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  1. I'd say by possibly attracting the best young talent which turns talented players into expensive players
  2. looks a fantastic edition for us if correct money, I'd be happy for Gray to be in with this deal
  3. All his clips seem to be where he's running down the left, did wonder, thanks for the info.
  4. It looks like he plays on the left
  5. He could always change his mind, he put in a good performance against them in their 1 nil victory
  6. I think we know Mahrez wasn't happy being subbed today, he hasn't been happy with the minutes he's played so whether he's told his contribution was invaluable, I don't think he's happy, I wonder if he'll stay next season or request a transfer
  7. he's barely played, he might have the medals but could you look yourself in the mirror and say i deserve them? I bet his 15/16 medal means much more.
  8. Disagree here, if we want to move to the next level, a replacement for Mahrez and Tielemans and a decent striker crucial, but if we don’t Abrighton and Barnes are very good wingers to have in this league
  9. Losing players to Wolves, that's depressing.
  10. Football attendances suffered during hooliganism period but filbert street saw a record attendance of 47,290 in the 20's, bet the cities population was half of what it is now
  11. Short sighted, you can keep saying what if all you like but businesses need to move forward whilst they can, if team position were to get worse in the future you'd still successfully be building a core support of die hards, you deny future increases in attendance and you're a standing still as a club. You increase attendance and you attract better players as well.
  12. Agreed, there is literally no marketing, with some effort you could easily attract more people.
  13. Twitter saying Liverpool interested, he'll spend half the season on the bench there, like they need another attacking player
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