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  1. Phwooorr, some of those were Nugentesq
  2. Yeah bang on, we're still the luckiest fans in the world, like i remember after we'd won it and playing in champs league those nights, wow, but i remember thinking then.. this is as good as it'll ever be, if we get relegated next year or the year after, it would be a shame but also, at least we've been here. You look at us now, we're actually maybe better, stronger, got more of a furure, it's bonkers, feel a bit sorry for everyone else to be honest. I don't even mind if we sell some of the stars (ex Vardy) i used to be terrified we'd lose this player or that, like back when Little took Joachim and Draper to Villa or when Mahrez and Kante went, i felt like the club would fall apart, now for example if Madds went, I'd be excited to see who we'd get in to replace him or would it be someone from the academy, either way I'm sure it'll work out.
  3. If we score in the first 15 mins they'll disintegrate, 0-10. If not 2-3, end to end and plenty of VAR
  4. Anyone else got annoyed we didnt play this weekend, had nowt to watch yesterday or today, then remembering friday..
  5. Is this the latest on our Bartoz, he not on loan or anything? Read a thing a while ago saying BR would give him a go, not training with first team is he?
  6. So all this hate tweets etc, is it mainly people who make loads of accounts just to abuse people for like, kicks, to make themselves feel big or whatever? If that's the bulk of the problem, maybe they could charge people for additional accounts on social media, like tenner a year for fb or insta, twitter etc.
  7. One of my first games, at Filbert street, vs Ipswich, both already relegated but game would decide who finished bottom, there was a chant that went round something like "we're shit but we're better than/beating you". Good times:)
  8. Absolutely, but not sure who's place he'll take.
  9. Is that the same injury from March? Got the impression, he was back in training after the news of the chat with BR. He hasn't done it again has he?
  10. That's a shame, was looking for his name in the two teams we put out today. What's the injury anyone know?
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