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  1. that watford game man, i couldn't eat or sleep for days
  2. Traore and Jimenez deserve to sign for a champions league side
  3. Wolves really should be in that top 4 imo, their side is that good. I think Nuno is an excellent manager and they're a danger to our ambitions I think.
  4. You could've said that against Southampton but he just ended up running around like a headless chicken. I am a big fan of hamza but if a player has a really poor game his competitor for that place should get a chance. Hamza had a great 2nd half against villa which is why he started against the saints
  5. Whilst madders isn't running the game like he was he's still outshing Youri who's gone so far off its unreal
  6. I don't agree, choudhury was awful against Southampton whilst mendy has been steady but not amazing, we just needed to stop the rot today but failed due to missed chances
  7. Defensively we couldn't cope with them putting balls in the box with their physicality, we couldn't break with the ball because we're too slow, our finishing isn't good, let's hope Liverpool win
  8. They look so dangerous when they get the ball in the box
  9. We need another, I think they'll score
  10. I think he's a centre forward, never a winger
  11. Not great from Perez, jogging forward when Harvey had the ball
  12. When it says all time 11, is it the most gifted that’s played for the club? If so, surely Esteban is in with a shout?
  13. I couldn't believe how many posts I saw of FB literally spewing hatred towards the guy, fans saying he's garbage, it's utterly ridiculous and embarrassing, I'm sure they follow the team by listening on the radio.
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