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  1. If you think it’s legal to block the run of an attacker off the ball, then I’ll leave it there I think 🙄
  2. His run was blocked by saka and he shrugs him aside,
  3. You could look at why Nachos disallowed goal wasn't allowed or even discussed, a blatant error
  4. Sky has 2 ex united players as pundits so I doubt it
  5. How in the hell was that a peno, and neville says its clever ffs
  6. I think the Chelsea fans will be looking at their side today and having doubts, they were lucky today against a side we dominated. Man utd, Liverpool and wolves in their last 3 games, we just have to make sure that pressure is on them and I think they'll crumble, they're very wobbly at the back imo
  7. If we lose that CL place, it wasn't lost here tonight. That was a good point.
  8. nah they were wearing them before the corona virus
  9. Anyone know why all the football pundits have taken to wearing the same trainers? Black trainers with a white rim as Emile and Souness is wearing today, also spotted on ferdinand, Lineker, redknapp?
  10. I think Chelsea final 3 games looks a lot tougher than ours, I think we may just get 4th with Chelsea in 5th
  11. Can you imagine big nige rifling through the Watford shop for some gear and finds that gilet, trys it on and admiring himself in the mirror 😂
  12. Watford look a bit rubbish tonight. Shame.
  13. No I liked his role today, one of his specialties is winning challanges which put pressure on the opposition in their half, hes also gifted with close control inside the box
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