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  1. I like him, carrys the ball alot and covers a lot of the pitch.
  2. Yes a threwball pinged to him today his touch was sublime, just his finish lacking, but I think that will come, his close control is better as well
  3. Could also be said that his minutes are likely against weaker opponents. There was a time I thought nacho given a run may be lethal, and that he was a confidence player and could come good, but i don't know, he just seems slow and not very good. It's a bit like Gray, I'll support him whilst he's a Leicester player but needs to be moved on imo
  4. He can beat a man, but then he's so slow he loses it again. I think when playing regular if the ball comes to his feet he can hit the net as well but he isn't good enough for our set up. Get rid as soon as
  5. Evans brings something else as well, you know that the younger players will all look up to him, could be our captain really
  6. Anyone watch the championship, Ivan Toneys record looks really good, 24 years old.
  7. I think yesterday massively showed our intent, we're going for it I reckon.
  8. okay, last time i read an article Celtic were showing interest.
  9. I would think we'll clearly be looking to negotiate with Benkovic as part of the deal
  10. No longer will we wonder whether slim will make a difference and give us that much needed plan B
  11. Poor positioning from keeper , he should have been further over narrowing the goal but he left it wide open
  12. Chance we had 10/15 minutes ago he just needed to hit it first time with his right foot or push it inside but he did neither. Its Thomas that's a left footer.
  13. Is he 🤣, thought he was left footed for some reason
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