fuchs Albrighton - Ndidi - Amartey - Chilwell Mahrez Vardy - Slimani
  14. Are 100% Lcfc ITK 😂
  15. He ain't got a clue 1-0 already