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  1. She never stood a chance and I felt quite sorry for her towards the end of her tenure like you say be careful what you wish for!
  2. In regards to the stadium expansion and which type of seating will be included the designs include a few hospitality areas
  3. They make the money from hospitality expect lots of boxes in the expansion not just loads of seats that can be flogged for 30/40 quid
  4. Would you rather lose in the 3rd round to Newport or get tonked 6-0 in the final?
  5. Yeah ok private flight from ema to nice on Sunday straight onto a luxury yacht
  6. I think it’s to do with the age of the kids they might surpass an age next season were kids would be charged more or reached an age were the family stand is no longer appropriate
  7. Oh ok fair enough I’ve tried to renew online and whenever I’ve got to payment I can’t click next not the clubs fault I failed to read properly i’ll go down in the morning
  8. He’s gone on the post season holiday with the rest of the lads so hopefully they can influence him over the next couple of days even further for some reason he actually likes the city of leicester too I seen him in the highcross with his family
  9. Is anybody else in the family stand unable to renew online?
  10. I got one for free I’m usually a large but I got a medium and it fits well
  11. They’re going on a post season cruise that departs from Nice so they might play a friendly before departure
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