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  1. I met a couple of couple of lads from Enderby in Centurion. We were all wearing City shirts. All the locals there follow Liverpool or Chelsea. Lots of banter !
  2. West Ham playing like a league 1 side. Hoof, hoof & hoof it again.
  3. We are excellent away from home. We are arguably more suited to playing away. Teams coming onto us plays right into our hands. A draw is not a disaster tonight, would take any lead though !
  4. We should get a new ball just before lunch if I'm correct. Hopefully we can pick up the nightwatchman early, maybe 2 more. New ball with them possibly 4/5 down should see us home. Jimmy only bowled a 9 overs today, so will be fresh too.
  5. Set up for quick runs tomorrow. Stokes, Buttler to enjoy themselves. Declaration mid afternoon session.
  6. Bat all day and England will have a healthy lead ( 275 minimum ). If England bowl as they did yesterday that should see us home. Can see a 2-2 dawn series.
  7. Nice to see the tv focus on the guy in the City shirt on towards the end ! I wore mine proudly in Pretoria for the 1st test. Always starts a conversation abroad.
  8. Has anyone ever won SPOTY 2 years running !?
  9. Enjoying KP's commentary input. I know he is a marmite character, but he certainly knows his stuff and comes across very well.
  10. He is similar to Botham. Always in the game. New ball is crucial. Any lead will be good here. As l said earlier SA batting isn't any better than ours.
  11. Yes, would take 200. I think 1st day average score is 268-8. So we're not doing as bad as some making out. These 2 sides are in transition. It's not going to be a run-fest this series. I would be surprised if any of the games go into a 5th day considering the bowling attacks on show.
  12. England fighting back. SA batting isn't anything special. 270 is a competitive score. Yes, we should've got minimum 350, but these sides have decent bowling attacks. The media a bit harsh too soon on England. Both sides need to bat before judging.
  13. Titanic, Plumb Porter. Wow, it’s amazingly good !
  14. I'm over here watching it ! Not going well. 4-0 loss last pm, the locals all Liverpool fans, and we're going to lose the test inside of 4 days. At least it's cheap here !
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