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  1. Knew it was a good idea to have a little look on here before to bed after another footballess evening. Cheers fella Totally can see it happening, what's seanfromenderby saying?
  2. That was brilliant thanks, the gnashers on birchy
  3. Freak Power at end of the month ✌. Top of my never seen list, cannot wait
  4. 1min in....:"i got hold up play like Heskey" Big man finally getting the recognition he deserves...
  5. You're bang on...been thinking this for years, more gay fellas equals less competition for straight fellas. Lesbians though, they're ruining everything.
  6. funny til you realise it's one of our own 🙈
  7. Hey Ricky youre so fine..etc Hey ricky your so fast You're so fast we're all gassed (/they all gasped) Hey ricky (clap clap, clap) Hey ricky (clap clap, clap) Hey ricky youre so quick You're so quick got a chubby dick Hey ricky,(clap clap,clap) hey ricky. Oh ricky youre so tricky they cant understand Your shots cant be stopped and you tackle like jaap stam.
  8. That result is Villa's biggest achievement in decades, and it'll most likley remian that way....let em have it, we'll concentrate on getting champions league.
  9. Contributing more than the city left backs, and look at those headers. We're blessed to have him.
  10. Trent is top class but he's not a defender, and i doubt he'd be half the player he is if he wasn't playing in that system.
  11. https://www.90min.com/posts/6389205-premier-league-how-many-injuries-each-club-suffered-during-the-2018-19-season Wolves got least injuries with 5 us 2nd with 13.. Newcastle 36!! We are simply better at managing our players health and wellbeing:)))
  12. Good idea, have loved the wall to wall footy, after all, it's what Christmas is all about. Also these lads aren't long out of small trousers, they can play 4 games a weekend.
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