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  1. Going on holiday Tuesday, going into town to buy a shirt tomorrow, can't decide, wife loves the pink but I think the blue shirt is nicer, just can't decide
  2. I feel ashamed that I doubted him, he looks superb, Utd must be looking at him thinking that maybe the went for the wrong player.
  3. I wish BR wouldn't keep bigging up other clubs like Chelsea, he may think its a tough place to go but maybe showing them too much respect in the first 30 minutes was part of the problem, we should have gone for the jugular from the start
  4. They were singing Harry maguire, we don't need you, we've got Soyuncu, he's f'ing massive
  5. We have to not judge these players after 45 minutes, they're still growing as a team, growing in confidence.
  6. At the moment I don't understand the Perez purchase, he doesn't seem technical enough to play a right sided player in this formation, maybe BR sees something and will make us eat our words, it's early days
  7. I said I thought we were better than Chelsea, the first half it's like we showed them too much respect, maybe BR should have started with only 1 DM, maybe he should have more faith in our attacking prowess
  8. We look like we're trying to play like a top 6 side with confidence but have none, we may as well go all out attack in a 4-4-2
  9. The first half - My missis sat there and said why do you watch this, you're supposed to enjoy it and all it does is stress you out. My daughter daddy stop shouting and swearing, I can here you outside.
  10. We'll be solid at the back in a tight affair, Youri to Ayoze who smashes it bottom-left corner 0-1 Leicester
  11. Stick to our own game and we'll be fine, I really don't think chelsea are any better than us, 1-2 leicester
  12. I'm eating massive humble pie, Soyuncu looked great
  13. I'll be surprised if lampard is even manager next season
  14. If we wanted him, why leave it so late, its obvious he'd want to come so an early bid and we put the pressure on them like Utd and Man City have done to us, I don't get it
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