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  1. I genuinely don’t know what to do anymore. I know I’m in the early stages of counselling only had 4 sessions, I’ve had about 4 months on my tablets. But the last few days after my counselling session it’s like I’ve just completely given up on life, I can’t take it much longer would rather die than feel like this. I’ve tried all my usual things that help me and none of them have worked, I’ve even spoke to Samaritans for 40 minutes earlier and that hasn’t helped me. I just can’t see a way out anymore
  2. Not having much of a go but it’s clear the formation hasn’t worked 1st half. Could do with changing it up at HT. The midfield is too deep and then Perez and Maddison have been nullified easily leaving no possession and letting them dominate the game so far.
  3. Im a massive pessimist as well but got to dream
  4. I’ve just got that sneaky feeling that it’s written in the stars for Vardy to score a late winner and every Leicester fan wherever they are watching just goes completely mental. Maybe that’s a dream but you never know. 😂
  5. Stay strong mate, I still feel pretty crap to be honest but you just have to try and keep going as best as you can. I find it overwhelming the way I feel almost constantly nervous, scared, tense and just massively depressed. I get those urges to end it all regularly as well but you have to try and think it’s an illness and you can and will get better. All I can recommend is trying to talk to people, as already proven in the response to your message there is a lot of people on here you can talk too. I’m trying to seek help and get private counselling. That’s not for e
  6. I’ve had the worst last 2 or 3 days ever. Just keep thinking about ending everything all the time. I do genuinely think I’d feel better now if I wasn’t here.
  7. Get in there Selby. Proper snooker player how anybody can moan about his style is beyond me. Yes he grinds people down and is often quite defensive and safety 1st tactically but that’s what wins him these long gruelling matches. Fair play to the bloke I always support him and watch him as much as I can when he’s on because he’s from Leicester and a Leicester fan so congratulations to him.
  8. I’m going for a comfortable 0-2 win tonight 🤞
  9. Yes they understand a bit more now. Just came a bit out of the blue I was told it would be a long wait which was fair enough with everything that’s going on. Put me onto the next waiting list so shouldn’t be too long but requested a bit more notice next time.
  10. I know the NHS have had it tough over the last year or 2 more than ever. But they do frustrate me massively, been on a waiting list for some injections on my ankle for around 16 months now. I don’t mind the waiting as appreciate there’s been a pandemic but then after not hearing a peep they just ring me out of the blue earlier and say can you come in next Thursday and have the injections. I’m like well no because I’ve got work and I have to go in a boot for 6 weeks, can’t turn round and give them 5 days notice and say I can’t work for 6 weeks. Actually I could but I don’t think it’s fair. Neve
  11. Hi, thanks for the response. Yes I’ve spoken to Vita Minds they sort of just passed me on a little bit after I did a self assessment with them, because I properly spiralled out of control after that assessment and told them I wanted to kill myself. They also said it was a 6 month waiting list currently with them and unfortunately I feel I need help a lot sooner than that.
  12. Hi folks, can anybody recommend any decent counsellors that they have used or have maybe heard about. I’m still really struggling and am looking into getting some sessions, but unfortunately they’d also have to be at a reasonable price for me to look into it.
  13. Add Kemar Roach to that list as well. Could be another chastening week.
  14. Think this is still going on far too much in cricket. He’s a big name glad he’s been dealt with harshly although would’ve preferred a life ban. Got to try and stamp it out.
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