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  1. There were 3 seats around us on Saturday with nobody sitting in them so my son went to take one of the spare scarves for his younger brother at home, I told him to put it back as it wasn’t his to take we went down to the concourse at half time came back up and low and behold all 3 scarfs were gone I should have just let him take it
  2. I thought he was fantastic at the beginning of the game, went missing a bit later on but his finish was sublime, best game he’s had for us this season.
  3. He wasn’t at his best today but he’s been excellent so far this season so I won’t be too critical, I thought he was fairly commanding and came out well for crosses which is usually the weak area of his game!
  4. I’ve stuck up for him and praised him highly when he’s done well but there’s no defending his performance today he was useless somebody behind me said he’s just a shit Ghezzal 😂 high praise indeed!
  5. I think you could tell by wood and his muted celebration that he had a suspicion the goal would be disallowed.
  6. No he hasn’t but Matt Mills and Pearson’s daughter tested it out for comfiness!
  7. I’ve acquired an old dugout chair from the KP just trying to gage how much it would be worth been offered £600 can’t find anything similar for sale anybody want to bid for an expensive gaming chair or do you think I could get abit more if I got a few of the players signatures on it?
  8. Maybe JV has been informing the sun of what Coleens up to for a laugh and abit of bants
  9. And an increase of shirt sales in Kent were they claim they’re loyal supporters and backed them when they were shit
  10. They’ll stay up because they’ll get a decent amount of points at old Trafford shame they can’t play every game away
  11. Yeah a new era in the championship
  12. Just watching MOTD and Micah Richards thinks he’s the best right back in the league if your full backs scoring a goal like he did today you’d struggle to disagree
  13. That’s a leg breaker defo a red it looked bad in real time.
  14. How many Leicester players would get in the Celtic team?? 11😂
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