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  1. I hope you're right in the sense today doesn't bring the season down, the task of remaining in the top 6 even is all the more difficult as a result of today and it feels sides around us have more momentum than we do.
  2. I think if Maddison plays today we have a different result, so I'm trying to come to terms with who does today's decision benefit? Did you see the post match interview? Brendan said you play them if you want to appear soft, not playing them is about showing that it's about discipline and having a winning mentality at the club or something to the effect, so if not playing them causes harm to the club if we don't make a European place and ayers want to. leave, this decision seems a poor one to me.
  3. I listened to Brendans post match interview talking about discipline and having a winning mentality and i find myslef liking what he says and nodding along but then again i think about summer of 2021 when we have no European spot, our best players are looking for the exit door, even Brendan himself considering job at Spurs and i think, who does this benefit more - Leicester City or Brendan Rodgers 'the manager'? All in all what was Brendan trying to achieve today? yes hes punished those players, but he's also punished the fans and the club, all to make him appear as a man not to be
  4. i dont know the full story but if it was a get together at Ayozes, a few drinks early in the week and it was all about covid then i'd have fined them but played them, maddsion not playing cost us today and could cost us a place in Europe, i don't believe they deserve to have blame aportioned to them for that. If they turned up yesterday for training stinking of booze then thats a different story altogether
  5. clearly it was all too easy and the club have decided to make the run in even more exciting, after all we are Leicester City.
  6. spot on Col, it's absolutely ridiculous, seems there are a contingent itching for a pile on for those 3 players, for me again we set up defenseively, players out of position or shouldn't be playing at all byt most of allm, maddsion should have played, the results come first.
  7. 1.) maddision should be playing 2.) we should have signed striker even if on loan in january 3.) vardy shouldn't be playing, he clearly needs a break.
  8. I note many internal battles with Beckham, he did eventually go but he still played him
  9. I'm disapointed just the same, if it was an event early in the week then I think it should have been a fine and community service, this match too important to lose because of this, let's hope it doesn't go that way
  10. when you're man utd I think you can afford to do that, when we get to anywhere near that status I'd totally agree
  11. I don't know what it's like to earn that money but I'd imagine it doesn't make them any wiser to making mistakes, infact I'd imagine they're more likely to. feel indestructable and therefore more prone to making stupid mistakes by not using their brain.
  12. but we're not all the same, and some of us make more mistakes than others.
  13. just reading some comments of facebook and what they're saying on Leicester fan TV chat and I'm embarrassed by some of the comments demanding the players never wear the shirt again and be sold, ffs, can no one remember what it was like being in your early 20's and how naive you were, get a grip, they're young lads and they've made a mistake in unprecedented times
  14. I really don't want to get into the politics of lockdown as this is a football thread but the crime is that we're still locked down as we are, the vunerable and at risk have been vaccinated, we have reached herd immunity, maybe they feel the same and have had enough. personally fines and community service would have sufficed
  15. anyone going full on 'get out of our club' mode because of what's happened with those players needs to behave. Yes it was foolish, but not like its a crime ffs, these are young lads, bucket loads of money, high pressure, been locked down, has none of you ever had a few too many at a time when you know you shouldn't, we used to call it going self destruct. They probably feel bad now having let their manager and team mates down so I think we should leave it at that. a big gamble for Rodgers dropping madders though, I think we need him today, we lose out on Europe and this will
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