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  1. Stop stealing my fantastic idea 😂
  2. Wesley Fofana Dan Amartey is from Ghana Wesley Fofana I neeeeeed your Love ❤️ Re light my fire by the backstreet boys
  3. Fofana that’s his name Fofana that’s his name thats his name, that’s his name To Rihanna what’s my name
  4. Wonder why he’s having his medical in Germany!
  5. He’s not that nice he’s blocked me on Instagram 😂
  6. His touch is terrible but I was quite confident of a decent defensive performance from him today especially as everybody was slagging him off before the game God bless big Dan Am
  7. Alisson are they fielding an illegible player there’s hope for us yet
  8. If Leuven where a English premier league team how would they compare
  9. Our problem at the back has been Justin’s height with Man City’s front 3 tomorrow being quite small I think we’ll be ok castangne at left back will be able to sort out Mahrez and Praet in midfield will need to do a Kaamark esq job on De Bruyne
  10. Had 3-1 Southampton with 50+ booking points whatever that is
  11. Somebody needs to stick one on Hames let him know he’s in a game
  12. My lad is playing Mario 64 on the switch and loves it, surely a goldeneye reboot is on the cards.
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