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  1. Yeah at both ends, but if Evans and Cags could be relied on to regularly meet crosses at the back, Vardy could stay up and not have to chase his own clearances. They're brilliant at everything else like.
  2. Right come on FT everyone get out in their front gardens 16:00 on sunday clapping these things for this wonderful old man.
  3. He's only 21, who wasn't a twat then...plenty of time for Brendon to remake him in his image.
  4. Heskey2011


    I fling coala coats, all sex tele t' local coala fixes sex sling That took me too long, sorry everyone, cant sleep
  5. Perhaps because he's been here ages would he count as a home grown? Making up the quota maybe? Need 8 players affiliated with the fa before they're 21. But think we easily have that without him.
  6. Do we have a list of attendees for our mini preseason, is he training with 1st team or u23s or whats he up to?
  7. Maybe goal music, but to be honest when i play ProEvo or Fifa it's always on silent, can't take the commentary.
  8. I don't, atmosphere is nuanced in ways i can't explain, but it's definitely specific to the moment and therefore unrecreateble by using pre recorded sounds. (Apologies admin, if unrecreatable isn't a word)
  9. Hadn't even thought about the duty free aspect of all this..is that definitely the main source of income?
  10. They're all from tesco bank 🙄
  11. I know we'd all prefer it to be just about the football, and bear,* bare,with me..ive had an idea... if we went full on Tottenham, a match day experience so people spend all day there, two meals kind of job, great big bar with highlights and other games on..people who want to spend the day at the ground, spending their money in the bars and restaurants and ideally merch, can do that rather than going nandos or wetherspoons after or before the game, we gather up all those monies, tickets can remain relatively cheap because we're raking it in on the burgers, beers, nachos, Filbert fox condoms.. People who just want the 90mins of football because that's how they've always liked it can do that still. We don't need the fireworks light displays, no one's coming for that, but for the day out I'd much rather my money goes to Top than Tim Martin. Pretty sure spurs make way more from retail than tickets on a matchday.
  12. He is an "excellent striker, as good as Richarlison" That's from an actual Brazilian in Brazil.
  13. This thread title has got me several times now, can admin edit pls, every time I'm all excited, then... Rangers, pft.
  14. Cucurella is brilliant, saw him play for Getafe just before Corona, he played everywhere.
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