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  1. We’re going to spend big in the summer and all being well this will be our starting line up next season!
  2. Soyuncu drove through Blaby on Friday afternoon
  3. What results they’ve not been tested
  4. I think that’s why the players haven’t been named keep the Watford players second guessing
  5. They haven’t got the corona virus they have symptoms so they might have a cough essentially if 3 Watford players were feeling under the weather would you expect the game to be postponed, look at lasagne gate half the spurs squad had food poisoning and they weren’t allowed to postpone their game v West Ham
  6. Watch Brendan’s press conference instead of panicking about the virus
  7. No further tests for the 3 players showing symptoms, it’s been called a seasonal illness it’s no wonder they have a cold it was very cold and extremely wet on Monday.
  8. That would have been the ultimate smash a grab
  9. kyleolly

    Corona Virus

    What a bloody relief, the tampon tax has been abolished!
  10. Can you get Roy from South Wigston on your podcast please
  11. Hi Sean who did you idolise growing up, kind regards Your number 1 fan Kyle
  12. Had Grealish in his pocket, pulled the strings in the midfield tonight
  13. Get behind the boys no matter how poor they’ve been it don’t matter we need 3 points tomorrow night come on Leicester 💙💙
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