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  1. Hands up, all those that still want Liverpool to win on Sunday.
  2. Most seem to see Liverpool as the ones to stop us making the top 4. Chelsea are under pressure too. They have a tough run-in, Champions League & the Cup Final. They should be looking over their shoulders more than we are.
  3. 4 points from the next 2 games is good. Friday won't be easy. Newcastle should be a win, but with the Champions League finishing line approaching the pressure possibly increases. Brendan, hopefully calms the boys down & keeps them focused. Kasper & Evans with older heads have huge parts to play too.
  4. Surely it has 0-0 written all over it. Utd against a top 6/7 side is always 0-0
  5. Agree with pretty much all of this. It’s a fantasy. The 12 teams will be seen as rats whatever happens forever. And so they should be.
  6. Saints offering nothing. We just need a bit of luck. We always seem better 2nd half. Both teams look nervous.
  7. Just mentioned it would be the ‘Traditional top 6’. Not us then. Seems a way of keeping us, West Ham, etc at arms length.
  8. Our so called, inability to rise to the big occasion has to change, doesn't it ? 2-1, Vardy & Kelchi. 🤞
  9. Had AZ two weeks ago. Took a couple of Paracetamol BEFORE, then alternated with Ibuprofen for about 18 hours or so. Had a sore arm for 2/3 days, that’s all.
  10. The bookies probably have us as favourites, but l see it as a 50/50 split. Southampton can fully focus on the cup & we often don't perform when it really matters. I hope I'm wrong.
  11. That may well be true, but surely in this case, watching your ‘mates’ at home on the box, social media/phone off, isn’t too much to ask is it ?
  12. If Maddison was playing golf during the game, to me at least, it seems the action of a player who knows he’s off during the summer, or has been told he is being sold. Bizarre behaviour, if true.
  13. I agree with most, the starting eleven is strong. It’s the bench that’s a concern if it’s not going well.
  14. Maybe we should wait until this is factually confirmed. Seems to be rumours so far. No smoke without fire, so it doesn’t look great. Id be amazed if it’s as bad as it appears to be though.
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