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  1. I don't want him away or suggest we should sell to Arsenal, I'm responding to peach speculating why he might want away now. Chilwell has become the centre of attention since he's left, madders might think he can get some of that at another club
  2. If there was a big bust up between himself and Rodgers, he may feel the bridges are burned and wants away, he may also be looking at Chilwell aswell, he seemed to be very pro Leicester before this, calling us a big club and all that but maybe something has changes.
  3. Yes, madders doesn't struggle with his confidence, which I think may be his issue. He has proven he's an amazing talent, but he needs to prove consistency, he's in the best place, I hope he realises it and gets his head down, that's if Rodgers wants him in the squad of course
  4. I agree a lot of our fanbase have given him stick he didn't deserve, but if he wants love free of criticism, utd or the arse aren't the places to go
  5. Why does every word start with a capital letter?
  6. Bromance, he's going nowhere 💙
  7. He looked like a possible rough diamond to me, but so did Gray, so it's a gamble
  8. Think it's going to take more than to be on par with kasper and vardy I would have thought
  9. Daka Barnes Trincao Coutinhio Tielemens Wilf Gosens Castagne Tarkowski Evans Wes
  10. We've been here before though haven't we, but you never know
  11. The only possibility is we give barca €20m, we pay him £150/200k a week and they make up the difference, at it saves them some money I guess if they have no intention of using him
  12. he'd play at the expense of madders wouldn't he? I have a feeling he'd only be a target if youri does indeed go. The minimum i could see coutinhio taking and the max we'd go to is £200k a week
  13. The madders role, would be fairly amazing but i don't understand how we'd get round his wages
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