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  1. Did it last pm. Muzzy Izzet’s wife was in our team of 4. She turns up regularly for quiz nights. Couldn’t meet a nicer person. So grounded & down to earth. We did the quiz via Houseparty.
  2. Playing behind closed doors was mentioned earlier. Not ideal at all. I know the 4 day game is watched by about a dozen retired fellas but the short game is all about the razzmatazz and atmosphere produced by public involvement.
  3. Totally agree. Hadn’t heard him commentate for ages, heard him a couple of weeks back and he’s become more negative than ever. Very little to say that was constructive, just seemed to moan and criticise everything and everyone.
  4. Apparently Celtic had issues. I really can't see what it achieves. Doesn't sit at all well.
  5. Still, it’s a very pro IRA statement. Bobby Sands popularised it. I take your point though.
  6. Carroll’s Gaelic tattoo is probably more controversial than his beard.
  7. It was. Although, if it was a footballer the Welsh lad would’ve thrown himself to the ground, clutching his face ! I’d imagine he’ll get a ticking off regarding his ‘hands on approach’.
  8. I was in stitches ! Great ex player and role model.
  9. Looking forward to this. I reckon Carroll's all-action intensity, coupled with Quigg being inactive makes it tough to call. I'm siding with Carroll on pts, maybe a very late stoppage.
  10. That escalated quickly !
  11. Fair enough. You're obviously a huge Fury fan. I just like to see our fallas do well, whoever they fight. I was rooting for Fury v Wilder and will be for Joshua & Whyte too. I base my opinion on Pulev by his size, age and lack of action. Like I said it will be interesting
  12. Is this a hunch or more than that ? Pulev is way past his best and done very little recently apart from turn into a pudding. He has a decent jab, but he's nearly 40. I know Fury is flavour of the month & all that and Ruiz shocked Joshua, who ppl now see as damaged goods. AJ avenged his loss, is hopefully more focused and KOs Pulev in the middle rounds in my humble opinion. Will be interesting.
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