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  1. Small fracture apparently. Misses tomorrow's game. Not sure what that means regarding next week etc
  2. My cousin has written 15 books on Greek mythology. Mainly swords and sandals etc. Seems to have a dedicated following and gets good reviews ( Glynn Illiffe ).
  3. Nothing I'm able to post but will sort it out. Prepare to be converted
  4. Excellent taste ! I’ve got a 1965 Vespa VBB. It’s showroom condition, only comes out in the summer. Had it for a year now.
  5. Oh, l agree. It probably will never happen. As leicsmac ^ said it’s a shame. What do you think of the potential Klitschko comeback ?
  6. At least the best will eventually meet. The way it is now l can't see it happening. And surely there are 3/4 decent fighters around other than the mediocre punchbags doing the circuit. Like l said, promoters just want to protect their assets by taking on 'Mr Unbeaten German' who hasn't fought anyone. The heavyweight division needs a shake up somehow.
  7. I posted above. Why can't the powers that be sort out a 'Super Series' ? Get the best on a collision course. Joshua, Wilder, Fury, Whyte et al. It happened in the past regularly, top heavyweights, slugging it out, meeting each other more than once. TV, politics, and promoters looking after their cash cow seem to get in the way too often.
  8. I found myself in a similar situation 2012 ( Liverpool v Chelsea ). Had a great time with the scousers in a pub near to Wembley. I managed to get tickets through my local grassroots club. I did feel a bit guilty too. Although, it didn’t put me off going again the following year when Man City played Wigan . Seriously, hope you both have a great time
  9. Does Anyone know what time the Canelo v Jacobs fight is due to start ?
  10. Barnsley away, week before Christmas, roughly 1986, 3-0 down at HT. It was freezing and it snowed, standing up with no roof.
  11. Can’t believe it’s alredy 3 years ! I was in a local pub celebrating with about 20/30 City fans. Wish I’d jumped into a taxi and gone into Leicester to continue the party. Amazing memories
  12. It’s a shame that they can’t get Joshua, Fury & Wilder on a collision course. Along with Whyte and some of the ‘better’ heavyweights can’t they create some sort of Super Series ? Boxing politics always seems to get in the way with the bigger fellas. I know it’s a bygone age but in the not too distant past, the best heavyweights fought each other regularly. Ali, Frazier, Forman. Moving onto Tyson, Holyfield, Lewis et al. Too many names to remember. But maybe TV rights, protecting your prized asset and money takes priority in the modern era.
  13. As a team they are great to watch, have an excellent manager and wonderful players. I work with a fella, he and his wife regularly go to ‘Pool for weekend breaks and love it. I, myself was fortunate enough to go to the FA Cup final in 2012 ( Liverpool v Chelsea). I had a ticket in the Liverpool end, so could only drink around Wembley in bars designated to their fans. I had a fantastic time, the singing, superb knowledge and sense of humour. A great day. But l just don’t want them to win the Prem. All clubs have their share of idiots, l understand that, as well as great, honest fanatics. Also I’m loving Leicester City being in that tiny tiny group of teams to have won The Premier League !
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