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  1. Seem to remember we had cheerleaders a few years back, or was that one of those dreams? 🤣
  2. Most points of view I've read are feature our the fans opinions, but Utd and Liverpool only care about worldwide TV rights, and they'll pay the top dollar for a super league, it will attract the best players and the prem will lose revenue to it and English football will suffer, its bad news all round
  3. first time i've seen that and it's an okay montage but not brilliant, i've seen fan montages better than that tbh
  4. That'd probably be classed as illegal streaming
  5. I can't see hardly any fans paying the £15 for a single match, they're absolute idiots for going with this, can't wait to see the viewing figures for each match, the revenue they'll make will be little more than pocket change to these clubs.
  6. we should have gone 4-4-2 much sooner with wide overlapping runs
  7. I reckon the government are going to announce a day of mourning for man utd #prayforole
  8. I think Thomas has been alright, I don't think Justin is any better, Thomas needs games and he'll improve, he can certainly cross a ball better than Justin
  9. I saw the video on his twitter before this thread and thought it a little odd. He's trying to create a brand name for himself like Federer and others to mention but that video is cringe, bit like his game today
  10. When we play a certain style, teams set up against that and we have no plan b. We did indeed get Leicestered today, West ham did to us exactly what we did to man City.
  11. In your opinion, as Crouchy said we needed something different than vardy up front, we needed to create space and give them something to think about and clearly Under wasn't that was he? We had 2 strikers to aim at and we were struggling to pass the ball through them so we needed to get behind them, the times Barnes and vardy did that we looked most of a threat
  12. By pulling defenders out wide leaving more space in the middle or giving more support to castagne who was marked out of the game
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