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  1. They’ve got Troy Parrot and Troy Parrot
  2. Both teams were quite flat I’d have taken a point before the game on to the next one, certainly a good idea to play Ricardo more forward against Man City
  3. I think it’s a mental health charity’s badge
  4. Talking of being down to earth I saw a top sports journalist superstar shopping in Aldi earlier
  5. And it’s the prince of Punjab Prince of Punjab bar and grill We sell by Far the greatest Indian cuisine the world has ever seen
  6. Will it be changed to the m69 then on to the M6 Derby
  7. So stop start I can’t get in to this
  8. Leaving the ground and most our fans seemed disappointed we’d drew with Chelsea I thought it was a decent result unlucky not to win it but well on our way to a top four finish
  9. My brother bought a few shirts from Thailand back the quality of them is great the only difference is the king power lettering is thinner I got a large which are the same size as a real medium so I’d suggest you order a xxxl, shirt and shorts cost me £7.50 so can’t complain.
  10. On a side note when do we think tickets for the final will go on sale?
  11. He’s doing my head in now moaning about the “tough schedule” what’s he gonna be like if we get into Europe next season
  12. We do it quite a bit but West Ham did it a number of times last night when they were losing
  13. I was going to say the same the ball pretty much brushed past him on the way to the goal scorer
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