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  1. Ice cream and a beer in front of youtube who you kidding? It'll be beers infront of youporn and icecream all over your keyboard
  2. This kind of game, if arteta goes deep to stop our inbehinds we just need to pump cross after cross into the box. All thier defenders have mistakes in them, got to capitalise on that
  3. Nacho deserves the headlines, that bit of scrambling for the Maddison goal was brilliant.
  4. Ahhh away man, he well did it in a.... "come on baby, dont be so frosty" kind of way.
  5. You have heard of them and you knew where they're from, you've just forgotten.
  6. Feels appropriate, not sure why, but it's helping me celebrate. You are welcome
  7. Why would you write this? Yo, I've sent some seriously negative vibes back your way bro, cat shit on your car tomorrow that's me, run out of toilet paper, me, anything more serious i take no responsibility.
  8. He's got it in his locker....well due one.
  9. Watch this the possibilities are endless..
  10. What a time to be alive!!!! Playing man u for champions league footy, it don't get much better than this. Thanks Vichai, thanks Top, thanks Nige, Claudio, Brendon, thanks is it jobba the big lad with the drum.... to every fvcker who's contributed, love love love, we're so lucky. Fill your lungs, Caged tigers, lets have em!!!!
  11. Did you not watch the addy? What's not to love, further embeds us into Thailand politically, great for Kingpowers security, great for us financially. 500 quid return from East mids. When you're on holiday in spain or wherever and occasionally you spot some of our fans... is nice, you get a little nod of the head, or sometimes, if you're lucky a new holiday buddy, somone to help you escape from your respective families In Bangkok Thailand, there's Lineker's bars everywhere, everyone is wearing a Leicester shirt. No Forest, Villa, Derby, Cov supporters anywhere. I guarantee it.
  12. Yeah at both ends, but if Evans and Cags could be relied on to regularly meet crosses at the back, Vardy could stay up and not have to chase his own clearances. They're brilliant at everything else like.
  13. Right come on FT everyone get out in their front gardens 16:00 on sunday clapping these things for this wonderful old man.
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